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kace wes solar pannells atnapierhed arreinged ti hae connekit
wes aye the wey winapierthe kace at in hauddit
the kace at in haudditnapierwesna tabulet i thon mainner
hiz ither ei mirren myndednapiers aveisement regairdin the hask
the ordinateir inglis explened atnapierdidna wirk wi kies an
inglis an junipere fleitchit winapierti finnd hir dochter ruth
ti halp mirren or proteknapierbi pittin by hiz ain
wuidna kent it wesna thenapiero lang syne fur he
leilane i the tuim muisaeumnapierpeyed uz bak monie tymes
the derf renn ondang annapierhed ti be hurled bak
pouer frae the lyme lichtsnapiers voss wes reduced ti
warpit ower the lyke onapierthe aventurers retoured ti embro
a hostin deirie me sayednapierthon s horrid kittlie dist
accept electronic petitions from thenapieruniversity teledemocracy centre via the
by isobel pagan glasgow nivennapierkhull 1808 references will be
the parkes bene kyndlie thonapiertelt hiz freins at aw
store bot shae did annapiers mandement wes obayed the
yeir dochter is weill begoudnapiershae is at tornes lik
1992 universities robert gordon paisleynapierand abertay did not need
devauled eftir a lang stillnapiersechtit thon s aw a
conneks an ither eirieorams botnapiertelt him ti haud a
the sempil pleisur o freinskipnapierwes nerr duin the saidnes
lecturer in adult nursing atnapieruniversity and alex mcmahon advisor
ye thairsells the fyfers tuiknapierfrae the muisaem he wes
unyt wi thair auld freinnapierit wes a said trystin
ane idaia ti cantil upnapieran bring him the poust
at uni he was atnapieraye m819: oh right [inaudible]

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