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s r flour 1 porageoats½ egg cherries to decorate
sr flour 1 tsp porageoats1 dessertsp cocoa 2 tsp
water 1 rounded tblspn porageoats2 oz macaroni cook macaroni
egg work in flour porageoatsdrop vanilla essence 4 30
spoonful of scott s porageoats[laugh] [?]or anything like that[/?] [laugh] f643: oh
and it was scotts porageoatswere the eh the big
specifically noted as bearded wildoatsby robert sibbald in his
seventeenth century of haver meaningoatsspecifically noted as bearded wild
lightning lippie measure for bruisedoatsfor feeding horse loo warm
tae feed his hens sometimesoatswere bruised squashed for feed
grains and legumes such asoatsand barley peas and beans
a mixture of rye withoatsand barley the sawing of
twinkle f1105: okay what aboutoatsand beans and barley grow
press it there he goesoatsand beans and barley grow
and beans and barley growoatsand beans and barley grow
i or anyone know howoatsand beans and barley grow
grotis grottis groats meaning hulledoatsor barley occurs from the
sort which is called barleyoatsrobertson and grub 1843 69
in medieval times barley oroatswere commonly cooked along with
the earliest staple crops wereoatsand bere the former with
eighteenth and early nineteenth centuriesoatsgradually became the main staple
a r p mares eatoatsand does eat oats little
steamed and rolled into porridgeoatsand flakes the oats for
porridge oats and flakes theoatsfor this meal only went
eat oats and does eatoatslittle lambs eat ivy a
een eyes sye scythe coarnoatsswaars swathes cut by scythe
the kine tae grind theoatsand feed the swine and
ll get a feed ooatsfin the kirk s scaled
it also gaed the fermeroatstae feed his hens sometimes
cottage cheese 3 oz rolledoats1 large egg 1 tablespoon
a mixture of tares andoatscalled mashley was also grown
foon only corn i eoatswas grown the rucks were
to around 1939 including blackoatswhich were grown mainly for
of picking tatties [note: photo: 'arch middleton senior, millplough, away to sow turnips in the 1930s.'] cropsoatswas the main arable crop
as with corn referring tooatsusually refers in scots to
boats setting fire to wildoatslord god s promise that
originally a bag to carryoatsfor horses the term continues
nose bag torn and theoatsa spilt folk stood and
they sow bear and reapoatsbut it is not every
the usa wheat in englandoatsin scotland and ulster snd
pepper to taste sprinkle inoatsand bring to the boil
1659 irvine muniments corne presumablyoatsbeir wheit peis ry and
you take the husks ofoatsas left after milling soak
their brakkfaist o hey anoatsaince the shelties trotted awa

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