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naethin wis christened nur wadnurbeeriet aathin wis cannibalised the
i didna sing fur praisenurcheer nur did i sing
sing fur praise nur cheernurdid i sing frae need
but there wis nae nursesnurdoactors nur nuhin ther wis
wis nae nurses nur doactorsnurnuhin ther wis jist a
ancestral mools naethin wis christenednurwad nur beeriet aathin wis
twenty sittin soor niver coddlitnurencouraged gaudeamus igitur yule yule
the cuddies wad neither boonurbend twadna move ae fit
burn can neither be stoppednurbocht tho whyles it dwaums
the sangsters tho neither jennynurbrian hid a clue far
meenit there wis neither hairnurhide o her tae be
i will neither write itnurindite cut it nor carve
wud breets neither tae haudnurtae bind though they d
persona i m neither herenurthere i m charm wi
javons larned wi neither meatnurwatter aywis luikin till the
they war nae better noonurwud breets neither tae haud
hale heid wis nae mairnura skull happit wi a
noo wis happit in oonurledder aa the wye doon
the director luikit nearer fortynura chiel in his seventies
aa rottit awa nearer sivintienurfortie an aye trimmlin fur
yon veesitation wis near waurnurhaein it bit the deevil
lagoon bit fegs nae waurnurheilan loch that s naethin
back yairds bred horrors waurnuronythin africk cud conjure up
fur warmth an fur mairnurwarmth ae day a month
i will niver gie itnursee it gien tae a
i will niver gie itnursee it gien tae a
i will niver gie itnursee it gien tae a
i will niver gie itnursee it gien unless there
dwinnlit awa i canna whooshnurflee he plaisters the birdies
furius fa ains nae slavesnurgowd nae sonsie flee in
haund oots ye ve mairnureneuch as it is gin
grew roon nuwara elyia mairnureneuch tae keep a wee
makk siccar she d mairnureneuch tae pit in the
it cannae be nae merrnurhauf a mile an we
hauf cheil hauf stag greaternurony pan yestreen aneth the
telt aunt jessie aunt florencenurgranny fa stood at the
kinswummin mair o a companionnura hoosekeeper ower the road
exasperation ye re nae mairnura pantheist like as a
hale place wis little mairnura rickle o steens held
fiver held onythin mair rochnura trumpet he left the
o t war nae mairnurdamp squeebs the mountains o
mair suited tae battery hensnurfowk sae caad the hen
like that some hae mairnurithers minnie turned yon ower
playgrun she wis mair bamboozlitnuriver anither thing ll cheenge
she meant a hantle mairnurjist the will tae him
a fair bittie nursin mairnurmaist fur better or wirse
jenny war mair draggit upnurreared bit there wis nivver
quine wisna a year mairnursaxteen fin she deid an
seam there war nae mairnurten bairns at schule that
tails a wirthy trawl mairnurthe lecture clammers fur sole
bin fired i ken mairnurthe police hq neigh say
she larned a deil mairnuryon that nae quine s
o it nae muckle biggernurthe moo o a tod
horse tho fauldie wis biggernuryon shelt wi braider feet
ony man tae get itnurdisadvise ony man frae gettin
fur me wid be scrattiernurony hair shirt worn bi
weel in yon neuk betternurhey nor corn faith even
table it wisna latin grammarnuralgebraic equations that did thon
bit he thocht himsel greaternurgod an the lord cast
trees there wis nae daynurnae nicht anely an iverlaistin
ayeweys winter wi nae sizzensnurnae trees there wis nae
wed here winter wadnae enternurae ae heich wird be
nae sign o a cutnura bruise tae be seen
nae suner hid he gaennurthe mither in law cam
bi mithers nae muckle auldernurthirsels here the toun affloadit
ach weel fowk didna boonursweir twa luvers wooin on
didna shift the queer feelinnurthe duntin heidache fin she
a feel or a madmannurtae ma faither nor mither
cheenge the wye she spakknurdid she hae till yet
it on wid or steennuryet on onything moveable or
aneth the canopy o heivennuryet sae much as raise
while matty her brither auldernurher bi twa year spat
under the age o saxteennurabeen the age o fortyfive
at steeny s tully snurnorthies till the wikeyn sae
prime meenister like benjamin disraelinureven gladstone bit noo that
sae it micht be easiernurusual bit i d far
a firm o advocates raithernura pair o scrievers but
like o ye siller coinnurbraw o b e comrade
lane strongbow cider s chaipernurye think soor an strong

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