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naw nellie harkness it isne-and as for nellie harkness
or less it s thene-comatose aye m1004: comatose there
a snail er a birdne-a ne- f1113: there s
er a bird ne- ane-f1113: there s a mannie
but i cannae remember ehne-nen or nan nan is
make f1114: a bird sne-f1113: a bird f1114: yes
mest o is for m1098: ne-nest eh oranges f1097: aye
but no we s- f-ne-never spoke like folk at
set in eh northern irelandne-in ballycastle mainly but also
well no [censored: forename] f1118: ine-i need a little lick
one f1118: this one f1117: ne-there s a baby [laugh]
it open anyway right wene-we need two bits right
uh huh uh huh m1078: ne-nearer charing cross in sauchiehall
always does that like thene-the second or third day
mmhm m608: mm f638: ine-i never ever remem- course
had yet m608: i vene-i ve never heard of
her husband as their fatherne-never his name or or
it s eh we wene-we never really think aboot
and she got them thene-the monday morning afterwards f812:
in october and then thene-we didn t get home
the party bags right wene-we need to find the
but he actually had somethingne-sort of like burberryish or
they do yeah f948: rightne-blethertoun braes m865: they do

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