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terrible matchsticked town housed anecropolisnormal service cancelled till further
the visit to dr typhonnecropoliss consulting room joan had
occasional visits to dr typhonnecropoliss surgery cheered joan up
pegasus the consultant dr typhonnecropoliswas an international infertility expert
get it just right drnecropoliss patient shuddered suddenly picturing
of the nile at thenecropolisof thebes lies the ruin
fire tour buses visit thenecropolisfour whisk tailed horses pull
joan fell deeply asleep drnecropolisbathed his patient s forehead
later she returned to drnecropoliss consulting room for a
cool tour buses visit thenecropolisgreen acres hold their buried
like a fountain and drnecropolisdrank in her every word
arranged so science and drnecropolisplanned the birth with military
meet and in each greatnecropolisacross the western world the
of your poems a wordnecropolismaking love to the past

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