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you an aw the millionsnooalive the mony that noo
clippin noo what s happenednoocanna get that tae work
f1113: what s the noonoodoing f1114: sook up t-
let s find the noonoof1113: finding the noo noo
up the mess f1114: noonoof1113: noo noo poor noo
f1114: there s the noonoof1113: there he goes he
f1113: noo noo poor noonoof1114: he s nae got
f1114: yes f1113: find noonoof1114: there s the noo
can you find the noonoof1114: yes f1113: find noo
noo alive the mony thatnoogrow an thrive is shairly
noo f1113: finding the noonoois that your favourite f1114:
stuck noo we re stucknoo[laugh] f606: [laugh] what m822:
it f643: aye m642: thenoolook at them the noo
[?]sook up[/?] f1113: is the noonoomakin a noise f1114: it
book [inhale] is that noonoomaking a noise [noise from toy] that
[inhale] f1113: what s thenoonoo doing f1114: sook up
f1114: let s find thenoonoo f1113: finding the noo
cleans up the mess f1114: noonoo f1113: noo noo poor
noo f1114: there s thenoonoo f1113: there he goes
noo f1113: noo noo poornoonoo f1114: he s nae
noo f1114: yes f1113: findnoonoo f1114: there s the
and can you find thenoonoo f1114: yes f1113: find
noo noo f1113: finding thenoonoo is that your favourite
noo [?]sook up[/?] f1113: is thenoonoo makin a noise f1114:
the book [inhale] is thatnoonoo making a noise [noise from toy]
mess f1114: noo noo f1113: noonoo poor noo noo f1114:
that f1114: it s thenoonoo [?]sook up[/?] f1113: is the
joined be his wife gracenoonoo stanley you hiv forgot
lead a tug an saidnoonoo towser that car his
warsslin tae reap the honoursnoonoo yer upwird an yer
f1114: noo noo f1113: noonoopoor noo noo f1114: he
scared agnes there noo therenooshe wisnae scared ae you
f1114: it s the noonoo[?]sook up[/?] f1113: is the noo
be his wife grace noonoostanley you hiv forgot tae
noo look at them thenootalk about a story look
she was scared agnes therenoothere noo she wisnae scared
a tug an said noonootowser that car his naething
[laugh] guess we re stucknoowe re stuck noo [laugh]
oh it s nae clippinnoowhat s happened noo canna
lee noo ye re awanooye re awa a ll
say tae them ye leenooye re awa noo ye
tae reap the honours noonooyer upwird an yer mobile
could get it oot bitnooa m jist a laughin
frost we are gettin jistnooa richt fine day wi
ma s nae hersel jistnooaathin ll seem better in
d spy es black thingsnooan aan nae ay jist
ye d jist tae stopnooan aan tae tap up
ye ll iver drap affnooan aan ye ll jist
it s jist a shoornooan again fae the north
affa fine an dry jistnooan again tae rain it
16 maistly dry bit jistnooan again thunner plumps o
i ll jist tak itnooan save dod comin back
trees are affa bonny jistnooas ey tak on their
as weel fer fed upnooat s jist foo i
meal that i hid jistnooaugust 1998 temp celsius rainfall
jist their faither s jokenooauld beliefs an customs wither
need ti hear jist furnoobe mah mithir enter robby
hisnae time tae stop jistnoobrakin in ere s sweat
busy wi the hairst jistnoocanna see him he s
it s jist broken doonnoodinna be daft hazel jist
angelica lo dod they grinnoodinna look i m jist
jist like minnie wis watchinnoodowpit doon on the hill
rain countryside looks bonny jistnoodrap o rain wull kill
wither we re gettin jistnoofermer taks in the second
syne jist fur bein jednoofifty twa year auld an
s a cartoon on jistnoofit wye maun i watch
na na she s finenoogeorgie i jist wondered pause
like a drop mysel butnoohe jist canna leave it
rainfall 3 16 wither jistnoohis ferrly went agley nae
bonny an fair wither jistnoohis yon feel o spring
forecast for the day jistnooi scrat my heid an
temp 3 13 wither jistnoois ferrly aff the reel
their sark sleeve wither jistnoois hard tae believe tuesday
idea you an me annooit s jist the last
are nae affa busy jistnooit wid be better if
squeeze a preen atween themnooit wis jist a mass
to dee chrissie nae jistnoojim we re busy jim
fit s es tae menoojist a wikk or so
fine at that s settlednoojist get up an open
jonsar it s your turnnoojist tak the first door
your mither s kitchen windaenoojist you behave yersel or
syrup f1107: no nae jistnoom1108: [inhale] is that a
cistern wi a muckle rushnooma budgie s jist a
an lichtnin sae affa brichtnoomither nature is jist fer
leg s nae sair jistnooneil we e ell if
i ll be oot jistnoooh bye the wye jonsar
are ma papers tae usnoooh i ll jist greet
i m jist catchin upnooon beuks i got aroon
s nae keepin well jistnooshe i mean she s
i ll dee that richtnooso jist gi e me
hingin fae it s talonsnoothat jist made their day
i gie you mair jistnoothe fleer winna be finished
4 15 rainfall 2 16noothis day is jist a
2 16 rainfall 2 16noothis day turns oot jist
is mair than busy jistnootryin tae saa some crap
s jist a cracker fermernooturns intae a hey maker
again gey middlin wither jistnoowe are haein tuesday 17
aye jist step richt innoowhit wis your besettin sin
lang tae say that jistnoowidnae be wrang weak is
rain in a wee whilienoowould abody jist forget aboot
ane to gie milk jistnooye ken ach weel i
a fresh cup o taynooyou jist hae anither piece
aw aw wid best startnooafore berna appears thone rantin
ilky day ower frozen meelsnooan aan e sin wid
jake appeared at the hoosenooan again bit jane wid
inta da weet saand iverynooan again mi cloo wid
decidit that wid dae furnooanen we did a great
oot wi scutterin aboot hensnooas douglas says that wid
the kintra o caledonia widnoocairry the same human genes
s aa gyaan sae weelnoodat wid a bön enoch
sat aside ye wid yenoofit if ye passed a
this oot tae larry akenoofit odds wid that mak
shite aye i wid ohnoofit wid that be mair
twa aulds lads the githernoofit wid that hae been
weekend an hae a looknoofoo wid that dee ronald
ere s sin sae brawnooi wid say it s
telt larry ake says ayenoojonsar you said you wid
dithery mood wid it rainnoomaybe it cood sin shines
weel sae far sae gödnoonormally a boady wid be
wid be quhar du isnooquhan du wis peerie a
gin she didna tell himnooshe niver wid kennin that
from the top as wellnoosome folk wid say ye
jonsar wid need laser treatmentnoothat s the wye jonsar
wye wid ye spell thatnoothere s a lot o
decibels tae deafen aa aroonnootho i wid hae tae
monday 5 temp 6 10noowid it rain or mebbe
10 20 rainfall 4 16noowid it rain or wid
ah could stand up rightnooyis wid aw see me
bye the hauf wye merknooanely twa hunner fit left
creep dod fit s adeenooangelica i kent i should
1982 an fit hae wenooas diane says the right
fit s es tae menooat s an upcome o
wis nae doot wi imnoobit fit it wis willie
tichtest buckie an fit happensnoobit that s an endin
tae be on anither planetnoodiv you understan fit wye
fit are ye on abootnoodod i ve got your
fae fit we wis seeinnooe wis at intent on
the crop is aal securenoofit aboot haadin the thanksgivin
to think she s winningnoofit aboot that mrs graham
mair than half an oornoofit can i dee tae
16 affa dull an greynoofit can i say some
mither singin an hauf kentnoofit it meant it s
aboot fame writ by percynoofit wis his name tourists
selt mebbe you can seenoofit wye he is mair
askin or you tell menoofor the last time fit
dee wi g i snooget on wi t fit
a helliva sair tae annooi ken fit esma s
an fit ll ye deenooi ll try e places
haun fit div i deenooi says tae mysel then
shop door starin at somethingnooi winner fit this is
wis unco sair at firstnooit s throbbin fit tae
fit its minions de annooit stalks the thoroughfares far
day fit was she deeinnoojim gestures in despair and
war ower in scotia thenooluikin at fit wis cad
they re on the carpetnoomissus kangaroo s pooch fit
bit i canna traivel farnooon fit jed ll show
down and runs off georgienoosee fit you ve done
thon secret dell fit bairnnooseeks the lilac buss an
fit o the hole wisnoostertin tae feel a wee
an fit i m writinnootee it s nae mowse
his hand ronnie fit likenooteenie ony better teenie i
to be ready for itnoothat s fit i ca
an asks fit s wrangnoothe judge wis in his
he gets something wrang likenoothis is nae fit i
on fit div you thinknoothis wifie wis affa pernickety
garrettie it s aa furnishednooa broken cup an saacer
prize abeen aa ma freedomnooa single mans s hoose
an affa sinny as weelnooaa at eence at ease
dicht awa the bluid therenooaa better richt as rain
worth ivery penny up untilnooaa that minnie hid kent
boddamers hanged the monkey ohnooaa the fowk fae peterheid
taen richt in coortit cossetitnooaa yer courtesies aa yer
iver anither thing ll cheengenooan aa the kitchie deem
lines aa e time annooan aan ye cd tak
open your peace be hersnooan at aa times sae
bed bi his last seeknessnooas ye ll aa ken
em fresh an sweet bitnooat ey ve aa got
an honest nae juist fornoobit aa the time so
wirk are ye aa richtnoobrian noddit his mither wis
oh it s getting wetnoo[censored: forename] the ground s aa
beds are aa the ragenood ye no ken she
shop at aa some fowknooe mail their eerins niver
ve done aa that onesnooehm what aboot left handed
twang i some doobt itnooes his me aa kittle
it m1096: [laugh] look looknoof1095: aye it s aa
m1110: muck s aa weetnoof1109: aye the muck s
is aa the puppies gonenoof1116: [inaudible] chute f1115: oh
covered in fluff an aanoofa did you get the
triumphantly he s aa minenooforiver an ay like it
icing aa ower your fingersnoohave ye f1126: i got
like aa oor fowk bitnoohe sat stent i the
sticky clart aa ower herselnooher verra hauns war reid
care an aa his trauchlenoohis wife wis nursin him
buyin aathing aa e samenooi m hame i wish
sayin it wis aa richtnooi spak aboot willie till
shoppie tae buy juice binooi wis eesed tae aa
lived dair aa his lifenooif aunee u d bairns
eence a gweed cairt tracknooit wis aa chokit up
tae the tradition an orchestranookent aa ower wi trips
the muck s aa weetnoom1110: muck s aa weet
the muck s aa weetnoom1110: muck s aa weet
aa things king o heivennoomay the kirk abeen in
and smothered in primroses butnooo coorse it s aa
aa the faimly i neednooshe maun gyang tae her
aa amplification switch t affnoothat s class an ye
the tamil tigers are peacefulnoothat strife is aa ahin
blinfaulds aff aa made horsemennoothe gaitherin treetled back tae
s a holy o holiesnoothe place whaur it aa
a hare an that evennoothey aa micht be eatin
f1104: it s got f1103: noowe hae to count aa
wi tho fur his thochtsnoowere aa fur scotlan aince
gyang forrit aa that remainednoowis fur jed tae gree
bit we re aa richtnooye ken we re aa
in the ships ye haenooa days yince awbodie wis
so on wisna at winnerfaenooa rale fairly it wis
steeped in history it wisnooaboot seven o clock at
jaloused that the airie wisnooaboot twa mile aff an
necks o e kye annooan aan quairt voices wis
wis leukin strecht at himnooan cam ower nearer thair
wifies girse jonsar wis retirednooan did the odd job
wis comin i da mirkninnooan he wantit tae be
wis up fur the kissinnooan she granny who d
thon fur she wis dentynooan sma boukit isie wis
grant ye wis gey flooerynooan then he d bin
wis near an endangerit speciesnooan yowes wis keepit in
an reesl up amung wisnooand agein but on d
nicht minnie wis auld eneuchnooat twal year auld tae
wis despair i ken thatnooaye sittin here talkin tae
doon on the main roadnoobit the main road wis
beauty wis eeseless nane wadnooboo tae the queen o
geordie kent he wis deidnoobut haud on whit wis
an it wis ay uphillnooe track wis a bittie
eez souter s shop thoughnooere wis a big crack
cloots till e waa annooere wis naebody tae dee
awa hine up it wisnoofifteen year since jamie the
oot an gaun awa binoogeordie wis haein a sair
i wis cryin her thenoohauf deid an donnert an
broon wis wance a hippynoohe runs the local chippy
aye he wis brave butnoohe s deid oor puir
wis a wimp no aforenoohe s green fur shair
he d ay bin ceptnoohe wis a boozed up
d say a richt coggienoohe wis a vampire an
fair enjoyed the picter annoohe wis comin oot the
fowk movin aboot jonsar wisnoohearin aboot the richts an
ken he wis a rookienoohis airm is stuck in
neil wis ower the meennoohis life wis complete his
it wis a friday nichtnoohis nib s usual wis
quarrytowers wis a listit bigginnoohistoric an brian s hame
da aetmael puddin weel benoohit wis comin i da
worthy o the speecial celebrationnooi canna believe it wis
curled up amin the mealnooi wis hungry an forced
stalk ma hero disraeli binooi wis richt hooked obsessed
fur her vaccinations afore datnooif der wis wan warnin
every penny wis a prisonernooif muggie spend hid a
twa or three days observationnooin the ward there wis
education than cud the schulenooin this he wis wrang
heaven and hell it wisnooinno the year 3000 hale
knox fa wis alive bitnoois deid winnlestrae from ecclesiastes
them back in their boxesnooit wis ootside tae ckeck
showed jake the reed cardnoojake monie wis haein neen
said on the t vnoojonsar eck kent he wis
joe sangster wis fifty threenooluikin mair like seeventy still
wis a wee bittie loodernoomair liker the soond o
winnie wis wi bairn binoonear echt month gone ane
o the sky it wisnoonine o clock in the
s name wis cain swornnooniver tae reveal their mysteries
that wis left tae hernooo her faither matthew minnie
aside turra e s deidnoopeer breet an willie wis
ken far your money isnoosent aff hardie tackle wis
them it wis turnin cauldnooshe d need tae takk
years she wis their neebornooshe s deid they say
big bessie wis a beezernooshe s heidless in the
wis true he s ganenoosorra kythes frae bliss rose
braw ice cream far neistnoospeired mither fa wis near
wis quate as a moosenoostruck dumb bi the verra
it wis his paitriotic dutynootae dae whit he wis
buits it wis ower latenootae tell her ma that
wis lost missus chatterbox wisnootellin jonsar a a aboot
wis gaun tae be finenoothat dr henderson hid cried
his peers war wirkin annoothat his faither wis deed
wis fairly giein it laldienoothat she hid gotten hersel
be spent in a jiffynoothat wisnae sair wis it
unless it wis hairst likenoothe binder wheeched the legs
he niver catches them binoothe care wirkers wis spreidin
gaun tae be gruwin flooersnoothe crowd that wis stannin
boddamers hanged the monkey ohnoothe funeral wis a gran
as a resource fur skweelsnoothe kist wis fower year
shooders an said naething naethingnoothe little wifie wis fer
crap for cuttin it wisnoothe month o october an
his bleed began tae bilenoothe news wis a a
organ transplantation wis big businessnoothe tests war inno three
there in the room annoothere wis anely ane for
the end o his tethernoothere wis nae reasonin wi
life ti yit another lassienoothis dauchter wis shunned wi
nae releegious as ye kennoothis wis a blaik lee
foo wi fowk an carsnoothis wis gettin serious if
an click o the bindernootho the binder wis quate
car sae it is bitnootib wis sattled in harness
i see een it wisnootwa thoosan an three an
jock wis mair easy likenoowe d spoken we didna
wis dumfoonered as to saynoowhaur s it gone geraff
the wey it wis thenoowi awbody juist uisin thair
mankind wis lost withoot machinesnoowilly o da wart wis
that wis her faith annoowis fairly the time tae
wis keepit in zoos naebodynoowis happit in oo nur
support dat whit shö needednoowis some shetland wirds tae
better or wirse jenny thochtnoowis the time tae tell
that hole well that holenoowisnae a hole it wis
but it wis ower latenooye r leukin a wee
wis able tae face thaimnooyets anyhows eventually he waulked
breeze that we dinna getnooan again a midge or
comforting gladys roughly dinna greetnoobessie you dinna want tae
man said cum doo innoobuee i dinna kein aboot
never complained sae dinna interferenoobut he couldna help himsel
on that you dinna understandnoodinna get me wrang ronnie
oot the jar o honeynoodinna leet dab tae a
dinna gladys ye div peggynoodinna start you two bessie
o it a thegether peggynoodinna sulk ma we re
[inaudible] dinna pull it overnoodo you think [censored: forename] f1118:
but farr s your ainnoof1104: dinna ken i m
your hair dinna pull thatnoofitt one s the prettiest
no i dinna like sheltiesnoohe stated firmly an i
i dinna ken fa anooi ve aye been fine
moanin an groanin he saidnoojonsar dinna tell your mither
geed on at younger fowknooken naething aboot things dinna
with a scream dinna younoolass me sandy pullar ye
eggs till e merchant snoomind dinna sell em unless
stroking her hair dinna greetnoomorag was able to stop
dae you want to donoonow leave that dinna touch
you dinna need that justnooright here s another one
dinna open it oot justnoothough stand up a wee
ither littlins dinna hae mebbenoowe ll get wir fly
had nae faus pride isnooa gratefu maister s bride
och whit can a daenooa ve got nae reindeer
div rise nae mair rainnooat s a surprise day
bit step o the sinnooat s nae fine friday
div rise dry an quaitnooat s nae ony surprise
that there s nae roadnooatween schoolhill and the rest
m nae playing with younoobecause you re being bad
s nae the same placenoobit the echoes remain shop
do nae touch them justnoocause they re very hot
the [?]mappie[/?] f1113: nae justnoocause we re readin okay
f1100: there s nae roomnoof1099: yeah but there will
they got nae mair smokenoof1101: [inaudible] into the car
[censored: forename] s f1101: nae thenoof1102: can we go when
can i take this offnoof1103: no nae just now
king on f1103: nae thenoof1104: why f1103: [censored: forename] must
a [?]moppie[/?] f1113: nae justnoof1114: please mum i- i
i nae plays the tunenoof1127: aye but it s
nae putting on music justnoof1130: um f1129: okay that
put on my things rightnoof1139: no you better nae
was real excitin nae likenoofan you can hardly tell
watter nae idder as datnoohe couldna it an
blessin fermer s flat ootnoohe s nae messin tuesday
nae bendin o the backnoohe stood stracht up an
in the shop nae bloodnoohoo d she git thon
lightenin looks nae thunder listensnooi ll just ignore it
maist fushionless o a butnooi m nae sae sure
i wear size tens ananooif that s nae sportmanship
efficiently summoned assistance come awanoolass nae nonsense got ye
you nae playin wi themnoolike f1142: eh aye no
or timbuctu nae second comingnoolisten dad a cannae gang
it dis bide fair treesnoolose their simmer sheen nae
down f1089: no nae justnoom1090: why not f1089: cause
now nae soaking the flairnoom1106: sorry f1105: okay m1106:
i m nae that thirstynoomistress says i luikin at
known as feerich come onnoonae eese for haddin sic
be comin tae pass naenoonae iver matty bruce hid
wi nae bairn left tonoonae mair argie bargie i
brocht it on himsel praynoonae mair o thae attacks
a glass at s itnoonae ower muckle eh i
the hale warld i seenoonae the lan s tyranny
telt her the big prayernoonae the little een though
the wye the warl worksnoonae trust or nithin is
the street roarin an laughinnooned this is nae a
re nae eating it justnoono number two no number
fur they war nae betternoonur wud breets neither tae
the kirk three days fraenooon tuesday neist bit nae
ll be hyne awa bynoorobert it s nae oor
there s nae pint naenooronnie maybe you re richt
their simmer sheen nae langernoothe forty shades o green
whirlin roon the cranks butnoothe handlebars nae mair will
maws oot the wey butnoothe r nae fishin boats
the front room nae bothernoothe younger loon was the
are nae dout very wickednoothen i ll go to
for upstairs sadie nae bletherinnoothere s work to be
nae blowing up things thenootill i get you dressed
nae ootlook or onything whereasnoowe f960: uh huh no
it s nae bad justnoowill we take doon the
yer nae on the fermnooye maun learn tae behave
re nae gettin them thenooyou can get them when
re nae gettin any thenooyou can hae them for
action cam till an eynnooyou i m nae needin
you canna eat them thenooyou ll be nae well
no no [censored: forename] nae justnooyou ve to wait till
juist the richt monosyllabic reponenooan again sae that beenie
richt fine atween the shoorsnooan en sunday 22th temp
s glory richt bonny daynooat s the story thursday
fingers get oot the roadnoobut it s richt in
be richt vext come oannooeve it s your bite
it isnae richt a cannaenoogie bairns a fricht a
idaia whae awn s thumnoogin a mynd richt afore
i widna richt say tnooi d a dream at
up wi my feelings thenoooh you had every richt
maks fir wark sae easynooricht guid it feels auch
the story richt here richtnootess kin wi pit laughin
m needin a cure richtnoothere s peely wally fowk
saturday 21 temp 6 14noothis day turns oot richt
iver got tae onythin twisnoo2046 an brian hid gotten
uncle fried tae fuck andnooa bridegroom deid he s
sprayin kills the knott girsenooa days jonsar thocht tae
sin tae ask a questionnooa m auld but a
tae clear the mune bitnooa m startin tae descend
tell him whit tae daenooadam man she s tellt
cherubim tae jeer an scoffnooadam you an eve be
ye ve probably gaithered bynooah want tae ken aboot
it hid tae get muckitnooan aan for ey d
an lowp up an doonnooan aan tae haad yer
a doo ower tae francenooan again bit the damn
seem tae lift ata annooan again ere s a
went wi a travilin mullnooan again it belanged tae
on the road tae worknooan again on the same
nicht tam chappin his fingersnooan again ronald began tae
an did the odd jobnooan again tae keep himsel
tae gaun on strike ilkanooan agane an wi maist
thing tae jell bit criticsnooan efter will admit tae
ve money o my ainnooan he ll have tae
she sen me ma mistressnooan she hersel come tae
burn his loosin the heidnooan startin tae girn as
the bikin an the smokinnooare dune tae look for
m no gaun tae chyngenooas for masel it wisna
be in the first placenooas tae the expense o
me tae i kin drivenooaskin questions ensaumple 11 kin
wha are you the lassienoobegan tae greet an kneelin
tuik harns tae dae cudnoobi daen bi plasma screen
than is tae haund thenoobibliography o resources speirt at
early days is lang seennoobit naebody can fail tae
a cannae be bothered thenoobit ye ll hae tae
maitter the day chaptir fowernooboaz had gaen up tae
yer ower auld fur bosiesnoobosies lead tae ither things
the mood tae versify thenoobut muse ma future s
in scotland i will finishnooby askin ye tae consider
eence agien tae coll whanoocould clap a horse tae
rainfall 1 16 country sidenoodis begin tae dreep warm
twa syne sattlet doon againnooe swarm cam tae life
na na i m herenooere s naething else tae
good s that tae menoof826: that s true yeah
bit tae dae wi itnoof960: oh yes uh huh
chemist tae get his drapsnoofa shood be in the
the lassie s bonnie curlsnoofell tae strakin her heid
tae dry tae brak innoofermer micht try march saturday
in tae see the doctornoofin he went intae the
wine an plenishin s preparednoofowk fa sikk tae pree
kanchanaburi s green an quatenoofyew are left tae greet
am a gaun tae daenoogeordie speirt weel if it
are ye humans up taenooget on yer knees a
a cannae be bothered thenoohae ye seen tae oor
tae dae wi my timenoohave i peggy oh loretta
lede intil gowd whatna ploynoohe ettles tae flee frae
lede intil gowd whatna ploynoohe ettles tae flee frae
tae lose the heid butnoohe has ah m feart
merriet tae a fisherman loonnoohe hidna muckle siller an
bairnies ll be broken heartednoohearken tae santa said prancer
thae nicatine patches tae annooher sister sadie says she
thocht himsel fair the mannoohurlin oot an in tae
mind him at aw actuallynooi come tae think of
ontae the littlin s prayernooi lay me doon tae
o the littlin s prayernooi lay me doon tae
back in her chair tirednooi m gan tae ha
m952: weel i m retirednooi used tae work in
meant tae dae wi hernooif you were a surgeon
new rochled up tae drynooilkie leaf on ilkie bough
vows till een anither saenooit faa s tae me
ll come tae his sensesnooit s a wonder there
a cannae be bothered thenooit s hame tae ma
at quarter tae fower annooit s near haun twenty
fleein burd tae grun yenooit s sae absurd tae
savour yon hours ye hadnooit s time tae throttle
tae empty fifies o mankindnooither rituals through it aw
took da rodd tae lundnoojeemie maunson s wirk o
england tae which we arenoojoined except tae say that
oot jonsar didnae hae eennoojonsar eck didnae like tae
ye git tae eat thenoojuist you think yersel braw
mean there are warnins thenoojust tae if ye see
roon an spends his timenookeekin doon tae see that
windae an said come onnoolet us dee justice tae
a speugie tae be seennoolisten men tae whit we
what else to do agnesnoolook ye taen mine tae
still he s fixed upnooloretta followed the fish tae
we goin awa tae daenoom1132: make the tea f1131:
be allowed tae do thatnoom642: oh aye now see
ye ll tae ca cannienoominnie an bide awa frae
supposed tae be grown upnoominnie d bin pit tae
us a a tae seenoomither nature at last dis
tae a paki haw hawnoomurray said his wife smiling
cam tae bethlehem chaptir twanoonaomi had a kinsman on
watch listen tae the radionoono f606: mm f826: mm
cuts throo tae the beennooo is day i m
muckle research in scotland thenooon attitudes tae different leids
cathedral pilgrim s wish isnoooors tae share retiral sae
preened tae the door therenooquo he they ll niver
hinmaist team o javans warnooready tae gie ower their
her head afraid sadie greatnoos the time tae be
tae fill the form ootnoosadie you goat a zip
away if ye were mairritnooshe d have tae bide
aff wi out a wordnooshe only needs tae start
tae dance at molly snooshe s gone tae join
he hud his pairty cairdnooso he cuid gae tae
tae dae that stop itnoostop it peggy she takes
seek back again get movinnootae back ma word an
we speir that same blissinnootae be on [censored: forename] an
the well a m readynootae hae a shot at
you enjoy this burned offerinnootae mak metters worse timmer
afore the druids are subjectnootae noxious fluids gie ower
i m gan roon therenootae see if they ve
great man o modest bearinnootae tidy up an antrin
d near tae seek permeesionnootae veesit steenhive let alane
he s taen a scunnernootae weeds forgettin their nutritious
the weeds a m stoppinnootae wipe ma broo aw
the worry tae see bitnooteenie d shared it the
the worry tae see bitnooteenie d shared it the
frae skreigh o day tillnoothan boaz said tae ruth
back tae the auld spikknoothat his dreams war forgotten
dae naethin tae ma fleshnoothat i canna thole aw
tae joy in livin ellennoothat ye re awa weel
yersel frae a beer matnoothe best wye tae owercam
in ither heavy ingineerin warknoothe men wisnae sweir tae
hame wi his slave annoothe slave has decided tae
wauked tae class sae bignoothe teacher could hardly win
wauked tae class sae bignoothe teacher could hardly win
maks the verges neat bitnoothere s naethin there tae
gloamin fa or efter derknoothere s the tid tae
f637: mmhm f638: aboot itnoothey wouldnae allow ye tae
tuesday 24 temp 0 5noothis day turns oot tae
bessie you wouldna think itnoothough would you tae look
by ye for ready remindersnooup tae date tae feenish
ye huv tae come oannooup tae yer bed sadie
her broon quines manned perfumednoowad mark antony boo tae
mair nor weeds a glimpsenoowad ye like tae snatch
re startin tae fancy thingsnoowe never had grass here
smarten him up still furthernoowe re gaun tae veesit
hae tae gie them upnoowhen a m pechin up
it i ll have taenoowhit happened i don t
flooers that gaed wi itnooye hid tae pruive there
his neive an skinned itnooye maun gyang tae the
langsyne bit ye maun kennooye need tae ken fur
twa oot pops the sinnooan again ana september monday
d be aboot thirty fivenooan haudin doon twa jobs
s stoppit smokin twa monthnooan niver hid a draw
ye can see yer faithernooaunt mysie telt the twa
aboot twa maybe three bynooeh and the ye know
s bin ower twa yearnooif twis a beast by
10 15 dry or rainnooit s atween the twa
s got hersel twa mothersnooronnie earnestly na na chrissie
tasted cherries berna auld gerdanooshe hud twa cherry trees
chaumer there war twa roadsnooshe micht takk up by
the twa o them werenoosittin sippin coffee an a
schuil monie a year synenoothat a aye haed twa
seen the twa horse stopnoothe horse got a yark
ony idea replies alexander holmesnoothe twa o em hid
twa three year fur thenoothey baad in the hen
he ll be alang thenootwa lassie s daunder doon
a yon pies come faenootwa or three fowk heard
f1103: well he is justnooaye f1104: he was squashing
she s cleaned it upnoobleed f1103: is she going
mum can i hae [?]that two[/?]noocan i hae that f1103:
can i take this offnoo[child noises] f1103: we ll mak
can we take this offnoof1103: after we mak the
m singing the pony ainnoof1103: come on then mak
can i take this offnoof1103: er another five minuties
see go and feel itnoof1104: aye f1103: these all
are we gaun to maknoof1104: belle f1103: belle and
do you want to maknoof1104: erm cinderella f1103: [inaudible]
fa you gaun to maknoof1104: erm erm belle f1103:
there we go [inaudible] hailstanesnoof1104: [inaudible] f1103: i th-
ll brak this ain upnoof1104: mmhm f1103: put it
ll mak the ither ainnoof1104: yeah f1103: will we
we go aye f1104: cinderellanoofarr s cinderella f1103: still
gaun to dae this ainnooi m gonna do f1103:
mum it s sleeping timenooisn t he f1103: aye
f1103: oh he s awanooit s far far away
mum i want this offnoomum f1103: just leave it
we gaun to do thisnoomummy f1103: we are f1104:
on yer airm cuid daenooa days ar you listenin
servin lass ruth quo shenoohap yer cloak owre yer
a cannae be bothered thenoohere look john yer breeks
that s 50p the farenoohere s yer ticket tak
the lap o airms laynooif yer parents hid a
get awa wi sic wyesnooit did yer hairt gweed
furst yer mither then bethnooit s yersell whit herm
public get in the carnoomatty you tee minnie yer
t that s ye bluidednooquo he yer first kill
ferlies yer a big quinenoosister ye winna be needin
the recipe at the backnoothat s foo yer mither
peter s shurt says shenoowad ye shut yer gub
ye re a grown loonnooye ken yer ain mind
yer sun an moon bitnooye re gane an och
that rules on high saysnooye ve had yer warnin
s aw right calm doonnooyer mum kin look efter
sultry inside i canna bidenooan again a licht shoor
sodjer the war trauchled onnooan again a neebor wad
i hae a redd upnooan again an clear oot
in body withoot a hannooan again aye fin ye
been troublin ye again gladysnooan again aye specially at
fair en the day brichtensnooan again bit taewards nicht
a fresh feel wi rainnooan again clears up later
4 8 rainfall 5 16nooan again ere s a
sooth win dis blaw everynooan again ere s a
mornin gie mysel a shaknooan again fine day taewards
set doon afore him everynooan again he smiled an
didnae aye work an ilkanooan again he wad git
as weel spit o rainnooan again i div feel
still strong gusts o winnooan again monday 26 temp
rain maistly dry wi rainnooan again monday 5 temp
16 drizzle in the morninnooan again sultry midges bitin
oot affa roch an rawnooan again there is a
ve aw hin pairties everynooan again there s anither
affa close wipe the broonooan again wednesday 19 temp
year we d a laughnooand again whit are you
broken doon again is itnooi m at my supper
him and his two brutesnoolass pullar said again but
sign fitt sign s thatnoopoint again show mam again
e tug o war steadynoosaid brookie haive haive again
first i canna believe itnooshe sobs again these are
aye thegither in life annoothey re thegither again in
a ve dune eneuch furnooa ll creep aneath this
an whit wull god daenooa wunner fur here he
fur her lungs war sairnooan she focht fur win
d huv shut up bynoocannae go oot fur five
fur his nutritional needs naebodynooett auld farrand food onless
bridge berna aye yull paenoofur aw yur badness zeb
job fur gawn oan strikenoohe rides a shoogly bike
ta rive mi sowl furnooi canna be his wife
can she fin fur aathinnoois secunt haun her days
a ham shank fur daysnoojock dow the grieve hid
haun oot trusty feres furnooma prattle s ootcome nears
cannae get oot o herenooochone fur the windae inventor
faws quate fur yeese herenoosunlicht skirls rain diddles the
apö paes egg tak carenootak twartree mair fur da
made horsemen ay replied isienoowheesht fur the love o
felt the need fur matenoowhen he waukens he wull
grand green gairden fur thenooye re the heid gairdner
bide awa frae loons furnooye ve gotten the curse
treetled doon the braes isnooa roarin linn wi ragin
rush if i get awanoobessie are ye gan doon
fleein prey frae cloudy laiddersnooclimms doon each starnie in
immemor atque unanimis false sodalibusnooeppie ye ve lat doon
aye it s mashed doonnoof1118: look f1117: i was
lass bonnie lass wheeshtie wheeshtienoohe said smeethin doon tib
an warm writer s blocknoohere a am set doon
dey trotted doon da daalnoohit wisna lang afore da
weel doon in the dumpsnooi div feel sometimes it
their jeel cauld hans doonnooin the holie o the
ma aith by the lordnooligg doon till daydaw sae
she s doon there pausenoolook ower yonder him the
doon in true tradition lorinootess tell us yin o
dowpit doon at the founnoothe first yin s face
i doon ma pen thenoothe time will cam fin
in f643: mmhm m642: fifenoowe come doon fae perth
aff doon the front thenooyou leave ma tina oot
there s plenty mair saenooa ve tellt ye whit
o laiverocks in e airnooan aan sae thick ye
sae on e fairm annooan aan ye get em
act sae meanly come onnoobe mair eco freenly oor
no sae buddered aboot itnoobut i i hev a
let alane a heidsteen saenooi ain a braw granite
earthly mate it s gloaminnoosae a believe a fittin
are oot an for enoosae am i i aye
is weel socht efter abootnoosae fowk can send thaim
at these games that arenoosae rare i have given
burns couldna bide awa langnoosae the final fleerish wig
the auld blin man annooshe s a wife sae
braw wi daffodils the liliesnoothat shone sae bricht in
the book sae help yerselnoothis ane here is ready
in the hichts m saenoowe mind on him as
dhabi bit fae fer freensnooa hear tell ye re
bit thanks for the memoriesnooaginst ma better judgment i
needs a bit o revitalisationnooan aan bit i m
months i d see jocknooan aan bit we spak
brocht up in australia bitnoobides in fearn in easter
s grown up an awanoobit a file back e
s gaan deen a bittienoobit it s heen its
donnert auld body she isnoobit ma big strong mammy
barbit wire i m tetherednoobit sweet s the hire
skelp fae ma faither bitnoocam e skweel an i
day warm bit affa greynooere s a spit or
a wee bit weary benoofor i d come a
tak direction bit loo menoofor my scant hair an
brocht up neesht door bitnoohis a flat o eez
aince in the glaur bitnooi m on the up
a bit of the lorrynoolook there it goes m1096:
cudna hairst the berry bitnoolove loves you an me
all a bit kinky agnesnoooneyroads carolanne would you really
krista aye bit hear umnoorobby learned that trait gae
you ll go break itnoosee cause that bit s
water s a bit dirtynooso i think we ll
bits at different places bitnoot i think aboot it
disraeli nur even gladstone bitnoothat i ve said ta
ain yestreen ah miss himnoothat mate o mine bit
angelica like coupons dod ahnoothat s a bit different
thrall foriver an aye bitnoothe spell hid wirked an
o an meikleburgh spring bitnoothe waves turned rocher an
breck the cycle ed bitnoothey three ken aw thin
put on the quilt covernoothis is the tricky bit
and boiled in soup bitnoowe ll finish aff wi
think oh i get younoowee bit hotter than rosstown
eftir seein the usa weelnooye can min bit ye
bit mutton take that stuffnooyou ll need medication cos
an aal cover ower emnooan aan ye d start
the hay all ower himnooand they ve stuck to
em it gree wi minooat ers ower mony moos
grant there s plenty herenoodinnae worry ower that hive
bairn an was ower busynoofor worryin her heid aboot
or fechtin ower a crustnoois it in the watter
hunner ear seen ir mairnooower plooin o e aal
can be ower to sarahnooshe s coming up next
had it on bilin owernoothis is a simple an
fi ower the hill pausenoowhen della needs an infusion
come ower here she criednoowhit s the maitter he
oan mah bairny thur awanoocannae herm yi oany mair
a chynge wi fowk thenooeh certainly there re mair
mair shite ye damn feelnooget oot o my wye
than dizzen dozen apö uponnoonow twartree a few mair
sultry an heavy as weelnoooor be oor mair wabbit
years or mair haud onnooquo chae i heard somethin
mair than 50 year butnoothat we re there i
do you want to playnoowill we mak mair jigsaws
o things for a fylenooan thocht i ll awa
a mart is farrer awanoofae e memory o maist
try some neest year myselnooi ll awa back an
aye wither o some kindnooi ll awa hame see
awa fae that dod dodnooif i just took a
set aboot lichtin the firenooas seen as he pit
aboot in simmer attire withernoodis gang hay wire monday
baised and dairfur unequal societynoodt i m spent aboot
traces o ruthrieston aboot itnooeventually he says and you
right is it aboot finishednoof1126: nope f1125: still putting
that s aboot sixteen yearnoof643: but ye hivnae done
i suppose aboot fifteen yearnooit- it s in park
somethin derker creepit in abootnooits shaddas sat in the
it wi a flat reefnooonybody that kens onything aboot
proper think aboot it rightnoooot there some unsuspectin guy
warned ye aboot them aforenoosir there were a few
aboot their growin up evennoothat they re sixteen i
fash yersel aboot that thenoothe r somethin else a
efter aboot sax weeks annoothey wadna hae it onie
pens you re on abootnoothis pens that ains what
s dae the back windaenooah f1109: want to take
kin ah canna dae itnooin yon auld days when
an whit ll we daenoojean an i keep tellin
going to dae with themnoom1096: wait find f1095: what
s dae the back windaenoookay okay let s dae
dinnae dae dinnae dae thatnoowould ye ye d ye
you go that s itnoof1114: but i want to
ve got it here justnoof1114: i need it i
are stop your tunie justnoof1114: [music from toy] f1113: go and
leave it on there justnooit s okay f1114: [child noises]
they are pairt spittle onlynooa ken it whit did
aff it s three wikksnooas ye ken jock the
maun ken the road ootnoobi hairt faith they say
tup a ken the diffrencenoobut still a gied the
i i dinnae ken itnoobut that s years ago
och you never ken nothingnoof1130: [inaudible] f1129: did you
of excuse for me marthanoojack you should ken hoo
oan oor ain here thenooothers dey need ti ken
aw ma life said inoorobin fine ye ken a
hear it for i kennoothat if bauldy s hert
chairge o 20 per wirdnoowe aw ken that ye
oh i dunna really kennoowhit my routine is going
thin ken everythin wi didnoowi huv ti be feared
gey licht comes oot finenooat s a welcome sicht
can you help me ootnoof1101: climb over oh [inaudible]
that smuggled oot a filenoohe s gone an got
oot an fixed the faultnoohe said that s your
oot like a silver bellnooif ye seek a poet
aas oot throo de countrynoo[laugh] f961: oh yes [laugh]
here fitt s oot herenoom1110: no rain f1109: no
denty chassis oot upon hernooniver trust a lassie love
an oot wi it quicknooor mebbe a ll burst
oot o fashion leirit fowknoopynt oot the psychological skaith
laft jock dow sang ootnoothat ye hae the wird
that s faur eneugh ootnoowe ll stan the whilie
we skelpit sooth bi eastnoowi da beltin oot if
dress trailin oot ahint hernooye micht think that this
re on oor last onenooactually ooh f1023: so i
we re getting some weynooaren t we f1104: erm
bookie you re getting sleepynooaren t you look at
star ye re weel eneuchnooas ye are adam at
moo i saw you justnoodidn t i you re
weel an cries her honeynooeach nicht they re drinking
re going to go hamenoof1102: so naebody gets in
dogs oh they re bignoof1116: [inaudible] and then they
busman s banter come oannoogin ye re gettin oan
wildly round the flowers sadienooif ye re gaunnae greet
age pension we re stucknooin a jam it s
we re on a rollnoojimmy erm what else lacking
re gaun the right waynoolook look m1098: [exhale] f1097:
you re dripping watch themnoolook you re dropping them
for we re the fifersnoom608: aye but you you
re no fir off thenoono but it won t
me f960: dey re gonenooso f961: sister and her
wee beastie you re 14nooso you canna expect much
you re a dab handnootell me this fa dis
denner that ye re wantinnoothat ah ve looked ye
re fyow an far atweennoothe fireplace could be at
war still thinkin in scotsnoothey re no croose an
re fine wantin ain thenoothey re warm mm m1096:
rowan abeen the windae therenoowe re safe eneuch an
motorbike john f637: aye f638: noowe re talkin years ago
much stick left in themnoowell they re on there
ma fair wee babby thoughnooye re no a babby
re too big for itnooye see m1128: aye i
crashed oh i seen younooyou re gaun the wrong
a doin aff davie murdochnooyou re really takin the
ll serve the foreigners fraenooan on instead o what
a ll tak some haggisnooan then but haggis niver
ll say ta ta fornooand later when i ve
he ll be here thenooand send you raggle taggle
ll say ta ta fornooand we will have a
we ll just mak bellenoocause that s here then
think leave it on justnoo[censored: forename] and i ll take
to play wi a toynoof1101: oh we ll need
are we gonna go onnoof1101: we ll need to
want to do my bakingnoof1121: right okay we ll
sum o wha a llnoohae a look at afoar
ll say ta ta fornoohoping to see you both
m going the right waynooi didna [inaudible] i ll
there s two o snooi ll help you wi
you ll break it justnooif you force it in
yes i ll stop therenoojohn m608: [inaudible] m642: an
solomon the auld man shushnoolori uh ll noh settle
7 10 rainfall 4 16nooo is day i ll
and we ll see betternoookay let s hae a
that s on your jumpernooright and then we ll
i ll be back thenooshe exits sadie he s
a cannae be bothered thenoothe morn a ll redd
wha ll keep us lauchinnoothrough the lang winter nichts
they ll no move hernootill the morra if they
for you georgie hiv yenooto audience it ll be
go up just goes opennoowait an i ll open
she ll no be backnoowant wan carolanne no thanks
leer garlic i tell himnoowe ll see if biff
troosers [inaudible] [inaudible] right younooyou ll get to [inaudible]
we goin to build blocksnoohere we go f1113: let
f1113: here s another ladynoothe man look there he
missin ye somethin sair thenooa cannae tak it in
ye felt ma love respondnooalane whit lies afore me
an ye got e cloakernooan aan at widna meeve
naebody peyed attention till emnooan aan ye d get
ye ve got the knowledgenoobut this is aw that
see but you can floatnoocan t ye cause you
are ye sorry for snoocan ye feel e dark
gey shoogly whaur ye fellnoodinnae say ye ve hurt
john d ye hear thatnoof643: ye ve got paint
taste f1121: are ye [laugh]noofitt div ye think does
true ye cud growe kidneysnoofrae a body s ain
div ye think o thatnoogeorgie unenthusiastically very nice dod
steamboats stinkin she wiz spittingnoogie us peace or ye
like ye div nt yenoohe s a big brosie
a cannae be bothered thenoohere john can ye no
ye can take it offnoom1108: fitt s that fitt
have ye a lad justnoom999: a lad that s
ye d a twigged binooman ah ve been savin
a cannae be bothered thenoooh john did ye pey
that often f1001: mmhm m999: nooreally foonert but but ye
thae hover flees an ladybirdsnooshairly ye can grant a
thae bastards better than ivernoosmooth as ye like an
ye had a guid doonsettinnoothair is our kinsman boaz
chair minnie up ye gonoothat s it cannie an
will if ye tell menoothat ye saw major weir
perr o yours that matchednoowad ye pit a soak
lugs or some such nonsensenoowhit are ye for god
hoose was that like butnooye never hear that like
in ma no a thinknooye ve got it at
to the cab and askednooye widna hae onything ablow
micht hae a wee scratchnooan then a m no
gonna hae a lang lienoof1104: yes yeah yeah yeah
fa will pye the pipernoofyvie castle castles hae secrets
hae a chance bruce ayenoohe s got his lance
giftie it is fower daysnooi hae prayed in her
like sodjers aff the leashnoosupermerket chynes hae found their
in ports north or soothnoothe lassies hae unreal smiles
aye her ain are bignooages wi your gordon the
then in compear wi thenooas bairns they stertit tryin
be deein wi a shooernooat the time the next
o order wi winda sillsnooclear o seed trays an
niver be content wi menooeve wi woman s intuition
steer up their somnolent mennoogie owre that caper wi
i m wi her grannienoohe raises his hand towards
walked wi a stick annoohere he wiz gittin molested
to play wi a toynooi want to play wi
wi a crack efter thaimnooinsteid o a pop the
wi bairn silence della hushnookrista quiet yursell pause me
roon wi aabody buyin themnoolike cherry pickin the best
i introduc t jean martinnoomairrit wi a teenage dochter
win foo o win chillnoooor beens wi cauld win
he and we his coonselnoorest wi tranquillity his future
on wi the jammies suppertimenooshortbreid cocoa my kyte s
skimmed aff some thinner creamnooslap em up wi at
o paper meetins wi heidiesnootap line manager real juice
wi condensed milk on itnoothat s a genuine traditional
step on the stair annoothe door s openin wi
quo kieran there s themnoothey near bide wi us
darlin the wreaths burnin nicelynoothrow it wi aw yur
wi the fairies jim weelnooto tell the truth i
brace insteid o mantelpiece annoowi aw oor central heatin
got him here here thenoowi dinnae want him here
up on e platform benoowi eez han on e
on rale faist an saftnoowi flakes the size o
the dumps i div feelnoowi me i think you
trystit wi bappy didna bidenoowi myra even myra didna
rewards as fickle speecially thenoowi the lambin in full
mar s wark a larochnoowi thrie dictons howkit in
get on wi your jobnooyou ve found your haimmer
yi broucht trouble wi yinooyull stae an face it
della oo ve tasted freedomnoozeb wi spend aw the
ve got me a unsettlednooan me supposed to act
ve got it a sortednooangelica go on grannie there
ve got the national theatrenoobut it s no had
[laugh] i ve got yellownoodo you like yellow mum
wait for him to comenooeh you ve to be
black things i m seeinnooey ve gien s a
play with the marshmallows justnoof1121: now you ve got
of i want to bakenoof1121: well we ve got
easter eggs have you gotnoof1130: four f1129: you ve
d ve smelt him bynoofuckin hell man paddy grieg
a bittie nippy in herenooi shouldna ve let the
the soun o the universenooi ve catched an kept
morbid f1104: he s diednooi- but i ve got
i ve gotten you sortednoom1098: that s the pink
see what have we gotnoomither grandmither we ve done
oh me i ve crashednoooh dear what kind of
we ve covered all thatnoooh word for something whose
you ma dear said evenoosteady a ve heard tell
things look black for menoothat you ve heard about
many crispies you ve madenoothen f1122: one two three
it that you ve daennoothen will we count them
far too hot well representednoowe ve got an msp
good for you right andnoowe ve got the hens
f1117: no hold on rightnoowe ve to move over
certainly use that word everynooan then oh look at
put them in this boxnoof1102: look for that one
him a sweetie wife butnoolook at him a dewy
the shape o jonsar ecknoolook here he said i
f1097: fitt have you donenoom1098: look at sore bits
fitt s it look likenoom1108: erm it s like
maclaurin returned to the barnoomy lords let us look
normal but look at younooyou hinna even had a
knife intae ma lung ayenooa m gettin on a
condies an syvers overflowed annooa m shiverin an sneezin
s alright i m finishednoof1142: oh [singing] f1141: [note: addressing baby]
boats are working the herrinnoogey few i m thinking
so i m no startinnoohe might have a flashback
i the auld place annoohere a m abeen 20
s it good girl f1122: nooi m go- f1121: pop
inspector x ray yankee zulunooi m signin aff i
the knife in her handnooi m using a great
audience chrissie s my sisternooi m younger than her
nineteen thirties i m auldnooit s nineteen thirties an
is affa soor the foxnoojonsar eck i m affa
him money oan it sadienoojust haud oan i m
m foonert grip skyte flashnooma shift is endin beans
whit i m lookin firnooshe strokes my face really
i m banging the greennooso he s a muppet
i cherish ma freedom annoothat i m aller an
that i feel ony differentnoothat i m an auld
4 10 rainfall 3 16noothis day i m neen
turned midnicht haud ma haunsnooan wauk aroon the caunlelowe
agin ma wishes an heronsnooare unco fond o feedin
come up an see itnoocome up an see ma
that naebody spakk ma namenoofire they skirl an fire
d plump for ma freedomnooi daur say there s
a big muckle gnome annooma ain wee cooncil hoose
with immense tenderness come onnooma come on loretta brings
at the age o 78nooma freen tells me he
bowl staunin oan the chairnoopeenie girdet roon ma middle
on this basis neebur weifsnootent ma tellin hwun dhu
at aw aw the placesnooand aw the f643: they
lyin in aiberdeen herbour butnoohe hid aw the information
an broke her bloody anklenooher leg s aw wrapt
sherpenin a fencepost aw daynooit s a stake shoved
only safe place there isnooit s aw comin here
herts an thair heids kensnoothat aw thae lees they
an yur scabby skin annooyur sittin up there aw
dinnae want him here thenooan if the siller gits
flee inti the here annoodell silence della the past
t be in here agnesnoodinnae be daft gordon why
it s nearly christmas timenoohere farr s your santa
the time a feel worsenoohere is the doctor come
tuesday 6 temp 1 0noohere s a day at
the expulsion fae eden serpentnoohere s a tale a
1 3 rainfall 4 16noohere s a tum up
ane bi ane they fellnoohere s an end o
for weeks loretta dee itnoohere the day peggy it
wirkin at da uni herenooi tink whit du s
the lang bricht simmer daysnooit s changed here awthegither
which until recently existed herenoothis my lords though it
it sair come oan thennoothe bees are loose we
a threid for this butnoothe lichts come on earlier
whites o thair een binoothe tide hid come in

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