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life around an a venivverbeen the same agane sinsyne
engenderit the quastioun o ulsternivverbene awnsert an cam agane
throu ma drum skin anivvergaed ti the tron agane
ma houss tho a meynivversei thon deir bit agane
a thrashin mull weel younivverhid a better chance so
lad feedin the mull hisnivverworked on a thrashin mull
eck cood mind he wisnivverfed up in his school
cood he fault his worknivveronything oot o place athing
days like this i llnivvertire fine fowk cood be
day s yokin there wisnivvera wird aboot overtime then
uill tashit dungaries he sayednivvera wird as a mukkil
neirby i the humloks botnivvera wird did he say
eck p s jonsar ecknivvergot gooseberry crumble again the
wi the nippies jonsar ecknivvergot his wak efter a
worth gaun awa jonsar ecknivversaid a word bit thocht
dokens dokens jonsar eck hidnivverseen the like ey stood
it hid broken jonsar ecknivverthrew onything awa he hid
didnae like wis the wifienivveroffered him a cup o
wifie shook her heid annivversaid a word it wis
feel queazy the wee wifienivversaid a word weel here
i ve nivver i dnivvercame across that f831: no
across that f831: no m842: nivvercame across that up north
aye m842: and i venivveri d nivver came across
m842: aye f831: an shenivvertalks she continually spicks a
frythit breid the guid faithernivveraet sic farin bot he
ower mich fur mirren shaenivvergrat sin bairnheid bot nou
aye in a fizz thainivverventured doun the gairden bot
roon as gin ey dnivverbe able tae stop again
washed weel the dishes werenivverwashed ey were thrown intae
awnserin machines fur thai wesnivverben the houss ti tak
veidzeo the tellie fur thainivverhed tyme ti gie addisence
tak em back jonsar hidnivverseen the like bit says
ti the sassenach the sojersnivverfand onie narcotiks i the
o oneste maisik jim youngnivvergat onie thanks fur hiz
wanchancie wirried thair mither wenivversein a leivin sowel onie
macnabs that thair reputations haesnivverackwallie bin unsiccar gin they
haes a profile that widnivverfit a buchan hero murray
o course the institutions haesnivverraellie bin disruptit in a
nur reared bit there wisnivverony dearth o siller tae
wither wis dry there wisnivverony drocht tae dry the
standards o her fiers shenivversleepit wi ony loon on
scot till then it hidnivvercam tae me that aa
an said that s geordienivvermin im his auntie hid
year auld an she hidnivverseen a pair o tights
twis the anely time shenivverargyed back ooto faither s
wheen pints o beer heinivverdrank speerits ma faither drove
snoot faither mynd yow anivverherkint ma muther mintin siclik
door efter that an henivverbocht anither peat p p
o neeps carrots you hivnivverseen the like some carrots
stands o aa kins bitnivverthe horse tae be seen
aye look efter it henivverpit a hand near broon
weet an black it widnivverbe be baled it wis
o fowk that i hudnivvermet there wid hae been
throwe e wid an yetnivvertouches t ye min on
a tv in oor hoosenivvermind een in the bedroom
black is fat an flabbynivvermind her legs is scabby
danger o haein his lifenivvermind his reputation taen awa
wis played he coodnae stannivvermind play fitba of course
bocht at pyed fur inivveras much as buy a
killamey or kildare fur henivvercam tae prod me an
o an ei the kelpiesnivverengreved him fur he wes
lik an emmet s bykenivverlown or at pace fur
get hit fur her annivvertell me göd heevens hit
o this wee tome achnivverheed ah m awa tae
be happit awa for goodnivvermyn i can aye jine
in the foregrun she wisnivverat it hersel bit a
trang fillin suitcases mam wisnivverdön ironin an dad wis
metter o fact he wisnivverfed up nae tae this
wis his motto he dnivvergaen near the schule afore
somewye or ither she wisnivverin aboot twa month later
thunner an lichtnin afore bitnivverlike yon there wis a
he wis sent aff bitnivveron the field o play
wis gweed and ye renivversure fa ye bump intel
pairts o living fowk ithersnivversee breists an sores sewn
prood heids o lichts inivversa those lichts afore they
i spakk scots tae bitnivverat the schule sae i
nae bather if a mnivverin t bit the fact
the fairmer o thon placienivvermuckit his beasts oot bit
wes sicna sort at henivveraet ataw an hedna duin
the monie feudal pouer wesnivveras strang i scotland sae
the tither the puir reivernivversein john afoir an wes
yet an aw some thingsnivverchynge politics ane o the
wir hundirs o you derenivverbeen dere mesell but i
tip to the best teachernivverendin oceans o paper meetins
eldrins the sweit smell onivverfeidin flouers wuid gar uz
the fume o buddleia simmernivverforyets ah once more the
didna weir it i dnivverhear the ern o t
roupin burd o paradyss wuidnivverhere o aqual richts we
news the twa o themnivverstopped spikkin as muggie got
the cless room a cuidnivverunnerstaun the logic o this
an irish lilt i michtnivverspikk the doric again back
s a bairn that snivvergainsaid ye re nae sae
days eence or twice henivvermade the timmer hoosie it
aw ae ou we cuidnivvergie owre an inlat ti
aye forleit hiz lumes annivverhed the tyme ti redd
sairie an socht ti apologeisenivverye mynd stir sayed the
a m clushit an crabbitnivverleet said auld santy i
speakin ordinary but we warnivveralloued tae uise thae same
cook a hennie this henivverate jist carved it up
nae butter says he llnivverpull the burds if he
the back end an henivvertellt me that shows ye
tae hae dem though younivverken whin a thing ll
job was so pleasant inivverlikit haein tae tramp e
an dochters mr reid whaenivvertuik his bonnet aff i
is mary jane she snivverflew n an airy plane
a bakin toaster an enivverkent e difference the diet
late 1940 s a venivverkent the rael connection atween
s toons eence here deynivvercould a left trist slaked
program their steady motion inivverthocht their power above me
getting personal jeez rab yenivverwash that simmit yir hygiene
jist a disaster there isnivvereneuch run on the reef
are you i thought younivverhad a bath f1107: you
foonded in a laand atnivversklent tinkin fae döin dat
douf is dull slow wittednivverin t is disregarded bubblin
sum concern or anither yinnivverherd ae coorse wurd ooten
you are the fleer wullnivverbe finished so fin you
very clumsy crabbit bad temperednivverleet never heed dee you
on the blak k nichtnivverthe les shae fand the

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