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hasn t noticed my runnynoseeither so i just take
mummy s got a runnynosef1104: here you are div
hankies to dab his runnynoselike he s three years
you ve got a runnynosethat s it last bit
a handkerchief queen blows hernoseah ken ah ken ah
of hankie and blows hernosebriefly ach i m jist
makes when she blows hernosedoesn t she f1112: uh
switched on she blows hernoselook at me i m
me recovers and blows hisnosesae ye see g nomes
peer frank she blows hernoseshakes her head and breaks
it sore f1114: in mynosef1113: look up mummy see
f1113: you got a sorenosef1114: yes f1113: aw do
get some cream for yournose[inaudible] f1114: [inaudible] sore mum
sore the inside of mynoseis very sore too in
the blocks okay is yournosesore mmhm f1114: yes f1113:
[cough] f1113: aw a blockednosef1114: [sniff] f1113: a bad
wee sippie cream on yournosef1114: [sniff] yes f1113: yes
[sniff] f1113: a bad blockednosef1114: what s in this
what do you use yournosefor [sniff] [sniff] smelling m1094:
do you do wi younosem1094: [sniff] f1093: what do
f1114: [sniff] f1113: is yournoseokay do you want a
i ve got an itchynose[sniff] right you pop them
your nose where s yournose[laugh] m1094: here s another
waukin up tae dicht manosema nose sae sair aw
m going to pick thenosenext where s your nose
tae dicht ma nose manosesae sair aw red an
nose next where s yournosewhere s your nose [laugh]
yer chikks is manky manoseis rinnin dannie use yer
yer chikks is manky manoseis rinnin dannie use yer
suppose bit ach although manosekeeps rinnin a doot it
comin watery een an rinninnosema cauld is here ye
get some cream for yournose[censored: forename] f1114: what f1113: do
get some cream for yournosef1114: mm mm f1113: yum
want some cream for yournosewhere it s red will
head wipes her eyes andnoseagain then i saw his
she dries her eyes andnosean never as wrang as
a tiny wipe of hernoseand eyes bessie that s
morning and white bags undernoseand eyes gemini may 21
into a knot a prominentnoseand sharp grey eyes which
came off the roaring millnoseeyes and throat got full
makes your no- tickles yournoseand makes you sneeze and
and it goes up yournoseand makes your no- tickles
our kitchen steps picking yournoseand watching your precious clothes
you dinna get no morenosebleeds nae at your party
have a look at yournose[cough] let s see f1114:
gonna kiss ye on yournosef1095: no way m1096: [laugh]
that better oh wipe yournosef1114: oh oh f1113: what
want a hanky for yournosef1114: yes f1113: i ll
still red f1113: what yournosef1114: yes they re still
[laugh] [laugh] f1133: get yournosef1134: you winna i thought
angry f1114: yes f1113: yournosefeel better wi that on
want a hanky for yournosehave you got the cold
a wee suppie on yournose[inaudible] f1114: mmhm f1113: okay
richt in front o yournoseit s stuck oan there
i stick it up yournosem1108: [eating noises] aye f1107: oh
would you use for yournosem805: um he used five
it s all over yournosenow come here it s
a girl up on yournosenow is that okay f1114:
your chin and over yournosenow you ve to wash
f1118: [sob] f1117: is yournoserunnin again missy f1118: [exhale]
a wee look at yournosesee if we can help
that your mither had hisnoseshe laughs the air raid
just be careful over yournosethat s a good girl
you want to blow yournosethere you go wipe your
your teachers ask if yournosewas okay noo m1096: aye
do you do with yournosewhat do you use your
that f1114: you got bleedingnosef1113: i ve got a
i ve got a bleedingnosehave i no f1114: yes
t a kiss either hisnoseis red and his blue
a feow feet fae yernoseand the playgreen for birdies
yer teeth in kis yernoseend an chin ir aboot
it s yer lu- m1092: nosef1091: lugs [laugh] what s
yon s scunnerin haud yernosegranda s teeth s in
stuff wid gang up yernoseyer spittins wis black for
[laugh] m1094: here s anothernosefor you f1093: there s
picked now that s anosem1094: [laugh] f1093: what do
drew in air throwe manosebit hit wis blockit an
got inside his package hisnosegeed in e air cheese
somebody being high and anosein the air f1009: mmhm
face tee till e glaissnosean cheek a flat fite
out grey face lifted hisnoseand beckoned again i walked
question grey face buried hisnosein the mug and kept
his purple face and hisnoserunning like two rivers between
puir minder wi a bluidynosean unhappy memories o his
the field they stung hisnoseand how he squealed a
of her hair tickling hisnoseas he breathed her perfume
as if looking down hisnoseat it and take a
of writes looking down hisnoseat people you know and
and this one that hisnosegrows longer and longer and
the front windae whare thenosegunner sat an his ain
at break time with hisnosein a book others recall
him doon we rubbit hisnosein butter we pit him
wi a rooser fur anoseiron teeth tae chaw his
his sallow complexion and longnoselooked least likely to be
tubes were attached to hisnoselooking down at his son
and a number for hisnosem804: what number would you
watching the blood from hisnosemingle with the urine on
git his stench oot mahnoseoot mah mooth destroy um
the field he pushed hisnoseout through the fence a
yeirsell the ogre fingers hisnosespeculatively broun ogre ah l
his tears dry but hisnosestays messy suddenly and very
europe in mourning underneath hisnosethe laughing chevalier s was
the junkie shouting through hisnosethe little old woman s
sort his good lady snosethe sheriff inquired with super
to the end of hisnosetime s ground him like
green tea cosy hat hisnosewebbed with a mesh of
his head and covered hisnosewith a blue silk handkerchief
hid sterted runnin fae manoseagain but ah stopped ootside
smaa pucklies geed for manosean e bigger een for
kiss on ma somewhat batterednoseeh m oh it was
grieve an ah wiped manoseon ma pullover sleeve then
on her pelt an baithnosean ear were questin as
stain is spreading over hernoseand up towards her temple
she s turned up hernoseat my peer ginger wine
m lud thereby breaking hernosebut he did sustain a
t really like having hernosein a book all the
and hit her on thenoseon her way out for
thingummybob her wi the bignoseor her wi the droopy
around one of her goldnoserings she reminded me of
another woman suddenly poked hernoseround the door how s
if it s under hernosesadie she ll eat if
morag s biscuit under hernoseshe didn t deserve it
salmon lips busybody bee hernosewas in everyone else s
bell with her wee buttonnosewe d weans that were
kilted bagpiper bethia wrinkled hernosewhen she saw it jesus
so he got a bloodiednosefor bein friendly [laugh] f1041:
you ve got a ticklynosem1090: [exhale] i like numbers
balls and got a sunburntnosetoday i ache all over
snowflakes that fall on mynosean eyelashes brown paper packages
caunles clear frae oot mynosean juist as i get
as it blasted past mynoseand into the creosoted timber
s egg whistled by mynoseand splatted down between myself
my biscuit right under mynoseand waves it back and
aye urgh [laugh] [laugh] f1095: noseaw that was my cheek
fly on on on mynosef1131: mm mmhm oh my
finding difficulties breathing out mynosef807: [laugh] f806: i can
we get it oh mynoseis itchin and itchin and
the cold now and mynoseis running the silly old
seem to have lost mynoseit s maybe beside the
unabashed you mean keep mynoseoot o t pause chrissie
i kind of follow mynosereally kind of [laugh] you
scented hankies to blow mynoseshe ll have stopped being
retreat instead i press mynoseto future s shop apostle
could barely see but mynosewas in working order it
trying to ignore what mynosewas telling me but i
fact somehow swept the brokennoseunder the carpet one year
front under miss mccorkindale snosewhich was a peety for
table looks down its snootynoserises swings its arse and
gaed strecht til wullie snoseend thair wur seelence aa
was a big one therenose[inaudible] boo f1103: [laugh] f1104:
tent at wullie mackinnon snosewis protrudin oot frae ither
right now paying through thenosefor grub that doesn t
him heukit richt in thenoseand i can tell ye
smacked him right on thenosedinnae don t you call
reindeer has a really shinynoseif you ever call him
backhanded him hard on thenosewhich commenced to bleed quite
maybe it s thumbing itsnoseat poetry readings just sitting
sweat oan the watchmaker snosebut was he gratefu that
f1043: swiped swipe someone snosef1040: swipe somebody f1041: a
what is this m1092: [child noises]nosef1091: what s that aye
the gromit mug that snose[inaudible] m941: no aye so
bile yir heid ye nyaffnosejob auld shuey s neb
stitches in jonsar eck snosejonsar said at s a
nyeuk quairt s ye likenosetae dowp an dee t
the circumstances it s justnoseto the grindstone and what
he realised mrs mcphail snosewas broken he did attempt
featherless host the parson snosewas gobbled the clock wore
snotter fae e calfie snosewi eez fingers an there
up he said tae toffienosei m the only scottish
food praws shrimps weed longnosesuck up vacum masters of
a chief constable up whosenosethe campaign for nuclear disarmament
wi the tattie for anosepirn taes glaikit een fingers
its cart a tilt itsnosebag torn and the oats
f606: mm m822: aye m824: noseto tail for aboot twelve
an pentins like a bluidynoseaa dreips an splatters an
ha ha ha [scribbling sound] pointynoselike that [?]head on[/?] m1070: yep
and black with a longnosemuch like a predatory cormorant
it and they took anosedive and just sunk m608:
nails into cheek jaw larynxnosethe better to align the
word thus various words fornosebecame attached to projecting objects
highland division he has anosefor the defencelessness of misery
mcsherry had a squat pugnosea huge mick jagger mouth
white lassie with a flatnoseand full lips and an
somebody a belt on thenosehimsel but certes nae black
doot rupert hid shoved eeznoseower near till a baby
and scalding hot water blockednosecamphor oil was either rubbed
door i have the sharpestestnosein the family and i
the plane take the pla-nosethe plane in and the
first detected by the acutenoseof an anonymous reviewer in
groups were led by thenoseby councils as they who
as does hoh meaning heelnosein the geographical meaning survives

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