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noise f1116: nee naw neenawf1115: do you think he
nee naw nee naw neenawf1127: and the light flashes
fire engine noise f1116: neenawnee naw f1115: do you
nee naw nee naw neenawnee naw f1127: and the
nee naw nee naw neenawnee naw nee naw f1127:
m1092: uh uh f1091: neenawnee naw nee naw nee
bobby car say m1128: neenawnee naw nee naw nee
nee naw nee naw neenawnee naw nee naw nee
say m1128: nee naw neenawnee naw nee naw nee
uh f1091: nee naw neenawnee naw nee naw what
nee naw nee naw neenawnee naw what s this
nee naw nee naw neenawwhat s this one that
away dimps naw ah didnaenawa fuckin didnae cammy steve
did yi run away dimpsnawah didnae naw a fuckin
did yi dae it cammynawah didnae naw ah didnae
it cammy naw ah didnaenawah didnae steve dimps stew
voice wis shoutin naw nawnawand ah knew it wis
livin flesh an blood nawnawaw aw silence zeb angel
s back aw aw nawnawberna here s the slitherin
makin song aw aw nawnawdis shi ken the zeb
he took it agnes nawnawhe didnae ken ah pit
same wi mah laddie nawnawhe widnae touch the brew
agnes somethin up sadie nawnawjust gettin oor cocoa agnes
hur plot aw aw nawnawkrista and della dance then
doll steve naw nawthe ropenawmind the bairn dey hurt
the voice wis shoutin nawnawnaw and ah knew it
breathin livin flesh an bloodnawnaw aw aw silence zeb
famely s back aw awnawnaw berna here s the
music makin song aw awnawnaw dis shi ken the
and he took it agnesnawnaw he didnae ken ah
the same wi mah laddienawnaw he widnae touch the
lump agnes somethin up sadienawnaw just gettin oor cocoa
near hur plot aw awnawnaw krista and della dance
and the voice wis shoutinnawnaw naw and ah knew
tess kin you sing robbynawnaw naw naw she wants
kin you sing robby nawnawnaw naw she wants ti
hummin wicked music aw awnawnaw naw she widnae like
hear wicked music noh allowednawnaw noh allowed hur ower
thon days robby aw awnawnaw noh fair auld man
say robby robby noh allowednawnaw punished bad fur daein
you sing robby naw nawnawnaw she wants ti hear
wicked music aw aw nawnawnaw she widnae like that
hurry he wis aw awnawnaw silence krista here della
hermed aw aw cut upnawnaw slain naw naw zeb
the same robby aw awnawnaw solomon the king commanded
hurry hurry robby aw awnawnaw stae pit lori tess
mah mithir enter robby robbynawnaw tess nae secrets nae
lori ti hear aw awnawnaw tess will ah git
something those kitchen cupboards agnesnawnaw ye turnt them oot
life silence robby aw awnawnaw yi best stae aside
ti touch the drink pausenawnaw yis yis hae spelled
fetch yi hurry hurry robbynawnaw you keep baithe feet
cut up naw naw slainnawnaw zeb a story of
around ed and doll stevenawnawthe rope naw mind the
wicked music noh allowed nawnawnoh allowed hur ower there
days robby aw aw nawnawnoh fair auld man other
robby robby noh allowed nawnawpunished bad fur daein letters
sing robby naw naw nawnawshe wants ti hear wicked
music aw aw naw nawnawshe widnae like that krista
he wis aw aw nawnawsilence krista here della hope
aw aw cut up nawnawslain naw naw zeb a
same robby aw aw nawnawsolomon the king commanded the
hurry robby aw aw nawnawstae pit lori tess struggles
mithir enter robby robby nawnawtess nae secrets nae whisperin
ti hear aw aw nawnawtess will ah git the
those kitchen cupboards agnes nawnawye turnt them oot last
silence robby aw aw nawnawyi best stae aside me
touch the drink pause nawnawyis yis hae spelled um
yi hurry hurry robby nawnawyou keep baithe feet off
up naw naw slain nawnawzeb a story of great
yi need it pat patnawmean stae here face lee
s the fuckin exorcist stewnawyis dinnae ken yis dey
s a heavy hard thingnawken it s noh a
yur teeth heid oan pausenawken noh a thing noh
jist mibi pause mah strengthnawnoh mah physical strength mah
between pat and bj jillynawpat ah m noh letting
months searching you oot pausenawthat s noh right makes
wull send um packin ednawyull noh cause he ll
mair ya an auld hagnawyur noh hermin mah sisters
been mugged fur ma moneynawa widnae hiv been mugged
widnae ken aither wid henawcam the repone he widnae
nippin vicious ok doc pausenawken she widnae huv it
pushin mah teeth cries pausenawken batterin thum clean oot
naebody wi mi wee laddienawken tiny tot oan mah
what diyi caw it docnawken hur an hur on
in a nightmare agnes angrynawan you mind this good
sadie wi oney luck agnesnawefter a wee bit ae
saying we re sick agnesnawhen privileged civilised society they
m breaking all right agnesnawhere come oan get the
answer it agnes agnes awnawit ll no be for
i make people sick agnesnawit s nothin you did
punchbag just an left agnesnawno quite see ah never
put the tv on agnesnawtheir repeating repeats ae repeats
the livin room windae pausenawdidnae huv ti be the
about down the pub m939: nawit didnae nuh [laugh] aye
did she hut yer thumbnawshe didnae ye re aa
wis oor reward silence tessnawa bairny kin mind fine
dinnae see the scars cammynawbit yi kin feel thum
room o dread ok docnawken ah said right yi
plume ok doc long pausenawken ur yi ready ah
kin yi git sair teethnawken when somethins shoving tight
happened yi might ask kennawyi might ken what a
huddle together silence dimps awnawfuckin disclosin time thur gonnae
flashback a fuckin regression knownawi wouldnae worry eddie on
keep ma eyes shite tutnawa meant tut shite aw
soaking your cuticles sadie awnawam i supposed tae carolanne
he been blootered an awnawbut a m stertin tae
[laugh] m1108: good grief awnawf1107: fitt would they be
tae be bleeding f1107: awnawfarr ll he go m1108:
get that number sadie awnawget the rule book oot
action movies allows that awnawhe s been hit fright
i was like aw rightnawhe was cool though eh
q in dundee at awnawreponed the kettle biler the
the smirr s aboot awnawthe rain it s cam
mister nice guy act isnawthey ll aw be reachin
pat silence pat gawn backnawken ti the place where
us pat long silence patnawyou come back ti us
groanin door light chinkin throughnawken where lee left her
where lee left her marknawken where lee left her
lee lee what waiting bjnawsaying it disnae matter when
pause standin wi sweat bubblinnawken drippin off her chin
off her chin efter pausenawken efter ah d pit
sure she s fine pausenawthat s no right she
here heavy duty crisis cammynawdimps steve s mibi hit
fadin again slowly meltin cammynawhawd oan you sayin the
they wur really listenin cammynawwe wis jist takin the
ken what ah think dimpsnawbit we re yur captive
daw that ll daw thenawken [laugh] that s i
place athoot spidery splintery cracksnawken she d be vicious
let s start at thenawken start at the start
an this spare set shooglesnawkeep sadie company a wee
pit it past ye mothernawmair s the pity no
s happenin here speirt geordienawwhit dae ye mean pit
d you mind him noonawcause it wasnae him it
you huvven a hot flushnawah sez ah m huvven
gan ah m gan margaretnawye re no ye re
in his ear he seznawyer hot ah mean sizzlin
m636: eh well eh wellnaweh john john john john
homework john i m sorrynawi would j- i would
an leave athoot telling menawhe ll be here the
ye niver fished here aforenawit s ma furst time
oot when ye re deidnawreal insurance the kind whit
easy wae oot bit younawyou wur feared quaking ti
and i m like goinnawf631: [laugh] f689: er i
crocodile teeth like this f1107: nawi m gonna mak i
new novel coming out pffnawi m not [laugh] i
oh middby a m deidnawthe arch angel gabriel diznae
boxers leave the gym bjnawback in your world your
open when i go backnawcause i doubt it s
biker boots back on againnawf631: yeah f689: got tae
up kick it back upnawup the way up the
enough loanheid men in itnawbut they re no they
see if they re cookednawi don t think oh
did i say that loudnawyou re awright but d
naughty boy so recently [laugh]nawaye he is sort o
lawyer s name m642: n-nawefter aboot twa year he
the best o gay palsnawhe cuidnae hae askit davie
stuid up for a blethernawhe hadnae caught ocht the
in his heid hopin thatnawhe hud really misheart whit
hunner pun ontae yet finenawhe muttered sittin humphy backit
by their mutual civility achnawhe told her this isnae
an i shift nearer haunnawnae jokin doaky he s
you know an old soldiernawwe were h-h- he wisnae
man turns on the heatnawya sexy bastard he gasped
i can t remember m1070: nawdid you have lots o
leet wis maistlie ay aynawuh huh an the odd
hoose geordie speirt jimmy pipesnawa cannae say we hid
what you normally say m1004: nawwe do we do used
woo make up sandwich actuallynawi eat the [censored: name] sandwiches
art class pickin it upnawthat was me as well
at ma house mmhm butnawthey showed up sort o
wash but dis she fashnawshe jist stoors the hoose
drunk meaning drunk m1004: ayenaweh yes yeah yes it
that ll do it ehmnawa lock o guid tae
be stopped if i saidnawwell if i slept with
winter m642: well that wasnawwell it was summer comin
[laugh] loads o them ayenawi ve no got [inaudible]
f1026: [throat] f1027: [laugh] f1026: nawi wouldnae have that s
[laugh] m1013: and as fornawnellie harkness it is ne-
m944: and you can talknawwe [inaudible] f943: [laugh] what
see him at the schoolnawsee him hingin aboot the
re- m944: that reminds menawtard no but you see
helps ye tae stap talkinnawa daurs ye hiv tae
don t ye iver sleepnawlooks like there s tons
anyone complain about your languagenawhow do you get away
avenues and er james saidnawson get a grip and
you know oh no [throat]nawit s just whenever you
because of the cars m1020: nawno enough loanheid men no
yin o the ither gowfersnawthat s no whit a
pies an that mairead goesnawther s no mr gee
hill tae the sheep botnawhei wisna tae bei fund
juist tae leave weel alanenawsaid the first yin thae
sufferin fae chronic deja vunawsomethin tae luft oor spirits
cash him or ally mcquadenawat least ally was funny
david was like that mmnawf631: have you got any
my pain will go awaynawit s you that s
at this and go ohnawbut erm i know it
aye i ve got m1019: nawthe schemies er is the
liker a twa ingined airienawinterruptit big rab thon s
for hen speired the mannienawreponed beenie it s for
wan o thae serialized hemragesnawa reckon it wiznae that
it would be ploating m1020: nawf1018: mm an m1020: i
ran intae thon big pillarnawthat was me ya daft
the norm i the waittergatenawa wuid hev thocht at
i the hotel dinin roomnawhei wuid eat his piece
schuil meltiths i thaim daysnawwei aa carriet or ain
weird at the tyme michtnawbei sae fer aff n
kate macpharlain the health advisornawthings werenae leukin guid fir
speirt geordie for yer mithernawwe fancied gaun roond the

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