See this word as a collocate cloud

his maister by contrast doesnota negro frae that place
from there but it doesnota suggested lead appeared in
must although the minister doesnotaccept christine grahame s amendment
new contracts does mr toshnotaccept some responsibility for the
provided that the minister doesnotaccept the amendment we will
the state concerned it doesnotaccept the jurisdiction of the
deodorised or sanitised it doesnotache to fling its fetlock
what if the scheme doesnotachieve the intended policy objectives
to achieve reasonable results didnotachieve them does everyone agree
its census the usa doesnotacquire information from a single
if a local authority doesnotact in the way in
sale procedure but it doesnotaddress all other necessary saving
b however amendment 8 doesnotaddress that issue records on
in my constituency and doesnotadequately address how to tackle
notes the word convenience doesnotadequately cover or might not
the debate on one doesnotadvertise mars bars on the
that potentially major change doesnotaffect local authority employees the
whether perhaps the change doesnotaffect the operation of trade
of empowering communities does shenotagree that the best way
government elections bill therefore doesnotagree to the general principles
government elections bill therefore doesnotagree to the general principles
shall unless the parliament doesnotagree uprate the motor vehicle
benefits simply because westminster doesnotagree with the policy of
it clear that it doesnotagree with the report s
does susan deacon accept thatnotall people on attendance allowance
clear that the tribunal willnotallow fishing expeditions it does
by the bill it doesnotallow for ministers to vary
good rhyming practice he doesnotallow rhymes on identical syllables
prove reprove and he doesnotallow rhymes on the unstressed
savings moreover benefit data doesnotallow the cross tabulation with
the scotland act 1998 doesnotallow the parliament to levy
if the 1982 act doesnotallow the proposal to be
ye translate translation then doesnotallow you to exercise your
will persuade someone who doesnotalready smoke to start smoking
whose subject the eu doesnotalso have an interest i
scientific advice therefore it doesnotalter my position alex johnstone
in a way that doesnotalter the substance of any
edinburgh terms however that doesnotaltogether remove concerns about the
is pro nhs that doesnotalways follow who could forget
in the highlands he doesnotalways get the answers that
exist for them which doesnotalways mean paying a lot
test but amendment 36 doesnotamendment 37 tries to provide
ye wul ye pompitie doesnotanswer aunsir me whan ah
will pardon the expression doesnotanswer back or require lengthy
be paul martin that doesnotanswer my question are we
him wha will sadie doesnotanswer silence agnes look efter
anaith the door morag doesnotanswer wumman dae ye hear
so much admired carswell doesnotappear as an advocate of
scotland budget but it doesnotappear as capital in table
when the expected funding doesnotappear despite the supportive words
civil engineers but that doesnotappear in my entry in
accounts brian adam does itnotappear in the communities scotland
4 9 per cent doesnotappear in the memorandum that
debtors the word alternative doesnotappear substitute does not appear
appendix 2 6 it doesnotappear that this precedent for
10 under amendment 27 doesnotappear to apply to assistant
to hear that there doesnotappear to be a lack
that declaration the executive doesnotappear to be clear whether
prime minister this concept doesnotappear to be contemplated in
with one matter that doesnotappear to be referred to
bench is that that doesnotappear to be the case
information [note: timetable here in original] ymca halt doesnotappear to have been built
weeps but the needle doesnotappear to notice and simply
refutes that statement and doesnotappear to want that status
does not appear substitute doesnotappear we are talking about
3 subsection 1 above doesnotapply as respects a carer
even if a father doesnotapply for parental rights it
2 subsection 1 b doesnotapply if the mammal a
of the 1968 act doesnotapply in relation to arrangements
3 of that section doesnotapply in relation to premises
point about geographical variation doesnotapply in the period covered
roman catholic the legislation doesnotapply to cases where the
qualifications and assessment it doesnotapply to incidental matters such
limit to that it doesnotapply to many sorts of
at westminster this bill doesnotapply to scotland the protection
and therefore that example doesnotapply to scotland we have
ashes dust to dust doesnotapply to such a tree
3 of this rule doesnotapply to taxi fares and
so high because they werenotappropriately supported does she agree
of which official society doesnotapprove bakhtin of course was
married by someone who doesnotapprove of where they are
that a similar situation doesnotarise again in the future
and the issue therefore doesnotarise securing a new europe
part time and therefore doesnotattract statutory funding so it
intelligence sources the bill doesnotauthorise people in that way
compulsory treatment order that doesnotauthorise the detention of the
shakes him but he doesnotawaken ye bastard that ye
point of sale regulations wouldnotbe in the bill does
area so their case mightnotbe pressing however that does
shrinking market the evidence doesnotbear out that assertion before
question whether it does ornotbecause despite the fact that
that we have but doesnotbecause of the suspension the
guidance so that it doesnotbecome a bureaucratic and lengthy
so that registrars pay doesnotbecome part of that marketplace
to demonstrate that it isnotbeing used does reverend murdoch
say that it simply doesnotbelieve that it is necessary
encouraging that the commission doesnotbelieve that there would have
index is down which doesnotbode well for the future
animal if the fox doesnotbolt there can be a
in a way that doesnotbreach biosecurity arrangements i agree
burns on visitscotland com doesnotbring up any details of
resistance to those chemicals doesnotbuild up in stocks that
i wish that it werenotbut that does not prevent
convener just because msps werenotcalled does not mean that
is going on and doesnotcare about the implications of
of any offence that doesnotcarry an automatic notification requirement
on it if it doesnotcarry the individual s identity
that the justice department doesnotcentrally collect statistics on the
if the registrar general doesnotchange tack during the working
explain earlier the bill doesnotchange that tenants choice will
role of scottish ballet doesnotchange without a debate involving
that glasgow city council doesnotcharge enough yet other people
cover note although snh doesnotclose the door on derogation
mounted fox hunting season doesnotcoincide with the times thought
year aberdeen city council doesnotcollect information in this format
a continuing basis it doesnotcome cheap mark turley will
to provide that it doesnotcome into force until a
overlapping even though defence doesnotcome into that realm dermot
that the european dynamic doesnotcome to a complete standstill
activities 1 a person doesnotcommit an offence under section
the occupier s permission doesnotcommit an offence under section
this subsection takes place doesnotcommit an offence under section
activity 2 a person doesnotcommit an offence under section
lawful means that person doesnotcommit an offence under section
location 1 a person doesnotcommit an offence under section
1 an authorised person doesnotcommit an offence under section
of sport that person doesnotcommit an offence under section
their abilities however that doesnotcommit us to any particular
the committee if it doesnotcomplete its stage 2 consideration
6 november if it doesnotcomplete its stage 2 consideration
that if one element doesnotcomply with the standard it
of this new economy doesnotcompound the existing social problems
to eat food that doesnotcomprise fast food and confectionery
of europe the convention doesnotcomprise many people and they
whole day the problem doesnotconcern only graduates it goes
eadie the holyrood article doesnotconcern policy it is just
wherever people go it doesnotconcern price or location only
the new english legislation doesnotconsider it i am not
wallace no why does labournotconsider taking advantage of the
the principle because it doesnotconsider that emissions from telecommunications
is shot humanely it doesnotconstitute a breach of good
problem and it certainly doesnotconstitute a learning difficulty yet
the noise around largs doesnotconstitute a statutory nuisance what
grazing or mowing which doesnotconstitute improved grassland or rough
deal with because it doesnotcontain a clear statement on
conscious that section 11 doesnotcontain a mechanism for resolving
is that the letter doesnotcontain any projections dr simpson
in other words it doesnotcontain comparisons how would you
i mean the letter doesnotcontain new figures well they
rules however the order doesnotcontain such sanctions because of
on other public buildings doesnotcontain sufficient detail to enable
certain areas the budget doesnotcontain the detail to say
or ii that it doesnotcontinue to be necessary for
or ii that it doesnotcontinue to be necessary for
crop trials in scotland doesnotcontravene eu directive 96 220
cover 1 a person doesnotcontravene section 1 1 by
possible 2 a person doesnotcontravene section 1 1 by
specified sports a person doesnotcontravene section 1 1 if
compulsory assessment and therefore doesnotcontribute to the overall aggregate
measure on its own doesnotconvey the full impact on
system if that evidence doesnotconvince members i do not
nineteenth century the language doesnotcorrespond to border speech either
assessments in a term doesnotcount toward the final exam
they get for them doesnotcount toward the final grade
to dangerous buildings it doesnotcover danger from work that
discrimination act 1995 which doesnotcover education covers access enablement
important issues that it doesnotcover first there are a
scenario because the list doesnotcover it if such an
pointed out the bill doesnotcover telephone interception so i
what you are proposing doesnotcover that scenario because the
therefore although the bill doesnotcover the issue of gaelic
question which i hope doesnotcover the same point does
a closure it sometimes doesnotcredit the scottish share of
letter first the letter doesnotdeal with mercury secondly i
hector currie said it doesnotdeal with the standards in
telephone as this committee doesnotdeal with those issues i
are keen that that doesnotdelay the introduction of wider
health and community care doesnotdeliver my job is to
deliverers clearly the executive doesnotdeliver the majority of services
individual but the amendment doesnotdeliver what is necessary if
have taken that view doesnotdemean the importance of the
an honest species horse isnotdeodorised or sanitised it does
plan a future which doesnotdepend on following a historical
of sewage which however doesnotdeter the families of ducks
to be pursued that doesnotdetract from the commitment of
be pressing however that doesnotdetract from the fact that
future scenario the bill doesnotdictate what that scenario should
halliday s careful formulation doesnotdirectly link the mismatch in
not spent on tobacco doesnotdisappear from the economy but
flavour of the year doesnotdisappear to make room for
is defective because it doesnotdisapply section 1 1 of
policy is that it doesnotdisclose whether it has taken
statement that the nhsis doesnotdiscriminate against the elderly and
care scotland bill which doesnotdistinguish between those who pay
v strike disna v doesnotdiv v do dochter n
fuel poverty the bill doesnotdo an awful lot about
sets in which it doesnotdo in all cases when
on the draft budget doesnotdo that particularly well despite
been put forward it doesnotdo the standards committee any
achieve secure status and ifnotdoes he think that his
not know anyone who doesnotdoes the executive intend that
does he think they renotdoing all they can to
it clear that it doesnotdoubt the executive s commitment
report 4 the charter doesnotdraw any direct reference to
shore opposite dalminnoch farm doesnotdry out at low tide
the elderly means testing doesnoteasily equate with the dignity
subsection 6 b above doesnotenable a local authority to
that notification by post doesnotenable the police to know
leave the service and doesnotencourage many to enter it
the consumer this method doesnotencourage the student to really
employee provided that this doesnotentail the member exceeding the
is one of those doesnotenter into the timetable of
investigatory powers scotland bill doesnotentitle you to conduct intrusive
it to westminster or doesnoteven bother turning up to
will pay the minister doesnoteven have to say anything
do in shetland as wellnoteverybody does that m1017: [inaudible]
you know sort of butnoteverybody does you know er
to the temporary employee doesnotexceed pro rata the salary
that the census form doesnotexceed three pages per individual
those standard approaches it doesnotexcept or exempt any situation
if the scots language doesnotexist although a majority of
awareness development that simply doesnotexist among businesses or employees
can a figure that doesnotexist be cut we would
this standpoint bad scots doesnotexist either these are relative
live in scotland scots doesnotexist elsewhere responsibility for looking
exist if good scots doesnotexist from this standpoint bad
to say that bigotry doesnotexist i am sure that
for public consultation it doesnotexist i do not think
surprised that that requirement doesnotexist i thought that it
owned treasury company it doesnotexist in the form in
so on the information doesnotexist that is why i
islands the flexibility simply doesnotexist the proposed closure has
that the voluntary sector doesnotexist to fund the statutory
immediately afterwards the committee doesnotexpect on day 2 to
term for each word doesnotexplain what children intuitively know
the committee s remit doesnotextend to reserved issues i
achieves a unit or doesnotexternal examination is designed to
baby sleepy m1098: i mnotf1097: does the little baby
[?]what's this lorry, it goes into a mannie[/?] does it m1098: nonotf1097: you nae like it
how does that sound m1092: notfair want spiderman f1091: i
clark associates 2002 it doesnotfall into any standard industrial
and insert and notice doesnotfall to be given to
the convener technically it doesnotfall tommy sheridan i withdraw
whenever a person who doesnotfall within section principles for
whenever a person who doesnotfall within subsection 7 below
whenever a person who doesnotfall within subsection 7 below
whenever a person who doesnotfall within subsection 7 below
mmhm he does f1136: ohnotfast f1135: what f1136: not
months if the executive doesnotfind it acceptable for people
the main title does itnotfirst consider the advertising in
straitjacket but one size doesnotfit all however when teachers
the tourism industry therefore doesnotfit in neatly to a
a crooked planet who doesnotfit in the thin universe
variety of goals and doesnotfollow conventional market force rules
the convener the paragraph doesnotforce them to do so
the area while it doesnotform part of the edinburgh
a romantic aesthetic ideology doesnotformally take hold in scotland
ownership in scotland and doesnotfurther concentrate it in a
are defined and terrorism doesnotgenerally fall within that definition
a scotland wide organisation doesnotget any money i make
tribunals and committee hearings doesnotget funding isea is to
more civil servants and doesnotget the money to where
start that my amendment doesnotgive carte blanche to inform
value the document sometimes doesnotgive due attention or pay
technical uncertainties and it doesnotgive due recognition to the
window however the scheme doesnotgive local authorities further powers
westminster mp but that doesnotgive me any particular insights
entrapment operations moreover it doesnotgive new powers to any
april 2001 but that doesnotgive sufficient time for the
executive if the executive doesnotgive the response that the
of staff table 5 doesnotgive the whole picture as
that a justice has doesnotgive very much leeway for
no debate if she doesnotgive way the deputy presiding
parliament what is proposed doesnotgo any further than those
reception where the sun doesnotgo down where no draught
to them but it doesnotgo far enough a more
caveats the new amendment doesnotgo far enough i approached
push it in does itnotgo in so you got
given that the treasury doesnotgo on holiday until the
the phrase hair cream doesnotgo with the others as
list but even that doesnotguarantee that i will come
take place which perhaps doesnothappen as it should at
who needs the service doesnothappen because the structure is
that in scotland that doesnothappen in many places apart
paper or magazine that doesnothave a base anywhere in
financial support fife council doesnothave a budget for that
secondly although the disease doesnothave a cure it can
place and her neck doesnothave a mark at all
the immediate title b doesnothave a recorded title either
in that central government doesnothave a role in the
and galloway the abbey doesnothave a roof but it
the scottish crime squad doesnothave a statutory basis and
the convener so it doesnothave a time scale geoff
to which fife council doesnothave access the convener are
the fact that he doesnothave an economics strategy behind
advertisement for tobacco advertising doesnothave an impact on encouraging
oil and gas industry doesnothave an impact on right
area because the region doesnothave assisted area status s1w
that every tenant who doesnothave central heating will get
be closed because it doesnothave in cell toilets they
cannot comment because he doesnothave ministerial responsibility for them
such questions because he doesnothave ministerial responsibility for those
is an expression that doesnothave much meaning i use
so obviously the parliament doesnothave much power over issues
i am aware sepa doesnothave responsibility for sewage works
scotland the scottish executive doesnothave such a role in
were concerns that scots doesnothave sufficient recognition either in
himself that if he doesnothave that right perhaps we
bring about because ireland doesnothave that yet maureen moore
mummy come back this doesnothave the effect it has
training if an employee doesnothave the fundamental typing skills
scanner because the trust doesnothave the funding to meet
a small local authority doesnothave the relevant expertise is
the public petitions committee doesnothave the resources to do
the trust that it doesnothave the resources to use
to us that scotland doesnothave the right attitude the
be consulted but it doesnothave the role that it
the minister says he doesnothave there is quite clearly
that if that committee doesnothave time to consider the
that when a committee doesnothave time to deal with
parliament and the parliament doesnothave time to deal with
and community care committee doesnothave time to do everything
committee from trevor lodge doesnothe considered exposure to cadmium
page is full he doesnothear miss wood approaching what
parliament into disrepute it doesnothelp any of us to
involved in consultation that doesnothelp recruitment i know that
cliff of seagulls which doesnothelp the standard of debate
of sports but that doesnothelp to answer your question
and considered fashion it doesnothelp when those who have
comprehensive selection and crucially doesnothesitate to make extracts from
why its education department doesnothold detailed information on the
nothing until recently simply doesnothold water what is true
great extent the bureaucracy doesnothome in on the difficult
the returns but he doesnothome in on two areas
places and if it doesnothow many residents in private
income than someone who doesnothowever ownership of a car
happened david elliot it doesnoti was extremely anxious about
say that the bill doesnotimpact on scots law but
johnstone suggests that multilingualism doesnotimply that everyone need be
the current flawed process doesnotin any way offer value
partnership with the sector doesnotin any way undermine its
a private vehicle clearly doesnotin our view justify an
s not in there f1113: notin there how does he
own owner of land doesnotinclude a creditor in a
of the spcb but doesnotinclude a member s activities
subsection 1 above person doesnotinclude a person who is
is living wild b doesnotinclude a rabbit c does
34 at end insert doesnotinclude a rabbit mike watson
include a rabbit c doesnotinclude a rodent and references
34 at end insert doesnotinclude a rodent proposals for
this act social care doesnotinclude a service which or
where the expression occurs doesnotinclude accommodation of such description
of that state it doesnotinclude either dialects of the
of that state it doesnotinclude either dialects of the
introduced into the parliament doesnotinclude provision that the income
work and social services doesnotinclude some advisers working in
a1 above nursing care doesnotinclude such social care as
regrets that the order doesnotinclude the gaelic translation of
of it amendment 8 doesnotinclude the situation in which
s collected poems which doesnotinclude this song suggests that
because the survey information doesnotindicate 100 per cent preparedness
the essentially intellectual being doesnotintellectualise as it is natural
that the abandoning tenant doesnotintend so to occupy the
as wealthy and it doesnotintend to devote any additional
the parliament that she doesnotintend to go through with
occupying the house and doesnotintend to occupy it as
the house and b doesnotintend to occupy it as
occupying the house and doesnotintend to occupy it as
its response that it doesnotintend to review either the
the owner to take doesnotinterfere unnecessarily with the ability
norwich study where he doesnotinterview any newcomers to norwich
a white parliament that doesnotinvolve members of the minority
as possible the issue doesnotinvolve simply geography but other
of an activity that doesnotinvolve the participation of any
the two previous examples doesnotinvolve the utilization of any
small compensation might be doesnotit apply equally in this
more weight the convener doesnotit carry enough weight that
si 1992 1501 specifically doesnotitself contain the power to
remember that the bill doesnotjust deal with criminal investigations
dedication the nursing profession doesnotjust want lip service from
the police if it doesnotkeep a record of such
when they said he doesnotken what he is saying
did f643: aye does itnotknacker your knees and your
the environment and frankly donotknow anyone who does not
his way home does henotknow how to get home
our country the government doesnotknow its own mind from
the land the landowner doesnotknow that those people are
builders if the minister doesnotknow what dwangs and noggings
point of sale promotion doesnotlead people to take up
a question on income doesnotlead to a significant non
the executive s proposal doesnotlead to more clarity about
in that one scene doesnotlead to the other the
mood of benevolence which doesnotleave him throughout the act
lost one of them doesnotleave the ninety nine in
its limitations but it doesnotlend itself to pomposity or
she loses one coin doesnotlight a lamp and sweep
maybe once or twice butnotlike really badly f806: does
to conclusions that she doesnotlike shona robison i hope
yeah f1154: spatzel that doesnotlike sound like something edible
thereafter part of me doesnotlike that but in this
approach if the government doesnotlisten to the people we
who has the bike doesnotlive at the address of
her own image it doesnotlook like me sp 20
at the moment er doesnotlook likely but but er
have something colourful that doesnotlook too utilitarian the document
it means left does itnotm1004: yes f1006: if i
cycle project by itself doesnotmagically solve the problems of
2000 the scottish executive doesnotmaintain comprehensive records on company
is that the committee doesnotmake any recommendation on the
and islands snp that doesnotmake any sense to me
executive should clarify it doesnotmake any suggestions arising from
have heard this morning doesnotmake it clear to me
the executive s legislation doesnotmake it to the statute
west of scotland does itnotmake more sense to establish
to oppose the euro doesnotmake one anti european one
that the financial memorandum doesnotmake provision for the level
are variations but that doesnotmake them different languages alex
full time staff and doesnotmake use of consultancy services
of a new song doesnotmatch its plangent air and
which equality matters or doesnotmatter equality matters in everything
are told that it doesnotmatter how economically important the
lives in poverty it doesnotmatter how many more people
march this year it doesnotmatter how many times mr
charges for services it doesnotmatter whether it is called
to celebrate burns it doesnotmatter whether the dinners are
on respiratory health it doesnotmatter whether the research is
of which said it doesnotmatter whether the verifiers are
s interests if it doesnotmaximise that asset i make
a lawyer the wording doesnotmean anything but we were
was set up that doesnotmean anything to me i
voluntary sector being voluntary doesnotmean being amateur it means
absolutely clear that partnership doesnotmean domination the executive s
the single currency that doesnotmean however that that view
dialectal randa tre this doesnotmean it has a norse
be called nonstandard which doesnotmean substandard in this context
take it that that doesnotmean that all citizens would
their vessels however that doesnotmean that crews cannot be
20 per cent that doesnotmean that in the progress
to the chairman that doesnotmean that it did not
is pro european that doesnotmean that one accepts that
for many years it doesnotmean that someone is bad
something must happen it doesnotmean that the minister for
areas muir russell that doesnotmean that the other bodies
in the census that doesnotmean that the parliament or
back on it that doesnotmean that the subject will
backgrounds yet this certainly doesnotmean that these dialects are
msps were not called doesnotmean that they did not
been real proceedings that doesnotmean that they have to
catch all provisions that doesnotmean that they should never
grow older but that doesnotmean that they stop being
three person hmos that doesnotmean that they wanted anything
has made but that doesnotmean that we are complacent
with the voluntary sector doesnotmean that we dominate the
down 5 7 this doesnotmean that we should rest
stake in the organisation doesnotmean that we will have
sure that andrew wilson doesnotmean to criticise the official
such a difficulty it doesnotmeet it as the minister
with subsidiarity this still doesnotmeet my fundamental objection that
homes if the executive doesnotmeet the deficit that exists
notice that your submission doesnotmention points that appear in
towards a healthier scotland doesnotmention the issue of suicide
scottish executive s motion doesnotmention the role that the
given george macbride one doesnotmerely accept the reassurances one
will if euan robson doesnotmind move on i am
a sixteen year old doesnotmove simply from childhood to
of course europe today doesnotmr jim wallace i agree
ensure that a report doesnotname or identify any child
a postgraduate qualification one doesnotnecessarily have to be a
today s society that doesnotnecessarily involve the price of
speaks for scotland but doesnotnecessarily lead for scotland is
the consumption of tobacco doesnotnecessarily lead to a reduction
organic food in scotland doesnotnecessarily lead to more consumption
challenge to those proceedings doesnotnecessarily mean that that challenge
ppp scheme when that doesnotnecessarily represent best value mike
on its own and doesnotneed for our purpose its
quantities of material which doesnotneed ironing to come on
there gavin corbett there doesnotneed to be a problem
heat air which normally doesnotneed to be heated in
to learn that he doesnotneed to do that because
and presented irene mcgugan doesnotneed to stay for the
sea notes that scotland doesnotneed torness to produce electricity
has little practical significance doesnotnegate its symbolic significance in
conclusion and probability it doesnotnormally imply obligation or necessity
an uninflected language and doesnotnormally indicate objects by means
that the uk parliament doesnotnormally legislate on devolved matters
it has drowned it doesnotnotice the sky is a
angling club committee which doesnotnumber at least one born
that the abandoning tenant isnotoccupying the house and does
that the abandoning tenant isnotoccupying the house and does
word in the group doesnotoccur after l 1926 similar
an investigation when that doesnotoccur the conveners liaison group
scotsman s tongue that doesnotoffend him that s because
the report because that doesnotoffer any view about the
me yet the pool doesnotoffer danger only water is
up f1118: hey this wasnoton here f1117: does that
positive advantage in learning englishnotonly does it develop young
course and with the staffnotonly does that educate other
from cars in our areanotonly does this mean the
but a vivid imagination doesnotonly mean enjoying anticipation it
it that bruce crawford doesnotoppose the measure and that
thought that the conceit doesnotoverwell suit a popular ballad
about 21st century government doesnotpart of that involve doing
s key objectives and doesnotpave the way for an
service provision that it doesnotpay the private sector to
service provision that it doesnotpay the private sector to
border the scottish executive doesnotpick up the tab in
close the door this doesnotplease the savage bundle he
this disparity of funding doesnotpoint to an over funding
inconclusive but it certainly doesnotpoint to there being no
20 000 the question doesnotpose a problem in terms
high for if one doesnotpossess a fur coat one
backstop for commencement that doesnotpreclude the possibility of legislation
his last minute i amnotprepared dr ewing does the
governor therefore the act doesnotprevent members of the royal
ruled inadmissible my decision doesnotprevent mr gallie from submitting
were not but that doesnotprevent us from encouraging the
planned pharmacy contract approach doesnotproceed in the light of
also states the executive doesnotproduce good practice clinical guidelines
red squirrels the wca doesnotprohibit the use of dogs
for materials which it doesnotpropose ordinarily to make available
other countries if scotland doesnotprotect gaelic who else will
if the local authority doesnotprovide a chaperon to accompany
bill is that it doesnotprovide any new powers for
where a local authority doesnotprovide appropriate and adequate care
for money and it doesnotprovide best value the process
the bill as drafted doesnotprovide clear or comprehensive saving
the current scientific research doesnotprovide conclusive proof that genetically
the uk level and doesnotpurport to cover the activity
tenants where the authority doesnotpursue housing stock transfer alan
tenants whose local authority doesnotpursue housing stock transfer richard
incineration of municipal waste doesnotqualify for support v ensure
cannot apply because aberdeen doesnotqualify i mention those government
at present the section doesnotqualify that obligation by indicating
respect these wishes pe406 doesnotquite deal with the same
dundee provided that it doesnotrain christine grahame what is
thrown out the process doesnotreach even the basics of
5 february if it doesnotreach section 212 on tuesday
bill if the committee doesnotreach the end of section
day if the committee doesnotreach the end of that
fed in this way doesnotreach the scottish consumer s1w
the refugees their plight doesnotreally concern us for they
is a myth which doesnotreally exist if good scots
but i think she snotreally m1048: she does but
already been allocated it doesnotreally tell us anything about
of talent because it doesnotreceive any further education and
and the labour government doesnotrecognise that it is amazing
tosh s contribution does henotrecognise that the whole process
am disappointed that it doesnotrecommend to the executive specific
drugs and that it doesnotrefer to anything that is
to anybody and that doesnotreflect an open and democratic
regions raptor working group doesnotreflect the particular circumstances and
wealthy such a person doesnotregard themselves as rich or
enters sadie gordon beth doesnotregister sadie and continues slowly
that point although it doesnotrelate directly to today s
the covering paper that doesnotrelate to particular planning issues
hope that this point doesnotrelate to the time after
scottish cancer survival rate doesnotremain lower than that of
to confirm that she doesnotremember bonanza at all the
its entirety the bill doesnotrepeal sections 16 17 18
can tell ye pompitie doesnotreply to this needle you
til yeir faither moula doesnotreply you l promise me
is completely unnecessary and doesnotrepresent best value for the
office for consideration and doesnotrepresent proposals by them in
chief inspector mike flynn doesnotrepresent scahd but he is
that that disgraceful propaganda doesnotrepresent the view of his
the scots language which doesnotrequire a census question to
in the world it doesnotrequire much adjustment from other
city of edinburgh council doesnotrequire planning permission for people
domestic law the statute doesnotrequire that but our doing
clear that the bill doesnotrequire the tribunal to take
protects possessions and property doesnotrequire there to be any
land notice of which doesnotrequire to be given to
recognise that tobacco advertising doesnotrespect national borders and that
in the street she snotresponsible for what he does
and of the parliament doesnotrest in the hands of
in a way that doesnotresult in subsequent court actions
the church of scotland doesnotrun care homes to make
have been raised that doesnotrun counter to the other
winter gritting a snowplough doesnotrun up a trunk road
christine grahame s amendment doesnotsatisfactorily do so either the
examined christine grahame that doesnotsatisfy me angus mackay has
allow fishing expeditions it doesnotsay for criminals just fishing
braille furthermore the paper doesnotsay that the petitions must
the proposal says it doesnotsay that the registrar will
should be consulted it doesnotsay that the registrar will
other hand the paragraph doesnotsay that you should it
our position the letter doesnotsay very much we are
on their election but doesnotsay what happens if they
at eye level but doesnotsee the frog puddok ho
us so late but doesnotsee the need for us
that question the bill doesnotseek to criminalise the farmer
34 73 this report doesnotseek to further fuel this
clear that the bill doesnotseek to specify what assistance
british sign language that doesnotseem a great deal of
such a service that doesnotseem right to me the
a cake but it doesnotseem right to talk or
caused confusion but it doesnotseem that community councils are
overcome their inhibitions there doesnotseem to be a healthy
been reversed but there doesnotseem to be a major
still concerned that there doesnotseem to be a way
scottish parliament mr matheson doesnotseem to be able to
appeared this year it doesnotseem to be having much
occurs in snd but doesnotseem to be in the
in the future there doesnotseem to be much room
sum up because there doesnotseem to be much to
priorities but the executive doesnotseem to be practising what
a correct scots however doesnotseem to be shared by
appeal to the sheriff doesnotseem to be simply on
with our competitors there doesnotseem to be the same
out adequate consultation there doesnotseem to have been any
that this charge sheet doesnotseem to have been signed
a whole the community doesnotseem to have nativised incomers
into the pool it doesnotseem to have notice it
a reasonable manner that doesnotseem to have worked in
someone in your party doesnotseem to like you they
towards him 8 this doesnotseem to me a credible
offence being committed it doesnotseem to me that people
difficulty the income question doesnotseem to pose a problem
58 9 the executive doesnotseem to share the serious
budget if henry mcleish doesnotseem to think so i
of the matter she doesnotseem to understand the knock
what drives us work doesnotseep or sleep but gouges
the argument so why doesnotshe quit while she is
to that length why doesnotshe take the next step
from the executive which doesnotshow in the accounts as
the government so it doesnotshow in the accounts despite
maun and the gh doesnotsignal overtly at least whether
to ensure that it doesnotslow down the process absentee
the european parliament which doesnotsound so long if it
arisen the younger generation doesnotspeak any kind of shetlandic
a parliament if it doesnotspeak for the people we
service industries money that isnotspent on tobacco does not
a tree does it doesnotsprout letters in spring nor
time m815: yeah it snotstakis that does it anymore
smuggled across the border doesnotstand it would be a
for the m6 which doesnotstart or finish in scotland
he wants but that doesnotstop him from raising the
know her john she doesnotstore it up she hasn
not sure my memory doesnotstretch that far back in
expresses concern only it doesnotsuggest any way forward the
s lower priorities it doesnotsuggest that it would be
s newly appointed chair doesnotsupport we are in the
a big girl i amnotsure my memory does not
footpaths however amendment 87 doesnottackle the problem sensibly and
countries and australia it doesnottake a genius to work
that i gave you doesnottake account of the number
which it does or doesnottake heed of the committee
4x4 off road driving doesnottake place in any public
odd don t you thinknotthat anyone does want to
given treatment before release doesnotthat make a mockery of
nicely into scots does itnotthe directness of the m017:
angus mackay no it doesnotthe franchise replacement process can
voluntary bodies johann lamont doesnotthe member congratulate the executive
than individually allan wilson doesnotthe same apply to academia
that s happening more ornotthese i supopse it does
that announcement because it doesnotthink that it has the
does not exist i donotthink that members would expect
on why ben wallace doesnotthink that that definition is
about the idea it doesnotthink that the level of
forgetting otherwise she surely wouldnotthole me but does she
to build on existing provisionnotto replace it finally does
scotland has become that isnotto say that bigotry does
that the voluntary sector doesnottouch all the organisations have
area utters threats but doesnottouch her or assault her
mentioned that the bill doesnottouch on the private sector
delivered because the executive isnottraining people moreover does the
the personal writing that doesnottry and force an alien
fair and right and doesnotundermine the fact that ultimately
a minister who patently doesnotunderstand what is going on
of each transition he doesnotuse traditional images associated with
but the scottish government doesnotuse what little influence it
document states that it doesnotusually employ people who are
of the committee that doesnotusually happen but we will
m1070: does it that snotvery good is it f1071:
is the man who doesnotwalk in the council of
has stated that he doesnotwant his bill to ban
with my mother she doesnotwant she widnae go back
backgrounds if the snp doesnotwant that grant support to
reason why the executive doesnotwant to find out how
be advisory because it doesnotwant to let go its
guess that the committee doesnotwant to refer it back
and understands that he doesnotwant to say anything that
day again the snp doesnotwant to talk about the
from bill aitken who doesnotwant us to do anything
that franco was victorious doesnotweigh heavily on him he
dr simpson the snp doesnotwelcome the break the long
am sure that he willnotwhat provisions does he believe
should happen if it doesnotwhat will deter somebody who
is a protestant he doesnotwish his sheep to be
or the educational establishment doesnotwish to foster scots i
the public petitions committee doesnotwish to get drawn into
engaged in badinage she doesnotwish to leave he interceded
the committee that it doesnotwish to make any recommendation
the report connects or doesnotwith the strategy that we
spoken in the home doesnotwork as a proxy for
in which the scheme doesnotwork as well as it
saying that the method doesnotwork we should recommend that
does that mean would wenotwrite to the executive with
her our job description doesnotyet embrace plumbing but we
true definition of scots doesnotyet exist we can only
higher still development unit doesnotyet have all the material
the environment the organisation doesnotyet have market recognition organic
the commission although it doesnotyet have power to select
indicate that the executive doesnotyet know what the additional
dermot scott the eu doesnotyet say that the treaty
wearing a cartouche f1026: wellnotyet what mmhm f1054: does
a way yet there wasnota day went by not
f1009: mmhm m1055: you renota grandfather yet alastair no
scriptures reverend rowland i amnota reverend lilian not yet
m not n- i mnota stirling bird yet i
the official report yet arenotable to lodge a motion
the interpretation of dreams didnotappear until 1900 yet robertson
is m816: no that snotarrived yet but apparently m815:
of times but there hasnotas yet been any real
standard english which they havenotas yet fully mastered there
writers could write and yetnotbe stinted of life he
sums and low rates wouldnotbe tolerated yet it appears
your little beddy it snotbeddy time yet [inaudible] get
the treasury but that hasnotbeen confirmed yet i will
commitment that i cited hasnotbeen delivered that is yet
would not work that hasnotbeen done yet other methods
the convener the date hasnotbeen fixed yet the clerks
resourced the scheme that hasnotbeen mentioned yet no extra
be estimated that is probablynotbeing done yet dr dick
[long period of silence] bonny f1134: it snotbonny yet f1133: well you
artist yet although she maynotcare to address them explicitly
about you f1112: i mnotclean f1111: not yet you
cool f1121: but it snotcooked yet what would you
feel obliged to discourage ifnotcorrect urban speech and yet
00 the convener we havenotdone so yet but we
toner telling us it snotdone yet and we can
november no my burns isnotdone yet it has led
f1112: mm f1111: you renotdry enough yet f1112: i
in art yet it isnoteasy to escape the suspicion
the remit and i havenoteven agreed to that yet
f1111: okay your dolly snoteven dressed yet mine s
my research cause i venoteven started it yet which
jags yet m816: have younotever had an mmr m815:
yet deeply familiar a palnotexactly slim graceful and boylike
f806: mm no i venotfinished the jane eyre yet
bu- f1093: mm we venotfinished yet m1094: i always
can become feerich we renotfinished yet though feerich may
christmas m1094: why not whynotgo yet f1093: well you
no not yet you renotgoing to your bed yet
good one an i venothad that yet andy it
develop the sector i havenotheard yet why scotland is
like him yet they arenothim others are very like
what today f1136: are wenothome yet see f1135: no
see f1135: no we renothome yet you were playing
poetic calling at least ifnotin genius yet as with
in [inaudible] f1111: are younotin yet oh i ll
the hindies aff boats arenotin yet translate dinna bother
one another that we donotknow much difference yet when
erm yeah no it snotlong ago and and yet
he could understand luisa butnotme yet i was a
yet beaumont then you renotmrs beaumont thank the lord
so yet but we donotneed to spend too much
you go f1112: it snotnight time yet f1111: yes
up and see f1122: umnotnot yet hasn t broken
will be selected we donotof course yet know it
yet f1093: well you renotold enough to go yet
there and yet i mnotone of these people oh
29 a clear note isnotovertly didactic yet its story
had not yet arrived treasurernotpresent packet secretary the packets
f943: [laugh] why are younotpretty enough yet m944: [laugh]
have sinned yet i couldnotprevail wt my self to
yet agreed so we havenotproduced an action plan for
in a rash gladys mutteringnotquite daring another fight yet
er for what i mnotquite sure yet but it
eight hundred books at homenotread yet f809: although sometimes
10 saturday [note: first line scored out] chose fireplacenotready for fireplace yet cut
men on the beat newsletternotready yet owing to a
that review but we havenotreceived their views yet so
centres yet the minutes donotreflect that the minutes are
appears self assured yet isnotrelaxed stopping to smoke she
membership subscriptions some members havenotrenewed their subscriptions yet we
was making progress daniel hadnotreturned yet but i knew
more clearly because you havenotsaid it yet in the
that s right i venotseen the incredibles yet maybe
into german and english yetnotso far away the coastal
yet what is important isnotso much the sequence in
high hurdle yet she didnotspook another night harp was
nothin [laugh] so i venotstarted yet f833: i did
tidyin up f1113: are younottidying up yet f1114: no
passage yet it is difficultnotto identify the limousin with
it into french yet nonottranslated it an i i
has yet been completed ifnotwhen it is expected whether
playgroup after christmas m1094: whynotwhy not go yet f1093:
exchange of information europol isnotyet a federal bureau of
phase of standardisation there isnotyet a great english dictionary
the sky withdraws its favournotyet a human voice carries
was a town which hadnotyet absorbed tourists clad for
is true that we havenotyet achieved full freedom of
the social policy agenda isnotyet agreed so we have
owing to bad weather potatoesnotyet all lifted and in
grandfather yet alastair no m1007: notyet and i don t
retrospective planning applications pending butnotyet approved s1w 19429 pauline
and the public who havenotyet arrived that a revised
the vera trinder order hadnotyet arrived treasurer not present
articulated or that which wasnotyet articulated since all language
out of time cathy hasnotyet asked a question and
preference to members who havenotyet asked questions if they
of our previous meeting isnotyet available and it is
we have had it maynotyet be all power to
do you no lilian liliannotyet beaumont you ve nae
at the moment there hasnotyet been a report on
some previous study i venotyet been able to make
the rome statute those havenotyet been adopted but they
which for whatever reason hasnotyet been adopted by the
for 2000 2001 that havenotyet been allocated s1w 12264
up to this summer havenotyet been audited the audit
sand pink and terracotta hadnotyet been built an accretion
proposed by the ssstf hasnotyet been carried out funding
i am the judges havenotyet been chosen where they
permission if the development hasnotyet been completed supported by
that three or four havenotyet been completed they are
states a national programme hasnotyet been created the document
advisory committee but it hasnotyet been decided at which
old conditions of life hadnotyet been disrupted by social
as the task force hasnotyet been established the precise
the tribunal s operation havenotyet been finalised it is
the tribunal s operation havenotyet been finalised it is
the agreement but which havenotyet been fully facilitated come
the decision on that hasnotyet been made a number
any way draft regulations havenotyet been published for consultation
authority figures for scotland havenotyet been published given that
discrimination in the nhs hasnotyet been published s1w 15767
in june and which hadnotyet been received from the
on income the issue hasnotyet been resolved the convention
are signed the contracts havenotyet been signed bruce crawford
inmates of the house havenotyet been to bed masha
corrodi unfortunately this publication hasnotyet been translated into english
version of the bible hadnotyet been written no scots
some school pe facilities arenotyet big enough to cope
what the writers who arenotyet born [laugh] of the
am not a reverend liliannotyet but you re heading
a character by region ifnotyet by class urquhart was
of domoic acid what isnotyet clear is the potential
a problem its extent isnotyet clear one of the
of sepa s responsibilities hasnotyet concluded and i hope
referred to the committee butnotyet concluded the committee agreed
of sepa s responsibilities hasnotyet concluded we could ask
to issues that we havenotyet considered maureen macmillan in
that is true we havenotyet consulted on the idea
additions from the reference slipsnotyet copied abbreviating long quotations
gweed mait be connached hasnotyet died out you can
the draft that we havenotyet discussed at all on
to visit if they havenotyet done so allow nursing
the areas where they havenotyet done so the aberdeen
done currant bun m1090: nonotyet f1089: da da m1090:
be beddy time m1092: [?]wait[/?]notyet f1091: not yet it
and have a bath f1112: notyet f1111: no but when
it couldn t we f1112: notyet f1111: would that be
of our bodies f1112: nonotyet f1111: yes f1112: burst
f1113: no not yet f1114: notyet f1113: it s nearly
no no f1113: why f1114: notyet f1113: no not yet
away to your bed [laugh]notyet f1114: it s there
[censored: forename] f1114: no f1113: nonotyet f1114: not yet f1113:
do you think f1122: nonotyet f1121: not yet f1122:
ready for me f1122: mmnotyet f1121: not yet okay
f1122: no not yet f1121: notyet f1122: [inaudible] this is
s- beach f1121: the beachnotyet f1122: we ll have
do it again f1126: nonotyet f1125: no which one
urquhart s writing there snotyet for urquhart an english
of the districts which havenotyet formed a dsfb are
insurance purposes the certificates arenotyet forthcoming but the committee
the amsterdam treaty but havenotyet found it the treaty
ain bairn teenie frightened butnotyet fully aware of his
like hers our door isnotyet fully open 1 d
issues that interested agencies donotyet fully understand in terms
uncovering issues that agencies donotyet fully understand the argument
the prosecution scheme which hasnotyet gone far down the
has been applied for butnotyet granted and what powers
it already but i havenotyet grasped it james smith
we agreed that we hadnotyet had an opportunity to
as i know we havenotyet had any details about
and see f1122: um notnotyet hasn t broken it
single european economy we donotyet have a single currency
of central scotland that donotyet have access s1w 20831
the power that we donotyet have although we will
and the northern star mightnotyet have entered the theatre
which local authority areas donotyet have local area co
rich country but we donotyet have the powers to
on the road f1111: awnotyet he s very sensible
have met with jesus ornotyet he sees someone who
is deep the wound hasnotyet healed evidence of how
and the public who arenotyet here to leave the
weights and measures and althoughnotyet in general use it
wales and northern ireland butnotyet in scotland and calls
m1092: [?]wait[/?] not yet f1091: notyet it ll soon be
appropriate initiatives although we donotyet know what they will
day wt winter s gripnotyet lowst but the sun
let s eat some f1107: notyet m1108: why f1107: because
jersey today for some reasonnotyet made clear to him
the holyrood project plan arenotyet met and of these
isna no yet it isnanotyet nae yet f1133: is
and clean f1114: not yetnotyet nearly f1113: you make
all nice and clean f1114: notyet not yet nearly f1113:
f1122: mm not yet f1121: notyet okay f1122: ready what
way round or are wenotyet out of the stable
frustrations of the rescuers werenotyet over captain matheson of
la paz the day wasnotyet over our guide marcello
board clinical governance committees havenotyet picked up the issue
scottish executive why it hasnotyet prepared and circulated to
very carefully although we havenotyet produced detailed guidance for
definitions which the executive hasnotyet provided the executive has
the inquiry although we havenotyet put together a report
report to members who havenotyet read it because the
had been edited but wasnotyet ready for publication a
submitted an abstract and havenotyet received a decision please
evidence on that we havenotyet received an executive response
that is interesting i havenotyet received evidence about the
11 september but i havenotyet received it so i
some of our pupils havenotyet received their standard grade
m959: i would aye butnotyet retiring there f958: i
scenic amenity but i havenotyet seen a robust approach
disappointing that the convention hasnotyet set up a working
civil judicial co operation arenotyet subject to community rules
easy selling something that isnotyet there take the high
was shockingly abrupt he wasnotyet thirty four years old
will inform members the convenernotyet we must complete the
roll down there f1111: nonotyet we need to keep
one of them a weavernotyet which creates a sense
the carts waiting below maybenotyet with a horse yoked
the face because it isnotyet with the executive i
f1114: not yet f1113: nonotyet you re not going
i m not clean f1111: notyet you will be in
that maureen moore i donotaccept that as the world
to do so they didnotaddress a tiny part of
a cow s head donotappear until later periods occasionally
border and enforcement issues donotapply in this case it
do so the accident mustnotbe in vain at night
had them but it hasnotbeen able to do everything
do so the river isnotbeing compared to the human
intrusive surveillance as you donotbelieve i think that this
to do that we werenotcaving in to anyone we
be at risk we donotconsider the proposed legislation to
not sat down that willnotdo sir if you have
was hoping that you wouldnotdo that as i can
members on what they shouldnotdo the convener all the
a while member states didnotdo very much to realise
last august although i donotdoubt that his sentiments were
its heart it will benoteasy to do that but
with it toe dip donotenter i am no jean
might think that it isnotentitled to do so where
to police themselves they shouldnotexpect others to do it
education or whatever they donotget them back that is
yeah [laugh] [laugh] do younotgo to the clutha an
[cough] m816: again i mnotgonna do this again oh
other words the public donothave a happy perception of
and the voluntary sector donothave a lot of shared
development the people who donothave access to skills development
are being used i donothave photographic evidence i am
the income if you donothave that kind of detail
matter that said we donothave the provision to establish
should be advanced we donothave the right to decide
aye m941: oh do younotjust do you not just
that oogiecapiv i i donotknow f1143: [laugh] f1054: i
with frustrating expense we donotknow how effective the first
licensed successfully when we donotknow the number of hmos
billion elaine thomson i donotknow where the figure came
some rural areas i donotknow whether george lyon qualifies
is another option i donotknow whether it could be
lifelong learning committee i donotknow whether margo agrees but
people who smoke i donotknow whether mary scanlon has
report donald gorrie i donotknow whether my illness has
only here if we donotlook after them nobody will
best effect because we donotmake available professional development and
ownership later if we donotmake that investment wide swathes
parliament before us i donotmake those rather extravagant claims
ambitious targets that you donotmeet or less ambitious ones
surroundings completely and utterly strangenotmine anyway nothing to do
the executive s holidays donotnecessarily follow the parliament s
got at me they donotneed to do you accept
or all msps we donotneed to say any more
services other areas that donotpay for those services get
with that i certainly donotpoints have been made that
species o slavery i donotpropose tae waste the court
in situations where councils donotprovide the care treatment and
broadcast on satellite i donotrecall the theme tune for
again bill butler i donotsee any harm in asking
would affect them we donotsee that as being a
are colour blind and donotseek information on ethnicity so
banks and building societies donotseem to be pulling their
for us a i donotshun the simple ordinary name
she said winnie please donotspeak french to me i
the cuff remark i donotsuggest that fiona hyslop is
lodged even though they donotsupport it there are risks
areas the present procedures donottake into account the impact
a dead sheep i donotthink that alex johnstone is
member s behaviour i donotthink that any reasonable person
direct political control i donotthink that mr mcletchie in
with them all i donotthink that the debate is
that revenue however i donotthink that the revenue would
objectives to ensure they donotundermine the purpose of the
common european heritage we donotwant to be only observers
the bill and we donotwant to encroach on that
physical activity and we donotwant to lose that ian
in writing again i donotwish to imply that you
fairly consensual and i donotwish to part from the

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