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and appeals procedure the salmonnetfishing association of scotland snfas
for new regulations the salmonnetfishing association of scotland snfas
effort in the scottish salmonnetindustry the salmon net snfas
salmon net industry the salmonnetsnfas no 28 21 nasco
sets of hooks fishing bynetand coble and fixed engine
time for all salmon netsnetand coble and fixed engine
the normal methods used arenetand coble and fixed engines
the right to fish bynetand coble and the right
if it will interfere withnetand coble fishing 23 many
under the same regulations asnetand coble fishing 23 they
coble and fixed engine fornetand coble fishing regulations 28
may only be caught bynetand coble or rod and
legal method of netting isnetand coble this involves the
dale for the scottish seinenetfishermen the delegation wis heidit
ken as muckle aboot seinenetfishin as ma erse kens
catch of a single seinenetfishing vessel what action it
intervals 14 the northumbria tnetand yorkshire j net are
t net and yorkshire jnetare similar variations used to
the northumbrian and yorkshire driftnetfisheries continue to exploit scottish
of 0 4 million theneteconomic value of the fishery
either rod and line ornetfisheries after which the fishery
on fishery management 14 salmonnetfisheries report of a review
the english northeast coast driftnetfishery by catching of salmon
in scotland the inshore driftnetfishery ceased in the 1960s
coast in addition a driftnetfishery continues off the northumbrian
shows catches from the scottishnetfishery have declined in recent
the fish taken by thenetfishery in northeast england are
effort in the scottish salmonnetfishery the salmon net salmon
regulations which were introduced thenetfishery would be affected by
fishery the salmon net salmonnetfishing association of scotland 2
salmon net fishery the salmonnetsalmon net fishing association of
in the net in thenetf1113: in the net oh
f1114: in the in thenetin the net f1113: in
the net f1113: in thenetoh i missed it f1114:
salmon definition of methods ofnetfishing and construction of nets
includes several different types ofnetincluding bag and stake nets
and the construction of thenetnets must not catch fish
carry nets in order tonetthe foxholes radio collars for
s tweeds wi rod annetan flees an flask but
to salmon smokeries both thenetand rod and line fisheries
fishermen the remaining fisheries bothnetand rod are owned by
fishing 23 many of thenetand rod fisheries which are
in the greenland and faroesenetfisheries and the scottish rod
in scotland rod and linenetfisheries international protection nasco eu
also to acquire rod ornetfisheries it is under this
of salmon fishing in scotlandnetcaught fish and some fish
and trout association the salmonnetfishing association of scotland and
and trout association the salmonnetfishing association scotland and the
of a review of salmonnetfishing maff scottish office 15
be achieved were suggested regulatingnetfisheries at the river mouth
under this power that manynetfisheries have been bought and
study in 1988 estimated thatnetfisheries supported 109 full time
more than 500 jobs 18netfisheries the total gross revenue
puil juist whaur a gillnetcuid hing easily in the
wis yae thing drawin anetdoun a puil but only
they had the impidence taenetthe tidal puil at the
and i had a fishingnetand i had about fifteen
widnae make a decent fishingnetno the days gordon it
expenditure on fixed assets andnetadditional borrowings for each water
what the ratio is betweennetadditional expenditure on fixed assets
still be caught in thenetof income tax there is
it is caught in thenetshovels are carried a radio
also the construction of thenetno part of the gear
put the balls in thenetget the ball in the
get the ball in thenetmm hm f1113: i ve
david stood like a tennisnetwhile the ball of dialogue
every day i cast mynetfor fish that escape me
have been selected from thenetplace fish on the counter
auld fish box wyvin anetwi a bane shuttle back
per prisoner year on anetpresent value basis would vary
appraisal and a statement ofnetpresent value be produced so
and we expect a positivenetpresent value we expect them
into the impact of variousnetmesh sizes on the catch
people to fall through thenetbecause their assessment is wrong
people to fall through theneti do not want to
supplement people fall through thenetof the minimum income guarantee
can be broken down intonetcurrent expenditure per pupil in
is really only a safetynetit is the lowest common
early retirement and other safetynetschemes supported by christine grahame
you perform without a safetynetswinging on a trapeze shooting
lowman our members operate onnetmargins of 1 per cent
f1114: kick it in thenetf1113: what s that darlin
kick it f1113: in thenetf1114: yes ki- f1113: come
bugger s had a gillnetstreitcht across micht as weel
it wis a guid trammelnetweel uised an weel luikt
silk trimming and a tinyneteach on a silver stand
farm he always put anetover each hole before he
the tide or current thenetmust be kept in motion
constructed from monofilament twine thenetmust be paid out and
any water obstruction dam ornetsearch a boat being used
that i put up yournetcurtain in the back porch
squaar meshes o a bignetat wis e wye ye
the hochs tae grup thenetit wis held fast but
d strugglt an threshed tillnetwis torn tae win the
weemen wi hair up innetcaps an skinklin aprons made
press sofa stuffed wi horsehairnetcurtains right fire and congoleum
the weans whaur s thenetdemandit the heid byllie wi
middle got fanklt wi thenetfreed himsel an sprauchlt kist
the boat thegither wi thenetwe micht kill a troot
drawn oot an cairtit thenetback up tae the tap
thumped the ba intae thenethardie tackle came back tae
which joins up the connectingnetm741: yep m605: right so
chamber by a stretch ofnetthe leader which is held
seƱor bauza had a finenetwhich after a friendly conversation
it s the the c-netwhich joins up the connecting
them yince they had thenetin the watter they re
the arbuthnott estate gamekeeper wouldneta field surrounded by trees
the rabbits trapped by thenetthe rabbits were then sent
burst out and into anethe sometimes left a hole
people were familiar with thenetand all that kind of
sea of green plastic filamentnetit reached two or three
bodies claucht up in thenetit s ten year or
no be feart for thenetor bird lime traps or
the waas fleein ower theneta mixter maxter o tungs
i burned my bridges anetacross the pram kept cats
they re sortin oot thenetah can see the glint
gruppin the middle o thenetan a third haudin the
case sae we burnt thenetan fair enjoyed the rest
8 february 2002 what thenetchange in the number of
a ban on advertising theneteffect on consumption might not
the prospect of the collectionnetencouraged me to return the
sherp rug shuin freed thenetfrae the faur bank an
seriously sterted tae trawl thenetfur a life mate jenny
is the weave of anetgreetin is crying weeping murnin
my shouther an pit thenetintae the watter ready for
his brither andro cuistin anetintil the loch for they
that escape me when thenetis empty i starve will
end o a poacher snetjuly 16th whan the doc
the borders has suffered anetloss of 500 jobs since
catches in the mooth piecenetlug like a clam yer
is the gross margin thenetmargin would probably be about
them no part of thenetmay be constructed from monofilament
are concealed within the overallnetoperating deficit of 3 2
got in and the thenetresult has been that that
better gang an get thatnetthe nou a sherp rug
make one now widenin danetthe story then took a
he watched a poachin gangnetthe thorntree juist at the
scatter onto the green plasticnetvividly spread below the trees
me sair fankilt in anetan ah can tell ye
nemo m1092: some men [inaudible]netand a fishy went in
a we- a veil anetcurtain and i m like
advocate for casting a widernetjohnnie murphy he ran efter
crossed like a ghillie snetmacinnes cairriet a poacher s
i said tae ian thisnets a fair wecht hing
trust stephen rattray founder mmpgnetprince s scottish youth business
disposals of solemn cases andnetpetition cases that have been
these two sectors e gnetmakers transport losses in onward
owre us like an unconetit s no faur nou
for ping pong having nonetwas easily overcome similarly sized
rodric wes fettlin his fishinnetbi his ingil he haird
again well she d soonnetthat red herring i always

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