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o inspiration that is sairneeditin a land hauntit by
an airt whaur fowk sneeditan we ll get a
an airt whaur fowk areneeditan we se get a
wale whit priorities is maistneeditin scotland an mak recommends
hudnae been seein as heneeditthis place the now he
mair nor twice whit sneeditfor a draw an juist
an ither sources will beneeditthan is tae haund for
anes ye sell if yeneedittae be re plenisht we
hid aw the information heneedittae draw up the plans
lyke masell aither sae ahneedita favorite dream juist ti
beddin an ane o themneeditliniment rubbit inno a sair
him ti ken whitever heneeditti ken sae as quick
tae a hair fit wisneeditnutritionally an dalt yon oot
wis here a wadna haeneeditti warsle yon bucktfu o
siller for the gear theyneeditstraucht awa the cloister fowk
uphaud for language uiss isneeditin order tae mak shair
a rock an syne winnieneedita drink o watter eence
haud on muckle langer brianneeditnae persuadin tae help keep
at a time fin theyneeditfirewid they wid pit in
tae gaither fin aa yeneeditwis a scrat o the
doot if the kintra hidneedithim tae stey awa fae
reivar s haunds that warneedithere but whit wey wad
an bairns aa hauns warneedittae stook the shaves settin
thegither yer da says yeneedityer peels did they wirk
ere s a sortin ootneeditat the hichest level if
fear the reverend john geddesneeditsomething tae clear his throat
this is the chiel thatneedita dram tae thole his
wi a fite mowser thatneedita stick tae wauk an
wis like a ship itneedita captain an wi matty
big ston in him weneeditnever f960: uh huh f961:
for ilka thing at sneeditfor it s ma earnest
bit a cannie a mneeditat hame cos a m

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