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nuts f1071: [scribbling sounds] yes m1070: nutsand seeds [inhale] things like
i don t know m1070: nutsf1071: [scribbling sounds] yes m1070: nuts
cheese 2 oz salted cashewnuts2 sticks finely chopped celery
pepper chopped 4 oz cashewnutschopped 6 oz button mushrooms
fancy sandwiches and bowls ofnutsthat none of the gerries
fly taking coats recycling thosenutsthe gerries spat out last
thwack thwack and dozens ofnutscascaded to the ground newton
thing tied up wi wirenutsan bolts and wee pieces
s it s the mechanicsnutsan bolts brutal engineerin bit
spanner an take aw thenutsan bolts off the [laugh]
machine my works are faultynutsand bolts of sums misfire
is with the more operationalnutsand bolts targets the question
affectionate one andy she snutsshe is or m1014: no
is there different ways likenutsto be quite affectionate and
the jack and tightened alternatenutson a day of tremendous
by the roadside loosening alternatenutswith you while we got
insane m1042: feel f1041: daftnutsaye f1043: nuts f1040: feel
for insane f1026: mad f1027: nutsf1023: daft f1024: daft f1025:
erm words for insane f1144: nutsf1145: daft someone s just
ye re insane ye renutsthat s what we usually
an i ve just gotnutsye re insane ye re
i ll just go nutsnutsand i was like well
f1041: daft nuts aye f1043: nutsf1040: feel aye feel m1042:
oh i ll just gonutsnuts and i was like
and frothy sherbet dabs butternutsand wilko mints mixed brambles
an thair are fruits annutsay many strange types in
the island with fruits vegetablesnutsmeat and poultry with enough
daft f1144: i ve gotnutsor you ve got a
no you don t eatnutsdo you f1071: nup i
f1071: [inaudible] they do likenutsdon t they but i
s not got nu- anynutsin it f1071: mmhm sometimes
bush here we come gatheringnutsin may the good ship
means of gathering up thenutstomorrow i planned to move
one er there was madnutslooby cuckoo crackers and eh
i d say mad bonkersnutsthat s about the only
an steal ma fruit annutsan seeds that a pit
wholemeal 4 oz muesli ornuts4 oz soft brown sugar
till dry 8 oz mixednuts6 oz potatoes cooked sieved
lips whipped cream bonbons chewingnutsand ogo pogo eyes sook
cook till soft stir innutsraisins place in oven for
great autumn weather find hazelnuts5 monday very busy at
butter and sugar add milknutsbourbon chill and make into
single cream fresh parmesan pinenutspesto only a level tablespoonful
could say oh she snutsbut she s funny f1027:
we usually say yes f1054: nutsso is that kind of
i don t really likenutsdon t i not [scribbling noise]
a lot oh he snutshe s no right he
but i'm- i ve usednutsquite a lot oh he
s what i ve gotnutsf1054: any stories m1017: i
could say affectionately somebody snutsmeaning that they re they
s oh it drives menutsf1037: i used to have
no ehm my school wasnutsalthough in saying that [censored: forename]
gettin wasted f1049: school wasnutsm1048: i mean there wa-
left in e wid enutshid lang seen faan inside
t we loosen the wheelnutsfirst i was sure i
aig a chrodh leis ehnutsbha e a coimhead air
which i might gather thenutswithin reach but discomfort apart
almond limbs encrusted with velvetynutsmark a sky blue manuscript
branches overhead knocking down unharvestednutsa simple lunch was set
the bags packets of crispsnutsc and fetches plates covered
a solitary man knelt feedingnutsby hand to a squirrel

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