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the skyis the nicht isneirgone the fieldis owerflowis with
pairtie pursuis the nicht isneirgone this poem exemplifies the
the tron we cuidna wunneirit fur the currieboram an
naitiouns clauchit hir hir ainneirkin wes aw furth o
sic wordis as thir isneircair for i sall nevir
ruth the rid douglas wesneirsmoured wi gratiteid an hed
inti scotland an howdin itneirthe border than pittin the
jaloused the bauld twasum wesneirti a boxin match i
glif she gat she verraneirlowpit out hir skin neist
it til a mukkil houndneirwhar a stuid a taen
they used the nicht isneirgone hey now the day
oot an it wes geyneirtyme for the prince ti

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