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tend to focus on generalisedobjectsthey have statements of behaviour
generalised treatments of creatures orobjectsunlike factual descriptions which are
women as sex objects orobjectsof longing and unfulfilled desire
exploitation of women as sexobjectsor objects of longing and
to describe features of peopleobjectscreatures or other phenomena to
a class of creatures orobjectsthey usually have a structure
ie the texture of materialobjectsthus we talk about a
into an agricultural museum displayingobjectsdescribed in las baleares at
steps detailed factual descriptions ofobjectsand often adverbs of manner
factual refer to specific individualsobjectsevents and have a structure
cloak cape jacket since theseobjectsare for us clearly distinguished
prosecution or if the accusedobjectsto the icc continuing on
doing the job properly itselfobjectsto the icc continuing with
the orchard were the firstobjectsof my attack click clack
in 1911 that its formalobjectswere revised to include the
as far more than sexobjectsand to teach the value
process they refer to generalizedobjectsnot particular ones as when
involved in working three dimensionalobjectsmaking craft requires creativity and
to list the number ofobjectsthey could mark with their
birth mark and other identifyingobjectswhich device is still being
have a focus on generalobjectsor types of people and
and does not normally indicateobjectsby means of accusative endings
of people or animals orobjectsbut they can deal with
croun lost property the followingobjectswere all lodged at london
turns writin and knowledge intaeobjectst be consumed intae intellectual
nose became attached to projectingobjectsor pieces of land especially
minister for cases where itobjectsto a local authority s
teacher selects various materials orobjectswhich can be used in
saw only such non controversialobjectsas the swimming pool and
together and some of theobjectslying about may have moved
identificado ah yes unidentified flyingobjectsufos perhaps icarus did his
may be one of itsobjectsor functions is to provide
or play trees or otherobjectsthe musicians could be free
while other weird and unrelatedobjectslie about on the boards
f718: there must be thingsobjects[inaudible] that stick out though
convener even if a memberobjectsthe power still lies with
moragues matching people with funeraryobjectsand was another of salvador
the world around it theobjectsand their names for the
diagrams charts pictures prompts andobjectsto guide and support their
modern language for the sameobjectsit is important that those
a temporary monomania no oneobjectsto a bee in the
basket during his speech theobjectsnamed are presented rowland provost

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