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is nonsense good legislation addressesnonsenseand the bill does so
mainland driving licence that isnonsensegood legislation addresses nonsense and
nonsense what a lot ofnonsensehe said we have four
largely nonsense then it snonsensein something like scots one
s scots it s scotsnonsenseit s older scots nonsense
but if this is largelynonsensethen it s nonsense in
nonsense it s older scotsnonsensethere are elements in it
the coal and he saidnonsensewhat a lot of nonsense
sector seriously it is absolutenonsenseand naive to say that
health care that is absolutenonsenseas he well knows since
course that article was absolutenonsenseit was not true if
local authority that is absolutenonsensethat convener should have known
brian adam said was absolutenonsensethe endowment is to fund
fa tellt you that sillynonsensef1130: nobody f1129: nobody you
over for reform that isnonsenseat the heart of that
at the heart of thatnonsenseis a real misunderstanding of
the treatise the attraction ofnonsensepoetry it might be argued
to me at least ofnonsensepoetry it s like reading
me onie mair o yernonsensea v got aw thae
naethin but a piece ononsensea v nae time for
n harvest haiver v talknonsensehame n home hank v
came in on all thisnonsenseand me saying i want
people are saying this isnonsenseclearly if you are a
colleague and saying this isnonsensethis is ridiculous this simply
be pairt o ony sicnonsensei hae a wife man
wi ony mair o hisnonsensei ve money o my
she knew that single beddednonsenseit would have been sadie
stops irritated by sadie snonsensesadie grins at her carolanne
fuel pump or some sicnonsensebut i dinna ken it
man fa stood for naenonsensehe hid started awa as
checkin on ye baith naenonsensehe started to shut the
grat cry cried haiver talknonsenseramble on haiverins ramblings hogmanay
do have a lot ofnonsensein higher english though a
there s a lot ofnonsensethat s talked about with
things is a lot ofnonsensewhether the stuff in the
put a stop to thisnonsenseand start the process all
re bletherin a heap ononsensestop yer haivers m842: aye
west o nor west naenonsensewi beatin an tackin the
kind of scots from thenonsensepassage that we ve seen
nou nae mair o yeirnonsensethe queen tries to take
come awa noo lass naenonsensegot ye go a burly
sat quiet there was naenonsensewi corkie she kept the
and all that sort ofnonsensei hope to participate in
goodnight kisses or any soppynonsenseof that sort lizzie aye
stand convicted of dullness andnonsenselet him be done by
what are you drinking waternonsenselet s have some wine
i put up with hisnonsensebecause he said he was
dentist is and all thisnonsenseso she said well i
of the kind of policynonsensethat the snp has produced
ve been writing all thisnonsenseand thinking that your girl
at all saugh willow haversnonsensefand nocht found nothing founert
marathon running and all thatnonsensem608: yeah you did marathon
sorry about all that sewagenonsensemy dear chap but monday
jist a load o auldnonsensea don t want ma
t read it so thoroughlynonsenseye must want her tae
is annoyed bletherin is talkingnonsensebleezin is furious adeste hendecasyllabi
is a halfpenny havers meansnonsensecoorse is ill willed severe
care is complete and utternonsensedr simpson will the member
the interesting thing about thisnonsenseis that there s it
head like [laugh] this isnonsense[laugh] f1150: [laugh] i was
rules mr stone that isnonsensesarah boyack that is the
that respect however it isnonsensethat effective organisations should have
on local government that isnonsensethe deputy presiding officer i
are not it is anonsenseto call it the committee
would be imperilled it isnonsenseto suggest that people would
a reception frankly that isnonsensewe need to make a
m too old for thatnonsensem608: oh right m642: no
wame their heids fou ononsensean common hearsay that a
us a dottled wi yournonsensefit s the eese o
s he s full ononsensehim eh mm f606: mm
o every bit of [?]faustian[/?]nonsensethat the executive ivver pits
and haein f831: or speakinnonsenseoh oh it s aye
out on your do goodernonsenseoh stick you re his
print but it would benonsenseto make it an offence
their lugs or some suchnonsensenoo whit are ye for
reporting restrictions it would benonsensenot to go along with
s [inaudible] m818: [?]bourgeois[/?] nationalistnonsenseaye [laugh] m819: [inaudible] depends
s just it s justnonsenseactually in the in the
that s enough boasting liliannonsensei m proud of it
through f1049: so it snonsensem1048: yeah f1049: i saw
apt to say it wasnonsenseto eat when you weren
medicine an a she venturednonsenselass whisky s a cure
the film was excellent purenonsensewinningly and brilliantly executed i
tu a bhruidhinn air annonsensea tha sin m979:
forms a backwater of nononsensehomes with couthie balconies and
of these assets makes anonsenseof grants previously awarded to

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