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naw ken noh a thingnoha punch a word a
heid oan pause naw kennoha thing noh a punch
music noh allowed naw nawnohallowed hur ower there ower
wants ti hear wicked musicnohallowed naw naw noh allowed
sayin it s noh wrongnohbad ti tell lees tell
steve sandy uncle sandy stewnohdeid noh in the coffin
thone bad spell yi hudnoheatin noh sleepin noh krista
noh gonnae leave he snohgonnae clean up he s
your wae jilly he snohgonnae leave he s noh
uncle sandy stew noh deidnohin the coffin steve back
sharp an clear mind pausenohjist that noh jist the
mind pause noh jist thatnohjist the pickturs smells an
hud noh eatin noh sleepinnohkrista awa wi yi bad
noh take um ah llnohlet thum take doll away
spell yi hud noh eatinnohsleepin noh krista awa wi
untie him stew ed thullnohtake um ah ll noh
the strong noh the weaknohthe sappy pause yur faithir
silence oo ur the strongnohthe weak noh the sappy
you sayin sayin it snohwrong noh bad ti tell
oan cammy dimpsy boy yurnohacceptin yur situation dimps he
yur knee cap steve pausenohbad magic stew hugs steve
seems different when yur backsnohbent ower they stents him
listen ti um if yurnohcomfortable then we ll take
yur disease in here yurnohcontaminating the cleaness in here
dad long silence bj yurnohfast enough she ll catch
an auld hag naw yurnohhermin mah sisters oany mair
her with it tess yurnohhurtin hur oany mair ya
your up ti laughs yurnohleavin here ever till yi
jilly naw pat ah mnohletting yi bring yur disease
used pause bit ah mnohlike yous dimps yur in
frightenin yi wi stew yurnohlistenin cammy nane o yis
forcing yi stae dimps yurnohoan a section dimps fuckin
face lee silence jilly yurnohstrong enough yit pat gittin
see ti that is thurnohtess silence della yur bein
what yur daein pat yurnohthat far gawn yi must
yase words ti tell thumnohyur fists lee bj let
lori spilt mah brew bitnohbi mistake pause pare pare
gonnae clean up he snohgonnae jilly he s mah
you dimpsy boy ah mnohin denial me an mah
what ti dae you renohmah faithir he s deid
mibi pause mah strength nawnohmah physical strength mah mental
hur ower there she snohmah real mithir berna swigs
steve mah man kin yinohsee wiv got mega shit
half bred loonys uh llnohsee yis in mah road
whaurs mah laddie he snohti be fund oanywhere zeb
test lee here that snohvery nice bj bj mah
mah son robby a hmnohyour son pause slaverin auld
thing naw ken it snoha thing a something rammin
di you say robby robbynohallowed naw naw punished bad
um packin ed naw yullnohcause he ll need me
robby aw aw naw nawnohfair auld man other side
oot pause naw that snohright makes it sound like
ti tell us we renohgonnae laugh if he dis
nae money lee hope yournohgonnae start aw that silly
us ok dimps he snohgonnae tell us where he
silence dimps fuckin hell yinohgonnae tell us where yi
gonnae lose pat try talkingnohhiting lee shouts what lies
needin another kist della dellanohaw fur me yours is
della s lung blood michtnohbe the only rid wi
sacrifical altar della did shenohgit that fi hur mother
him del della he snohgittin the siller pause what
hen s feathers tess wullnohhear yis singin della krista
here della hope he snohrun off again della awa
manny robby bit disnae henohtouch the brew della tess
did silence della promise yullnohupset um krista krista pleasure
krista truth comes fi richtnohwrong del della oo ve
yi della ah m paeinnohyin penny ti that wreath
look it that krista bonnynoha mark oan it krista
krista pause oanywae the sillersnohoors to gee awthin belongs
his leave krista wi bestnohsay oanythin he micht want
oan it krista ah mnohsurprised only allowed ti play
richt pause bit wid itnohbe better comin fi us
fuckin game is he snohdisappearin fi here kenin awthin
she cam fi a fermnohfar say s she an
oanythin kin jilly bj shenohlearn that fi you lee
fi there steve he llnohsee me pulls his coat
is a bloody boxing gymnoha hame jilly this is
time ah m a mannoha laddie then jilly opened
it ma lee ah venohgot aw night jilly telt
strong jilly why did yinohhelp him git strong silence
saddo brother pause ah mnohhinging aboot oany longer jilly
everythin pat bit she snohhuvin this points around jilly
jist great pat you renohlistenin jilly jilly how much
to pat holds him jillynohmind when yi first brought
ti us jilly it snohtoo late pat pause yiv
it s hur using younohbj pat thigithir you an
staes in hur corner ornohenter pat pat ah ve
claim ti the bairny robbynohwantin hur bairn ti be
wur yi feared o dadnohbein able ti retrain bein
yi feel warm an alivenohcauld an deid pause help
ah m a survivor fadednohdeveloped right bit yi kin
of herbs lori kin ahnohgee yi a hand tess
aside yi why did younohkill um stew cammy let
pause what fur will yinohplay the game true an
d be the cause lorinohsatisfied ti yi huv awbody
his issues quite well yinohthink si silence cammy an
yi ti watch the dollnohwatch him dimps bit he
think what stew means isnohwhat happened ti yi in
should be stew who snohthere steve sandy uncle sandy
perverted fuckin slime cammy annoha bit love ti be
untie thum ih cammy yivnohanswered mi stew yiv seen
guy is he comin ornohcammy what s wi the
dae his stuff if wurnohcomfortable then wi kin cammy
wi cammy mibi aye mibinohed s the main man
lifting some weights cammy meetingnoheven started an dimps is
laughs stew cammy you renohhelping cammy humour laughter best
scarf jist pretend ah mnohhere silence cammy some support
cammy oan the defensive dimpsnohlike you steve clings on
ih stevie boy steve yullnohsee mi movin forward cammy
stew s hand cammy yidnohsee stew s trustin smile
ih silence stew he snohtalking cammy what so who
doll dimps why did yisnohtell somebody cammy healin ur
a safe controlled enviorment cammynohthat long ago these waws
cammy hey stew man younohwantin ti ask um anything
wull dance robby ah llnohplay ower here too near
silly robby did auntie bernanohsay shid wrote ti um
micht want ti sneak awanohupset her ken robby aw
so who s talking stewnohed cannae be ed dimps
say something pretend ah mnohhere stew steve you dinnae
and stew dimps ah mnohhuvin a love affair wi
ve done stew dis thatnohmake a difference guy s
aboot bites his nails stewnohtelt um yit dimps aboot
bit o carin ih dimpsnohthe kind you git stew
wur drippin wi blood stevenoha drop ti be seen
in that steve ah mnohan image jist a great
bairns jist bairns seen bitnohheard scotty scotty steve hides
system system steve he snohyin o them them thit
be deid if he snohdeid then then ah um
guidance tess bit lori snohlong since hud a turn
shush noo lori uh llnohsettle silence zeb do you
s a bogey man ornoha bogey man tess reaches
down quilt duck down mindnohhen s feathers tess wull
as bile they wur tessnohsweet like the wild strawberry
leaves or blossoms tess whynohtell mi mithir you an
pat shut it bj yullnohfool me as easy as
ah m in shape bjnohjist physically bit mentally aw
bj aw ah want isnohwant need aw ah need
issues silence dimps we renohhidin anythin you ken aw
it mi dey feel threatenednohwi wee micky dimps it
wants ti come hame whynohjist come hame pat openein
long silence pat ah mnohlistenin ti your crap oanymair
be pat shouts it snohwhat ah want never wis
shawl here is gae scratchynohlike the yin ah hud
suffer did the bible itsellnohsay wi aw hud the
ground berna hope you renohgittin too settled there zeb
around berna berna thurs somethingnohricht here zeb widnae jist
pause leavin the grave snohallowed dinnae leave the grave
a gowk pause is ghostsnohay oan the move hauntin
pause a space that snohcontaminated wi musty cobwebs an
bairn bairn thit could benohricht an imbecile pause it
ur you fuck he snohleavin here till he tells
letter an wid a mithirnohwanti mind ur ain son
son it s a dollnoha bairn ed kin be
an ed bit you venohti watch me doll but
the only man ah dnohbe allowed ti show fear
never said nothing he snohsayin nuthin now he s
yin o us dis thatnohmean we should feel feel
son bit laughs wis itnohjist last week ah d
s the same is usnoha big bad man woooowooo
kens aboot me ah mnohashamed or guilty so what
an squeeze bit ah mnohdeveloped right ah m aw
promise ti pretend ah mnohhere they all lie down
dae that mithir ah mnohin fairy land aw that
kept protectin yursell ah mnohlike you ah m weak
image wis stronger the negativenohsi weak ah could stand
last torturous years did theynohtell us us here did
side tracked here should wenohbe stickin ti the therapy
diggin tatties says he snohcomin in ti this new
m awa up the hoosenohstaein here listenin ti this
sure did the auld mannohay say it s aw
us us here did theynohaye say the wicked shall
squiggly wriggly worms she llnoheven hear a whisper o
then fund oot he snohthere there where he should
door in the hoose docnoha door in the place
light tinkerin through squinty cracksnoha soddin door in the

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