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seventy f746: oh yeah f978: nineteense- early seventies so it
in about well the earlynineteenseventies nineteen seventy two probably
i mind awa back abootnineteenseventy echt fin we first
mmhm m642: i had anineteenseventy eight triumph bonneville 750
mm m642: kept goin tillnineteenseventy f643: mmhm m608: mmhm
fae nineteen sixty five taenineteenseventy f643: mmhm m642: seventy
an more and it wasnineteenseventy f746: oh yeah f978:
was when we went innineteenseventy m1078: oh but it
and then we met innineteenseventy one at m1078: february
right yeah f1077: uh huhnineteenseventy one we went down
mind actually from sort ofnineteenseventy seven [laugh] kind of
glasgow school of art innineteenseventy seven m608: yeah f643:
circa m608: mmhm [inaudible] f643: nineteenseventy seven to eighty one
m608: uh huh m642: innineteenseventy started tae gang when
been in business since ermnineteenseventy three seventy three my
sand quarry came there innineteenseventy two and they yaised
well the early nineteen seventiesnineteenseventy two probably do you
any significance in the datenineteenseventy two was anything to
right m642: strike was innineteenseventy two was it no
i had it for faenineteensixty five tae nineteen seventy
french books from about thenineteenforties and fifties [laugh] m608:
word m1146: oh er whatnineteenforties er you got a
kincorth in the nineteen thirtiesnineteenforties f1043: no no eh
okay f948: in the fortiesnineteenforties m865: where were you
up in kincorth in thenineteenthirties nineteen forties f1043: no
yeah you listen to thenineteenfifties broadcasts and it s
had i was affecting anineteenfifties look at the [laugh]
is si- m1022: till thenineteenfifties m1019: one room f1018:
your birth please f950: ehmnineteenfifties m865,: okay where were
there s ones from likenineteenfifties nineteen sixties but then
you know i- in likenineteenfifties psychology you could stick
a pencil skirt and originalnineteenfifties shoes er with the
actually demolished back in thenineteenfifties when we were all
harris and hill in thenineteenfifties who ehm who saw
ones from like nineteen fiftiesnineteensixties but then were you
well f951: that was fromnineteenehm ninety ninety one tae
er six years er betweennineteen[inhale] nineteen ninety and nineteen
years er between nineteen [inhale]nineteenninety and nineteen ninety six
a hundred and five innineteenninety eight ninety nine and
find in my diary thatnineteenninety eight was one of
t read alasdair gray tillnineteenninety five erm and i
it opened in er augustnineteenninety nine and i was
bunsgoil ghĂ idhlig ghlaschu opened innineteenninety nine and it s
now in in edinburgh sincenineteenninety nine and you can
yeah yeah mmhm m865: sincenineteenninety nine eh you can
parliament in scotland now sincenineteenninety nine f948: mmhm m865:
in scotland which opened innineteenninety nine now erm as
i arrived here in maynineteenninety nine the the roll
so it was only innineteenninety one when i finished
asian media started off innineteenninety seven erm when a
also had was obviously innineteenninety seven not many people
no it was it wasnineteenninety seven showing my age
nineteen [inhale] nineteen ninety andnineteenninety six erm and so
back end o the yearnineteenninety three it hid been
eighty m608: [exhale] m642: nonineteenaye aboot nineteen eighty five
since f1023: she died innineteeneighty and she that s
that s she died innineteeneighty at eighty two f1024:
f963: stopped using it aboutnineteeneighty eighty one f965: well
m642: no nineteen aye abootnineteeneighty five for ten year
scots ehm from i thinknineteeneighty four lorimer is the
f643: years m642: right taenineteeneighty m608: [exhale] m642: no
think it came out innineteeneighty seven it was rather
started dow- which was innineteeneighty seven when i started
took off in glasgow innineteeneighty six eighty seven when
through to ayr m1163: ernineteeneighty th- four aye m608:
i married which was ehnineteeneighty three eh our first
ken whit year it wasnineteeneighty two and i says
who are disguising in thenineteentwenties and thirties ehm m741:
right m762: from sort ofnineteentwenties editions and things like
context of scotland in thenineteentwenties m741: uh huh m605:
been in the [inhale] twentiesnineteentwenties or somethin like that
for some reason in thenineteentwenties there s a renewed
everybody who wrote in scotsnineteentwenties was a socialist well
m auld noo it snineteenthirties an it was a
this m1042: this was innineteenthirties i m auld noo
[cough] is that in thenineteenthirties it was described as
cocker s poems which ehnineteenthirties take the strunts mm
went back back to thenineteenthirties yes m1055: a- and
once a week since thenineteensixties [inaudible] nineteen sixty three
something like that m822: nine-nineteensixty eight f606: uh huh
were revolutions going on innineteensixty eight in france f963:
f634: so that was innineteensixty eight so there s
s- twin i had anineteensixty eight triumph tiger 100
june f643: uh huh m642: nineteensixty five f643: no it
thirty years la- that wasnineteensixty four i wrote til
as well f965: this isnineteensixty mm six f963: mm
[laugh] it would be januarynineteensixty nine er oh no
lived in scotland for sincenineteensixty nine off and on
wrote between nineteen thirty andnineteensixty six the covers were
a tiger cub from aboutnineteensixty three and i went
ed- we got married innineteensixty three and till then
since the nineteen sixties [inaudible]nineteensixty three sixty four he
eh oliver brown wrote betweennineteenthirty and nineteen sixty six
thirty t- m642: here innineteenz- f643: sixty five m642:
writing in the in thenineteenearly nineteen hundreds onwards m741:
m194: that lasted until aboutnineteenfifty six nineteen fifty six
until about nineteen fifty sixnineteenfifty six so m608: right
nineteen hundred and two ornineteenhundred and three m608: oh
in the early nineteen hundredsnineteenhundred and two or nineteen
to johnstone in the earlynineteenhundreds nineteen hundred and two
the in the nineteen earlynineteenhundreds onwards m741: mmhm m605:
this is way back innineteennineteen thirty eight thirty thirty
is way back in nineteennineteenthirty eight thirty thirty seven
who are like probably aboutnineteenyears aye he s nineteen
nineteen years aye he snineteenyears old i think he
mmhm m954: especially in thenineteenseventies and eighties when i
yeah f718: it still looksnineteenseventies [laugh] m1078: yes treron
was in f963: mm m762: nineteensixties glasgow you know erm
would that be about thenineteensixties probably when in the
we moved to middlefield innineteenthirty eight and families from
m1042: the start was innineteenthirty eight when they built
m636: thirty nine m635: innineteenthirty m636: seven m635: two
mother flitted tae torry innineteenthirty nine an it was
i think the war innineteenthirty nine did mak incomers
m636: seven m635: two tonineteenthirty nine is seven [sniff]
after sheila was born innineteenthirty nine m1078: [inaudible] f1077:
the pit accident in aboutnineteenthirty one or thirty two
m952: thirteenth o the thirdnineteenthirty seeven mmhm m865: so
is today er and wenineteenthirty that s right and
one m741: right m605: publishednineteenthirty three i think right
so you were born whatnineteenthirty three m636: thirty two
first one i had anineteenf-f-f- fifty nine triumph t21
two matchless i had anineteenfifty eight bsa which was
s side he died innineteenfifty four m608: uh huh
the the romanticised vision ofnineteenfifty nine lahore and the
house until as i saynineteenfifty one and then we
so that would have beennineteenfifty one we left cragie
that came out in ehnineteenfifty six and eh it
nae bloomin war correspondents innineteenfifty six as he made
em em eh this isnineteenfifty six by the by
did good things in ehnineteenfifty six oh yes sorry
we were married away innineteenfifty three f606: mmhm f1039:
and i was there untilnineteenfifty three m608: so what
bikes i had a anineteenfifty two matchless i had
ehm nine- the early ehmnineteenhundreds and then the thing
in the sort of earlynineteenhundreds m605: i think it
came over in the earlynineteenhundreds m608: yeah right yeah
i would imagine i thinknineteenforty eight f631: mmhm f634:
s been over here sincenineteenforty eight m608: mmhm m1163:
i think it was aboutnineteenforty forty eight it came
be i was born innineteenforty four and i think
[tut] i was born innineteenforty four so my earliest
[inaudible] i went from abootnineteenforty one it started and
stranraer m194: yes started innineteenforty seven m608: and who
memory would probably be aboutnineteenforty seven or eight when
league title awa back innineteenechty fower pitsliga winnin seven
last friday six hundred andnineteengroups from throughout scotland involving
been here f- from aboutnineteenhundred m1163: well my grandparents
in psalm a hundred andnineteenit says i have hidden
it but when they renineteenan twenty an twenty one
ye re talkin aboot anineteenan twenty year old m1014:
him as if he snineteenor twenty you re no
aye f1043: still back innineteentwenty four ye mair or
but i would never usenineteentwenty twenty one they re
what else could i donineteenwhen i went in twenty
fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteennineteenyou counts to twenty now
aye i was married atnineteenm1016: have you have you
when i got married atnineteenm608: mmhm so when you
ehm which begins in thenineteenin the early twentieth century
f606: mmhm m830: early twe-nineteenten or so his dictionary
fair toots it s onlynineteenyear ever since she got
firewid it wis the yearnineteenechty five an the wither
we didn t it wasnineteeneh f643: how much did
not big willy who snineteentwo f122: no he wasn
echt years auld bit actsnineteenhis ma is staned fin
oot an auld map onineteennineties galashiels [laugh] ye ll
he d be about echteennineteenyear auld and he wis
in a quean o echteennineteenyear auld wi an auld
you f1038: uh huh ernineteenf1037: that s very rude
eh i think it wasnineteenseeventie twa and eh the
home of a fellow studentnineteenyear old wlatislao vyborni at
as 1981 when she wasnineteenbut who has gained a
seventeen erm verse eighteen annineteenit says there that the
famous disaster that happened innineteenoh one where the majority
i was about eighteen ornineteenand then i start living
it was like living innineteeneighteen f940: [laugh] as long
turned sixteen he s nearlynineteenmm anyway m944: that s
through in success in thenineteenseeventie fower elections f785: so
of [censored: placename] in the midnineteeneighties the uk government funded
mainframe cause it s thenineteeneighties we re in an
urban scots writing in thenineteennineties you know from kelman
supplied bones in april 1900nineteenweeks of dinners were provided
salvador at the age ofnineteenfirst saw mallorca from the
a new neighbour aged aroundnineteenshe s wearing a pink

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