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and management policies is urgentlyneededand commends to the scottish
times with pleas for urgentlyneededcontributions to the institute s
a resource which is urgentlyneededif we are to address
months that information is urgentlyneededsecondly i thought that given
organic action plan is urgentlyneededto address marketing and supply
work clothes and she urgentlyneededto find somewhere to drag
that would no longer beneededas a result of the
which is that what isneededin the longer term is
miramar coast salvador no longerneededthe alias count von neudorf
tower house was no longerneededto accommodate the inniskillen dragoons
and longer funding cycles areneededwe hope that local authorities
you help is what ineededeven cross country ski ing
last jist in case heneededhelp fae the fuskie bottle
up the slopes that heneededhelp he never took his
of people when they haveneededhelp i want to finish
wrong places m1092: no ineededhelp [inaudible] no don t
matched them with farmers whoneededhelp some of the girls
wis you fan the hennieneededhelp tae thrash the corn
pause she phoned said sheneededhelp when we got there
be put in it ineededhelp with brushing my teeth
there f1095: and so theyneededmums to help fa else
geed um the help heneededrobby the bastard auld mithir
puerto soller and i hadneededthe help of a mechanic
or three others will beneededto help him 3 he
therefore everybody s help isneededyou may not be aware
their money and people alwaysneededan honest man to take
scottish fleet the money isneededbut what we also need
have had any money anneededmoney to sort f689: i
scottish fisheries protection agency ineedednew money for a new
was fifteen so my motherneededthe money i had tae
if a lot more moneyneededto be given to lowland
court case has not beenneededas a result of how
just in case an annaneededglasses but i didn t
legislation or where repairs areneededin case of damage caused
bed just in case ineededit god i was hung
placed on the bonfire untilneededjust in case they were
policy was probably illegal andneededto be revised the case
numerous good causes of desperatelyneededfinancial support supported by shona
recognise that support may beneededfor up to two years
support for language use isneededin order to ensure people
all the resources that areneededincluding it and other support
ta support dat whit shöneedednoo wis some shetland wirds
tenancies that support may beneededon a continuing basis it
been without the moral supportneededto guide you i blame
which recognises the additional supportneededto include children with special
and the number of staffneededto support them the miralles
your care an support patneededyou ti stop bullying an
sort o nutter jilly heneededyour care an support pat
not only needed restructuring butneededconsiderably more staff i thought
a reminder if one wasneededthat the staff room was
number of staff who areneededto deliver the service the
in the fundraising that isneededto staff the facilities many
on the bed settee theyneededf1025: [inaudible] f1026: mmhm f1023:
hospital a bed will beneededin the same hospital to
the bed you know theyneededthat it s only since
because of course they tooneededto bed in new software
that more immediate action isneededboth education and intervention are
be eating more than ineededbut equally if i was
a particular way are regulationsneededdo you think that more
friday agreement and that sneededfor lots more far more
that more markers would beneededfor the new diet because
level that more resources wereneededhow would that be done
a machine gun more symbolismneededin the labelling of products
walking improving more short walksneededless car bowling hat night
it indicated that the organneededmore air and the blower
clear the last debts andneededmore credit until the next
recommendations which were controversial andneededmore discussion if the mcfadden
force and determine whether youneededmore full time wildlife liaison
to tell us if theyneededmore people we brought in
children s conclusion that theyneededmore vegetables led to one
are more fish and heneededreassurance that we d enjoyed
that the unit not onlyneededrestructuring but needed considerably more
whether other mechanisms will beneededthe new more flexible framework
said that more items wereneededto make up the vera
that more than that isneededwe must continue the work
what we thought the communityneededfor example we didn t
though he thought perhaps itneededfriends the poems began to
then quick i thought youneededthe toilet f1112: it will
thought it was something youneededto pass exams on m1183:
that could give a muchneededboost to tourism in the
carers can have a muchneededbreak and the young folk
when he was so muchneededbut the story got better
infirmary in glasgow are muchneededbut they have led to
private sector to deliver muchneededcapital projects early and in
private sector to deliver muchneededcapital projects early and in
private sector to deliver muchneededcapital projects early and in
some well i think muchneededchanges to certain areas of
matter of urgency the muchneededimprovements to the a9 north
be sold to generate muchneededincome for the livestock sector
angry gods and rain muchneededrain have disappeared as it
m642: but it just itneededa wee bit where the
to areas where they areneededi have answered a number
where a licence is notneededif a licence is required
where needed stewards will beneededin the dining hall to
arise where urgent attention isneededin the interests of society
scotland where they are badlyneededrobert brown absolutely on the
trays to the table whereneededstewards will be needed in
deciding where road improvements areneededthe cbi may not agree
conveying water where it sneededthe traditional well at ca
being the attention given whereneededto scots language forms what
where good straight straw wasneededwe came upon two contraptions
review of the issue isneededand that action should be
altogether a licence would beneededand the fire safety standards
offence would therefore not beneededbill swann mr jones indicates
if war threatened dredging wasneededbut would be minimal land
the remainder of the reformsneededcould be put in place
facing the door will beneededfor check in it would
this 8 people might beneededfor checking in but this
the rules that would beneededfor its successful implementation in
two three tables will beneededfor the sale of souvenirs
the affirmative procedure would beneededfor this sort of thing
of time that might beneededfor those transitional arrangements members
aye be there if youneededher teenie coldly i dinna
people would continue to beneededi cannot give you a
of investment that would beneededi have not heard a
that some flexibility might beneededin how we operate access
the improvements that will beneededin quality and supply which
should be amended what isneededis a clear statement of
international criminal court will beneededmost as in rwanda for
because further efforts may beneedednext year to increase those
important further comment might beneededon what is happening with
climbing but strong footwear isneededsince the path can be
some teacher retraining will beneededso training organisations at least
f961: mmhm mmhm f960: hitneededta be drained an an
and other sources will beneededthan is available to decision
that significant work would beneededthe commitment to undertake that
m gey shair ye reneededthere i ll be there
of accommodation likely to beneededto accommodate homeless persons as
over night training would beneededto accustom the dogs to
we felt that further questionsneededto be asked we would
with skinned knuckles if clothesneededto be bleached they would
the published information on whatneededto be done that was
other reason than that somethingneededto be done whether in
to do the job thatneededto be done which was
shanks the burden of assessmentneededto be examined from early
she had a point thatneededto be hammered home but
people who had cases thatneededto be highlighted in many
enclosed secret safe as ineededto be in silence broken
that the remaining papers thatneededto be marked were to
sae stubborn bessie i veneededto be peggy maybe so
into a parked car andneededto be reassured that it
hard as cement and neverneededto be replaced which is
said that the departmental aimsneededto be revisited the point
ones have rarely if everneededto be so defined generally
on the crisis responses thatneededto be taken there is
mormaers of mar would haveneededto be tolerably fluent in
a wee bit special itneededto be ushered in like
protecting evidence that might beneededto demonstrate criminal activity can
man hours that would beneededto do it that is
could be achieved flexibility isneededto ensure that such cases
major investigative work will beneededto find them challenge them
effort across agencies will beneededto persuade people to be
would be available if weneededto pick up the telephone
which substantial evidence would beneededto show that diversion methods
page as changes may beneededtricia marwick the first sentence
a licence might not beneededwhat is your view james
of scottish coastal waters isneededwhat work needs to be
points of clarification that areneededwill be unravelled over the
what kind of things theyneededbut they used to a
him the two things heneededleast a bottle of mature
that men brought things thatneededrepair to the smiddy in
one room simple things areneededsuch as coloured paper so
bsl users other things areneededthere are around 6 000
been paid to whether thingsneededto change and move on
bit he decided that heneededa new project erm and
and new investment is desperatelyneededmismanagement has led to large
an entirely new outlook isneededsupported by christine grahame nora
t make new friends neverneededto before didn t have
new rail projects that areneededto get scotland moving the
shed neesht neist next nottneededo reduced form of of
operators was just what wasneededover the next few years
40 gaelic medium teachers areneededover the next seven years
stopped because folk on farmsneededfewer warm clothes because of
because planing permission is notneededfor a house unless the
for cards f1089: because ineededit for gettin this on
hasny been the wife ineededlilian because you ve never
one man who phoned usneededto find his wife because
understand because a card isneededto use it the convener
forever elsewhere if his motherneededa rabbit for the pot
areas if information is notneededat that very small geographical
that was what fairberry sneededif they were to forge
understanding if ever the worldneededinstruments of understanding it needs
redd oot as if itneededit the room aye looked
was just wondering if youneededsome lessons in elementary technique
wetted during the day ifneededsometimes there was an outside
if we were oot anneededtae carolanne this phone hasn
it and if proof isneededthat it is a criminal
further proof if proof wereneededthat our parliament is delivering
no just if if youneededthem tae go tae sea
to live in and ifneededwill contact the appropriate people
and the reason why sheneededa f- a room was
reason why such flexibility wasneededi mean angus mackay no
exactly why the gnp isneededin middlefield in her constituency
on me i d haeneededtae ken why she paused
practically incoherent with rage whoneededto know why we had
idea of wh-wh- what sneededand what s required m608:
is exactly what scotland hasneededfor a very very long
out and buy what theyneededfor f718: yeah uh huh
will reflect what is actuallyneededin local communities the committee
their legitimate business what isneededis legislation to define what
in doing what is desperatelyneededlet us save gaelic by
provision emerged from what wasneededlocally and has become the
report we said what isneedednow is a clear commitment
in our report what isneedednow is a clear commitment
the flavour of what isneededthere is tremendous over regulation
account adequately of what isneededto deliver and of what
s what we do ineededto hear that from somebody
than philosophical standpoint what heneededwas a set of linguistic
about investment and what isneededwe have to understand what
think that s what sneededyou know take boys and
at all just when ineededher most i would say
and a national scheme isneededlewis macdonald i would have
to believe but fiona phimisterneededme that would do for
that she would not haveneededto write some of her
infrastructure and its operation isneededto increase further water quality
[audience laugh] yeah m954: that actuallyneedederm work ehm but you
stress on the english skillsneededfor written academic work and
system but significant improvements areneededto reduce work loads while
they proved it the guyneededa cast i- it was
weather had decided them theyneededa holiday there weren t
of hand and they reallyneededa man me to control
the checks and balances areneededas they will ensure that
for development and that theyneededdrivers do you think that
the figure of 18 theyneededenough judges to have trial
git taegither nae excuses areneededfur drink so they got
matter of course whether theyneededit or not often on
f606: mmhm f209: they theyneededplaces to stay so the
troubles were temporary all weneededthat they held back for
the mouth and they stillneededto clutch at their flies
competence they are the provisionsneededto counter fraud as required
landlords were told that theyneededto have smoke detectors in
they d split up sheneededto move out f1154: right
they kept changing that weneededto produce one framework and
for they brought everything theyneededwith them it jist meant
how many such commissioners areneededat any given time amendment
is for many a badlyneededbenefit means testing is stressful
many it could prove itneededin reality there were far
christ so many nights heneededto forget can ah steal
every day f638: whether yeneededit or not [laugh] f637:
have continued a solution wasneededwhether having two committees was
power of arrest is notneededas a police officer confronted
redundancies recognises that action isneededat a scottish and uk
and conditions of service isneededcosla has machinery that can
advisers although some flexibility isneededfor each issue and the
bill is essential and desperatelyneededi ask the minister to
s role in europe isneededi disagree with his views
amount of legislation that isneededis absolutely minimal first we
with the urgency that isneededof course that requires a
an environmental impact assessment isneededreduce light pollution in the
in which ship synonyms areneededsuch recurrence is interesting a
sustainable core funding is especiallyneededthe current project funding mania
that discussion of issues isneededthe eu needs to develop
to do funding consistency isneededthe voluntary sector needs to
think that that backstop isneededto allow the working party
strong co ordinating function isneededto bring all the players
the fiscal clout that isneededto eliminate child poverty the
a change of culture isneededto get children thinking about
investment of 1 billion isneededto get our school buildings
investigatory powers scotland bill isneededto prevent hard line criminals
and through his hair dtneededa cut and started to
bureau in the hotel weneededa pass to satisfy two
not disgustingly rich people alwaysneededa safe place to keep
houses and people and heneededan administrator and guardian to
of the requirements that areneededby the department to respond
t perfect but all itneededdoing to it really was
you had your house youneededeverything from clothes pegs to
that realistic time scales areneededfor organisations to canvass opinions
provide the detailed local informationneededfor researchers to visit the
by schools of the sumsneededfor the repairs to school
to come south that ineededhim but he quickly reminded
it wis the siller ineededit i had to mak
was going to hear sheneededme it s hard for
street to themselves must haveneededmost of the boat to
i wrote to her firstneededmy birth certificate for the
the moorland there no passportneedednothing to declare the phillipino
gave it to susan sheneededsomething he wasn t giving
t just the stockings youneededthe belt to keep them
ensuring that the primary legislationneededto allow the question on
to the amount of explanationneededto clarify in children s
take account of extra timeneededto conduct an eye test
place to get the evidenceneededto conduct cross border investigations
eye of the storm sheneededto demonstrate this and slowly
a lot of words areneededto describe that change but
that the forms and structureneededto describe the grammar of
of a novice now ineededto devise an equally pleasant
the first thing that weneededto do and then move
on to selling which itneededto do to make a
the turret so all youneededto do was send up
the pan united kingdom approachneededto ensure its effectiveness the
almost universal view that weneededto ensure that we retained
for a long time ineededto examine its contents regularly
button boots a buttonhook wasneededto fasten boots in the
my fancy unlike the landneededto feel the sway under
this anatomical misspelling it wasneededto fill in this space
will identify the extra resourcesneededto fund our additional and
o it of coorse yeneededto gang awa to start
and on anything else thatneededto get a wash down
pressing down on me ineededto get out of here
states have the military capabilitiesneededto guarantee the credibility of
home office decided that itneededto have a complete review
that was all that wasneededto hold the roof and
plan to develop the infrastructureneededto increase scotland s share
a nation she said weneededto know about how it
in the public interest weneededto know about the loss
need to had got toneededto ought to had better
details of the amstrad equipmentneededto pick up astra s
level and method of investmentneededto prevent the release of
and me that the organisationneededto set up a separate
implemented extra resources are alsoneededto tackle the huge problems
process as a minister ineededto test the point about
with the skills and knowledgeneededto thrive in the modern
you were going out andneededto use the car with
this year and that youneededto wait david elliot i
easiest short term assignment sheneededtwo buses to get there
the brave one and ineededyou to escort me past
the label off so weneededyou to fix that m804:
t valued it wasn tneeded[inhale] few people could read
the means that are deemedneededf718: mmhm m734: er that
unnerstaun it anyway eh areneededfur the gaelic scuils so
you could get athing youneededand you could stan haein
again the thrashin mull wisneededi wid get anither call
cut ma leg an ineededtae get stitches an my
facilitate repairs such as thoseneededby ryan s bar which
down on it erm ineededsome kind of distraction cau-
for them all but itneededall hands and when the
[cough] w- we d aneededthem erm the place was
there was nothin there ahneededye hear ae them divorcin
other kinds of drinks wereneededfin e kye wis eel
carers were withdrawn as heneededthe care we told him
she was amazed baldie evenneededa hairbrush she backcombed her
doing a job that wasneededin a hurry once mabel
that was the colours ineededm608: mmhm f643: and it
mmhm m194: [inaudible] that wasneededm608: mmhm m194: so it
considered a full study wasneededthe executive scottish borders council
only had one leg andneededa crutch wull brand continued
had all the treatment ineededand i m glad its
and kept saying that heneededa wee that s pee
that these days besides ineededall my powers of observation
becomes a thing that sneededer the stuff i do
for stating that the refereeneededglasses regrets hiberian fc s
who reminded me that ineededthe passport and visa i
that wiz aal that wizneededwiz a chentle lower an
guides will wait nearby untilneededeach group will consist of
heat of the afternoon sheneededa rest too after all
good sense of humour sheneededit this morning the tv
me stay even when sheneededthe toilet wouldn t let
the kind of reality ineededjust then and i started
anybody [inaudible] we d oneededtae build a big brick
the chocolates now remember weneededthe tray f1118: yes f1117:
of human touch we bothneededwe me my wife and
brother an he s ayeneededme cammy stew s oor
me exactly the treatment ineededwithin the limits of the
f965: but you know itneededa caring family for a
happy with he says ineededit but the rest isn
level in school cause ineededlike m816: mmhm m815: a
thoroughly nasty little boy whoneededa clout on the ear
565 and 710 the pictsneededinterpreters when communicating with the
rummaged for the inhaler heneededwhen his chest felt extra
raise the 73m capital costsneededfor a tweedbank link operating
pretty good i d- ineededit i can tell you
bringin up bairns oo wurneededoot there in the fields
start m964: [cough] f965: itneededf963: mm f965: somebody available
mean it s really badlyneededm822: aye oh aye f823:
as naturally as possible asneededin specific contexts and in
into the past my brainneededthe device of repetition as
aw bit the love wineededthe love wi got fi
and the sidewinder sleeps tonightneededa pep talk from the
country stock and town lifeneededthe added spice of a
the enormous number of workersneededat the peak 4 000
poi p oi no passportneededskyscrapers breed oil magnates jostle
see hoses ho- ho- hosesneededthe hoses nope rabbits rabbits

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