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s aboot aw naebody visitsnaebodycomes tae the door there
naebody mum i canna seenaebodyf1101: that s cause you
at playgroup the day f1142: naebodyf1141: naebody fitt do you
it then f1142: no [laugh]naebodyf1141: naebody you need somebody
naebody fitt do you meannaebodyf1142: cause i wisnae f1141:
the day f1142: naebody f1141: naebodyfitt do you mean naebody
the day m1096: aye naebodynaebodygets a row f1095: ah
weepin like naebody s businessnaebodyheard her o coorse for
day f1102: i canna seenaebodymum i canna see naebody
row the day m1096: ayenaebodynaebody gets a row f1095:
oot greetin an weepin likenaebodys business naebody heard her
m055: but eh naebody snaebodys goin to get rich
yeah [laugh] m055: but ehnaebodys naebody s goin to
an that s aboot awnaebodyvisits naebody comes tae the
f1142: no [laugh] naebody f1141: naebodyyou need somebody to look
she wis durin thon timenaebodyiver kent bit fur certain
hairm deen ir neen atnaebodyiver noticet weel i got
door wi the wird thatnaebodyiver socht doon by the
pool in the gairn bitnaebodys iver heard o t
t fit ey were fornaebodykens bit it s fine
been something a lot waarnaebodykens i heidit back till
mooth she staps a leidnaebodykens in yer hert a
brooch his mistress dother wifenaebodykens it his ootlived his
i m a hero annaebodykens it i faw intae
for you for the daynaebodykens nor yet the oor
ootside an only then causenaebodykens whaur we are carolanne
view of past or presentnaebodykens whit s tae be
little or nae ill wullnaebodywis offerin tae fell the
says oh me dinna worrynaebodywull be lookin doon ere
o figs och he thochtnaebodywull ken neest day abody
she thocht ahin a bushnaebodywull se me here as
i wes a bridge butnaebodyheard i wes till noo
i wes a bridge butnaebodykent i wes a bridge
i wes a bridge butnaebodykent i wes an unnerneath
i wes a bridge butnaebodysa i wes though christ
bigake jonsar got ere wisnaebodyaboot the curtains were still
wi yer hans ere snaebodycan pit a damper on
wis a god s mercynaebodyd been ere afore hiz
ir deein t masel finnaebodyelse wis aboot ere wis
what a fleg ere wisnaebodyere e room wis teem
for a blissin we metnaebodyfor ere wis naewye tae
wis shared een ere snaebodylikes tae be stung an
waa an noo ere wisnaebodytae dee e things at
went to my auntie evelynnaebodyelse but i thocht i
hid tae be redd ootnaebodygeed a thocht till e
hame he thocht there wasnaebodyin an this annoyed him
jonsar eck thocht tae himselnaebodyshood hae tae mak a
road e day he thochtnaebodysid be on e road
jist pit hame tae deenaebodythocht he d hing on
were here i thocht surelynaebodywas comin the day peggy
have kept them a annaebodywould have thocht ony the
to maggie i m facinnaebodyagnes to sadie maggie ll
she wants sadie there snaebodyhame holds out the shoes
want to sadie there snaebodyhame maggie carolanne to sadie
wisnae fur us then sadienaebodyknows we re here carolanne
use a clean ashtray sadienaebodys coontin the fag ends
money he didnae huv agnesnaebodysaid sadie no but you
the truth ll work butnaebodywants the truth to sadie
tae mak shair there wisnaebodyelse aboot but there wisna
the back o his weskitnaebodyelse at hame kent aboot
while we re thegither winaebodyelse by i want nae
acres only an thair isnaebodyelse camped here but strange
at i use files thoughnaebodyelse dis and size fir
on a saain steel ifnaebodyelse hid deen t fullin
the faculty is he nonaebodyelse will contest him for
battered somebody else stoaps itnaebodysays he asked fur it
f1041: troosers f1043: troosers f1054: naebodywould use anything else apart
staff in it he kentnaebodyhere and he didnae like
hedna bön aesy makkin surenaebodykent aboot her dooble life
swingin a stick at enemiesnaebodykent but hissel wullie had
thing that it wis furnaebodykent foo it wirkit bit
i won oot i telltnaebodyat hame e wye back
waur for me sir fornaebodyat hame will pit the
go hame noo f1102: sonaebodygets in my car mum
is lang seen noo bitnaebodycan fail tae be shapit
swallae fur his nutritional needsnaebodynoo ett auld farrand food
yowes wis keepit in zoosnaebodynoo wis happit in oo
awa fae e bottlers thoughnaebodypeyed attention till em noo
can go across noo m1096: naebodys in the cars f1095:
o flame sae wee thatnaebodyspakk ma name noo fire
thair nae puir nae starvinnaebodypit oot ay thair hames
the mill aa by herselnaebodywid pit themsels oot tae
bell mckellar forget the scorenaebodyexpectit wir fitba team wid
ye re wirkin a scythenaebodywid be able tae blame
steamship trade beaumont aye butnaebodywid daur suspect me of
will ye gan thomas huhnaebodywid hae her he pretends
car mum i canna locknaebodys doors [inaudible] car f1101:
hid a simmer s holidaynaebodygeed intill t though i
ship seen efter bit fitnaebodyhid calculated on wis that
it on e craft bitnaebodyhid e time tae be
hid tae pruive there wisnaebodyye cud bide wi ava
leavin here pause thur wisnaebodyfur yi ti gan ti
didna gie a snuff furnaebodyhe wis an ootlinn a
the landlord fur there wisnaebodyin the room offerin tae
a been an wadna letnaebodynear it fur onything sae
kirk being eesed tae collectinnaebodysocht him fur a lady
o a safe door teenienaebodyexpects you to be inside
ordered the nurse tae letnaebodyin tae snib the door
the bell bit couldnae getnaebodytae answer the door door
tae the park thur snaebodyaboot i pick ma spot
it be steve why snaebodyaskin aboot the the that
sale aboot seven year agonaebodyseemed tae want tae buy
the bluid cam frae hisnaebodytelt ye onything aboot it
chokit onywye i niver minnaebodythinkin naething aboot it byre
tae be din aboot itnaebodywad listen tae him an
it s a ower chrissienaebodybut us three will ever
truant that s something thatnaebodyever did here i m
bring the mairriage forward andnaebodyneed ever ken they ll
that i have ever heardnaebodyspeaks that any langer here
nae friens tae spikk tillnaebodytae see the shame o
warnin an it wis luckynaebodyd got stung aifter i
came the reply she wisnaebodyspecial a chit o an
quine wis keepit inbye winaebodytae veesit her ava nae
wis a bittie rickit bitnaebodywis takin time tae sort
is it m1096: aye [child noise]naebodywill find us [inaudible] find
twa o em laachin bitnaebodyasket e quine tae dee
wint tae ait an onywyenaebodyfed it bit a twa
year ireland they speired mystifeednaebodygaes tae ireland there s
hett scone auld syd saidnaebodyhere s gaun tae makk
a bairn s solemnity taenaebodyin particular tint in his
is the day tae benaebodyin sark sleeves cood i
hairt fair warmed tae himnaebodynooadays likit his novels miss
could exacerbate the situation angrynaebodys expected tae rescue thersells
wi bows an arrows butnaebodyseemed tae tak the notion
neeps as they likit winaebodytae clype or see the
that s uised the daynaebodythe day is gaun tae
thae fower hunder year butnaebodywad be glaikit eneugh tae
to nane to gie taenaebodywh- fitt colour are they
trek that ll be taenaebodywi mi wee laddie naw
aksed aroond der neebors butnaebodyhed seen der cat dey
the horse m642: and thennaebodyseen them in the wuid
toolies was there much jimnaebodyhurt but a fair bit
clink clatter o plates bitnaebodys thinkin o me sae
day s a scorcher annaebodys spikkin ye hear es
fit a day that wasnaebodywas in a hurry in
listen listen ti each othernaebodys sittin in judgement here
a sayin here there snaebodyspeak like [?]us[/?] yins ye
gar folk grue there snaebodythat wants the flu here
jist you an me herenaebodyuhll see silence tess this
here but f831: [laugh] annaebodyunderstands it other than the
in unison there [laugh] m1020: naebodysays me e e [laugh]
o a big spunk boxnaebodysmokit in e hoose an
athritis ye should say athritisnaebodysays lumbago these days agnes
thegither myne ye maun tellnaebodyfit s planned or the
soveraynetee ower the tither makinnaebodya maister in their relationship
ower it was essential thatnaebodydoubted the solidity of the
players jist fell ower winaebodytouchin them then a t
nae sign o mitten annaebodyphoned idder dan ta say
re nae gaun to benaebodys friend you re nae
himsel in the safe annaebodycould get him oot chrissie
georgie i dinna ken chrissienaebodycan tell ye that pause
ken [inaudible] f1041: [inaudible] f1043: naebodymair superstitious than my mither
intae german a gweed jobnaebodybothered aa at much wi
wi his lasses tak tentnaebodyglisks ye in anither rig
morning wi her hooverin peggynaebodys suggestin that bessie an
fair one come della isnaebodyhearin me ah m the
the water under the waternaebodykin see me when ah
takk a sook the slaternaebodylikes me i am a
me again stew stew dimpsnaebodys pickin oan oanybody dimps
reenge about outside and innaebodysaw me it wisny easy
money for the war effortnaebodytellt me it was to
ll need to come yourselnaebodywould daur to suspect you
reid jelly ilka october butnaebodycould sweeten wullie jackeson even
truth is we re awnaebodys problem but oor ain
seemly fashion forbye martha hasnaebodyto blame but hersel she
[laugh] f831: for goodness sakenaebodyunderstands a word ye re
near as braw as disraelinaebodywad miss him ooto the
steer o furreign traivel forbyenaebodycaad her navachitta twis aye
her chance i da mirknennaebodysaa her smootie ran alang
ae warld intae the neistnaebodytelt minnie brucre that her
her rolling ach be quietnaebodywould notice ony difference teenie
if he thinks there snaebodyin he ll go awa
order in this hoose ornaebodyin it and ye ll
ma pen s run drynaebodycan say we didna try
a doot that there snaebodycares whether a m livin
mrs swanson because there snaebodyleft to tak you on
proof di yi huv laughsnaebodylistens ti pat s stories
psycho comin back in cammynaebodys forcing yi stae dimps
be a fuckin oil rignaebodys gaunny go their holidays
boots f1117: that s itnaebodys got as pretty boots
the next shadow silence stevenaebodys listenin listenin ti what
you ve to say thatnaebodys to hear caird it
it s no the samenaebodyseriously hurts in thur pocket
mither beaumont dinny be daftnaebodycan prove there was money
secret an ye maunna tellnaebodygranny an aunt florence an
be pitten in its placenaebodygreets for its demise an
an i suppose years agonaebodyhad that much f1011: oh
in an awfu state annaebodyis helpin why should it
the antrin crunch o crispsnaebodyspied brian an jenny treetlin
misery plenty o folk havenaebodyto send them even one
awa into a home peggynaebodycan put you into a
barrel and scrapes at itnaebodywill be ony the wiser
fa telt you that m1108: naebodyf1107: you just thought he
it funny things happens atnaebodylippens i mean i never
is a civil case andnaebodyis on trial the perthshire
pairish kirk on a sabbathnaebodysings as weel as da
brakkfaist time they didna stervenaebodysterved in the kintra that
that in the grampian regionnaebodyspicks that language nora radcliffe

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