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short list 8 scottish officenewsrelease 0029 98 scottish parliament
10 6 19 scottish officenewsrelease 0029 98 scottish parliament
at holyrood 9 scottish officenewsrelease 0127 98 secretary of
group 11 see scottish officenewsrelease 0639 98 for details
study on track scottish officenewsrelease 0885 99 6 april
further details see scottish officenewsrelease 0929 98 13 cited
scottish budget 3 scottish executivenewsrelease 12th october 2001 funding
parliament website 17 scottish officenewsrelease 1389 98 architect chosen
1943 c403 6 scottish officenewsrelease 1655 97 henry mcleish
selection work 7 scottish officenewsrelease 1960 97 holyrood site
committee december 2002 scottish executivenewsrelease 2002c gaelic roots run
gaelic medium education scottish executivenewsrelease 2002c scottish executive reports
deep in glasgow scottish executivenewsrelease 2002d appointment to gaelic
departmental public body scottish executivenewsrelease 2002d official status of
at holyrood 20 scottish officenewsrelease 2110 97 dewar takes
general public 1 scottish executivenewsrelease 30th june 1999 2
in the fisheries research servicesnewsrelease of 13 march 2001
will be supplemented by anewsrelease on the committee s
scottish executive with reference tonewsrelease se 1630 2000 of
executive with regard to itsnewsrelease se0324 02 of 12
options for way forward executivenewsrelease se0359 2000 15 february
projects referred in scottish executivenewsrelease se0818 2001 in each
scottish executive further to itsnewsrelease se5229 2002 of 25
scottish executive further to itsnewsrelease se5229 2002 of 25
executive with regard to itsnewsrelease se5621 2002 on 28
scottish executive further to itsnewsrelease seet037 2002 on 23
news for ye malcolm whitnewsah coud sair dae wi
minister in interview after interviewnewsfeature after news feature report
after interview news feature afternewsfeature report after report and
he says he haes guidnewsfor ye malcolm whit news
no news really is goodnewsposted by dee rimbaud 2
much to report really nonewsreally is good news posted
i ve got some badnewschrissie georgie fit is t
a piece of very badnewshe is told at a
box in distress if thenewsi gie is bad ten
outfit they have the badnewsi guess is that i
really that was really badnews[inhale] and so however the
here one bad piece ofnewsis that it s unlikely
to six but the badnewsis that once they ve
e to brak the badnewsthat there s nae inheritance
receives two pieces of badnewsthen dies the baby mary
and welcome to our novembernewsletter a special welcome to
gien a copy o thisnewsletter for the first time
shop [censored: address] who prints ournewsletter free of charge each
inclosit a copy o wirnewsletter scots tung wittins that
tung wittins is wir monthlynewsletter that a thocht ye
who knows by the nextnewsletter we might be offering
could bring a letter withnewsof the award and they
hear the six o clocknewsand was invariably sound asleep
hamilton s1m 2690 scottish sixnewsbulletin lodged on 1 february
918 scottish six o clocknewslodged on 30 may 2000
of a scottish six nationalnewsprogramme s1w 32346 mr mike
of a scottish six nationalnewsprogramme s1w 32347 mr mike
russell scottish six o clocknewsthat the parliament notes with
they got a lot onewsand aften a good bargain
that has to be goodnewsand it contrasts quite distinctly
universitetskaja so that s goodnewsand she ll sleep happy
that can only be goodnewsand thanks to all who
saturday march 11 2006 goodnewsas part of my ongoing
to give him the goodnewsbut you dinna need to
officer i have some goodnewsfor members when we move
more money that is goodnewsfor scotland because the scottish
think that that is goodnewsfor scotland it would give
its success that is goodnewsfor the executive it would
petitions committee which is goodnewsfor us the next meeting
will have lots of goodnewsfor you well i ll
oct dear maw paw goodnewsfrom abroad i m getting
from members and some goodnewsfrom the executive first i
technical skills which was goodnewshowever there were two difficulties
dear maw paw al goodnewsi m allowed to keep
they re quite quite goodnewsi would like an ipod
the second lot of goodnewsis that i won t
the second good piece ofnewsis that the library has
theft of cars the goodnewsseemed to be that a
been publicised reasonably well goodnewstends not to be publicised
from [censored: forename] and the goodnewsthat ted has had some
i told him the goodnewsthe brain scan i would
paranoic s fears still goodnewsthis afternoon after only about
when he imparts this goodnewsto his father his father
brunswick now for the goodnewstoday monday i at last
israel anything can happen goodnewswe re getting a lot
my photos of christmas goodnewswork wise last week after
ma leddie ti hear thenewsa hae ti tell this
wush ti hear pypar snewsan fiddlar s yairns guidwyfe
grandma bruce could hear thenewsfrae a son fur it
is so nice to hearnewsof old friends i will
are still waiting to hearnewsof your flat also if
of it we hear thenewson bbc world service sunday
always glad to hear thenewsso keep writing regards to
lunchtime to hear on thenewsthat the princess victoria was
sorry to hear your sadnewswe remember meeting doll it
gled ti hear this graundnewsyeir grace rael gled ti
kitchie it s nae guidnewsaboot steenhillock he sud niver
hirpil malcolm that s guidnewsah m rael gled ti
thirls the mirk lik guidnewsan splatters braiths wi gowd
year shona that s guidnewsoniewey malcolm moula haund you
sair dae wi sum guidnewsshona ah speirit whit it
riggs ti tell his graundnewstil his guid frein rab
doonpish on the wireless thenewswisna guid war wisna far
malcolm gin he haes guidnewsye d better shaw him
father that s the bestnewsi heard in years we
when mabel s father wasnewsin with him he learned
cam ower tae hae anewso my father you see
harry hae you heard thenewsharry aye i ve heard
replies at s the bestnewsi ve heard for a
said that s the bestnewsi ve heard for a
happening although i d heardnewsof it on the world
night when i heard thenewsthat the labour back benchers
world was through the moscownewsand the occasional rare treat
m sniffing around still worldnewsis rather depressing one of
using sweery words wider worldnewsitem auld embra s got
monarchy ban to continue bbcnews20 11 99 36 hl
end royal catholic ban bbcnews7 11 99 34 see
time 4 11 99 bbcnewson line transcript 32 hc
a neighbour after the usualnewsabout farmwork weather and freens
margaret well ah ve gotnewsfer you pair thomas whit
whit wi radio scotland snewsreader yellin in his lug
think so changing channels thenewsswitching off whit dae ye
weather report on tonight snewsmoscow temperatures tonight will fall
been attending school regularly anewsreport in september 27th 1918
cornkister based on an actualnewsreport twa grumphies in the
p s auction new abpsnewswith report of glasgow 2000
government and council properties asnewsof the riots spread further
i can give you furthernewsthe man who was mentioned
ehm agog at all thenewsabout the ehm you know
er we had all thosenewsarticles in urdu m608: uh
for lunch which is welcomenewsas all members have been
have er all the latestnewsbut sometimes because it s
well that s all thenewsfor now hope this finds
think that s all mynewsfor now oh i d
beds ready thats all thenewsfor now so hope this
that s about all thenewsfor this week as usual
immediately around me and thenewsfrom there is mostly all
it all well theres nonewsjust now so i ll
s all over the gallowaynews[laugh] [laugh] f1154: i only
my favourite piece of homenewsof all was about a
yesterday with all the excitingnewsof your condo it sounds
they had knocked all othernewsoff the street mitchel waited
council s computer teams providednewsresults and updates to all
well that s all mynewssee you soon if you
that s about all thenewsso i ll say ttfn
asian community which had ermnewssport health lifestyle all sort
they were all sort ofnewsstories from like eng- england
of duty and end ofnewstake care best to all
the chamber of earth shatteringnewsthe statement is welcome all
week almost all other recurringnewstopics and local frustrations were
really don t yeeuch thenewshas been dispersed through the
and er not really specificnewswise for erm you know
kept an eye open fornewsabout home when i read
in a nursin home thatnewscam on tap o reading
busy festive season marked bynewsof tragedy at home a
to egyptians here about thenewsthey get from home apparently
ey gang wi baith gweednewsan ill bit is biz
i hid aye the ithernewso fowk wi north east
duguid s watch onybody winewso terrorists wis gien a
heid wi the afa sadnewso the daith o paddy
mysel ha ein a weenewswi a nice middle aged
pelts like wheeling vultures anewswi a parten foo mony
at it an hae anewswi e road boys ere
get the same chance tonewswi folk at the toolies
yet ageen press play danewswi holly in neuks tries
skateboord an wannert ower taenewswi the fite powser bonnie
tae the green for anewswi wull an peggy smith
a loon here wints anewswi ye jed trailed ower
enjoyin the sinshine hid anewswi yon body an this
takin his time haein anewswi yon een an wi
up ti date wi enewswis it tryin in vain
issue of scottish philately thenewssheet of the asps were
issue of scottish philately thenewssheet of the asps were
an we ll hae anewsaboot this yer ma should
sat doon tae hae anewsan the twa o em
nancy tae fin oot fitnewsthe quine micht hae gotten
can i ve still nonewsfrom cairo or riyadh so
soon i ve had nonewsfrom the auc yet i
wye maun i watch thenewsi ve deen ma hamewirk
i ve stopped watching thenewson the telly i stopped
for well i ve nonewsso i hope you are
it was last wednesday m827: newsto me i ve obviously
peyed jonsar they hid anewsaboot athing that wis happenin
an tam were haein anewsaboot fit happened in pitsliga
began tae bile noo thenewswis a a aboot the
faa aboot actin efter thenewswis past jonsar eck went
eck wis sittin watchin thenewsae nicht an his bleed
e friday paperies an enewsat wis ay in em
wis an affa lad taenewsauld eck suddenly stood up
braidcasters stertit readin oot thenewsin catalan the fowk wis
here wis een o yonnewsmannies haein a go at
eck wis sittin watchin thenewson the t v ae
mannie fa wis reading thenewswis saying och tae heck
wir ain districk on enewsa general call for onybody
back again getting aa enewsan a bit o exerceese
gin e warld cuid anewsawa an a birn a
greetin gweed kens foo enewshid flown we keepit quairt
o paper maybe e weeklynewsor e peoples freen or
hint i still follow thenewsvia the times however this
such a lot of depressingnewsgoing about this coal strike
in may 1915 the followingnewsitem about the hall appeared
and was pleased about thenewsof her mphil she d
been helpful ministers have madenewsreleases about their various functional
david should answer it thenewswas that peggy was about
what s the latest waesumnewsross it s ill ti
this is aw some sortinewsti you bairns gittin bought
europa eu int comm employment_socialnews2001 jul uk_en pdf accessed
europa eu int comm employment_socialnews2001 oct i01_1395_en html accessed
it when it became bignewsin the uk in 2001
egypt or not i expectnewsany day now despite some
help kick start the partynewsflash there has been some
mum dad some of thisnewsi ll probably repeat on
always hoping to have somenewsof may s progress at
distress signal even more astonishingnewsfollowed at 1335 when the
when i get my weeklynewsis often it s a
highly elated well when thenewso that number it went
mary when the messenger bringsnewsof her execution a priest
please be quiet when thenewsor the football came on
prisoner from now on thenewswill be public the wartime
called him to break thenewshe made a point of
til him he brings gretnewsmessenger leaves the corbie himsell
a messenger brocht him thenewsof his airmy s defeat
cheer him up with thenewsthat in a recent questionnaire
was reported in third forcenewsas saying if we had
time they had a slownewsday they thought i d
me he s had nonewsfrom surrey and is losing
party in full swing thenewshad just arrived that the
today they said what yearnewsof the eydp had not
september 1917 his parents receivednewsthat he had been wounded
preparing to abandon ship thenewsthat the vessel had stopped
like the nine o clocknewsan the the chap drinkin
in among da bits onewsda voice cam owre da
the editor o the shetlandnewsf1074: mmhm mmhm mmhm f1073:
a lang lang lagamachie onewsi hunkered doon on a
pass t on the sadnewso the daith o s
spreid the load o streetchinnewsoot like elastic twisna easy
strathbogie college full o thenewsthat he d won a
so geordie opened the windaenewsthe twa o them nivver
shots greeted me with thenewsthat she d managed to
from the cold receiver heavynewsdripped grief in my cupped
erm so that erm specificnewsf- say for example from
dad al hi folks firstnewsfrom disneyworld on friday morning
join the group and bringnewsfrom the school the importance
scots this included a shortnewsbulletin creditably read in scots
of this reaction to hernewsi dinna deserve you pause
this were used in theirnewsprogrammes that evening two pupils
press withdrew as publisher thisnewswas announced to the joint
and was a pow thisnewswas conveyed to his parents
shared toilet and shower thisnewswas greeted with whoops of
majority of our of thenewsis local so whatever s
falklands islands crisis is bignewshere as i suppose it
wednesday to lathalmond thawing herenewsof death of king george
europa eu int comm employment_socialnews2002 jan report_ind_en pdf accessed
s usually first with thenewsand she s usually right
an hour the only othernewstonight was of the first
came on margaret hated thenewsand the football with a
up to date with thenewsi hope the house flat
grenade during an exercise warnewsitems in common with other
to date with their familynewsjohn and maureen his wife
you know someone reading thenews[laugh] with the sound down
catalina sent letters regularly withnewsof s estacca but as
at church on t vnews10 24 by a judge
brocht on bi the sadnewsa wikk or twa back
de shetland on the sportsnewsadverts of success joking aside
of laughter on hearing thenewsan appropriate way to go
devolution on the structure ofnewsand current affairs broadcasting in
status watchin as mair nationalnewscums on we aye hope
on the roads the followingnewsitem which appeared in the
her cheeks on hearin thenewsjonsar eck felt mair than
messenger on horse brings thenewsof defeat the king rises
grief stricken histrionics on thenewsof the slaughter of his
hatch an gie us thenewson tip toe staunin on
s edition of third forcenewssaid sector demands progress on
community they also brought localnewsat one time there were
and such folk were thenewsbearers of the countryside household
their own which was greatnewsfor colin dexter the morse
old slains castle for anewsin fine weather there was
it was one of thesenewspresenters i can t remember
that m954: mm f606: wasnewsto me and i yeah
wait for [censored: forename] the tvnewswas mainly doom and gloom
days later although important britishnewswas reported too it was
for example many of ournewsand current affairs programmes are
of vague er in thenewsand the style of reporting
clubs and groups mentioned innewsarticles but of which we
herald newspaper and latterly formernewseditor of the observer recognises
sheena we thought the enclosednewsflashes might be of interest
of help are welcomed latenewsgarden competition will be judged
tv at the moment thenewsis full of the terrible
whirring wings dove croos thenewsof leaves the grumble of
said as he welcomed thenewsof the cultural commission the
rises over holyrood 14 seenewssection of rias website http
duncan [censored: surname] of the eveningnewsshe showed a mock up
for a couple of yearnewsstands in dublin display irish
15 present fr byrne bringsnewsthat a party of french
of money what absolutely terrificnewsthat is certainly a principle
the telegraph will carry thenewsto every part of the
possession of a sense ofnewsvalues which may be acquired
advertising manager or even thenewsvendor be at risk of
for the snoopy card andnewsal i look forward to
and made for scotland innewsan in entertainment an es
fleysum frightening moyen influence noosnewsnotour renouned for onsteid farm
tint for aa time taenewsower the day although i
s freedom to marry bbcnews26 1 99 25 hl
is much in the internationalnewsat the moment he s
pen dry any longer thenewsay oor ship s dooning
acquaintances an got aa thenewsbit it s aye the
daisy s staa fur anewsdaisy hid een like twa
gin ere s nae richtnewsin t fit i did
but it s absolutely brilliantnewsjust tae come the day
the tv screen sae thenewsreader s face is green
her say but that snewsto me if i could
in ilkie wattery neuk theynewstae femmit an tae frien
16 55 jim wrote greatnewschristian i saw the graphics
to glasgow like the localnewsevents etcetera m608: mm i
i am encouraged by thenewsthat the boosted household survey
5 newspaper gleanings the followingnewsitems have been found in
male and female the tvnewsis dominated no entirely taken
pound f940: nowadays though thenewsis that know folk are
me what is happening yonnewslad seemed affa upset jonsar
andrew wilson it is nonewsto the chamber not even
road inbye fur a cheerynewsan a dram far the
as he brought the messagesnewsand also newspapers old suttie
and blood slow slow thenewscame slow the white scots
www scotland gov uk pagesnewsextras 00007900 aspx 17 the
g press ie scotsman eveningnewsherald and post the secretary
hall attending concerts the followingnewsitem dated 5th march 1915
past few months more definitenewsto follow stop press the
skateboard or jist fur anewsan lauch an a bit
corbies stertit bi a flieinnewsmarch gale struggling rooks startled
a big issue er sportingnewsor whatever m608: mmhm m1174:
m608: [tut] okay m1174: sportsnewsare always in english because
level as far as sportsnewsevents are concerned we try
clock national and international televisionnewsprogramme to be in operation
wul will wumman woman wurdnewswuzzent shrivelled wyce sensible wycelyke

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