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soud irena is bobik sleepinnatashaay he s asleep but
cognac ower thare or whitnatashail parait que mon bobik
vext aboot that ye seenatashasays that bobik is no
be a different thing awthegithernatashacarrying a candle comes out
but ye r wunnerfu enternatashacarrying a candle natasha pokes
enter natasha carrying a candlenatashapokes her head into one
hand whit is it natashanatashaah wes juist daein the
his hand whit is itnatashanatasha ah wes juist daein
whyte aboot the gills enternatashanatasha they r sayin we
the baron is fliein enternatashanatasha to chebutykin ivan romanych
lyke him ah think enternatashanatasha to the maid whit
aboot the gills enter natashanatashathey r sayin we soud
baron is fliein enter natashanatashato chebutykin ivan romanych speaks
him ah think enter natashanatashato the maid whit oh
it garred me feel faintnatashaagitated forgie me olia forgie
pits ma nerves on edgenatashaforgie me dear forgie me
we visited [censored: forename] s bossnatashaand her family and i
s colleages for a mealnatashais [censored: forename] s boss and
to dinner with her bossnatashawhile she dined and drank
enter two officers and seeingnatashaand andrey kissing stand and
tell him ti cum upnatashagoes out andrey bending over
andrey hou yung ye irnatashahou wunnerfu yung ma dear
the play prozorov andrey serghyesvichnatashanatalie ivanovna his financée afterwards
andrey follows her andrey pleasenatashanever you heed thaim haud
him andrey he s awrichtnatashathe bairn s weill aneuch
leading to andrey s roomnatashawhit ir ye daein andriusha
is followed by the maidnatashaah l be back in
a maid comes up tonatashaand whispers in her ear
it s quaet in herenatashaay ah daursay ma hair
shamefacedly ah wes speakin quaetnatashain the window caressing her
lyke a shrood chebutykin haiversnatashaspeaking through the window oor
attends to it shortly afterwardsnatashacomes in and begins to
sae ye winna heed menatashais a guid honest wumman
his watch quarter past echtnatashaan olga an irena ir
tae irena ay please cumnatashathey dinna staun on ceremonie
irena nanny anfisa cumm innatashato soliony ye ken even
sumthing agin ma guidwyfe aginnatashaah ve kent it ever
and whispers in her earnatashaprotopopov ai whit a man
yeir dress it looks wrangnatashatearfully dae ye think sae
dress with a green beltnatashathey ve gaen in for
the pram into the gardennatashain the window whit s
tearfully masha ma dear sisternatashathrough the window wha is
dear they kiss each othernatashama best wushes ye ir
r lyke a mukkil bairnnatashasighs dear masha dae ye
aw glowerin at me fornatashas haein a nice wee
naething an aw the tymenatashas haein a nice wee
verra day we war mairritnatashais a fyne wumman she
naething at aw olga andnatashaleave the room without him
r naething ti say onieweynatashaweill whit wes it ah
askit ti cum aince eirantnatashathis mornin whan the wee
that s shuirlie a mistaknatashahou a mistak is it
s thair houss eftir awnatashaay it s thair houss
coorselyke aye fair upsets menatashaye r richt ah ken
the bairn s weill aneuchnatashafor aw ah think he
looks sae embarrassed loud laughternatasharuns out into the drawing
see us thare looks roundnatashaye see ah m no
on wait a meinit pleasenatashaah feel that affrontit ah
aweill lat hir sit abootnatashain surprise whit dae ye
whit it haes ti daenatashashe s uissless awthegither she
we l need ti watchnatashadisna finnd oot aboot him
wee bewtie sae she isnatashasae the morn ah l
gaun ti be the heidmistressnatashaye l be askit til
noticed on our walk withnatashaand family last week then
sings in the next roomnatashacrosses the ballroom wearing a
driven up to the housenatashaye can share a room
ah care guidnicht goes outnatashaye wul be tired ma
[censored: forename] s head of deptnatashaher husband pavel and their
time to offer pavel andnatashaa wee dram in the
a bus n metro tonatashas another of [censored: forename] s
sits down in a cornernatashacovers her face with her
her and ksenia s superiornatashaso goodbye to 1988 and
out to the theatre withnatashaand pascal in the early
wi us for thertie yearnatashabut she s no able
aged ten year the nichtnatashawe maun sort things oot
our ignorant ears considerable skillnatashas flat seemed bigger and
were consumed with great curiositynatasharead the guarantee of quality
gits anither skinfu walks withnatashatowards the back of the

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