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mither an father brought upnineo us which was eleven
five s- f1121: seven eightnineten and eleven that s
five o- six seven eightnineten eleven f1109: ten eleven
four five six seven eightnineten eleven f1121: eleven right
four five six seven eightnineten eleven f1127: fitt comes
four five six seven eightnineten eleven twelve f1121: well
four five six seven eightnineten eleven twelve f1121: what
f1127: seven eight m1128: eightnineten eleven twelve f1127: twelve
four five six seven eightnineten eleven twelve fourteen one
four five six seven eightnineten eleven twelve fourteen sixteen
four five six seven eightnineten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen
s f1113: six seven eightnineten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen
four five six seven eightnineten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen
four five six seven eightnineten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen
f1114: seven f1113: eight f1114: nineten eleven twelve thirteen sixteen
four five six seven eightnineten eleven twelve thirteen some
four five six seven eightnineten f1121: eleven you you
i was about eight ornineand i woke up this
in nineteen ninety eight ninetynineand the parents lobbied long
four five six seven eightnineand then it went that
i was maybe eight ornineer i mean there s
seven eight eight jigsaws m1096: ninef1095: good for you m1096:
f1102: seven eight f1101: eightninef1102: n- t- ten f1101:
four five six seven eightninef1114: bi- build a house
you next one seven eightninef1114: s- stop f1113: ten
f1117: six f1118: seven eightninef1117: well done socks in
four five six seven eightninef1121: nine videos right next
eight f1121: eight f1122: nineninef1121: oh what s that
f1130: why six seven eightninef1129: whoa careful it s
eights 48 five sixes 30ninefours 36 eight eights 64
say that maybe eight orninefrom my uncle john bought
planning divided into eight orninegroups because of the geography
ten trains aathegither m1110: eightnine[inaudible] f1109: mam had to
f1122: eight f1121: eight f1122: ninenine f1121: oh what s
m815: [laugh] m816: ni- eightnineo clock there how re
know eight or eight orninepoems and erm then a
[?]'x'[/?] s nine six eightninesix eight nine six eight
six eight nine six eightninesix eight nine six eight
snake m1098: snake [?]'x'[/?] sninesix eight nine six eight
six eight nine six eightninesix eight nine six eight
six eight nine six eightninesix eight six six and
four five six seven eightnineten coont how many cat
fower five six seeven eightnineten eleeven twal twenty m1013:
four five six seven eightnineten f1109: ye re right
fish alive six seven eightnineten f1116: [inaudible] bad it
four five six seven eightnineten f1121: very good right
four five six seven eightnineten f1121: very good so
four five six seven eightnineten f1121: well done okay
four five six seven eightnineten pieces we ve got
asking for seven eight orninetimes more expenditure we are
sweden is seven eight orninetimes what is available in
six seven eight nine f1121: ninevideos right next f1122: one
for the next eight ornineweeks in which she will
f634: or forty eight fortyninewould be the end of
was aboot maybe eight ornineyears old [inhale] now if
over the next eight ornineyears tobacco consumption increased to
in er august nineteen ninetynineand i was appointed as
ghlaschu opened in nineteen ninetynineand it s just like
in edinburgh since nineteen ninetynineand you can f950: mm
mmhm m865: since nineteen ninetynineeh you can also determine
scotland now since nineteen ninetyninef948: mmhm m865: and you
it went on to ninetyninef963: eighty six or something
does not leave the ninetyninein the wilderness and go
which opened in nineteen ninetyninenow erm as you can
they had like ten ninetynineon the bottom in like
in and spends three ninetynineon this single which isn
here in may nineteen ninetyninethe the roll was four
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
within the specified timescale ofnineweeks and what the reasons
the gravedigger i was betweennineand ten at the time
ten minutes of that thennineeach f812: that s [inaudible]
ten to nine m811: toninef812: right m811: ten minutes
back about nine o clockninehalf past nine ten o
two hundred and ten thousandninehundred and four 11 how
one f1091: what comes afterninem1092: ten f1091: that s
ten ten f812: ten toninem811: to nine f812: right
as it had stertit ootnineor mebbe ten months went
know there seem to benineor nine or ten or
of outside the school aboutnineor ten blaze pitches a
about f963: yeah mmhm f965: nineor ten f963: yeah f965:
probably spend f746: mmhm m1161: nineor ten of them at
seem to be nine ornineor ten or so but
we stood there with onlynineor ten people in front
degeneration notes that more thannineout of ten primary eye
this paper there are tennineregistered and one private mounted
fower five six seeven echtnineten eleeven twal f718: uh
fower five six seeven eichtnineten f1054: that s how
and they would be maybenineten feet high you know
o clock nine half pastnineten o clock at night
the the night prayers aboutnineten o clock because we
you were a fisherman butninetimes oot o ten they
t talk about couches f1025: ninetimes out of ten probably
yer ball so- he wouldninetimes out of ten you
you started at ten tonineyou finished at four and
was a lot of moneyninetwelve years twelve twelve years
tae torry in nineteen thirtyninean it was a fortnight
the war in nineteen thirtyninedid mak incomers feel mair
would be january nineteen sixtynineer oh no it was
m635: two to nineteen thirtynineis seven [sniff] m608: yeah
romanticised vision of nineteen fiftyninelahore and the parents love
was born in nineteen thirtyninem1078: [inaudible] f1077: and my
m635: no eh m636: thirtyninem635: in nineteen thirty m636:
scotland for since nineteen sixtynineoff and on erm born
had a nineteen f-f-f- fiftyninetriumph t21 m608: mmhm m642:
do so ni- f1136: n-ninef1135: nine o clock f1136:
thick o felt f643: nineninelayers on it m642: oh
inch thick o felt f643: ninenine layers on it m642:
ni- f1136: n- nine f1135: nineo clock f1136: [blow] f1135:
he d come back aboutnineo clock nine half past
three feet nine three feetninethat was wee bits f643:
the wuid to three feetninethree feet nine that was
tree that was three feetninethree feet nine three feet
three feet nine three feetninethree feet we d left
seven or no eh beninepre qualifyin i had these
the children tarland school hadnineprimary seven pupils five girls
the bill has seven partsnineschedules and 101 sections i
age is yer bairns m1004: nineand six eh i couldnae
shop ye were there fromninein the mornin tae six
by six male doctors andninemale observers with women doctors
months b six months cninemonths and d one year
does it at great speedninesevens 63 six eights 48
six you put six sixninethat s the telephone number
threes 21 echt fours 32nineeights at was aye a
micht get out throu echtninegenerations nou they ve swure
dundee an mair echt orninehale coonties o diddlin fusslin
at sivin but echt orninell dae me fine an
andrew wis aboot echt ornineyear auld an jonsar eck
atween aucht o clock annineis as fresh in ma
d tae be home bynineo clock f640: because ye
re due at work fornineo clock i can lend
mistake there margaret f637: fornineo clock i m not
the sky it wis noonineo clock in the mornin
spend hid a pound atnineo clock in the mornin
hid a hunner pound atnineo clock it wid be
started world war three atnineo clock jonsar wis asked
ti say it s onlienineo clock masha lat s
you know things like thenineo clock news an the
had tae be home bynineo clock on a sunday
the pub oot and thennineo clock they open the
clock in the courtyard strikesnineshe takes a nightgown out
alarm clock went off atnineso i bounced out ma
when i got up atnineto switch the alarm clock
war broke oot in thirtyninean tho it seems like
old pictures and those thirtyninechina cats reluctantly i agreed
to publish seventeen books thirtynineshort stories and numerous essays
he likes hitchcock s thirtyninesteps the phoniest movie ever
out patients were seen withinnineweeks and 12 700 fewer
big a- it cost meninehundred pound tae get it
m642: that s a goodninehundred yairds up there john
hundred yairds up there johnninehundred ye- that was the
homeland in northern india someninehundred years ago and reached
including five children all undernineescaped the lot that befell
work monday to friday obviouslynineto five but you had
did f1159: [laugh] f1160: [laugh]nineto five dolly f746: [laugh]
nhs so that s mynineto five job m608: okay
rud ris an canadh tunineto five jobs aig daoine
four umbrellas that s numberninef1113: that s right that
it s in ecclesiastes fournineit s a good set
fittie moved to torry agedninestill here at seventy four
has increased from one innineto one in four and
pallet wood m642: three feetninem608: mm m642: we d
d tae cut three feetnineright o that big tree
to open another shop afterninemonths and she wanted me
to trade internally for onlyninemonths congratulates the workforce for
been waiting for that forninemonths i am pleased that
day i got merrit inninemonths i ll likely hae
that happy an in anotherninemonths or sae i ll
for a period not exceedingninemonths to a fine not
year an chynged his entituleninetimes frae the time o
support in sweden is notninetimes the level of support
year o kinglie blessins wisninegrowthie years tae an is
helpful and courteous during thenineor 10 years that i
only lived in arbuthnott fornineshort years but his experiences
been put in place aboutnineyears ago as far as
mmhm f643: well that wasnineyears ago ye bought that
m1036: professor of celtic fornineyears and that was very
told that the limit isnineyears christine grahame obviously there
or soon o you fornineyears i think i ll
niver steikit at nicht thirnineyears is hecht the first
i the pairks an thirnineyears is hecht the third
by the time we leftnineyears later pretty well f606:
only child for the firstnineyears of my life and
worth it and then n-nineyears the well the forestry
seggat the following period ofnineyears when he lived at
in deià in 1855 andnineyears younger than salvador who
much are they three fortynineaye but much are they
holds two or three internationalnineday sessions per year brining
was like books three toninef606: mmhm m954: plus all
she get f1155: a saabninethree convertible [laugh] it s
f643: [laugh] m608: [laugh] m642: ninelayers o felt and i
i was only what abootninestone m608: [laugh] m642: no
[laugh] [laugh] m941: quarter pastninea d v d is
be back till hauf pastninean efter thon the twa
asks it s lang pastnineget a move on or
erm anyway about quarter pastninehe wandered into the study
efter a it s beennineyear since addy died that
funeral so it s onlynineyear since she last made
o felt was on itninelayers [laugh] f643: [laugh] m608:
week to hall street numbernineits lobby wi dado and
aware we only have aboutnineminutes left and a number
ballater my father wis numbernineo the family the youngest
s right that s numberninethat s good f1114: that
short sichted fin he wisnineyear auld fit happened wis
the bottom o the pressnineyear he s lain there
we micht be there yetnineyear later but there was
in the door for abootnineyear stuck on the ootside
mr wedderburn quit jamaica abootnineyear syne and returned tae
she could only be twentyninebut she would be the
croont fan she wis onlyninemonth aal her mither ruled
the mornin til eicht ornineat nicht but aifter that
that can spew forth fromnineor 10 faxes in an
what about f835: the eightyninepercent or whatever it is
described below mounted fox huntsnineregistered 8 or mounted fox
tea at the back oninean if you hiv changed
sheriffdom o stentsaucht an theninegaired dragon maks muckle steir
arena maister shi da verraninegaired dragon o shi s
ay ma menyie o fishnineguidwyfe o the ben it
fowk ay o aa theninelands yir lifes and yir
we re aw there werenineo us called wullie aye
i worked there there wasnineo us in a squad
the muckle spate o twentyninesae graphically describit in braid
waves like a cat oninetails flailed the land set
jist at the back oninethis mornin the wither wis
lavvy somewye aboot quarter taeninemeg appeared nae a sicht
speaking home er there wereninechildren in the family and
was aye a hard eennineeights er 72 ye see
started a secondary school withninepupils er [inaudible] interesting model
the right of way aboutninef963: [laugh] f965: [laugh] and
a baton which was aboutnineinches long as if that
at kingsburgh which is aboutninemiles from portree ehm i
the laddie sang afore thenineleague hills there wis a
in e lave ere wisnineloads in be e eyn
two bedrooms livin room withninechildren f1041: aye f1043: nowadays
mean we ve got [exhale]ninegrandchildren two great grandchildren and
two and a half andninewhen we were living in
d mibbie tak a nummernineairn an wi an open
a chinese noodle bar atninea m m818: [laugh] i
words for something urquhart usesnine[laugh] but this is partly
and at cusco airport bynineat the airport i found
please at less than echtyninedegrees strecht up they gang
bounced out ma bed atninef1049: i didn t even
gonna get me up atninef1049: i know m1048: maybe
the dock sample bottle atninehe woke to another panic
to princes street at likeninein the morning an it
fire and thinking of josephninemiles away at ballindean oh
hotel for a rest atninewe rejoined the group for
cot till i was nearlyninean my auldest brother had
tae torry when i wasnineand i ve been here
i was through there wereninecharity shops on the main
was founded in 1975 onninehectares of coconut plantation from
greek she was fluent inninelanguages she first met julius
eat a grape for anothernineminutes f826: it was sitting
9000 the vicar was definitelynineparts crazy though this week
for the one evening wasninethe saddening thing was that
2 was still out floorninewas busy and so we
road an noo there sninegie thanks that war has
sir david steel there areninequestions to be put as
my small cousin hortense agednineher brother cuthbert had received
letters had been received fromninesoldiers for parcels that they
tracing the list of hisninebrothers and sisters i see
mind we re home aforeninedae you see ma man
leadin ye see doun theninedelfs lang lang ay is
wi ye see owre theninewatters wi ramballiach reishle ay
wi ye see owre theninewatters wi ramballiach reishle ay
the scheduled starting time ofninewe could see the incan
were very much greater beforeninecenturies of erosion took their
were just thinkin that inninemonth s time ye ll
annabell s lads were niverninetae fivers she cam hame
cries him shi jin theninegaired dragon ye re here
uh huh and that f1091: ninem1092: oops [inaudible] oops that
member of the class choosesnineletters the class is then
we are reminded would fearninehunder men she acknowledges the
cod ll be it sninemile dönna be fairt dey
picchu this broke up aroundnineand [censored: forename] and i went
he cooldna coont up tonineefter he lost the fingers
up an awa in cloudninein a stracht line the
wame he s buistit wininedragons aathegither it s the
s heid sheddit ti intininean stertit ti plait it
pass shi s toun yonninegaired dragon shi jin is
he once slept with fortynineof helen s aunties in
knell s tolling now fornineto fivers away day seats
s coming yet no morenineto fivers dialect make overs
temperatures in britain registered betweennineand nought degrees and i
the bible and 11 andnineare not some of your
1999 2000 and in theninemonth period to 31 december
night and put in prisonnineto a cell says maley
spunk for a lowe anninedirlins dab in the dreel
in 1975 a court ofninejudges held that to establish
haal lines fae da boddamninemile aff in sixty faddom
the cropped grass into mudninerabbit families swelter in their
no formal redundancies in thenineremploy factory sites in scotland
the watter twis jist efterninean her fowks wadna bode
for to gang through theninecharity shops an the wee
the morn is halla dayninefree nichts till martinmas an
dey wid hae ta teckninemile twise ower an mair
freight traffic which of thenineproposed road improvement schemes following
sent them with regard toninedifferent matters a reply from
bc from the age ofninethe 1922 discovery of his
it that book again chapterninea place fur awthing caw
grey granite gibbon 1934 1990nineagainst the unknown mitchell gibbon
of the preparation of theninedelivering transport improvements leaflets published
porsena of clunium to theninegods he swore great house
parabola of the teix rangeninekilometres away until the tarmacadam
performance indicator shown on pagenineof the scottish prison service
still strikes me as againnineparts insane eh not perhaps

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