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needle goes prick prick againneedledid ye hear whit ah
oot o sicht sumwhaur theneedlegoes prick prick again needle
on a het girdil theneedlegoes prick prick again pompitie
pynt try this than theneedlegoes prick prick again relentlessly
to go left but theneedlegoes prick prick again yow
no that road pompitie theneedlegoes prick prick did ye
that winna cum hame theneedlegoes prick prick into pompitie
on the gress common theneedlegoes prick prick pompitie jumps
some more but again theneedlegoes prick prick pompitie ow
shakes some more but theneedlegoes prick prick pompitie ow
you say ah wul theneedlegoes prick prick pompitie ow
say here it is theneedlegoes prick prick pompitie ye
no ti tell lees theneedlegoes prick prick pompitie yow
turns to move left theneedlegoes prick prick yow ow
for home left but theneedleimmediately goes prick prick the
pompitie weeps pitifully but theneedlejust goes prick prick pompitie
prick prick yow ow owneedlesae ye war gaun ti
prick pompitie ye ee owneedlesay it pompitie desperately here
he trummilt an shook theneedlegaed jag jag again an
winna cum hame syne theneedlegaed jag jag an said
a curlie buss but theneedlegaed jag jag jag intil
hame thocht pompitie but theneedlegaed jaggitie jag jag an
hame but at aince theneedlein his coat gaed jag
dinna jag me onie mairneedleplease please needle ah dout
ogre jag ye wi theneedlepompitie he wad hae but
weill as jag can yeneedleye wad be surprised at
haill groat for yeir glaumerieneedlean ah haena haed the
haill groat for hir magicneedlean nou ah hae tint
me ah selt ye maneedlean ye peyed a groat
be a groat for theneedlebroun ogre a groat did
aw mornin ye hae theneedlethat wul be a groat
rainbow pompitie the g nomeneedlea female voice hen wyfe
pompitie is tormented by theneedlea tyrranical symbolic conscience with
pompitie please please please kyndneedleah didna think whit ah
fliein pompitie b b butneedleah l no speak again
yeirsell war ye pompitie pleaseneedleah wesna needle ye telt
yeirsell war ye pompitie pleaseneedleah wesna sobbing ah wesna
grozier herbertson pompitie finnds aneedlecomedy fantasy 90 min 3m6f
a hen feather and theneedleforces pompitie to go home
and pompitie finds it theneedleforces pompitie to go home
4 the toll house theneedleforces pompitie to go to
him a green leaf theneedleforces pompitie to go to
hen wyfe s house theneedleforces pompitie to look for
pompitie tries to pull theneedlefrom his coat to throw
syne pompitie ryved at theneedlein his coat an tryit
me pompitie tears at theneedlein his coat and tries
the green common syne theneedlejaggit pompitie sair an said
pompitie starts to fly homeneedleno that road pompitie the
a gret mukkil sherp jaggieneedlepepper oh mercie pompitie he
is astonished and examines theneedlepompitie sae ye can speak
is that no a brawneedlepompitie sighs with relief it
dropped he holds up theneedlepompitie this is verra lykelie
this for a stert theneedlepricks him again pompitie yow
sobbing ah wul toll manneedlesay ah wul gledlie pompitie
a lee aboot me theneedlestabs pompitie dutifully pompitie yee
dinna ken whaur ti gangneedlestert fliein pompitie b b
it s awfu ferr awaneedlestert fliein pompitie but ah
for a wee rest firstneedlestert fliein pompitie pathetically but
tea caddy pompitie a mukkilneedletea wyfe ay a big
pompitie this maun be aneedlethat belangs the wutch that
pompitie please needle ah wesnaneedleye telt the toll man
pompitie pompitie ow yow crivvensneedleyou say ah wul or
murder yee ow aa owneedleah wadna say it hurts
again yow aaaa ow helpneedlena na ye l dae
lykelie ti be needin theneedleagain the ogre s face
dream broun ogre na theneedleah need the needle ti
gin he haed liftit aneedlebelangin the broun ogre an
wantin wi the wutch sneedlebroun ogre ah wantit it
broun ogre looking for hisneedlebroun ogre anguished crying in
the broun ogre buys aneedlefrom the wutch that mends
the broun ogre lost theneedlehe left it ahint stickin
souch ah ken whaur theneedleis broun ogre ye ken
ogre ye ken whaur theneedleis please tell iz wutch
needle the witch uses theneedleto mend the ogre s
anxiously ye haena brocht theneedlewi ye broun ogre na
needle ah hae tint maneedleah canna finnd ma needle
of the needle is heardneedleah dinna lyke this road
onie mair needle please pleaseneedleah dout ye deserr anither
crying in distance whaur maneedleah hae tint ma needle
hir needle no the wutchneedleah keep tellin ye but
voice the voice of theneedleis heard needle ah dinna
oot aboot the needle theneedleis mebbe wi him help
needle ah canna finnd maneedleneedle ye ken whit wul
onie mair please no hirneedleno the wutch needle ah
s fund oot aboot theneedlethe needle is mebbe wi
a rage about his lostneedlethe witch uses the needle
the needle ah need theneedleti sort ma dream tea
ah canna finnd ma needleneedleye ken whit wul happen
ah said ti masell thisneedlebelangs the wutch that mends
distance wutch peering at theneedleis that it ai ma
im awricht the nou wutchneedlejuist you say here it
didna want ti keep yeirneedlekis it wesna mynes wutch
is wutch here is yeirneedlestickin in ma coat here
peyin the wutch for theneedletea wyfe ah dinna lyke
me this maun be aneedlethat belangs the wutch that
with relief it s yourneedlewutch ah m gled for
aye flie this road hameneedleaweill doutless that is true
l no ah l noneedleaweill syne ah sal shew
the gait ah aye takneedleaweill that is on ordnarie
this road ah tell yeneedleaweill that is on ordnarie
road hame aweill said theneedlemebbe that is true on
an wyce aweill said theneedlesyne ah sal shew yeir
road hame aweill said theneedlethat is on ordnarie days
ah wul gledlie toll manneedlethenk ye kyndlie neibor ah
ah wesna sobbing ah wesnaneedleye telt the toll man
finnd for me the brawneedleah selt til the broun
wul finnd for me theneedleah selt til the broun
help murder it wesna meneedlenou we sal set oot
his verra best dream theneedlehe gaed an tint on
kent ye hae tint maneedleye wad loss yeir heid
dae ah canna finnd theneedleoniewhaur ah left it ahint
tries to pull out theneedlebut it appears to be
and tries to hide theneedleby gathering his jerkin around
dream for ye wi theneedleah l mak it as
ma favorite dream wi theneedlean nou it is as
gaun past haiglin a mukkilneedlehae ye tea wyfe no
wul whaever haes taen maneedlea l kill him deid
at aw this is uisslessneedleah think we wul dae
micht be ashamed o eftirneedlethis wul lairn ye no
howt ye needna fash theneedlewul sort aw this for
does not reply to thisneedleyou say ah wul the
but it is stuck fastneedleah l tell ye whan
stuck in a puddok stuilneedlethat is no the pynt
sun sae he stuck theneedlewi its threid intil his
it is still stuck fastneedleye d better no try
ah can see nae henneedlejuist you keep yeir een
face is aw begrutten theneedlehaesna been onie bather ti
on the road but theneedlenever peyed onie heed an
ye haena seen a mukkilneedlelyin aboot oniewhaur hae ye
wi sic a gret mukkilneedlemebbe she haes thrawn it
ye think ye ir daeinneedleah dinna want ti be
this is fair the biggestneedleah hae ever seen an
for whaever haes stown theneedleah l kill him athout
me ah canna beir itneedleai ye div lyke ti
here ah coud uise theneedleas a dirk tae it
an ye can hae yeirneedleback again ah micht buy
ye can whussil for yeirneedlefor aw ah care ah
ah dinna ken whaur theneedleis ah m thinkin ye
wes the vyce of theneedlesaid ah dinna lyke this
gie in ah gie inneedlethat s mair lyke the
dae ah need you forneedleye need me ti keep
ah swear it times thatneedleyi yase jags it s
l tell ye this theneedlehaed better wurk ye l
hae ti gang thare forneedleye l see whan we
ai that wes awfu sairneedlewhaur dae ye think ye
an syne she gruppit theneedlean poued it as easie
an that wes the langneedlestickin intil him syne a
furious at having lost theneedleand threatens to kill whoever
report he has lost theneedlehe threatens whoever has taken
an at lest kis theneedlejaggit him sair again he
on the driver for theneedlerose and rose again as
to the right carrying theneedlein his left hand and
ye imagine a reid hetneedlejaggin inti ye aw the
ye- ye d a bigneedlesewin up with the jute
the awfu jags that theneedlehae made war aw haeled
verra kyndlie for finndin maneedlean takkin it back til
o aw that s guidneedleturn roond an gang back
through them with a bigneedleand hangs them up beside
wi thon big long sharpneedleright up the steve long
s got the whole bigneedlething and it s got
ti git quut o theneedlei the feinish but the
she s walcum til hirneedleat lest pepper said the
hunt doun whaever stale hisneedlean blouter him wi his
feels something pricking him theneedlehas to be rigged to
she relieves him of theneedlewith the aid of the
actress wis gleg wi theneedleit wis sma wirk tae
wi pain he brandishes theneedletriumphantly then sticks it with
i come on a skepneedlewi a flat curved pint
is now m942: probably aneedlehangin oot her arm in
but it s a guidneedleat hert it lykes naething
was not done with aneedlebut with a birse the
sobs and weeps but theneedledoes not appear to notice
wha s aucht this brawneedlethis is fair the biggest
and absent mindedly sticks theneedleinto a large red toadstool
into your apron band oneneedlewent into the thicker end
it move threads in aneedlewoven into the whole orange
and continues running on footneedleno that wey it wad
while i did a fewneedleand thread repairs the domesticity
that he had had theneedleso he is astonished when
doing is forced by theneedleto return it to the
is a large cleopatra sneedlewhich i must have photographed
lifted the hand of theneedleplaced it back in its
and he has a largeneedlewith a golden thread in
preston to see an innovativeneedleexchange programme the activities of
it thinnet doon till aneedlepint an fin i got
cook and an extraordinarily talentedneedlewoman i know my dad
graund then she grips theneedleand pulls it easily from
too kept moving to thatneedleas it rose and rose
or short eared houlet sneedleclaw frae doun the ermine
to the speedometer as theneedlemoved upwards i saw that
of flight who finds aneedleon the common which has
the tether scrat o aneedleskytin ower vinyl sab o
oasis gold days under theneedletower were a lucky strike
that the threid in theneedlewes verra lykelie a threid
was like looking for aneedlein a haystack suddenly there
6h pencils sharpened to aneedlepoint that you had to
funding was allocated to hypodermicneedleexchange programmes in each of

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