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sent out the comfortable maximumnumberfor the room is 350
the fishing season the maximumnumberof fish which can be
one day 4 the maximumnumberof journeys in relation to
pm debate on the maximumnumberof judges scotland order 1999
november 1999 on the maximumnumberof judges scotland order 1999
should report on the maximumnumberof judges scotland order 1999
minister for rural development maximumnumberof members 11 name of
finance and local government maximumnumberof members 7 and calls
committee finance remit unchanged maximumnumberof members 7 name of
the minister for justice maximumnumberof members 7 name of
environment sport and culture maximumnumberof members 7 name of
the minister for justice maximumnumberof members 7 name of
committee audit remit unchanged maximumnumberof members 7 name of
minister for social justice maximumnumberof members 7 name of
equal opportunities remit unchanged maximumnumberof members 9 name of
committee european remit unchanged maximumnumberof members 9 name of
environment sport and culture maximumnumberof members 9 name of
community care remit unchanged maximumnumberof members 9 name of
as to the maximum totalnumberof parts to encompass this
to issue on the maximumnumberof patients a dentist may
estimate is of the maximumnumberof public sector jobs which
three lines with a maximumnumberof seventeen syllables in a
prison kilmarnock what the maximumnumberof such prisoners has been
to base the maximum possiblenumberof their staff in aberdeen
to not exceeding the maximumnumberpermitted for each item on
on rail to increase thenumberand proportion of journeys taken
any plans to increase thatnumberassistant chief constable gordon i
no plans to increase theirnumberassistant chief constable gordon that
the huge increase in thenumberof agency nurse staff reflects
increase since 1997 in thenumberof anti depressant prescriptions if
a huge increase in thenumberof appeals although the percentage
for the increase in thenumberof appeals sent to the
times is to increase thenumberof beds available for treatment
records an increase in thenumberof children in scotland who
with local authorities increase thenumberof children undertaking regular physical
an intention to increase thenumberof civilians working in the
is taking to increase thenumberof consultants in specialities where
been an increase in thenumberof deaths for which alcohol
there are to increase thenumberof dental graduates s1w 27375
to the area increase thenumberof dental training places and
per cent increase in thenumberof drug related crimes it
much smaller increase in thenumberof english acceptances drugs 3
will take to increase thenumberof fiscal fines which are
the need to increase thenumberof gaelic medium teachers by
being taken to increase thenumberof gaelic teachers by 140
will need to increase thenumberof homes by 10 per
transfer programme will increase thenumberof houses that the homeless
s commitment to increase thenumberof meetings that that committee
the proposal to increase thenumberof member states through an
senior post and increase thenumberof nurse consultant posts attract
through an increase in thenumberof nurse consultants and through
years we will increase thenumberof nurses attracting back trained
increase the sentence for anumberof offences in connection with
given the increase in thenumberof officers and the publicity
financially secure to increase thenumberof older people who enjoy
see an increase in thenumberof ornamental containers and window
been taken to increase thenumberof people across the renfrewshire
the expected increase in thenumberof people aged over 85
the expected increase in thenumberof people aged over 85
is taking to increase thenumberof people and businesses which
we want to increase thenumberof places and we also
increase even further the recordnumberof police in scotland give
be required to increase thenumberof previously homeless people whom
it has to increase thenumberof primary school teachers s1o
the steady increase in thenumberof questions has meant in
because the increase in thenumberof questions is a matter
flinn the increase in thenumberof questions that were asked
with any increase in thenumberof racist attacks s1f 2321
the huge increase in thenumberof raptors snh and the
small gp practices increase thenumberof salaried dentists and gps
the bill could increase thenumberof salmon surviving to spawn
address the increase in thenumberof school exclusions following the
being taken to increase thenumberof school leavers in the
being taken to increase thenumberof school leavers in the
into the increase in thenumberof section 18 episodes under
taking to increase a thenumberof social workers and b
it has to increase thenumberof specialist clinical medical and
to an increase in thenumberof students continuing the study
education we will increase thenumberof teachers by 3 000
is taking to increase thenumberof university students from disadvantaged
is taking to increase thenumberof visually impaired people voting
indicate an increase in thenumberof welsh speakers from 18
had failed to increase thenumberof working age people who
a view to increasing theirnumberas well as providing them
minister concerned about the increasingnumberof children including very young
the parliament notes the increasingnumberof complaints of domestic industrial
the feeling that an increasingnumberof highers and s- qualifications
committed itself to increasing thenumberof older people taking exercise
it has for increasing thenumberof passenger miles travelled on
are committed to increasing thenumberof people from all communities
year only when an increasingnumberof people start coming down
scottish executive is increasing thenumberof policy analysts it employs
parliament jointly in an increasingnumberof policy areas the open
workshops there is an increasingnumberof postgraduate students using computer
child pornography including increasing thenumberof prosecutions and sentences for
child pornography including increasing thenumberof prosecutions and sentences for
continue to investigate the increasingnumberof questions and produce many
support scotland given the increasingnumberof referrals to victim support
this will include increasing thenumberof salaried gps the provision
attempted to define a largenumberas six or more that
might result in a differentnumberbeing used a large group
the definition of a largenumbercriminals who have been found
a very large perhaps excessivenumberexamples we could hardly fin
thi loss o a largenumbero aulder scots modal verbs
who make up a largenumberof a fox hunt do
people there are a largenumberof candidates for advertised vacancies
that applies to a largenumberof careers in the health
sight to see a largenumberof carts on the roads
paraphrase to find a largenumberof certificates in a state
density that is a largenumberof different words it is
in welcoming the unexpectedly largenumberof distinguished visitors who came
we also retain a largenumberof experienced staff the main
several weeks now a largenumberof girls in the class
death of a large enoughnumberof hares to affect the
already have quite a largenumberof houses to manage perhaps
and their roles a largenumberof interests are concerned as
me and indeed a largenumberof leading academics that information
in view of the largenumberof members and more important
the debate as a largenumberof members wish to speak
passengers were a tragically largenumberof mothers and young children
only one of a largenumberof native dialects all perfectly
but also from a largenumberof non police reporting agencies
m608: mmhm m078: erm largenumberof of of these as
with rickets and the largenumberof older ladies in particular
where there is a largenumberof opencast sites particularly in
public and to the largenumberof organisations that want to
hunting there are a largenumberof other equestrian sports which
area that has a largenumberof pedestrians because none of
tory party constitute a largenumberof people in pursuit of
might apply to a largenumberof people not committing a
main reasons why a largenumberof people work in edinburgh
is conduct by a largenumberof persons in pursuit of
in dealing with the largenumberof petitions that we have
language study into a largenumberof relatively random vocabulary areas
language study into a largenumberof relatively random vocabulary areas
prospect of designation a largenumberof respondents welcomed the prospect
considerable demand and a largenumberof sales in the social
be outvoted by a largenumberof small countries which would
trial we find a largenumberof the local witnesses more
well as having a largenumberof thriving voluntary organisations scotland
figures compared to the largenumberof well informed professionals and
in categories with a largenumberof words in humankind the
decade is that a largenumberof young people and others
parliaments there are a largenumberof youth parliaments internationally they
what percentage of their totalnumberhave purchased or own their
scottish executive what the totalnumberof a employees and b
in percentage of the totalnumberof abortions s1w 32864 scott
percentage of the overall totalnumberof awards made s1w 28556
warnings and c the totalnumberof cases dealt with s1w
after adding up the totalnumberof children who scored 0
the current year the totalnumberof closures has been far
a percentage of the totalnumberof council meetings s1w 34841
week or more simply totalnumberof days i ve had
be total deregulation already anumberof folk including those who
do not know the totalnumberof hmos in scotland the
what proportion of the totalnumberof modern apprentices this represents
percentage of a the totalnumberof nursing posts and b
senior minister b the totalnumberof overseas trips made by
percentage of a the totalnumberof people b the long
per cent of the totalnumberof people with ms have
dividing the total by thenumberof pickers he had in
what proportion of the totalnumberof places this represents s1w
what percentage of the totalnumberof primary school teachers employed
conclusively 15 despite the totalnumberof salmon caught by rod
more than half the totalnumberof seats in the parliament
will now specify the totalnumberof special advisers or political
scottish executive what the totalnumberof staff employed by the
6 years a the totalnumberof students attending further education
executive to specify the totalnumberof students in full time
what percentage of the totalnumberof teachers registered to teach
more votes than the totalnumberof votes received by all
of presiding officer the totalnumberof votes that were cast
more votes than the totalnumberof votes that were received
is taking to reduce thenumberof alcohol related deaths in
been able to reduce thenumberof assessments from 12 to
and economically viable reduce thenumberof bodies involved in regulating
being taken to reduce thenumberof cancer deaths in the
improvements that will reduce thenumberof casualties amongst drivers passengers
safer cycling to reduce thenumberof children travelling to school
would want to reduce thenumberof commissioners the numbers have
is taking to reduce thenumberof female alcohol related deaths
their proposals to reduce thenumberof hospitals in glasgow pe
being taken to reduce thenumberof lung cancer deaths in
reduce ill health reduce thenumberof nationally set targets for
take steps to reduce thenumberof offenders sent to prison
being taken to reduce thenumberof patients who suffer from
states to reduce significantly thenumberof people at risk of
diminishes if you reduce thenumberof people who smoke malcolm
has made to reduce thenumberof sea fishery officers as
may be to reduce thenumberthe sales you touched on
number is area code [censored: phonenumber]number[censored: phonenumber] if you get the
four and number six andnumberehm number seven number seven
breadbin m1128: [inaudible] number numbernumbereight number number numb- [singing]
percy s number that snumberf1118: five f1117: no it
it s cause [tut] cakesnumberfour and number six and
ehm number seven number sevennumberfour and number six f1125:
s good f1114: that snumberfour and that s number
two f1114: [exhale] number threenumberfour f1113: wait till we
sheep [inaudible] f1115: there snumberfour f1116: number four one
there s number four f1116: numberfour one nana two nanas
[panting] that s that snumbergreen f1113: number green f1114:
that s number green f1113: numbergreen f1114: [child noises] f1113: oh
mine i suppose my phonenumberis area code [censored: phonenumber] number
number number number eight numbernumbernumb- [singing] i take a
s breadbin m1128: [inaudible] numbernumbernumber eight number number numb-
[inaudible] number number number eightnumbernumber numb- [singing] i take
mam s breadbin m1128: [inaudible]numbernumber number eight number number
[laugh] right m954: i wasnumbernumber one in a field
three f1113: number one f1114: numberone and number three f1113:
s got number three f1113: numberone f1114: number one and
right m954: i was numbernumberone in a field of
s number two that snumberone m1096: number two f1095:
i don t like thisnumberones and number twos let
calls agnes probably a wrangnumbersadie definitely a wrang number
three f1113: no that snumberseven f1114: that s number
and number ehm number sevennumberseven number four and number
number six and number ehmnumberseven number seven number four
[tut] cakes number four andnumbersix and number ehm number
number seven number four andnumbersix f1125: that s right
s number three f1113: nonumbersix that s six smelly
that s number three f1113: numberten f1114: number ten what
three f1113: number ten f1114: numberten what s that f1113:
right that s percy snumberthat s number f1118: five
smelly socks f1114: that snumberthree f1113: no number six
number seven f1114: that snumberthree f1113: no that s
bear f1114: it s gotnumberthree f1113: number one f1114:
number four and that snumberthree f1113: number ten f1114:
one f1114: number one andnumberthree f1113: number two there
boats number two f1114: [exhale]numberthree number four f1113: wait
four f1113: no that snumbertwelve f1114: that s number
that s number one m1096: numbertwo f1095: right see fitt
number two mum that snumbertwo f1113: number two f1114:
there that s two boatsnumbertwo f1114: [exhale] number three
that s number two f1113: numbertwo f1114: yes that s
noo no number two nonumbertwo farr s number two
f1113: is it f1114: yesnumbertwo mum that s number
eating it just noo nonumbertwo no number two farr
no number two farr snumbertwo that s number one
one and number three f1113: numbertwo there that s two
like this number ones andnumbertwos let s be straight
number sadie definitely a wrangnumberunless pause unless of course
number twelve f1114: that snumberwhat s that f1113: a
notebook wrote down your phonenumberalice and other numbers of
want you to phone thisnumberall day just a little
an der s a phonenumberan hit s no wir
phone hasn t got anumberanyway agnes course it hus
an area code in thatnumbercarolanne one phone call sadie
to slip you their phonenumberf814: [laugh] f812: no i
sheridan s1m 1150 0345 phonenumberfor the parliament lodged on
1150 donald gorrie 0345 phonenumberfor the parliament that the
s man hud the phonenumberfur a while before he
by phone her aunt snumberis [censored: phonenumber] i still can
used as toilets our phonenumberis [censored: phonenumber] we would be
gave them your work phonenumberobviously it will be better
name tag with your phonenumberon it and the name
it ll be a wrongnumbershe goes to the phone
frances that story my phonenumberwhen i was little was
can give you a phonenumberwhere you can reach me
kind of bullet points likenumberlike m741: right m605: you
snp amendment points out anumberof concerns about statutory funding
that point on board anumberof excellent points were made
points of this briefing thenumberof gaelic speakers in scotland
had time to address anumberof other points such as
details and clarification on anumberof points 7 flemish and
i wish to raise anumberof points across the voluntary
minister seeking clarification on anumberof points as outlined in
rosie christine grahame raises anumberof points but i will
alan ferguson there are anumberof points i can make
like to pick up anumberof points in the ssta
1949 11 there are anumberof points of interest to
convener the committee raised anumberof points on the bill
and other members made anumberof points on the difficulty
phil gallie has made anumberof points on the first
regulations they raised quite anumberof points some of which
forthcoming election it highlights anumberof points that age concern
des mcnulty one of thenumberof points that brian adam
the strongest terms to anumberof points the question that
jim wallace there are anumberof points to make in
aware that there are anumberof pressure points in dental
places and what the projectednumberis for next year s1w
persons there were also anumberof displaced persons from places
has increased by 10 thenumberof funded places for initial
requesting that it limits thenumberof places given to student
in scotland under labour thenumberof places has already risen
the one with the largestnumberof places in the cupboard
s music school about thenumberof places it supports at
bail supervision services on thenumberof places required for remand
up to deliver a greaternumberof programme places but that
it intends to double thenumberof refuge places for women
by 7 357 and thenumberof residential care places has
it has to review thenumberof secure accommodation places available
this year highlighted the insufficientnumberof sexual offender treatment places
they are quite small innumberand will be small in
the oil industry a smallnumberare employed in forestry agriculture
them because a very smallnumbercreate problems as a result
and will be small innumberin each local authority area
states that a very smallnumberof authorities provides an acceptable
degree he housed a smallnumberof boarders in the schoolhouse
will affect only a smallnumberof cases muir russell it
discipline address only a smallnumberof cases one wonders how
starting with a very smallnumberof children it s obviously
old laws are the smallnumberof extant manuscript digests and
of such a relatively smallnumberof individuals gathering only twice
or on the relatively smallnumberof ms patients for whom
restrict audiences to a smallnumberof people scots has the
canavan talking about a smallnumberof people trying to do
strong candidate from a smallnumberof possibilities the roman road
being diffuse containing a highnumberof small businesses and having
be a decline in thenumberof small hmos once the
empty sewing reel an oddnumberof small nails were tapped
also have a relatively highnumberof small processing outlets the
may yet be a smallnumberof tickets available mr stone
26 to choir evening smallnumberpresent thursday 27 half day
only got through a smallnumberricky sat with graeme s
there is only a smallnumbersome 32 of registered sign
of vast arched doorways enternumbertwenty into a small courtyard
because they were small innumberwhen they came into the
three four five that snumberfive f1113: five [inaudible] that
look all bees that snumberfour f1113: lots o bees
f1113: mmhm f1114: there snumberfour f1113: mmhm there s
o bees f1114: that snumberfour f1113: no that s
f1114: what s that f1113: numberfour f1114: four ducks that
one blast off f1121: rightnumberfour f1122: here s one
be an orcadian very muchnumberfour [laugh] [laugh] m865: most
you tell me is thatnumberfour m1108: no one f1107:
the clock there it isnumberfour m1110: how many parcels
me when it gets tonumberfour you tell me is
and four umbrellas that snumbernine f1113: that s right
we do not know thenumberof four person and three
four years certainly an unprecedentednumberof msps have grabbed me
and four f1114: that snumberone f1113: uh huh f1114:
f1107: right mummy needs thatnumberto go up to four
five f1117: no it snumberf1118: six f1117: that s
duke street prison and thenumberforty six bus he wrote
this morning suggests that thenumberis down to six it
ben a go go anumberof years ago six years
now you ve got anumbersix a green ain m1110:
f1091: and that is percynumbersix and who s that
right find the block withnumbersix f1122: six f1121: good
fae the gods it wasnumberten sixty six for if
girls six or seven innumberwas extremely good and they
i can think of anumberof countryside organisations to which
paper was submitted to anumberof interested organisations it is
in scotland there are anumberof organisations and academics lobbying
work table 1 breakdown ofnumberof organisations by field of
and will be beneficial anumberof organisations have raised concerns
the overall designation framework anumberof organisations including the convention
lobbying companies there are anumberof organisations that would not
with all due respect anumberof other organisations and institutions
most obvious example but anumberof other organisations have not
executive is working with anumberof relevant organisations such as
discussions with representatives from anumberof relevant organisations when responding
2 50 000 is thenumberof social economy organisations in
local and national partnerships anumberof sport s national organisations
it as i wish anumberof voluntary organisations have parliamentary
experience from working in anumberof communities on issues such
allow for discussion of anumberof critical linguistic issues such
court jurisdiction and date thenumberof devolution issues raised in
two issues are involved thenumberof foreign students could decline
its opinion it contained anumberof important issues i had
fully on the conference anumberof interesting and unexpected issues
2000 201 the convener anumberof issues arise in relation
my understanding is that anumberof issues arise one of
summer recess and raised anumberof issues arising from it
clear from earlier discussions anumberof issues concern both institutions
committee seeking clarification on anumberof issues in relation to
committee seeking clarification on anumberof issues in relation to
communities scotland there are anumberof issues that make it
is correct there are anumberof issues that we must
pieces of work into anumberof issues that we want
to deal there are anumberof issues the parliament i
already taken there are anumberof issues to which we
wage michael matheson raised anumberof issues which i will
collected i have raised anumberof issues with the deputy
an integrated tourism product anumberof key issues and questions
scottish tourism industry highlights anumberof key issues and the
of issues such as thenumberof nurses who leave the
sewel motion will progress anumberof other issues but i
be done 12 30 anumberof other issues were raised
issues of national importance anumberof respondents also request more
i am concerned by anumberof specific issues that emerged
applying for licence renewals anumberof technical details and issues
that the report highlights anumberof the issues it would
pilot in aberdeen including anumberof applications for the card
legislation but there are anumberof constraints including timetabling in
of communicative ability in anumberof languages including those less
has been raised by anumberof members including paul martin
including a definition of thenumberof people that constitutes a
the health service including thenumberof professional staff available to
be amended and that anumberof provisions are unnecessary including
rail safety including the highnumberof single track lines and
could be obtained from anumberof sources including redirection of
can assist students in anumberof subjects including geography environmental
communities scotland which regulates anumberof the agencies including abbeyfield
three f1113: no that snumbereight f1114: let s see
f1113: five [inaudible] that snumberfive that s right and
green f1114: [child noises] f1113: ohnumbergreen f1114: [child noises] f1113: wait
a two f1114: that snumberones f1113: that s right
mouse f1113: a mouse f1114: numberthree f1113: beddy time f1114:
f1113: now f1114: that snumberthree f1113: mmhm f1114: there
kittens aye f1114: that snumberthree f1113: no that s
uh huh f1114: there snumbertwo f1113: uh huh f1114:
uh huh f1114: that snumbertwo mum f1113: is it
tax people with the enigmaticnumber705 00 on it oh
participation to a much greaternumberof children and young people
gnp areas are a highnumberof children and young people
and crisp there were anumberof dark shadows of people
of people and a significantnumberof deaths it is clear
by people overseas in anumberof different ways and that
know ye ye see thenumberof eh people that have
term care of the growingnumberof elderly people who need
quite a l- quite anumberof english people [inaudible] just
been a huge ehm tsknumberof er people from other
children and young people anumberof having your say events
er there were quite anumberof of people who had
care for the largest possiblenumberof older people particularly those
care for the largest possiblenumberof older people particularly those
of life for the growingnumberof older people we have
details and those of anumberof other people had simply
and wide now an thenumberof people actually born f1144:
cent that represents a significantnumberof people and a significant
would be helpful but anumberof people are putting pressure
defining in the bill thenumberof people at which a
a significant impact on thenumberof people becoming homeless in
power of work that anumberof people did to organise
change it forecasts in thenumberof people employed in the
in our communities on thenumberof people employed the amount
to be cut down anumberof people feel that these
came in suggested that anumberof people had taken a
echo the experiences of anumberof people i have had
wildlife crimes as a greatnumberof people in certain parts
or is it a minusculenumberof people in pursuit of
communication tool by a substantialnumberof people in scotland and
communication tool by a substantialnumberof people in scotland and
employs directly and indirectly anumberof people in scotland for
attitude held by a significantnumberof people in the parliament
from across scotland and thenumberof people in the public
quite simply the greater thenumberof people involved in considering
mode of expression of anumberof people justifying the adoption
mode of expression of anumberof people justifying the adoption
of worst depending upon thenumberof people living in a
to a point and thenumberof people living there for
difficult to recruit dentists anumberof people mentioned that lifestyle
heard it from a anumberof people not in skye
caused great concern for anumberof people over a long
get out in addition thenumberof people receiving a home
cinema around the 1930s anumberof people remember going to
we know that a significantnumberof people s ms will
it will stop a significantnumberof people smoking mary scanlon
er but of course thenumberof people that can write
problem so that the greaternumberof people that it is
be f632: yeah f646: thenumberof people that really annoy
have been suggested by anumberof people the case for
to come home a surprisingnumberof people were around at
but the cost affects thenumberof people who access the
will be considered when thenumberof people who are allowed
continue to rise and thenumberof people who are at
services agency to collate thenumberof people who are prescribed
a significant reduction in thenumberof people who become homeless
the convener in tayside thenumberof people who can be
substantially in excess of thenumberof people who died during
the plot [inhale] and thenumberof people who get killed
that we have received anumberof people who have given
is being echoed by anumberof people who have read
amendment and reduces considerably thenumberof people who might be
of its effect on thenumberof people who smoke i
a third more than thenumberof people who speak gaelic
a vague idea of thenumberof people who speak or
a fair reflection of thenumberof people who speak scots
of scotland is ageing thenumberof people who suffer from
in the united kingdom thenumberof people who use bsl
i was involved with anumberof people who were with
over time so that thenumberof people who will be
over the year in thenumberof people with disabilities in
involves we talked about thenumberof people with the right
skills and more important thenumberof people with the right
delivered by people in anumberof professions and roles all
increased work load for anumberof reasons with people spending
more precise figure on thenumberof such people with chronic
cave people seven the symbolicnumberof the knights templar twelve
people make up a hugenumberof the population of scotland
offences and only a tinynumberof young people commit more
excluded from school and thenumberof young people not in
other risks a substantially highernumberof young people than ever
the language in scotland thenumberof young people who come
is setting up that freephonenumberto assist people in obtaining
transfusions are treated the freephonenumberwill allow people to register
that s right that snumbernine that s good f1114:
beddy time f1114: that snumberthr- look make a mess
in each category and thenumberof inmates giving the staff
largely to accommodate an increasednumberof parliamentary staff original plans
the back up arrangements thenumberof staff employed by ombudsmen
related arbuthnott estate employed anumberof staff horsemen tractor men
each local prison establishment thenumberof staff in each category
hoping to have a corenumberof staff in place er
role of committees and thenumberof staff needed to support
far as i recall thenumberof staff was in the
determine scanning requirements and thenumberof staff who are needed
correct that the proportion ornumberof staff with greater experience
1 april 1995 a significantnumberof stb staff and functions
participle nae loss o grammaticalnumberagreement thire s three men
done okay that must benumbereleven f1122: one two three
three years going down thenumberof occupants scale a question
set out in a fairnumberof sections and in three
guess i think that snumberone two is it three
yeah f965: you know theynumberthem say one two three
s e last noo fornumberthree easier said n deen
just pressed the button ofnumberthree erm and said erm
other hand is pointing tonumberthree f1109: and the little
think you re missing ootnumberthree f1122: aye mummy we
with their perfect kids atnumberthree it slowed outside the
one but it was saynumberthree so i just pressed
hand is pointing to thenumberthree so what time is
in claremont gardens then atnumbertwenty three with handsome door
1484 thir lines raises anumbero questions firstly it seems
submit written questions on anumberof occasions because of the
the convener we have anumberof other detailed questions on
the inexorable rise in thenumberof parliamentary questions that are
the cosla briefing outlined anumberof questions and gave some
needed i have answered anumberof questions on the issue
central scotland ld sometimes thenumberof questions or motions a
committee needs to discuss anumberof questions should there be
year s recess and thenumberof questions that we receive
very little difference between thenumberof questions that we received
responses i recall submitting anumberof questions that were answered
good neighbour of someone innumber86 who is known to
appropriate in terms of meaningnumberand gender grammar in the
scottish executive what is thenumberand location of courses which
to speaker according to thenumberand nature of links they
to speaker according to thenumberand nature of links they
signs shall be of suchnumberand prominence and in such
of a national symbol thenumberand quality of songs collected
wholesalers place orders specifying thenumberand type of each product
since 1952 data on thenumberand weight of salmon and
and what percentage of thenumbercollected nationally each of these
of hmos in scotland thenumberhas been estimated from time
is stalking one of ournumberhe flicks his tail he
question s1w 30864 show thenumberof a hits to the
or 20 f controlling thenumberof a particular species to
of disease e controlling thenumberof a pest species or
the scottish executive what thenumberof a police officers b
easily be addressed by anynumberof academic experts and scots
activities of the ever growingnumberof active clubs it was
scottish youth parliament played anumberof active games with the
the workshops and undertook anumberof activities to involve the
relation to emergencies and thenumberof acute receiving beds across
be tested elsewhere also anumberof agencies are british in
to accurately assess the currentnumberof allotments and trends over
much will depend on thenumberof amendments to the protection
of route action plans anumberof announcements were made last
advise the committee that anumberof appeals are going to
in excess of the usualnumberof appeals in the hope
major factor has been thenumberof appeals there has been
is to cut down thenumberof appeals there was nothing
social workers and b thenumberof applicants for social work
000 applications represent of thenumberof applications that should have
the fact that the requirednumberof approvals was not going
take decisions on a limitednumberof areas 15 areas were
with which to unify anumberof areas i do not
is scheduled for tomorrow thenumberof areas in which the
to voluntary groups in anumberof areas over recent years
they do mention however anumberof areas that respondents to
to be done in anumberof areas to build on
in october 2001 for anumberof areas to develop the
a third on average thenumberof attacks or relapses that
years there have been anumberof attempts to research the
is a rise in thenumberof auto immune diseases of
the convention debate through anumberof avenues within the uk
a percentage of the overallnumberof awards made in each
as kay ullrich said thenumberof beds blocked is over
on the impact of thenumberof birds of prey on
and we ve quite anumberof bookings for easter as
of england figures of thenumberof borders workers formerly employed
the same with the samenumberof boxes and units what
a massive expansion of thenumberof breakfast clubs in scotland
nice european council defined anumberof broad objectives making the
the receivership at donside anumberof buyers have shown an
the players is dealt anumberof cards containing subjects and
scottish executive whether an adequatenumberof care commission inspectors are
the last five years thenumberof cases a marked no
but i know of anumberof cases in which women
funds themselves are there anumberof cases like that mark
orkney islands has the highestnumberof cases of ms which
have dealt with quite anumberof cases over the years
the committee which identified anumberof categories of hmos that
to the effect that thenumberof certificates that might not
even though you thought thenumberof certificates that would be
been trials of procedures anumberof changes occurred simultaneously some
draft stage 1 report anumberof changes were proposed and
responsible for appointing the givennumberof chief surveillance commissioners or
been carried out on thenumberof children and adults who
that s the highest evernumberof children coming into a
taking action on the absolutenumberof children in poverty child
day playing truant once anumberof children on the way
that the figure for thenumberof children using alcohol is
osteoporosis which affects a considerablenumberof citizens in scotland i
criteria because for example thenumberof civil servants employed by
calculation my example of thenumberof civil servants was to
feature of explication a certainnumberof clear cases then will
aware from correspondence from anumberof colleagues and representations made
in tayside there were anumberof comments about systems within
about future appointments about thenumberof commissioners or whatever beyond
children throughout the day anumberof common themes emerged these
performance normally contains a limitednumberof common verbs and although
will provide details of thenumberof companies employing 50 or
about the difference between thenumberof complaints put to the
groups in inverness raised anumberof concerns about funding they
to reply briefly to anumberof concerns that have been
the scottish executive what thenumberof convictions was a in
it has to review thenumberof council tax bands and
cancelling the debt of anumberof countries and urges other
event was successful on anumberof counts it was good
james vi there were anumberof court poets such as
s project to support anumberof craft residencies in schools
were during that period anumberof crises the first of
applicant has to satisfy anumberof criteria in relation to
sea regulations that allocate differentnumberof days depending on the
discovered after a certainly anumberof days that i had
is pretty constant but thenumberof days when snow is
which causes the second highestnumberof deaths from cancer among
can be confident about thenumberof deaths from fires in
war the estimates of thenumberof deaths throughout the world
shop the bill contains anumberof defences for anybody who
in itself we said anumberof definite things we said
social care has reduced thenumberof delayed discharges as the
time david elliot given thenumberof developments in the time
today it survives in anumberof dialects like for example
and today survives in anumberof dialects like for example
that today survives in anumberof dialects like for example
been made in involving anumberof different users of the
with concern reports on thenumberof discrepancies in respect of
throughout britain there are anumberof drafting amendments such as
the researcher read out thenumberof each picture and asked
railway is viable while anumberof earlier reports had looked
that s right there anumberof ehm english words that
the moment and that anumberof elements need to be
the net change in thenumberof employee jobs in glasgow
mcleish 8 september 2000 thenumberof employee jobs in scotland
is the projection of thenumberof employees in each of
has many parallels in anumberof european counties friesian and
direct experience cosla has anumberof european officers a members
are recognised and progressed anumberof excellent examples of language
sections 2 and 3 anumberof exceptions are given for
he is aware that anumberof experienced individuals misinterpreted this
done however on balance anumberof factors lead me to
of horses coupled with thenumberof farm workers called up
whether it will estimate thenumberof farmers and crofters who
language week in which anumberof features have focused on
that we have with anumberof financial memoranda is that
decades macdiarmid demonstrated in anumberof fine lyrics in scots
the a percentage and bnumberof firefighters that have additional
expect to pay a setnumberof firlots measured to the
had an impact on thenumberof fish returning to scottish
stake or bag nets anumberof fixed engine fisheries are
douce dour and tassie anumberof flemish influences through words
consultation process will involve anumberof focus groups meetings with
in the leopard is thenumberof folk who write to
him however but with anumberof followers who have adopted
local food chains reducing thenumberof food miles that produce
inexperienced however they include anumberof former trainee solicitors in
with industry representatives in anumberof forums how to take
nick johnston i have anumberof friends who are doing
can be demonstrated on anumberof fronts the executive s
bank nursing about the insufficientnumberof fully staffed wards and
specific purposes and c thenumberof further education colleges in
researches have uncovered a considerablenumberof gaelic place names which
show a decline in thenumberof gaelic speakers in scotland
makes no estimate of thenumberof gaelic speakers that there
primary school and there anumberof gaelic units dotted about
for some groceries later thenumberof gallons of milk produced
that christine has made anumberof genuine attempts to bring
a popular choice with anumberof german translators and i
up into the forces anumberof girls worked in the
didn t have the rightnumberof glasses in your room
that cuba won the samenumberof gold medals as britain
games is pleased that thenumberof gold medals won by
success was not sustained anumberof good outcomes could have
question to alastair dempster anumberof governing bodies wrote to
it has to address thenumberof gps resigning in the
went on to detail anumberof grievances and declarations which
a warm response from anumberof groups involved in the
the acute services review anumberof health boards across scotland
to try to manage thenumberof hmos do you have
we do not know thenumberof hmos or where they
years and what the averagenumberof hours worked per week
area recently because of thenumberof housebreakings thefts of and
parliament is concerned by thenumberof households badly affected by
being taken to accelerate thenumberof households in disadvantaged areas
salvador s written text thenumberof houses he finds in
to time to establish thenumberof houses which fall below
insert an assessment of thenumberof housing units required to
extreme weather worldwide like thenumberof hurricanes is this part
few phrases ehm an anumberof imperatives [laugh] i would
integration 23 this has anumberof implications for the development
the ms and suggested anumberof improvements to the scots
stand alone acads and thenumberof in patient beds across
the hall plus an equalnumberof independently elected members at
filter would be useful anumberof individuals have become professional
detail for each sheriffdom thenumberof individuals reported over the
have taken into consideration thenumberof individuals who will be
had recently admitted quite anumberof infants for a simple
bill gill suggested that thenumberof inhabitants may have been
i will focus on anumberof initiatives that the labour
scottish executive what the averagenumberof inmates occupying each local
adviser we have conducted anumberof inquiries but have found
workers there have been anumberof inquiries there was a
language during the debate anumberof interesting facts emerged i
the immediate issue was thenumberof internal assessments which was
of contamination and that thenumberof internally displaced persons is
will highlight variations in thenumberof interpreters available in different
nine minutes left and anumberof items remain on the
out any analysis of thenumberof jobs resulting from their
executive above there are anumberof key documents produced by
f963: that s a hugenumberof kids f965: and you
jot because unless a goodnumberof labour back benchers support
you ve got quite anumberof languages and dialects in
not infinite but says thenumberof languages we can make
indicators consist of a restrictednumberof lead indicators which cover
be simplified how could thenumberof legal instruments referred to
and instruments how can thenumberof legislative procedures laid down
more effective and how thenumberof licences can be increased
in recent times however anumberof linguists have claimed that
to be fair however anumberof local authorities did quite
we could not get thenumberof local authorities to which
support particular projects a fairnumberof local authorities want not
notes with concern the decreasingnumberof local authorities who still
and to co finance anumberof local regional national and
a substantial reduction in thenumberof long stay beds in
largely undifferentiated reference among anumberof lower class women writers
objective was to circulate anumberof magazines around their members
on a single line anumberof major constraints on the
be marked but the appropriatenumberof markers are not being
able to recruit the requirednumberof markers earlier in the
felicity needs to know thenumberof marriages and the factors
to seek clarification on anumberof matters 3 convener s
executive seeking clarification on anumberof matters pe447 petition by
scottish executive to specify thenumberof mature students aged 26
website the sections contain anumberof measures that relate to
the uk there are anumberof measures through which we
reinforced and supported by anumberof mechanisms and structures that
pieces of work includes anumberof meetings throughout the country
has been circulated over anumberof meetings we have discussed
should probably say that anumberof members have asked me
scotland s cultural heritage anumberof members made the point
may not be a hugenumberof members objecting to an
aspects of building control anumberof members referred to my
rumbles on that point anumberof members referred to the
shape of the furniture anumberof members talked about the
last the course because thenumberof members was cut to
calculated and what the actualnumberof miles removed from roads
of the ministerial team thenumberof ministers their hierarchy within
to size by halving thenumberof ministers who interfere in
or 24 we recruited anumberof more experienced lawyers some
2001 tavish scott s1m 2108numberof msps lodged on 13
mr adam ingram s1m 2108numberof msps lodged on 13
the same time noting thenumberof multi let flats in
dunny ehm it s anumberof my colleagues are from
who has dealt with anumberof negative instruments it is
to how they calculate thenumberof new businesses created and
its estimate is of thenumberof new businesses created as
in which it calculates thenumberof new businesses created b
its estimate is of thenumberof new businesses created for
1 has thrown up anumberof new ideas i have
its estimate is of thenumberof nhs patients that will
interim a larger than usualnumberof notices for erection of
our communities getting the rightnumberof nurses and midwives in
attract back to nursing thenumberof nurses that is required
over a decline in thenumberof nursing posts we have
commission has also set anumberof objectives 2 for the
were challenged to list thenumberof objects they could mark
discussed the matter on anumberof occasions fife council has
has been reformed on anumberof occasions is that the
and community care on anumberof occasions it might be
have been submitted on anumberof occasions the process of
have committed only a minimalnumberof offences b there are
from 1 july 1999 anumberof offices specified in the
department also present are anumberof officials from the food
inclusion process there are anumberof options available to the
clerks have set out anumberof options for the committee
that we must consider anumberof options it will be
douglas hamilton there are anumberof options on which it
debate the following are anumberof options where the scottish
committee agreed to undertake anumberof oral evidence sessions on
is upland ground a hugenumberof organic lambs are coming
executive what is its targetnumberof orthodontic consultants in each
that we have the correctnumberof orthodontists to serve the
is a devolved matter anumberof other layers of government
life it also contains anumberof other locations that are
lyon will know that anumberof other meetings in which
risk the minister and anumberof other members have mentioned
affairs committee but by anumberof other members who have
was in with quite anumberof other pattern cutters and
likely that there are anumberof other such groups in
vessel which contains a particularnumberof ounces of water and
an essential role in anumberof our housing markets particularly
of work relates to anumberof our responsibilities for example
collating the information on thenumberof outstanding certificates be that
standard range with a varyingnumberof ovens later versions had
that struck me was thenumberof over 45 year old
is easy to calculate thenumberof over 65s who are
parliament was established a thenumberof overseas trips made by
with alarm that the estimatednumberof paedophiles rapists and other
for an analysis of thenumberof pagans who responded to
2002 giving statistics on thenumberof page impressions viewed on
a broader definition puts thenumberof paid employees at around
year migration patterns and thenumberof paid jobs held by
schools being given the wrongnumberof papers on the day
contracted did not match thenumberof papers so the normal
structures is proportionate to thenumberof participants who benefit given
drawn considerable concern from anumberof parties the restrictions that
first of which has anumberof parts ministers have decided
been under way and anumberof parts published it was
per cent might benefit thenumberof patients who receive the
2002 report poverty and thenumberof pensioners who live in
not set an arbitrary fixednumberof persons for those reasons
quantify in the abstract thenumberof persons who might be
dry measures contain a setnumberof pints and may have
firlot which contains a setnumberof pints it is certainly
controls will have on thenumberof planning appeals submitted to
are produced in scotland thenumberof plays in scots produced
undertaken pleas tendered and thenumberof pleas tendered at the
orthography he has had anumberof poems in scots published
we now have a recordnumberof police officers clear up
the reported shortfall in thenumberof police officers employed in
on funding and on thenumberof police officers i have
the ill are up thenumberof police officers is down
10 per cent in thenumberof police officers over the
lands fish at a greaternumberof ports we also have
can er quote eh anumberof possible spellings for every
sessions the paper lists anumberof possible witnesses i suggest
if possible there are anumberof practical problems with this
20 november 2000 why thenumberof presentations of pupils in
combat the decline in thenumberof presentations of pupils in
scotland we shall adopt anumberof principles and processes to
not yet been made anumberof priorities are attached to
executive what the daily averagenumberof prisoners admitted to each
a substantial reduction in thenumberof problems but work on
they have left school anumberof processes are under way
youth organisation that delivers anumberof programmes some of which
on population or on thenumberof projects it is a
was ably represented by anumberof prominent scottish members of
thereafter gave rise to anumberof proposals for the future
convener the bill contains anumberof proposals that are intended
fall since 1997 in thenumberof prosecutions of incidents of
act 1987 which applies anumberof protective provisions that were
and services other bodies anumberof public agencies contribute to
in particular there are anumberof public holidays in may
what guidelines exist on thenumberof public toilets to be
were dealing with a largernumberof pupils because of the
a significant decline in thenumberof pupils being presented at
name of the school thenumberof pupils in the class
a rising trend in thenumberof qualifying nurses i hope
the equation and that thenumberof raptors would rise to
measurement terms but for anumberof reasons assize texts are
a bad idea for anumberof reasons first you don
another was inappropriate for anumberof reasons if a programme
not always necessary for anumberof reasons it can cause
lodge an amendment for anumberof reasons it might not
to the south for anumberof reasons someone has to
and the young for anumberof reasons there was far
the scottish executive what thenumberof recorded crimes was a
especially to us after anumberof redrafts a new text
scots language in which anumberof references were made to
application as well as thenumberof refusals and other information
have ongoing relationships with anumberof regional and sub national
have a problem with thenumberof registrars and might not
consultation the bill contains anumberof regulation and order making
his flat asking about thenumberof rented flats in the
by the findings of anumberof research projects e g
roughly the same as thenumberof residents in the modern
today the src represents anumberof retailers on whom the
in respect of reducing thenumberof road accidents and how
that as a consequence thenumberof road miles travelled by
to see responses from anumberof schools after all who
is available to them anumberof schools have taken up
is taking place in anumberof schools we need a
public to have the highestnumberof scots speakers yet the
in our squad and thenumberof scottish cops from all
we will massively expand thenumberof scottish schools actively involved
scottish executive to specify thenumberof scottish sites involved in
parliamentary action acknowledges the disproportionatenumberof scottish troops and units
parliamentary action acknowledges the disproportionatenumberof scottish troops and units
particularly flanders and france anumberof scottish units have familiar
the scottish executive why thenumberof section 18 episodes under
in addition is holding anumberof seminars that parents can
alexander and i met anumberof senior managing directors chief
smiles also travelling were anumberof service personnel on or
in groups one of anumberof settings in a shop
michael matheson complained about thenumberof sewel motions that go
forward we have approached anumberof shipping companies that we
strategy which has made anumberof significant achievements since its
uk government is making anumberof significant changes to various
available for scotland regarding thenumberof slaughtered animals under the
to a reduction in thenumberof smokers seems to be
the importance of tackling thenumberof smoking related deaths in
business in the underworld thenumberof smuggled cigarettes that are
a narrow definition puts thenumberof social economy jobs in
relevant terms derive from anumberof sources which itself can
returning to spawn reducing thenumberof spawning fish may effect
even though a fairly sizeablenumberof speakers may be left
mapping of the location andnumberof specialist nurses when i
useful effect in reducing thenumberof spelling options currently used
concern between 1952 98 thenumberof spring salmon caught has
the principle of locating anumberof stadia outwith the central
grading scheme allocating them anumberof stars from one to
so we ve put anumberof strategies in place to
from fox hunting although anumberof studies have been carried
my constituency there are anumberof success stories in the
children researching and writing anumberof such descriptions for an
set a target for thenumberof such grants which are
shall be divided by thenumberof such regional members and
a multilingual world makes anumberof suggestions for improving language
be taking this forward anumberof suggestions have been made
the completion of oed anumberof supplementary dictionary projects should
the minister on the requirednumberof surveillance commissioners and chief
will there be in thenumberof surveillance commissioners once the
last assize is lost anumberof surviving standards of this
like sections after an oddnumberof syllables he did not
whose own estimates of thenumberof synonyms in each group
experienced have been addressed anumberof systems have been put
the scottish executive what thenumberof teacher vacancies was in
between the length of anumberof telegraph poles the first
as there will be anumberof temporary covered awnings that
then asked to examine anumberof texts and try to
si avant in anumberof texts which they have
of thanksgiving was held anumberof the b company of
committee but by adopting anumberof the committee s views
in scotland but a considerablenumberof the employees live in
should refer to the titlenumberof the land or of
to write the name andnumberof the man i d
the scottish parliament but anumberof the measures that the
was for only the limitednumberof the patients that would
identified the budget includes anumberof the priorities that we
addressed in the bill anumberof the provisions might have
step in that way anumberof the serious but less
former parachute regiment soldiers anumberof them scottish residents will
will have good success anumberof things to say about
we have worked on anumberof those objectives for a
for the reduction in thenumberof those who present as
touched on that issue anumberof times but there has
boards has been expressed anumberof times it has been
its budget allocation and thenumberof times it has met
its budget allocation and thenumberof times it has met
its budget allocation and thenumberof times it has met
committee hat i recall thenumberof times that we asked
is the estimate of thenumberof tonnes of rendered material
bute if one considers thenumberof towns and villages in
expressions of interest from anumberof transport and environment committee
as i mentioned earlier thenumberof uncertainties and unpredictable factors
interpret the old legislation anumberof unfortunate errors and wrong
subjects far more than thenumberof units as there could
and glasgow for the annualnumberof units of interpreting or
effect there have been anumberof useful developments in the
in there was a similarnumberof users of sign language
period there were also anumberof valuable private benefactions one
of your hand with thenumberof vans that came to
the discourse by allowing anumberof viewpoints to co exist
more attention to the hugenumberof voluntary recycling projects many
with the help of anumberof volunteer readers he began
first deputy presiding officer thenumberof votes cast for each
second deputy presiding officer thenumberof votes cast for each
first deputy presiding officer thenumberof votes cast for each
a voluntary basis b thenumberof waivers from direction applied
used under devolution in anumberof ways as the scottish
surveillance commissioner there is anynumberof ways of dealing with
he said there is anynumberof ways of dealing with
that there are not anynumberof ways of dealing with
could be achieved in anumberof ways one option might
talking about there are anumberof ways out of the
limit fishing effort and anumberof ways this could be
i can think of anumberof ways to ensure that
motion that i lodged anumberof weeks ago on the
two weeks time for anumberof weeks our job in
cared for by the appropriatenumberof well qualified highly motivated
in its prestige form thenumberof women over reporting their
on the set are anumberof wooden barrels of various
railway construction was the enormousnumberof workers needed at the
published in spring 1999 anumberof working groups take forward
a scottish parliament finally anumberof years ago in the
school stood empty for anumberof years except for a
in the beginning for anumberof years he was employed
and effectively for a considerablenumberof years more than 100
you ve both done xnumberof years or months kind
of my spending a considerablenumberof years overseas yesterday was
on the issue for anumberof years the conditions under
at odd moments over anumberof years the nws contributions
stayed at arbuthnott for anumberof years their mother used
were there for quite anumberof years we wanted to
huh m636: because of thenumberof young men that had
pimp who was scribbling thenumberon the back of the
the population and is thenumberone cause of sudden death
another tune altogether grampa snumberone song of all time
compulsory introducing restrictions on thenumberor size of fish which
hunts keep records of thenumbertaken but these are not
have mental problems and thenumberthat are in receipt of
reported the percentage of thatnumberthat proceed to court and
court and of them thenumberthat result in convictions what
of her room a fairnumberto leave their hideaways and
the climax of the bignumberuncle murray reached out and
the scottish executive what thenumberwas of accused persons who

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