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negotiations had been secured ournegotiationseffectively secured all the scottish
government s objectives in thenegotiationshad been secured our negotiations
delegation is currently involved innegotiationson a cod recovery plan
delegation is currently involved innegotiationson a cod recovery plan
uk delegation during forthcoming europeannegotiationson which the future of
and now by conducting thenegotiationsin the interests of scotland
the difference between conducting thenegotiationson 20 december under an
and built into the quotanegotiationsfor 2001 whether this figure
the tradition in fishing quotanegotiationshas been for the commission
the outcome of the lfanegotiationsas part of the rural
about the outcome of thosenegotiationshaddock fishing 8 mr andrew
timing and outcome of thosenegotiationsis uncertain but regrettably we
statement about the outcome ofnegotiationson the cfp reform and
enlargement and world trade organisationnegotiationsthe timing and outcome of
outcome of contractual or othernegotiationsto which the person to
in scotland and i wantnegotiationsconducted speedily to produce results
transitional aid was achieved bynegotiationsthat were partly conducted by
policy and conduct of internationalnegotiationsand implementation of international commitments
lead european and international fisheriesnegotiationson behalf of the united
uk on the bermuda iinegotiationson international aviation in june
this month november to commencenegotiationson international investment strategies and
that the world trade organisationnegotiationson liberalising government services now
the current world trade organisationnegotiationson the general agreement on
available to us in anynegotiationson future aid mr stone
essential that the european unionnegotiationslater this month which will
historic fishing rights during currentnegotiationson the common fisheries policy
policy aim during the unionnegotiationsprior to 1707 was to
the context of the unionnegotiationsthat act contained the following
pay the agenda for changenegotiationsare taking forward the issue
covered by the agenda 2000negotiationsthe scottish executive will play
not relevant because the futurenegotiationsare what is important i
to date statistics in futurenegotiationsat which we will argue
over future rounds of gatsnegotiationshe conceded that he did
behind the current process ofnegotiationsis a huge and elaborate
been made aware of anynegotiationswhich may lead to such
in each of these casesnegotiationswere carried out by eu
blawin aboot hou weel hernegotiationswi the eu aboot fishin
what has happened in thenegotiationsin a world that is
commission has confirmed that pastnegotiationscannot be reopened however that
have an interest in thosenegotiationseveryone has but we will
is not represented in thenegotiationsobviously we have an interest
secrecy about the uk snegotiationsoften we cannot find out
what it says ahead ofnegotiationsnevertheless we have put forward
executive on what date thenegotiationscommenced to bring the ali
have watched ireland approach thenegotiationsfor the single european act
communities to support these constructivenegotiationsand further calls on the
of the implications of thesenegotiationsfor the scottish executive s
conclusions have emerged from thesenegotiationss1w 17658 colin campbell to
are all these little k-negotiationsthat go on unspoken you
deeply regret the fact thatnegotiationsbetween the berry project organisers
years leave proper room fornegotiationsbetween the parties that is
a reasonable atmosphere however thosenegotiationsmust be a matter for
ask the scottish executive whatnegotiationsit has had with the
ask the scottish executive whatnegotiationsit has had with the
ask the scottish executive whatnegotiationsit has had with the
over a barrel in anynegotiationsthe convener elaine thomson has
whether it has had anynegotiationswith the ministry of defence
i had no idea whatnegotiationsmy mother had entered into
have that influence brought tonegotiationsscrutiny the convener the final
heard about the many stagesnegotiationsand discussions that take place
economic circumstances that allow thenegotiationsto take place in a
after a long history ofnegotiationsbeing stalled although i understand
in ravelston house after amicablenegotiationsthe committee have agreed to
as a result of ournegotiationswith tobacco industry employers the
time of britain s entrynegotiationshaving lived in many continental
round of detailed and damagingnegotiationswhich is what the snp
that he should enter intonegotiationsto seek an extended remit
des mcnulty as far asnegotiationswith the ec are concerned
be concluded as soon asnegotiationswith the preferred bidder are
whatever comes out of hernegotiationswith the secretary of state
is passed there will benegotiationswith unison and cosla the
position in the on goingnegotiationswith westminster will be strengthened
want action ross finnie thenegotiationsthat will finally determine the
limit of 1100t since 1984negotiationson the fishery have been
that they wish to continuenegotiationsindeed as recently as last
articulate that case in thenegotiationsalex johnstone north east scotland
was greatest progress in thenegotiationsand that is perhaps the
or no tae gie thenegotiationstae anither organ broker bit

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