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feet she thinks she sneatblack stockins and dirty feet
feet she thinks she sneatblack stockins and dirty feet
her feet look she sneatblack stockins and dirty feet
loon wi a croon oneatblaik curls that sat atap
blonde frizzy curls and herneatschool uniform naebdy wid guess
had concocted and cut intoneatmore ish squares to shout
the rest you cut intoneatsquares for the lavy her
obsessional tendencies obsessives are alwaysneatincredibly so anally retentive to
student but are the notesneati wondered aloud they were
my observations were that hisneathair was in fact shaved
never fold it nice andneatand clean this body i
dae circles if you wereneatjust at size she makes
in row after row ofneatcoupledom while i took a
o beets were aye owerneattwae walkin sticks an a
in different contexts nevertheless thisneatpicture of dialects is certainly
it gave you a goodneatcut nae the smooth kin
auld auld mannie in aneatbrown suit he is the
suit light blue shirt veryneathair to his left was
like a burst car wheelneatlaces tied in bows pretty
piles of potatoes and onionsneatsacks of kindling heaps of
st wi a bottle oneatwhisky tae join in wi
charm actually ma seein fitnaneatjob you ve done there
lady in the shop isneatand clean not like beardie
mappie aye wis clean anneatbut kept his feelins tae
a racecourse a golf courseneatrows of bungalows growing roses
socks it collected in aneatpuddle on the radio lady
the men kept their cellsneatthey are long termers the
l p then adds aneatblack stalk at the top
straight looking twee with everythingneatand behaving a treat but
days i lay mi clugsneaton da banks wind flooers
the widden lum was aneataffair built of planks and
see has finished a wholeneatpage of proper 7s all
has it aw nice anneatan then when you look
twa bairns an a gairdenneatwi a catty roon s
grant it maks the vergesneatbit noo there s naethin
lang wi innovations kniff anneatdey made da wirker obsolete
tried greeks aren t obsessivelyneati told her they smash
were jealous of her herneatwee schoolhouse her skill at
at auchmacoy made a veryneatone for the family it
that and made a rightneatwee card for ma daddy
perfume she d swallowed itneatgreat gulps taken in fear
leesurely tweestin searin sherp andneatthen the yaaaaaa crescendos as
fish house is the filletneatand stacked to be preserved

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