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byde the wey a imnouah dinna lyke masell onie
made oot ah wes dowienouah im auld an hae
wi takkin yeir gless butnouah im auld an ma
the rowers sings awa brawlienouah im blyth for a
bodie thir monie year annouah im free at lest
juist a wee whyle annouah im growein auld from
spring o ither days butnouah im tuim an wuzzent
hap roond it aw butnouah im wabbitie an waesum
ye nane ither tak tentnouan mynd whit ah im
aince mair lippen ti menoufor ah im pittin glaumerie
roond it an ah imnouforfochen for ah hae traivilt
lees an mishanter ah imnounae langir o onie importance
ah nou whaur im ahnoushe cryit whan she saw
whit if ah im happynouvershinin but ye r no
hir man whaur im ahnouwhaur im ah nou she
that s whit ah imnouwhitfor dae ye hate ma
a ah im awricht thenouwutch needle juist you say
gunlöd ai faither im ahnouyeir fae thorfinn ye ir
wul be wantin yeir sleepnouah daursay the morn we
mercie whit wul ah daenouah ken ah wul ryse
mercie whit wul ah daenouah wul ryse up an
whit wul ah philosophise abootnouah wunner laughs ay lyfe
wul hae ti cum ootnouan ah l hae ti
juist you lippen ti menouan ah wul tell ye
wul she disna lyke menouan see frae the luik
law is aw ahint yenouan wha wul conter ye
hae feelins lat thaim kythnouan ye wul ken peace
hurry malcolm wul ye gangnouas quick as ye lyke
lyfe a hear awthing wulnoube duin in wycelyke tyme
no howp yeir bairns wulnoube keings whan thaim that
wul mairrie ye for shuirnoucum you wi me ti
jek wul no be langnoueilidh but ah think ah
sisters dinna you be feirtnoufor ye wul see sumthing
moula we maun birk upnoufor yeir faither wul be
frae the tyde an binouhe wul be ferr ferr
deid what wul ye daenouhou wul ye leeve son
ah ti growe auld fornouin daith we wul be
that fou o lyfe annouit s deid it wul
haes whit wul ah daenoumaister she says she s
o me as a mannoumorag wow this wul tak
wul be an angel binoumoula eftir the guid lyfe
ye but masell an fraenouon it wul be me
wyfe an whaur is shenourubbing her hands mercie wul
til awthing wul be saufnousaid the hogney grim lyke
oor bliss ah dout wulnousuin be ower ah think
whit ah m sayin thenousyne ye wul ken in
flower pot over him seenouthare ye wul be cool
aneuch chebutykin ye said thenouthat oor age wul be
kiss olga that l daenouthat wul dae masha sobs
haes gaen ti grund langsynenouthay wul hae ti howk
ye wul dae this fergusnouthe keing wesna than mukkil
wul bring ye the lucknouthe leaf wes dry an
wul be wantin yeir sleepnouthe morn s mornin we
mercie eilidh eilidh c wanouthis wul no dae at
wul sing yeir daith sangnouthorfinn the corbies nae dout
deid morag ah wul puddoknouwat thoums the puddok and
ah can see that thatnouwe wul never gang back
yeir sou s unco seiknouwhit wul ye gie me
mither ye wul no deenouwinna ye no mither queen
he is haudin it thenouwul ah gang doun yeir
ful o meanin til usnouwul be forgotten yae day
on near the back endnouwunter wul suin be here
l hae ti gang hamenouwutch sae ye wul sae
a trick or twa butnouah dinna mynd a thing
moscow ah canna richt myndnouandrey with sudden emotion ma
him ti chynge his myndnoubi this tyme murdo wes
ma mynd for a whylenoubut ah wes sweir ti
unexpekkit lyke eagerly ah myndnoudiv ye mynd olga the
lyke ti brek mynd thatnouma bonnie dearie mynd it
the lest five year annouma mynd is made up
pause ah canna richt myndnoumasha is ma man here
ye clap clappin at himnoumynd weill whit ah say
gied him the ae wairninnoumynd whit ah tell ye
guid laddie nou rintoul myndnouonlie a true lousum hert
me thare a guid laddienourintoul mynd nou onlie a
mynd the end o itnoushe sings and so through
mynd ah m growne upnoushe takes the crayons and
canna mynd the lave moragnouthat we r mairrit guidman
that naebodie can mynd onouthe war glaumerie in the
an the kerlin said lippennouti me an mynd richt
o rouk amang the bentnoua wuid lyke tae tak
lyke ye war deid annoua year s gaen by
in his haund ah thinknouah d lyke ti drink
tell ye the truith thenouah feel fair crouss lyke
never catch up wi yenouah m left alane lyke
hir lyke a book butnouah sal finnd it ill
l think o sumthing eftirnouah wad lyke ti sing
think aboot anither bairn thenouat sic a lyke tyme
whit yeir gizz looks lykenoubut ah daurna koolygghin weill
she looks lyke a wutchnoubut she s awricht aince
mutches lyke afore thay warnoucled in bunnets an frocks
near ma big tae butnouit s lyke the haill
nicht caps an they renoulyke deid til aw gaun
luiv an pairtin ir awnoulyke thay haed never been
m aw cuivert wi shairnnoumichtie whitna lyke mess ah
lairn ti be a nunnoumysie didna lyke the soun
s lyke ti cum ootnoupompitie div ye think sae
lyke a knotless threid binouqueen yawning ye d better
m no lyke masell thenourintoul that s juist anither
is wurkin on hir thenoushe s been skellochin lyke
prouder she grew lyke fornoushe wes ettlin for ti
ken wha he s lykenouthat ah hae a richt
owre guid for teuchtars lykenouthat ma puir laddie s
ither an the lyke butnouthat s oot o date
s mair lyke the thingnouthat s whit ah want
whit rewaird wad ye lykenouthe war ae thing tam
this warld lyke they irnouvershinin after a moment s
it lyke a uised tilnouwhan ah drink it fair
lassie ye can clap menouwhanever ye lyke wad ye
o freinship lyke think weillnouwhit rewaird wad ye lyke
ye hae dishonored yeirsell saenouye maun dee lyke a
beild frae the snell wundnouye wad flie lyke a
teirant that ye are annoua l prove yeir leein
a muin atwein the cloudsnouah hear tell yeir thochts
fur ay mebbies 50 yeirnouan craik sheil wheech nou
byde at yeir saet thenouan gar thaim feel at
ower an sayed yeir saufnouauntie mirren shae gied hir
dinna you miss oor feastnoubanquo yeir hieness a l
fur ae guid wheen yeirnouborth ickbrae estate sei a
southwell notts jock whae isnoufive an echtie yeir auld
on an twae bunk bednoufur ae wheen yeir ae
bonnie wee tyke ye senouhae yeir fower oories we
gin thay haed desertit himnouhere is yeir aunsir throws
couart in yeir ain regairdnouis it aye ti be
the prince s treisur aithernoulat yeir sisters straik thairsells
guidman puddok aff wi yenouloss nae tyme on yeir
ti finnd yeir wey tharenoumysie wesna shuir about this
ae gey wheen yeir sinnoun thar wur twae semi
happit nanse insistently c monnounae mair o yeir nonsense
ti yeir back puddok thraetsnounanse sighs deeply here puddok
tell ye yeir faes irnounearhaund an ye haed better
be weill aff wi yenouon yeir road ah l
ti cum hame wi menoupuddok na no yit yeir
cairrie the bairn malcolm aweillnous yeir chaunce ti finnd
ye hae yeir paerls saufnousae drink for ti freshen
yeir face is aw begruttennouthat ah hae a richt
o fashions quo she butnouthat ah hae richtit yeir
the lyfe at the coortnouthat ah m yeir guidman
spill the tea caw cannienouthat s nane o yeir
gaun ti force yeir chauncenouthat yeir chaunce haes made
yeir lousum face haes gaennouthe r juist the blossoms
a guid brie gang younoutil yeir beds an sleep
us baith af wi yenoutil yeir horse fareweill or
valgerd forgie me mither valgerdnoutil yeir steid bi the
nae peace frae ma sistersnouvershinin ah dout yeir sisters
whaur is aw yeir mauchtnouwhaur is yeir kinrik a
it yeir grace ah kennouwhit ails ye ah hae
flask to her gang hamenouwyfe gie the queen yeir
ship an finn said trekkarnouye can shaw yeir skeil
a yerl gunlöd awricht thannouyeir tyme hae cum tak
deid knicht juist haud onnouae thing at a tyme
no forget ah maun awanouah hae nae tyme ti
ah dout it s tymenouah m thinkin ah taen
moula ah l say naethingnoufor the tyme be in
anither ane in tyme butnouhe haes nae teeth enou
looks at his watch tymenouit s tyme for me
mair can ah tell yenouit s tyme ti say
duin in wycelyke tyme saenouma thenks ti ye aw
in ingland at this tymenoumaister grene is the leivin
haena tyme ti speak thenoumalcolm ye hae a veisitor
aw the tyme did yenoumorag whaur ma puddok ah
ae gey lang tyme synenouthe hoose ahint the craik
it s tyme for menouti gae for ferrawa battilgrunds
or sae she thocht weillnoutyme gaed in an siller
haes taen his pleisir annouah dout he thinks nae
haes been mensefu at courtnouah ken wha ir the
bunk broun ogre haes henouah never saw him cummin
bluid awa puir scotland teirannienouhaes skowth ti bigg on
macduff what s this cumminnouhaes this adae wi me
heivin taen ma wyfe awanouit haes taen ma son
gaed oot bi the yettnouither mosses haes growne ower
saet sits down vershinin saenouma wyfe haes taen it
think ah wad leave yenoume that haes huntit for
silent aweill the allthing haesnounamed ye a creiminal an
r naething bonnie aboot hirnoushe haes a neb on
shona shona aweill haes shenoushe soud ken hir place
day at the fishin annouthis sair mishanter haes befawn
she s a slow speakernoutho an she haes a
infinite mercy weill ye kennouanother example of god having
he finnd but an aigilnoucallum lykit weill aw the
wush ye aw weill annoufareweill from the chinese of
meat an drink chuise weillnoufor it is juist a
it ma dear lass weillnougowd tree thocht til hirsell
anaw thay did that weillnouhere a thing ti wunner
it wes as weill furnouit gat a sair yokin
tell o his muisical skeilnouit is weill kenmt that
ava the ghost disappears weillnouit s gaen an a
warld ll be weill fetteltnouit s juist the mellin
weill here we ir annouit s ti be fare
verra lest drap says shenoulippen weill ti me for
awthing weill i the houssnoushe maun mak ane wi
hame for a wee whylenouthe page haed been weill
maister s gey thrang thenouthey said weill gin ye
weill again she winna deenouti haud ti ma promise
forgie malcolm weill said macduffnouwe l awa ti the
left as infant weans warnouweill growne lads an lassies
ye saw him thare thenouweill whit s the guid
is weill cuivert wi gressnouye can gang hame again
that s ti be expekkitnouafore we gang onie ferrer
ma thenks ti ye annouah maun gang ti that
winna gang inti that houssnouan ah m no gaun
houss gang you back hamenouan staun you on the
wund gang aff ti sleepnouan the morn we l
the rid douglas at wesnouettlin ti gang furth kent
ah l see maister rintoulnougang an fesh him in
with two murderers to servantnougang you ti the door
yit gunlöd ah l gangnougunlöd goes valgerd alone by
richt shuirlie ah wes annouhou dae we gang forrit
gang back til hir bednoulady ay strecht awa physician
chappin at the sooth yettnoulat us gang swythe til
crack later but fareweill fornouma dear ah l gang
this ti gang on fraenouon a winna daur quo
guidby ah hae ti gangnouor ah l burst oot
gang doun the drains butnous their day o liberation
enter thirlman can ah gangnouthorfinn awa wi ye thirlman
ye whaur ye are thenouti a gang an see
ti mairch for scotland saenouwe l gang thegither oor
offer kyndlie ti help hirnouwe sal gang an hunt
jaggitie jag jag an saidnouwe sal gang an hunt
off the flower pot tharenouis that no better puddok
her path puddok haud onnouma bonnie princess nanse looks
got a puddok s thrappilnoumorag but hou coud sic
you ah heard speak thenoupuddok ay me wha ither
morag wearily whit is itnoupuddok sitting up ah canna
ah howp sae puddok quaetnoustaun still i the bit
over the puddok morag tharenouthat soud be graund an
yetts o heivin ir nearernoua whein nor the bodie
hir ful hicht an saidnouah ken whit we ir
prood awthegither sae ye irnouah m prood anaw but
ir on him steir yeirsellnouan forget nocht an wi
grandfaither descendents o wattie irnoufermin howcleuch ferm anenst roberton
whit ir ye thinkin abootnouirena ye say that lyfe
waiter heid aforestation an irnoukivvert wi treis cept fur
the wey we ir nounoulisten ti whit ah hae
o linguistic chynge at irnoumanifestlie waffin athourt the scottis
thegither the wey we irnoumorag ir ye gaun ti
late 1940 s thair irnoumotor roads tae the fek
thegither the wey we irnounou listen ti whit ah
ye an ootlaw ye irnouootby the beild o the
knowledge aa thaim ferms irnoupairt o the waiter heid
been wurth leevin for monthsnoushona you ir gaun ti
kinna splore ir ye atnouthey speired at m ach
he wes stown frae usnouwe ir expekkin a third
left moscow irena eleivin yearnouwhit ir ye greitin for
been the wey ye irnouwutch deil a fears pompitie
enters from the left feathernouye ir on the pad
sklim up onti ma backnouan cum you wi me
here ah cum steir yeirsellnouan help me in ma
here ah cum steir yeirsellnouan help me ma bonnie
ye can ah cum inbynouan ma sairvant alang wi
warld s wattirs cum younoucallum said the sie prince
lead him back laughing mashanoujuist you cum here andrey
or abroad can touch himnoul macbeth cum on ma
wi wickedness cum wi menouma leddie gin ye please
hae ye been wi menouringan ringan twa year cum
year cum sunday did yenousaid the wyce auld trout
funny ye soud say thatnouthat ah cum ti think
anaw cum you wi menouwe hae but the twa
macbeth a m rael vextnoua slauchtert thaim in ma
daith macbeth a m settiltnouan set ti bend masell
l macbeth ma haunds isnouas reid as yours but
we mairch macbeth is rypenoufor a faw an the
corbies what oor is itnoul macbeth it s gey
macbeth whan l macbeth thenoumacbeth as a cam doun
for want o sic thingsnoumacbeth is sae roosed at
macbeth s men is fechtinnouon baith sydes the thanes
we soud enter the castlenouthey leave macbeth returns macbeth
banquo ay ay macbeth saenouye hae it aw as
a ve yammert on aneuchnoua maun dae a bell
appearinlie the waur o drinknoua maun say at naeboddie
an quaistens mak him roosednoua maun say guidnicht never
sair on hir ye saynouah maun growe auld an
ti dae for said shenouah maun set oot the
that but ah maun awanouan git a guid sleep
ti speak til him thenouhe maun hae ridden here
a huntit fugiear fur mirrennouhed anither fasherie shae maun
re monie ither speils anoumaun dae we maun cry
juist you byde here thenousaid cormac for ah maun
tree whit ah maun kennoushona is wha killed ma
haud an forsed him baknouthe bogils maun bene gey
blyth ye maun dae itnouthe r nae affpit or
puzzin again ah maun awanouwhitna grief this is it
gey hairshlyke ti nannie thenouye maun forgie me for
here ti serr yue saenouye maun wurk ye slouthfu
thare a cuiverfeu grant wesnoua bittie fornyawed an hairse
about it fur thare wesnouabout thrie dizzen o m
ane malcolm thare a thochtnouaweill whuther ah mairrie again
chap chap wha s tharenouhere an inglish tylar here
monk is nae mair annouhis new heidstane stauns thare
aff the flouer pat tharenouis that no a sicht
grimaces and winces occasionally tharenouthat wes better wes it
and anfisa come in anfisanouthey r sittin doun thare
thare what dae ye saynouto the ghost what dae
z at hir guidman wesnoua tratour brigganner an liear
again his onlie lyfe wesnouablo the grund wi the
but ah m no feartnouah wush ah wes deid
aw the years an placesnouahint him wes gaun ti
wes a bit crabbit binouan cuidna beleve it wesna
kittilrumpit wes a joyfu guidwyfenouan wad hae kisst the
the chaumer loun but wesnouas guid a maid as
the hedder bot he kentnouat gaitsgill wes ti tammas
refaise sicna inveit an kentnouat he wes the preisoner
ying man in hir tirnnouat john wes frie a
wes niwer teidisum a seinouat thae flaws gied him
it bot the greiks wesnouaw ben hiz weir waws
hir the wey she wesnoubuskit in hir different claes
strang agin hir she wesnouchairged wi the ither ill
reddies an hed strak annouebenezer wes tied ower a
the computeir tho at wesnoueildit an suidna bene expekkit
care aboot the bluidie treenoueilidh it wes shona malcolm
mirren an ruth an wesnouettlin ti laun i the
cats an forby she wesnoufeirt sae she said wi
fashious kauch sen he wesnoufell bos i the caig
but she wesnae hir lanenoufor she wes rinkit round
wes a cabinet meinister butnouhe is oot the jyle
hirsell sae she did butnouhe wes free o hir
wi rammish lassies lik ruthnouhe wes on the wrang
befell this ane tae saenouhere wes the puir weidae
roun mirren fur thai wesnouhumfished wi blak onfreinlie faces
syne thinkin the loun wesnouin his pouer he breinged
what a said ye kennouit wes banquo that ill
but anither mukkil forest binouit wes the forenicht an
dinna want hir merkit thenoujek she wes the queen
threid for ye it wesnoulate on an mysie lost
as deid areddies but binoumeg wes sair wearit wi
gate fur hame it wesnoumid winter an the cauld
no back on the fermnoumither he wes yuchie he
r out mirren at hednoumynded hir wirries wes maist
wes stawn or distroyed announaebuddie hes the skeills ying
rymes an taills bot wesnouower mature ti finnd thaim
bi wanfortun the barr wesnoupang fo o cheils at
fremmit spats the faimilie wesnouplaged wi the throuithers bot
loans bot thon voss wesnouringin richt in hiz lug
ma name aw airts binouroderic wes rael vext for
wes cluddit an lourd botnoushae wes in a nyow
an i fak he wesnouskin an birn i the
onawaur o daein t knawinlienouthe dede wes duin tho
wytin ruim ruif it wesnouthe gloamin an the burds
hir hame til his mithernouthe mither wes a spaewyfe
an hir name wes eilidhnouthe prince in the castel
fain ti jouk our cumpanienouthe puir darger wes a
it wes pitt mirk tammasnouthocht at daith wes lik
nicht s follaers at wesnouti be consithert faes bot
an for aw it wesnoutuim it seemed ti him
wumman pompitie ye wadna kennouwad ye at ah wes
puir auld caird that binouwes feelin gey disjaskit in
nivver grat sin bairnheid botnouwes sae forwandert at shae
whit wes she ti daenouwhit wad hir crabbit mither
s sauntheid bot a kennouwhitna gemm wes on gaun
dugs hed taen tammas wesnouwi a fivver an the
up ah dinna want oniethingnouah l caum doun in
at the halie sepulchre gunnarnouah l gie ye a
ve telt ye awthing annouah l keep quaet ah
dinna daidil on the roadnouah l no be lang
springs turn til simmer butnouah l no forgae wyne
in hir twa haunds seenouah l pit ye in
ti the kimmer an saidnouah l speik but the
beildit frae the wund sleepnouan the morn we l
olga juist drap it thenouandrey we l speak aboot
l pass the cup roondnouhe takes a sip from
wad say onie mortal thingnoumalcolm she l no be
frae moscow andrey dae yenouman congratulations ye l git
she l no be langnouqueen with a start whaur
sae ah l juist awanousae awa doun ti the
we l hae sum peacenouthat s an end til
l hae ti hurrie hamenouwi the wattir ma mither
bern s brunt doun butnouah can fairlie see the
drawing room with chebutykin solionynouah can lift nae mair
haed kent whit ah kennouah d hae drouned masell
mither queen eh no thenouah dinna expek no for
be a gret mukkil laddienouah dinna ken thir days
ah m that dowie thenouah dinna ken whit s
but sumthing happent yestrein annouah feel sum unco dreid
end the kinrik til tithernouah grein for the steid
ah can see it awnouah hae been blinnd eilidh
ye coud be fund herenouah hae fund ye an
ma kist tichtens agin menouah hae naebodie ti turn
acre o guid rice annouah hae rowth o silk
husband doen t hear saenouah hae ti spend anither
for hir magic needle annouah hae tint it ah
on the back end stormnouah hear it again aince
as ah look at yenouah keep thinkin o the
m shuir ah ken yenouah ken ah dae vershinin
thegither in the lair butnouah m aye leevin an
as ah can ah daursaynouah m gittin waeker ah
ah wrocht on the telegraphnouah m in the coonty
dinna ken whaur ti turnnouah m juist aboot ma
saunt stanislav saicont cless annouah m teachin the bairns
lyin in that hole thenouah micht hae a wee
the loss o hir guidmannouah premise that the oot
no feelin ower graund thenouah read or fower o
her door behind her pompitienouah sal flie hame for
and shuts his door pompitienouah sal flie hame he
an steikit hir houss durenouah sal flie hame thocht
d kent whit ah kennouah wad never hae killed
ah m no mistaen watchnouan see for yeirsell ah
pause can ah gaun awanouandrey ay awa ye gae
the streets o the capitalnouat ah m deid ah
hate the lyfe ah leevenoubut whit a lift ah
impatiently ah ve askit yenouceivil aneuch aboot ten tymes
ah canna see oniebodie thenoueilidh goes to the door
deid naebodie can help menougin ah d kent whit
til whaur is it awnougod ah ve forgotten ah
trembling morag byde still thenouguidman ah canna mak a
hame late the nicht isnouhauf duin ah staun for
m short o siller thenouin fact ah haena onie
but she s no ablenouis she aither ah dinna
clivver an important than butnouit s different awthegither ah
lang s ah leeve fornouit s shuirlie clear aneuch
hame toun again ah sleepnoulyker a traivlar kyorai 1651
leeve ah ken it awnouma dear ivan romanych man
pleisir an ah hate itnouma intimmers is fair cruppen
be lang for this warldnoume ah ve been gey
ah see that it isnoumuinlicht bouin ma heid ah
til thair auld weys fraenouon gin ah micht ah
that cuid speik haud onnouor ah fesh a sowp
dae ah ettil ti daenouorm ay thorfinn is shaken
face ah canna tell yenoupepper but it is a
face ah canna tell yenoupepper but it is a
hirsell houanever awthing s awrichtnousae ah can relax for
ah see nae sic staffsnouserrs aweill whan the guidwyfe
thing eftir anither eilidh maisternouthat ah m shuir moula
look ah m no greitinnouthat s aneuch o it
ah soud leav thaim thenouthey r aw fair duin
dae ye ettil ti daenouthorfinn whit dae ah ettil
kitchen ah m gaun upnouti the lang rigg for
whalps did ah no butnouwe hae but the tae
gied me a gliff thenouwhan ah saw it ah
no that it mukkil maittersnouwhit div ah care aboot
a byordnar ane tak tentnouwhyle ah tell it ti
sax aw by an duinnouwi this lyfe ah haena
murderin ma son moula saenouye ken faither that ah
airn furnaces whaur there snoua coal ree for the
ay whaur s ma flouersnoua ll pouk the treeple
the whyte houss whaur callumnoubade his lane but ai
a battle whaur herd ladsnoufinds spear an sword as
hawthorn tree whaur i satnouhardly breathin wi the gun
then whaur is it awnoukisses her hand the r
whaur is duncan s tramortnoumacduff cairrit til iona ti
that an whaur she isnounaebodie kens ti this day
seivin an aw afore dawinnouno ferr frae whaur the
apen roustie yetts the gairdennouterreal ane eritage perk whaur
ti win free o thisnouwhaur else cud a rin
whaur he wis born saenouye ken ye puir wee
ti refete a bittie botnoua hed ti dale wi
o uimour yid hed nnouae wheen thochts aboot mulsintoun
a hed better order richtnouanither pair o buits fur
houss at gaitsgill at thainouawned sen t grunstane hed
at aw wuid be cantienoufur shae hed richtlie jaloused
fee d yestreen lu danouhed a bit think ti
twae o the guesten housnouhed bund his heid in
thair raid inti carlyle tammasnoumyndit at he hed deiffekwaltie
thon linkie tammas grunstane hednoustawn hiz gowd pendil the
spreid out owre the buirdnouthe thriesome hed taen a
ye r finndin sum reliefnoufaither malcolm ma fuit feels
malcolm mercie whit is itnoufor the luiv o guidness
ye malcolm a ken himnougod grant that suin we
truist in god s mercienoumalcolm ay ye d better
a hantil pyne wi menoushona please dinna malcolm malcolm
me a onlie howp thatnouthey rest in peace malcolm
carrying branches of trees malcolmnouwe re near aneuch thraw
silence malcolm drawing his swordnouye hizzie moula faither this
disgrace that the kintrie isnoubrukken hir walin o sang
me c mon dinna daidilnoucairrie hir dinna cuddil hir
tuim whit wad she daenoufor hir ain houss quynes
warks in the cougait annouhe licks hir ilka day
taen m unner hir weingnouhe s a beig sonsie
an wrat til hir raiglarnouhir muther auld mag o
wesna slaw o wut thainouinterrogat hir thorow lik giein
guid meat ti feed hirnoujek looks upset maister it
the guidwyfe o kittilrumpit thatnoukent hir customer gied a
prink yeirsell ahent ma kerrnoumirren wesna strange about hir
she s a puirlyke craiturnouricht aneuch hir back s
an never cam back annouthe leddie s aw hir
wi hir flesk tuim annouthe war but the yungest
shona she s awned upnoutil aw hir ill daein
in the craig face luiknouan tell me whit cums
whit s ti be dunenouan zhu wu kneels doun
whit wad ye cry itnouask me anither masha whit
o whit wis howpasley fermnouatween thar an whit wis
the hoose it whit weinouca auld wolf whilk ligs
ulster but whit we wantnouis for the leid as
again whit dae ye seenoumurdo the sairvant cuist his
ye whit ll we daenououtbye the twa ensigns wis
ye tent o whit anoupropone ma benignitor quo auld
gae in sae whitfor nonousae whit did she dae
chi ca 700 tell menoutell me nou whit mair
ails ye whit s wrangnouthat s an awfulyke dirdum
for that is whit maittersnouthe lave sal follae eftir
it isna safe fell rousednouthe marischal rairs whit wad
veisitin day ane ouk fraenouwhit lik buddie desydes the
tell me nou tell menouwhit mair micht a man
stertit ti plant ye annoua ettil for ti see
a burlaw baillie an richtnoua m ettlin ti see
canna rin frae here annoua stert ti wearie o
an scotland ar saiprit kintraesnouafoir thai cam ti be
what are ye up tinouall a deed athoot a
ance mair ti the mainsnouan ti shi jin he
ti the staig chiel annouas ferr as oniebodie kens
hame bi the henwyfe snouas he wan ti the
but ti enjoy it thenouat a distance sae ti
no afore or efter butnouathort the kinkin brig ti
back ti the eastren capitalnoubig liu wis sib ti
lowp aboot ower mukkil thenoubinna ye dinna want ti
warld the thing is auldnoubut aye fit ti weir
s the teirant up tinoudae ye ken caithness he
said ti finn watch menoufinn the gret watch me
murder yit it is wanchauncienoufor us ti byde a
o him our tale tellsnougaed straucht back ti his
o frie scotland the mennougied addisence ti thair foirsman
guid offer frae a callantnouhe didna ettil ti byde
ti skin an bane binouhe examines his forearm turning
wey throu the shallaes annouhe greins ti gae back
ti tent til ma bairnsnouin the derk sea forest
we r here for thenouis ti bigg the foonds
cud we no honour yenouit wis comin on ti
ti keep it sauf nounoulang eftir dayset that forenicht
gret sea ma luiv isnouleevin ti the south o
ti the tron agane annoumonie thousants o fowk frae
the r nae turnin backnoumorag dae ye want ti
place for fortie fiftie daysnouno thinkin ti land here
for ti keep it saufnounou lang eftir dayset that
ti save its fowk annouoor wark is dune tho
s murder ane twa aynous the oor ti dae
get him here ti menousae men wir sent affhaun
back s at the wawnoushe said she wantit ti
frae thair plauntins asweill saenouthai thocht ti pit mars
ither thing ti be shuirnouthat ma fuit s on
ti hear it ross annouthe keing o noroway wad
wyce ti lae fyfe alanenouthe lest pynt at awnsers
try ti imagine it thenouthe r juist thrie fowk
s wee bairn aince annouthe r naebodie ti say
siller ti pey him backnouthere wis nae ither wey
ti wee marischal wang snouthis marischal wis guidbrither ti
we ve come here thenouti dee aa thrie o
the kinrik a m awanouti munt the mists an
whunstane issa closer an closernouti paradise but hou cauld
toun our tale gangs onnouti tell hou lang efter
haena been lousum up tinouti tell ye the truith
net it s no faurnouti the sheriffdom o stentsaucht
him tho our tale gangsnouti the strenth o the
tell for our tale turnsnouti the strenth on the
aa he d ti daenouwis wait on the dawin
she pit me ti bednouwullie juist you courie doun
a fair ingaitherin maist fowknouwun roun ti axin me
it ti dae ye honournouye re here yir ain
juist byde ye here thenouan a ll gae speir
dinna pit aff onie langirnoujuist dae it morag awricht
followed jock up the banknoujuist hou it happened badger
cradle juist luik at younoujuist luik at you she
juist cuidna help addressin yenoumysie haed a guid consait
wi growl or nip juistnoun again tae haud them
no on the river ayrnousae juist watch hou ye
wolf stable fur the horsesnouthan juist feegur yersel i
juist leave iz alane thenouwalks off koolyghin an eftir
mirren s facultie sen bairnheidnoucam til the foir as
forget his wee princess annouit cam back til him
it til oor ain daynouits hecht istanbul yon constantine
bodie hauds the yird unhinnertnouma sowl devauls til entropie
hame til his ain steidinnounae suiner haed the new
ithers intil the faith andnoutil the eeries and orries
ane o god s sojersnougin a haed as monie
the prince an his lassnouhaed anither waddin for awbodie
stanes on the sea shorenouhe haed aince hard that
wi his haill hert annouhe kent that he haed
our breid on thursday wenourab haed nae ear for
ain thay haed that saenouthay haed a guid chaunce
day ye ever liftit itnouthe puir man haed aften
ay doun comes the lordnoua follaed ye see ayont
isbn 0 7126 9893 0nouback tae greenbanks ferm ay
ay annie an sandie speirsnoubide up the wulton i
s fair a ferlie aynoucome doun on a suddentie
see but bide like thenoufor fowk s lifes ay
shuir angus ay nae doutnouhe feels his secret murders
near ye gunlöd ay annouhe is expekkit hame frae
queen is that a factnourintoul ay ma graundfaither on
sicht olga alang ye gaenoutak this doun ferapont ay
yokit ay wi mantill imperiallnouthe speirit s on the
gey ferr doun the braenoua lanesum auld man o
doun through the years annouauthority ye lay aside but
ane o the sons isnoubidin i denholm doun ablo
it an fyled it saenouit dings ye doun in
richt keep yer hauns upnoulay doun on yer face
wha bydes in oor houssnousays he look you doun
kent is the milestone braenouthan gin ee leukit doun
bleize it s deein dounnoutho thon ferapont fasht me
doun frae william pitt annouye say ye re on
yer grup s guid eneuchnouan again while walkin the
scrat ma pow ower itnoufaither sayed hiz guid dochter
them money alang ye gaenougod bliss ye guid fowk
an spreids guid will butnouhis legal mind he turns
dream wi the needle annouit is as guid as
guid care o that teanoupompitie the r no mukkil
set thir guid folk freenouset that blessin on the
ae guid wheen ear sinnouwhan shei selt the snoot
scots wants fae govrenment saenoua come tae ma pirlicue
nek sae ye ar awauknouar ye sayed the deil
bigger nor me sae itnoucan be said that i
hinner me on ma roadnoufor a m sae steep
o this stourie warld saenouhe wants to quit the
be nae mair fauts fraenouon mind sae profunditas gat
he s awa wi tnousae zhu wu speirit at
an fled sae they arenoususpekkit ross that s agin
agin this unchancie smit saenouthe pest s clean vanisht
bid me sae finn steerednouthis airt an nou that
an craw sae crouse harknouye ll sair be disappyntit
dae nae mair waur thenouas pit a whein scots
dae fur ye the offishernourequeishtit sleikit lik mirren pit
thaim in ma feim macduffnouwhat did ye dae that
the burn gurlin hyne ablonouwhitlik suid a dae he
forrest merkin lang straucht triesnoua trie isna bot ane
the loch the wattir isnouaw ane wi the lift
riggs atwein the twa sheilinsnouin ane o thir riggs
me said the sklimmer annouthe fift ane o ye
lamancha ane time adventurer annoutory cabinet meenister tae heize
s there a letter backnouwhan there wisna ane afore
hauds me aye in fearnounicht faws an hame the
frae faur an near annousafe hame wi fauldit pinions
fur ae gey wheen earnouawned bi the bshara institute
luik gey seik an shilpitnoubi what they kythit syne
she is gey disjaskit binoufor the ettin hae stown
nationality bi readin german psychoanalysisnouthe british meenistry o information
steep t in bluid binouthe re nae wey back
that chappin what ails menouwhan a am glifft bi
hae lowdent ma suspeicions annoua ken ye are a
haen ma fill o horrorsnoua ve growne that uised
oors o licht atwein thenouan supper binna ma horse
ma anerlie stell an prapnouat a m up in
a nobil faimlie ferr bennouat the court ma man
an stawed ma fower horsenouevin the michtie makkar o
ma lord he s quaetnouin a sheuch wi twantie
wrang aw ma days thenouis dreich an fou o
vyce pypit up haud onnouma bonnie princess the bonnie
owrepeer o us aa maselnouma fore elders aye bade
watched ma keikin gless butnouma rouge an creams skunner
tree syne ma hoond annouma son ye hae chynged
fowk a soud enjey thirnouno thraw thaim at ma
business that effeks ma eennouowre this ae hauf warld
the wu sun a tentnouserrs me for ma houss
a hae sum unco ploysnouswitherin aroond in ma heid
onie o ma neiger maisiknoutammas grunstane boued hiz nek
steirin in ma hert annouthe r tears the stound
fingirs on ma breist thenouye maunna middil the ryal
valgerd s hand kissing valgerdnouye see ma hert s
ye puzzint ma saul annouye see the punishment o
is fair blek wi thaimnoua hae never seen the
wad never hae haird aforenouan the knicht leuch sayin
friens an baurley bree timenoufor us tae hae a
fowk o the widds annouhae a fouth o clachans
hae tint thair meanin awthegithernouin the gairdens wuthert chrysants
timmer in the north ormnoumebbe we micht hae sumthing
wurk nae for siller butnouthat ye hae fund oot
orm hae ye fund sauchtnouthorfinn caressing valgerd suin suin
scotch croun fur monie generautiounsnouwe hae a fauss k
re aw sair fasht thenouwhan we hae gethert oorsells
c the auld kirk isnouae dwallin hoose todshawhauch mr
ludge wud it the haughnouafore a leave the auld
auld maister come ye herenouan pey ye yir respecks
tired banes the auld yowenoubereft o life lay sprauchlt
the thrawn auld yin cuidnoudaunder outby an vizzie the
mair let keek the liftnouhunder year auld gress lies
promotion tae the west annouilk dyvour in auld killie
flytin o that auld buggernouthey re lyin yin the
auld place names a mnouthinkin on the eftercast i
them in their place annouwi dignity an grace auld
shuitit the auld faither finenouye mauna think at hiz
ve gotten uised wi himnoubut the r sic a
sicht o you in scotlandnouwad generate an airmie the
that verra cloister ye seenoua ance made a vou
sum letters ye can awanoua pause he s gaen
o ye awa wi yenouan redd up yir gear
ye clippit owre an ordeinitnouan whan a gied ye
bluidmerk but she saw itnoubricht an kenspekkil thenk ye
ye wadna be tellin leesnoubut the callant gied the
birn ye wi thur thenoucheptir fyve twa castels nae
me oot the windae thenoudid ye see me moula
tak ye a bit dennernoufor a ll be sendin
baith o ye steir yeirsellsnoufor we haena mukkil patience
ye a bit respeck sirnouheaven s grantit a meetin
ye ve quit the warldnouhou cud ye brak the
no fedotik ye can movenouirena serghyeevna that is gin
afore things is past mendinnoujek ye soond a bit
ye can say for shonanoumeg he soonds a coorse
last queen haud on thenoumorag see an ye can
richt aneuch it s differentnouolga but ye haena a
rest ye can git fraenouon ye can sit in
mair nor ye did thenoushe glares at ringan ringan
use is siller tae yenoutae buy a passage get
ye look a sicht auldernoutearfully that mukkil aulder vershinin
sayin byde ye here thenouthe twa o ye an
the jiggin daein the twustnouthocht the bodach cuid ye
faur oot o her reachnouwatch weel ye fishers this
mebbes let ye aff butnouye re beggin a shuirlie
lu da a m awanouye re here benignitor says
that disna ken oniething annouye see wi awbodie oot
at s quick an vivualnouye ve latten them out
nou an craik sheil wheechnoua m telt is anither
steered nou this airt annouthat as the trekkar bad
canna be verra ferr awanoueilidh re enters the room
waitergate a kan sei umnouhyne awa yonner penting yon
in absentia syn god saidnoui m awa mak a
thocht o it as scotlandnouit santit awa unner the
saints jean jean come awanouthe voice was soft but
a dizzen coggies o drinknouwhan quarto wang gaed awa
but a wat neb nudginnouan then commands oor hale
divinely this dreich grey mornnouat oor leisure we thenk
torch valgerd oor pairtin isnouforaye it is aw by
dout oor kintrie is dounhaudennouilka new day anither gaw
the scouts oor tents werenouj black o greenock s
as we see the pastnouwi skunner an scorn oor
we batherin aboot it fornouandriusha is awin siller aw
drink for twa year annouaw at aince he gangs
men o aw degrees isnoudesertin him he s left
hiz umquhyle sell hiz dochternouduin aw the wark aince
skelterin aw bit yin hirplinnouearly breakfast cockroaches scuttling except
is that aw she isnoueilidh eilidh nounae nounae the
nae soun o flichterin burdnoufrae thir links aw is
he med pentit wark windaesnouhe fessed aw the gless
biggest mukkil burd o awnousnek aff a hint leg
daunsin aw his days annouthe maist byordnar thing he
aw by an duin winouthorfinn byde you an leeve
aw the lift abuin isnouyae blue a hantil maws
whilk is mair nor lyklienouae rickle o stanes a
the yetts apposeet ilk ithernouthan ae wheen o the
ae hoose ca d blawearienouthan gin thar bei onnie
d the pot syke roondnouthan whan a wis ae
wrocht on the hoscote estatenouwhan a wur ae laddie
an the wey it isnouan afore verra lang say
an an antrin deer butnoui spend ower lang beside
plan for battle siward annouit winna be that lang
toun twa hunner years annous i close this lang
paper darts it ilk ithernouthan whan a leukit alang
palace an dine wi himnouwhan he hedna seen gao
in our tale nae mairnouwhan leirsman wang an his
ca 1590 1646 luiv poemnoudinna you set sail the
s eftir echt o clocknouferapont that s richt it
ll mak a stert richtnouhou muckle siller for baith
an douce that evidence richtnoui ll summon an let
an outlan bodie sayin richtnouin the eastren capital chai
you bannoks for us richtnoumhairi an hurrie up aboot
onie mair we ll tellnouo lu da rinnin frae
3 1993 21 tell menouwang chi 584 644 lallans
frae thair faither s touernouthay haedna ridden ferr inti
stanes eydent wurkin but thaynoukythed ferr mair ugsum nor
ance mair an fell rousednoumarischal gao rairs out men
an pawkies onie mair bitnoushe pulled on my bobble
a sail wi the winnoua gusty force four a
s left wi conscript wratchesnouan thair herts is no
bricht neath wheaten theikit pownouglazed wi grey o dimmin
them wi muckle spangin stepsnoui the firsten place there
physician what s she atnouluik she s rubbin wi
freins war sauf wi usnousiward in wars the re
wi muckle virr an isnousoarin on ahead o his
cam up wi the shipnouthe ettin hystit his haund
tae stop there wi thaimnouthe same fowk is gaen
an cruppen in wi hungernouthe verra meenit the thocht
an end o t butnouthey ryse again wi twantie
within five miles o herenouwi aa that cairry oan
delve for worms is plantednouwi flouers oot wi the
shaidaes the gress is droukitnouwi the back end dew
a wee thing testie thenouwi this fuit knicht awricht
the air aroond us butnoua m hauden in an
aince o gryte ranown annoua replenishit pouer i the
an get that net thenoua sherp rug shuin freed
an sliddert unner the rannochsnoua unnerstaun eve s faw
s the need an menoua ve taen a dram
kynd bydes an he stuidnouafore callum as the son
the best puils furst annouan again some split heids
wee giggle an a wigglenouan again tae lead him
uis cry in men thenouan get it apent thrie
he s gey hard upnouan in puir health anaw
whasae hes cause step forritnouan propone whasae hes nane
secretary o the local cooncilnouan protopopov s the chairman
that bugger turns roun thenouan sees me lyin here
out clear an clear thenouan they re aa offerin
the desert sand foraye faintlykenouan waucher aye dirds the
waesum an a fell feimnoubleizes inby me it s
their star an brither mannoucoontless peasants slay in faur
he had been plaguit annoufor aince wis aff his
the prince s menyie annoufor gao the braw this
the hearth side rug annoufor ower eleiven year sharin
the foirsman an hiz mennougaed about thair beisnes bot
sort but she can speaknougod be thenkit an she
up an nichert open opennougreen knowe an lat you
s for quittin the warldnouhe hes an ill faurd
nae herm in telling itnouhe wis an uncle o
biggit yon rikkil stauns alanenouhings an awesum seilance rank
tae set me free annoui fish as aince i
they re in the watternouian hissed an we cuid
o reamin hutches an traivelsnouin caurs no cages had
an yang chun a hearnouin gloresheddae toun they ve
frocks o dreich gray annouinsteid o luikin blyth thay
an he s cummin upnouirenuska you be nice an
wunter s gaen by annouit s the spring as
an you canna read thaimnoulat thaim never be read
remains fir tristan an isoldenoumy luve the lappin swaw
the strenth our tale tellsnouo shi jin an hou
mairch crusher our tale tellsnouo shi jin an hou
an here s his vycenouorm goes out the voices
him o hiz sorra grefenouower whummilt him an hiz
an thar stock an isnoupairt o a j mackenzie
the likes o which inouregret an hope an pray
us be shuir an wrytenourodé glancing round the garden
him but peirie neuk annousein thro the mirk at
fair leeves at the skuilnoushe s the heidmistress an
haun at conrayed the beissnouswoupit bak the hinger an
praisence an tammas s saulnousyped awaw lik cruds throu
o sun an fire annout wis time to go
rydars focht an war slauchtertnouthair horses reinge aboot nickerin
tae phone for the polisnouthat wee alec an ian
this mony a year annouthe ferm s my ain
pairish gave him birth annouthe warld kens his worth
out throu echt nine generationsnouthey ve swure an aith
forget an i m evennouthinkin if he keeps me
an efter him cam renzongnouthis king renzong wis the
neither bite nor sup annouthough still a kennin broun
disnae birl her scarf bitnoutwirls it an instead o
maistres stein mirren s awauknoucryed out the lad ower
he d still be rinninnouhaun me ower that hedgin
his dippin days are owernouhe ll get his reward
o yid nichol s lairdshipnoua days a ve read
adv not norlin n northerlynouadv now o prep of
reddin o the fankil botnouat the faither kent about
o mirren s kemp cuidnoube hard as he sklimmit
joukin the threttiesum o waatchersnoucongregatit i the houff gried
o mulsintoun s dochter whaenoudescrives hirsel is hevin the
o the kists hoy onnoufor feir the prince cums
best o tymes caw cannienoufreins said cormac we canna
d the riggin o kittilskartnougaed bak on ding dang
lifes o thae twa ensignsnougin the county constable wis
the warld it s differentnouhe is the kyndest o
commander o the palace marischalrynouhe wis a marischal gao
athout greitin that we bydenouin the land o ice
thikfauld plauntin o lariks henoumynded thegither thai cawed out
o miravirtus our tale tellsnouo owrancer lu jinkin about
weel oot o the rainnousails are aaricht on occasions
the nem o t thenouthe bit tombe is in
faither afore me but isnouthe commander o the palace
whummlins o the yird thonouthe face bydes caum we
knawledge sid s grandson isnouthe fermer o wudburn the
a straik o the kaimnouthe firsten thing wis profunditas
sklim aff hiz prevat yattnouthe maist clivversum pairt o
ilkane is a bachelor forbynouthe maist pouerfu o wur
candle see here she cumsnouthis is the wey o
o bare scud doukin weansnouwae s the herts o
finance depairtment telt me thenouhe said lest wunter they
thon s horrid kittlie distnouleisten inglis pit me in
murder it wesna me needlenouwe sal set oot for
tae bei seen a mnouthinking aboot it laest twae
m no in bad fettilnouto ringan aweill than laddie
if heivin is here thenouamang the laiverocks in the
d nae ither helpeners herenouhe s forfautit for slauchter
she s no hirsell thenousee guidman here a cushion
it the keech in sewersnouis emptit nae need tae
laddie up sayin nae offensenounae offense the laddie loun
aboot the roles are switchinnoufaithers plowter in the kitchen
uz aboot things up yonnernouthan the laist bodie thit
days lat him speak ootnouor haud his tung foraye
suid be in radio contactnoui said come in delta
aa it s aa bynousaid jock but it wis
she s a waesum sichtnoumaister she s a puirlyke
a daunce houss quyne butnoushe is a gangril s
cough it up or mebbenoushe s on the pension
throu july 19th it snouback tae the ship at
gunlöd faither is cummin backnouvalgerd is he mittilt gunlöd
sheets the seas fin caumernouadays but whiles a tempest
what s left for usnoubut wershlyke days ablo the
parteecularly mairraige counsellin but fornoupicter the verra first scene
hingin on the front yettnouwe haurlie open it but
c than norlin s northerlynouadv now nuin n noon
nothing nor than norie notionnounow nyaf worthless person ocht
the cuiverfeu than we arnanoustaun asyde the dug staun
heichts owre intil yill waitternouthan the local curlin pound
we ve got the buggernouby this time he had
ootby in the haw thenouhe s feinisht his wark
lilly this great maister zhengnouhe s zheng the flesher
roosed at this report henouprepares for war lennox did
butler whas messages he rannouthe castel stuid on the
the sea gull rests aanouas it wis then sained
dumped on the road rightnouthere wis pandy bluidy monium
a ll cut eet wattnoukent thit his gress wuid
feelin aff my meat thenoutherefter for a while at
s een look efter yirselnoua ll sen a bodie
ll no daur read itnouif it s yir will
for the weedow s dochternouis wed a different generation
s cauld abune the blanketsnouit s warm atween the
the fecht is owre fornoulat s plan for battle
about s the paip thenoumarischal hong speirs the abbeymaister
away aa i need thenous the skitter tae mak
ll mebbe try anither tacknouthat west soun s in
nyne that means onie meinitnoutoozenbach embraces andrey lat s
blat scots tung wittins cannoube gotten i pdf format
haena it by uis thenoua ll get it the
that a ll stert themnouthen says the guildbrther takin
to mak up nyne wheishtnouthe spell is kuist enter
laist danced the lancers nnouis yin staunds on the
be a whein less forritsumnoufor in the hinner end
anglicised form that aye appearitnoufor the first time i
wark a clear abstention timenoutae bool enjoy a book
fair stoundin meg c monnouwe maunna eat the cou
tomorrow the nicht tonight thenoujust now thir these thirl
5th century the scholar sojernoulate on i the day
loun unsteik that door thenoumaister rintoul rintoul opens the
ring the haill lythe warldnoutaks the play in peace
aa the wey abune usnouthe crummlin temple floats upon
pits in new cumnock alanenouthere are three pits in
waatchers i the howff owerbynoutwintie strang stuid lik stuikies

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