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constable issuing a fixed penaltynoticeand a person who is
withdrawal of a fixed penaltynoticeand amendment 11 would provide
has received a fixed penaltynoticeand who disputes that they
has issued a fixed penaltynoticeany authorised person could now
been unsuccessful may the penaltynoticebe left at or sent
made before the fixed penaltynoticecan be issued in such
in which a fixed penaltynoticecan be withdrawn currently only
provides that a fixed penaltynoticecan be withdrawn in certain
exist before a fixed penaltynoticecan be withdrawn the bill
provides that a fixed penaltynoticecan be withdrawn when it
unpaid fixed penalty where thenoticehad been withdrawn under section
of issuing a fixed penaltynoticehanding or delivering it to
received and the fixed penaltynoticehas not been withdrawn under
or deliver a fixed penaltynoticein person the amendment clarifies
withdrawal of a fixed penaltynoticemeans that there can be
provides that that fixed penaltynoticemust be issued as soon
by summary complaint fixed penaltynoticeor warning letter over this
recipient of a fixed penaltynoticeover whether a fixed penalty
to issue the fixed penaltynoticepersonally either by handing it
administration of the fixed penaltynoticeprocedure by local authorities section
to withdraw a fixed penaltynoticethat had been issued by
could withdraw a fixed penaltynoticethat had been issued by
payable under a fixed penaltynoticethat has been withdrawn if
copy of any fixed penaltynoticethat is issued in person
12 withdrawal of fixed penaltynoticethe convener amendment 12 is
lower than the fixed penaltynoticethe executive took the view
12 allows a fixed penaltynoticeto be withdrawn in certain
for issuing a fixed penaltynoticeto seven days while still
respect of the fixed penaltynoticeto the local authority must
recipient of the fixed penaltynoticeunder section 8 4 a
may issue a fixed penaltynoticewhen they have reason to
may issue a fixed penaltynoticewhere they have reason to
such circumstances the fixed penaltynoticewill require to be posted
view to having the penaltynoticewithdrawn if the local authority
in issuing a fixed penaltynoticewould be the same as
withdrawal of a fixed penaltynoticewould prevent a local authority
not be taken if anoticewere withdrawn section 12 provides
be withdrawn at such shortnoticewithout any opportunity for people
would ensure that when thenoticeis issued personally a copy
name and address when thenoticeis issued personally it would
name in such cases thenoticeshould not have been issued
a constable must withdraw anynoticethat has been issued by
notice if for example anoticewere issued to the wrong
is issued personally a copynoticewould be sent to the
of blessings begin motion withoutnotice14 35 the presiding officer
the region 11 motion withoutnoticealasdair morgan moved without notice
of march 10 motion withoutnoticealasdair morrison moved without notice
29 pm 15 motion withoutnoticealex johnstone on behalf of
appointments may be moved withoutnoticeamendments can only delete that
no provision to move withoutnoticean amendment to a motion
agreed that a motion withoutnoticebe moved members indicated agreement
to dt 7 motion withoutnoticeeuan robson on behalf of
agreed to 3 motion withoutnoticefergus ewing moved without notice
funding problems 10 motion withoutnoticefiona mcleod moved without notice
to accept a motion withoutnoticefor a member to propose
to accept a motion withoutnoticefrom euan robson to change
to accept a motion withoutnoticefrom me so that the
to introduce a motion withoutnoticei have a request from
his constituency without giving himnoticei suggest that cathie craigie
motions can be taken withoutnoticelie with the convener in
we accept a motion withoutnoticemembers yes motion moved that
time for reflection motion withoutnoticemotion moved euan robson and
to dt 10 motion withoutnoticemr tom mccabe on behalf
disease outbreak 8 motion withoutnoticemr tom mccabe on behalf
agreed to 16 motion withoutnoticems margo macdonald moved without
to accept a motion withoutnoticeon that subject business motion
at any point and withoutnoticeon the question about requests
the parliamentary bureau moved withoutnoticethat motion s1m 1966 be
notice fergus ewing moved withoutnoticethat motion s1m 3706 be
tom mccabe i move withoutnoticethat motion s1m 552 be
tricia marwick i move withoutnoticethat motion s1m 554 be
the parliamentary bureau moved withoutnoticethat sim 3066 be taken
notice fiona mcleod moved withoutnoticethat the debate be extended
the parliamentary bureau moved withoutnoticethat the parliament agrees under
the parliamentary bureau moved withoutnoticethat under rule 11 2
the parliamentary bureau moved withoutnoticethat under rule 11 2
notice alasdair morgan moved withoutnoticethat under rule 8 14
notice alasdair morrison moved withoutnoticethat under rule 8 14
notice winnie ewing moved withoutnoticethat under rule 8 14
ms margo macdonald moved withoutnoticethat under rule 8 14
to move a motion withoutnoticethe deputy presiding officer i
will accept a motion withoutnoticeto extend the debate until
to move a motion withoutnoticeto provide for a ministerial
without the proper 21 daysnoticeto the parliament the subordinate
in scotland 8 motion withoutnoticewinnie ewing moved without notice
person s evidence withdraw thenoticewithout the matter having necessarily
or retirement housing community consultationnotice2 community consultation notice notice
be given by sending anoticea community consultation notice in
be possible to withdraw anoticeif for example a notice
a notice a community consultationnoticein or as near as
at end insert notice meansnoticein writing section 37 jackie
notice 2 community consultation noticenoticeinviting comments in relation to
line 5 at end insertnoticemeans notice in writing section
consultation notice 2 community consultationnoticenotice inviting comments in relation
authority is entitled to servenoticeof termination 12 legislative reform
serve a copy of thenoticeon any other person appearing
serve a copy of thenoticeon each of the other
landlord may serve a furthernoticeon the abandoning tenant bringing
serve a copy of thenoticeon the occupier and must
serve a copy of thenoticeon the owner b unless
the landlord may serve anoticeunder subsection 3 only where
were unable to serve thenoticewould that prevent the work
sent a copy of thisnoticeby specify whether by recorded
until a copy of thenoticehas been sent to the
send a copy of thisnoticeto the owner of the
the clerks when they lodgenoticeof a motion to indicate
the motion which included inoticeon the list that i
availability however given the shortnoticewe would have to accept
or retirement housing community consultationnotice1 where in relation to
or retirement housing community consultationnotice3 of the title conditions
specified in the community consultationnoticeas that by which any
or retirement housing community consultationnoticeof the title conditions scotland
out in schedule community consultationnoticeto this act together with
on the abandoning tenant anoticecomplying with subsection 2 and
of this act i givenoticein accordance with subsection 5
a mental health officer givenoticein accordance with subsection 5a
35 at end insert anoticeunder subsection 2 above may
serving on the tenant anoticeunder subsection 3 2 the
by the service of anoticeunder subsection 3 3 where
date of service of thenoticeunder that subsection 2 subsection
1998 c 37 3 anoticeunder this subsection must a
could invite them at shortnoticeas i said a paper
pr company apologies for shortnoticebe there or be square
of the air at shortnoticefor no strong reason and
doin it at such shortnoticei mean from five o
get in su- such shortnoticem608: so you re looking
would be giving him shortnoticestewart stevenson i am content
decision to decide at shortnoticeto abbreviate the exercise of
for being unable at shortnoticeto speak in the debate
the parliament arranged at shortnoticetoday and to the debate
the medical practitioner shall givenoticeas soon as practicable after
to give members as muchnoticeas we possibly can of
one is required to givenoticebefore speaking in another language
we will give residents duenoticeif this is possible my
give full details of thenoticeit received under paragraph 6
those services requirement to givenoticemembers must give at least
3 members wishing to givenoticeof amendments to either of
give at least six monthsnoticeof its intention to close
is to give applicants duenoticeof the change in the
practicable after doing so givenoticeof the revocation to a
practicable after doing so givenoticeof the revocation to a
give at least 24 hoursnoticeof their request to speak
give the statutory 21 daysnoticepublic meeting 11th march 1985
what date did she givenotices1w 9872 mr david davidson
can do so they givenoticeso that there can be
couples often do not givenoticethree months before their marriage
to give way with enoughnoticeto avoid problems for committees
authority be required to givenoticeto itself under section 10
the members concerned give writtennoticeto the spcb 11 where
the members concerned give writtennoticeto the spcb 8 where
authority of the certificate givenoticeto them mrs mary mulligan
look which she doesn tnoticeand goes off again peggy
muriel though angelica doesn tnoticebecause she doesn t know
eh she doesn t evennoticehe shrugs and goes she
long pause georgie doesn tnoticeronnie licks dry lips before
almost certainly he doesn tnoticethat his plump little friend
lost that he doesn tnoticethat miss wood has started
it is recommended that thenoticebe sent by recorded delivery
has no legal effect thisnoticeis sent by your feudal
has no legal effect thisnoticewhich is sent under section
the tenancy by 4 weeksnoticegiven to the landlord and
motions and amendments of whichnoticehas been given can be
line 15 and insert 5anoticeis given in accordance with
modifiers and qualifiers respectively headwordnoticeis given that after this
be given and b ifnoticeof appeal is given in
for clarification if such anoticeof temporary removal were given
that people are given appropriatenoticeof the notices that are
other parties were not givennoticeof this statement but the
given therapy m608: yeah inoticethat borders bookshop in glasgow
september 1997 bill aitken inoticethat the police are given
if it is impracticable fornoticeto be given when the
the qualified person was givennoticeunder paragraph 10 within 4
it has ever given anynoticeunder paragraph 7 1 of
the date on which thatnoticewas given apply for membership
i am standing under thenoticein the foyer jabbing my
4 a landlord serving anoticeon an abandoning tenant under
serves on any person anoticeunder any of sections 22
it has ever received anynoticeunder paragraph 6 8 of
grant a declarator that thenoticeunder section 15 2 is
beginning with their receipt ofnoticeunder section 32 of this
grant a declarator that thenoticeunder section abandonment by joint
line 5 at end insertnoticeunder sub paragraph 1 has
receipt of amendments but inoticein the business bulletin that
committee rule 9 10 2noticeof lodging amendments 5 videoconferencing
to bills voting arrangements correspondencenoticeof lodging amendments committee videoconferencing
should not be delayed correspondencenoticeof lodging amendments the convener
section 37 work required bynoticeright of entry amendments 71
to the and insert andnoticedoes not fall to be
out from second the tonoticein line 5 and insert
at end insert a singlenoticemay be used for two
the person relying on thenotice3 an extract of any
pursuance of a dangerous buildingnotice4 a local authority must
they may service a preliminarynoticeon the authority 1a where
the local authority issuing thatnoticepeter peacock keith harding set
the radio and didn tnoticeand just you know like
m1048: i didn t evennoticehelen had her hair done
a pillar i didn tnoticeher leopard coated presence until
man i didn t reallynoticehis face he had an
to perth i didn tnoticei d picked it up
didn t actually take anynoticei just thought oh aye
f1136: [child noise] i didn tnoticeit f1135: look at the
so that you didn tnoticethat it was on erm
date of service of thenotice4 a landlord serving a
virtue of service of thenoticeand b specify the tenant
b the service of additionalnoticedes mcnulty 101 in schedule
weeks of service of thenoticeif the abandoning tenant intends
3 a the service ofnoticein a case referred to
and b that an enforcementnoticeis justified they may service
normal service cancelled till furthernoticethe earth wobbled the compass
health service trust by thisnoticethe feudal superior asserts that
4 must be made bynoticein writing specifying a the
write but andy takes nonoticemother says the rector must
while at least 24 hoursnoticeof an interpretation requirement must
the presiding officer what minimumnoticeperiods must be complied with
patronisingly then what did younoticein the deep freeze section
may 2002 c 2044 inoticein the local government section
section 18c 1 form ofnoticeprospectively converting real burden into
26 concerns transfers not requiringnoticethe section lists those transfers
done that section 10 givesnoticeto local authorities of proceedings
thir days thorfinn did yenoticema guidwyfe orm ah never
the requirement for 21 daysnoticeshould not have been waived
minimum of 14 days advancenoticethereof unless there are exceptional
after the minimum period ofnoticewhich is 15 days if
any of the public wouldnoticea spelling error nowadays higher
to scotland what did younoticeany or [laugh] did it
the date specified in thenoticeas that by which any
no one has taken anynoticei have what are called
her but they took nonoticeof any other points in
too busy to take anynoticestick you need a warm
discharged as described in thenoticefor further guidance you may
by sending or delivering thenoticesince evidence of sending may
ask the minister to takenoticeof the report 10 03
guilt trippin me did younoticef835: why f833: she was
from banchory area did younoticem903: aye that s right
that m1022: well i didnoticesomething about twenty years ago
revocation order you did notnoticethat no points arise on
in the comer did younoticethe albatross wings i wear
on as well did younoticethe lipstick all over her
said to me did younoticethe name on the dentist
the dentist s did younoticethe name on the plaque
in t fit i didnoticethough wis willie i saa
i said i did notnoticeuntil i came out of
satisfying because what i didnoticewas people would come in
ony signs fit he didnoticewis at the waas o
and s1m 71 of whichnoticehas been lodged by 4
partnerships who have been servednoticeto quit before 4 february
needle does not appear tonoticeand simply goes prick prick
does not seem to havenoticeit has drowned it does
lists those transfers of landnoticeof which does not require
narrow range miss goldie inoticethat your submission does not
has drowned it does notnoticethe sky is a white
loretta forcing herself to takenoticea coffee would be fine
but decides to take nonoticehe swears again more quietly
shout wake up take somenoticei love you but i
idiom we have to takenoticeof and value the lively
have pretended to take nonoticeof her since i was
game but they take nonoticeof him he gallops right
we sit up and takenoticeof the problem the drawings
am concerned that we takenoticeof things that the bill
door before mummy or moragnoticeanything when he opens the
very e en was anoticeon the wa where it
on the blink till furthernoticewalking meditation no where to
justify a lesser period ofnotice2 support fund employees and
question is will you evennoticeposted by dee rimbaud 2
if you like i inoticeand it has been remarked
monthly magazine or on thenoticeboards that it has all
have escaped mr swinney snoticebut the parliament has been
matter i have had nonoticeof that that group has
that has come to mynoticerecently eric liddell won a
members attention to the firenoticethat i am supposed to
in march 1918 when thenoticein the local paper read
committee christine grahame i gavenoticeearlier that although i am
union rests i am givingnoticethat at some point in
this week and they willnoticethat i am suffering from
was rather too tired tonoticesuch things at this point
facilites for health care thenoticeif it is registered in
for msps to provide advancenoticeif they wish to use
in a commun- people willnoticeif you re not there
should point out in thenoticein the bulletin that if
man steve if his deathnoticeis in the paper then
took a blind bit anoticeo me a wunnert if
is a mistake in thisnoticeor if you wish to
the plate no one wouldnoticeand there s no strap
time in months visitors wouldnoticein the black mohair suit
not prepared to withdraw thenoticeit would be open to
would have to put downnoticeof opposition are you happy
although i would ask fornoticeof when he will sing
ach be quiet naebody wouldnoticeony difference teenie oh oh
wasted cretin laughing you wouldnoticethat every wheezed out breath
david mcletchie for giving advancenoticethat he would not be
issue that came to mynoticefairly recently which is the
consider all motions of whichnoticeis lodged and recommend which
of the period within whichnoticeof appeal to the court
which a couple can lodgenoticeof intention to marry the
the offence to which thenoticerelates at stage 1 the
owner of the dog givesnoticeto the court which made
think they ll they llnoticeit there ll be an
be specified in a writtennoticeof termination of the agreement
see here today do younoticeperhaps hoping to be nominated
be seen by the followingnoticepublished in the mearns leader
be common in europe inoticethat you are not asking
but haedna been gien eneuchnoticethon will be sortit for
escape from fire allows anoticeto be served legitimately on
the only time when anoticeought not to have been
in east lothian as mucklenoticeas we can this year
else ye can dee yenoticefit s aboot ye mair
i can t i hardlynoticeit now i looked around
sort of words do younoticethat are different can you
places the women don tnoticegeorgie is concentrating on helping
watching them they don tnoticeher teenie aye i ken
men only you don tnoticewomen beaumont aye that s
a date specified in thenoticebeing a date not earlier
25 farmers do not generallynoticedamage to cereal and grass
we do not get muchnoticedo we i think that
wi us m1042: i alwaysnoticethat dominie was not a
my concern is not thenoticethat we have received it
dinner and she takes nonoticeat all when i complain
y- i think you llnoticeit when you go there
fired up i seem taenoticethem when i havenae a
downstairs loo still taking nonoticeandy mutters the archetypical obscenity
a biscuit fiona takes nonoticeat first but eventually accepts
shout but mummy takes nonoticemy baby s hurt i
with regard to planning advicenoticeno 36 what its definition
too good geordie takes nonoticeof andy so he gallops
wifies department and taking nonoticeof my yearning after her
queen who knew no lacknoticethe guillotine s shadow behind
notes for completion of thenoticethese notes have no legal
notes for completion of thenoticethese notes have no legal
tropez at a moment snoticeagnes modellin assignments fur page
the mearns leader the followingnoticeappeared school board at a
read the papers you willnoticeat the back the suggestions
to motions at fairly latenoticebut it is always our
at st andrews 13 prefatorynoticeencyclopaedia britannica 9th edn 1875
at the 21days required fornoticeof an agm multi lets
was available at the frontnoticeof the lanarkshire p s
is for our politicians tonoticethe arts exist at all
very worried all but angelicanoticethis pointing at her and
marriages are preceded by anoticefor a minimum of 15
british sign language again advancenoticeis usually required by the
from gaelic f1009: i inoticea lot of people putting
existence and requirements of anoticeamendment 104 follows on in
in the middle of thenoticeboard in the hotel foyer
pursuance of a dangerous buildingnoticedes mcnulty 97 in schedule
they could create an alternativenoticefor a set of creams
their old native town inoticefrom the pages of the
of the english advanced highernoticehowever that the language module
ministers should consult appropriate partiesnoticeof the effect of the
for the investigation and publishnoticeof the investigation and its
as a kind of obituarynoticeof the lately deceased poet
respect of the land reasonablenoticeof the suspension and the
encourage multiculturalism bring to thenoticeof the widest possible public
head of the class andnoticepoor little me often near
implemented during their period ofnoticesince october 1998 185 textile
the minister fergus ewing inoticethat michael clancy of the
of grease and a cardboardnoticethe allan oil engine caution
androids go wandering about inoticethe other half of the
childhood and balanced adolescence younoticethis in photographs of the
of 1914 they happened tonoticethrough a grating opening on
extending the serving of anoticeto a range of people
an i jist happent taenoticea kinna damp bittie aa
cause that s something younoticea lot o changes in
large french printing press inoticea sign as i enter
on the abandoning tenant anoticea stating that the landlord
mam we could pit anoticeapö radio shetland der awfil
a big donation for programmenoticearran will bring 42 reserved
ever sweet again however wenoticehow she holds a balance
entrada he pointed to anoticein english on the wall
new friends from barcelona anoticein the borne s foyer
a ni- there was anoticein the bulletin last week
and ask for a briefnoticein the business bulletin so
a puckle little haggis anoticesaid it wis a haggis
is a scottish king butnoticethe scottish poet appeals to
responsible for issuing a 19bnoticeto north lanarkshire council c
the regions in scotland inoticefrom the papers that were
but what words do younoticegeorge that you use that
block capitals for the storeroomnoticeis different in that it
will that have will anybodynoticems macdonald that was my
that the draft sex offendersnoticerequirements foreign travel scotland regulations
the ungrammatical ones he writesnoticethat in order to set
growls she didnae seem taenoticethat jonsar eck s truck
all over the place inoticethat the clerks have included
an interest in it inoticethat the letter from the
way that we operate inoticethat the minister said that
for some officers and inoticethat the prisoners paintings actually
the minister fergus ewing inoticethat the regulations will allow
wifie he coodnae help bitnoticethat the sweet peas were
door gently on him andnoticethat the twin tub is
keelie masha fowk that disnanoticewhuther it s simmer or
huh m845: i mean inoticeeh you have here eh
pleased about her parcel tonoticei ll jist tak it
spoiled rotten you winna evennoticei m nae there as
s maybe just because inoticeit f826: mm m903: mair
the hump back bridge inoticeliz [censored: surname] her husband sitting
goin the wrong way inoticem1098: i hate turning hate
aware o them but folknoticeme usin things an i
immediately the first thing younoticereally or i noticed anyway
missin the ferm i nevernoticeshe d reply jenny keeps
ken this i didnae evennoticeup the spoot i have
monosyllablic words literally textbook stuffnoticethe gh spellings in this
to the reader how thenoticelooked it also helps to
sing and we had tonoticethe dawn you were in
knowing she was working hernoticebeatrice mcsherry s eyes gleamed
[?]haute savoie[/?] buenos aires you llnoticethe pronunciation [audience laughter] james gray
seen it yourself you llnoticethere s er there s
the european union 2002 pressnotice2476th council meeting agriculture and
and ladies 2s the followingnoticeadvertising the games appeared in
the same wey ye winnanoticemoscow aince ye ir back
the air nae takin onynoticeo jonsar ata as the
an cheer the wyfe winoticeo yeir cummin duncan nods
the noun phrases on thenoticeon the storeroom in block
your your dinner a- thenoticeon their website [inaudible] in
wallace the draft sex offendersnoticerequirements foreign travel scotland regulations
1 the draft sex offendersnoticerequirements foreign travel scotland regulations
the jyle again he winnanoticethaim onie mair an in
look around the room wenoticethe black hole in the
the horizon he coodnae bitnoticethe sky wis the same
load he coodnae help bitnoticethe state o his larry
council c retract the 19bnoticewith immediate effect and d
the part about the storeroomnoticewritten in big capitals as
job an gaed in hisnoticewhan yid wis wechtit doun
anither breed aaegither ye dnoticeem on e curtains o
oan aboot fear an famelynoticehow they baithe start wi
onywye ye canna help bitnoticefin ere s ony meevement
aye jist kinna interestin taenoticefoo times an things cheenge
him he probably wouldna evennoticehe d done it either
ma guidwyfe orm ah nevernoticeither men s wyfes thorfinn
rights scotland act 2001 prescribednoticeorder 2001 ssi 2001 419
rights scotland act 2001 prescribednoticeorder 2001 ssi 2001 419
what about your week snoticestammered beatrice sore back tricky

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