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open again fur days efternavadeed the balbutt wis quaet
brian sangster war baith innavas claiss at balbutt skweel
bandara b 1980 navachitta bandaranavab 2000 jed anderson bappy
her navachitta twis aye jistnavaten year auld a swack
bandara tae makk up furnavas daith tell him fowk
easier tae myn pranny synenavastertit aff ance mair nane
the tale s nae daennavatelt him pranny gyangs back
teemed their pooches fur proveesionsnavahid a mars bar bappy
bodachs nestie vratch quo jednavagaed on wi her tale
ay faain kieran sat neistnavain skweel his cousin jed
biggin site inno the quarrynavagaffered aabody proposin wyes tae
the sangsters nae comin spearednavawe need aabody gin we
a month or twa efternavadeed the bairns hid cam
haein his enin dialysis efternavahid deed it tuik a
d ye ken the talenavamy gran telt me it
anderson cousins flappit doon asidenavaan jyned her in skytin
eens like the flooers thatnavaclaimed tae hae seen frae
miss onythin last wikk speirednavaay ye did that quo
adam s peak masel quonavafa d nae fear o
the centre efter his dothernavaan efter her daith hid
nurse an wis richt glednavacud divert hersel onywye a
cud fyles be gey coorsenavawis weel likit amangst her
his sister telt him letnavaget on wi t weel
auld scots wirdie fur queennavatelt them aa thon s
waas they aa did itnavatuik the lead the sun
wummin wisnae taen wi tnavagaed on na na she
an gweed harns hid helpitnavatae bi quick in the
the steens a while synenavachallenged them aa tae sclimm
stert a faimily syne finnavawis five year aul a
s teeth o a suddentynavalat oot a skirl o
a hale year aulder thannavaan a loon he thocht
oot frae paradise buddhists likenavacaad it sri pada an
hefty hillocks the ithers bitnavawis fu o speerit hardie

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