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yeah m1174: yeah i meanobviouslya- anyone nowadays everyone s
yeah m1174: yeah and andobviouslyand that as well so
yeah m1174: but erm thenobviouslydue to i don t
your articles m1174: in textobviouslyif there s words which
cause m608: uh huh m1174: obviouslylike i said we feel
go their own way soobviouslym608: yeah m1174: again the
mmhm m1174: c- call inobviouslynot knowing english she could
uh huh m1174: erm becauseobviouslynot many kids would know
erm m608: uh huh m1174: obviouslythe m- the popular ones
mmhm mm oh yeah m1174: obviouslywe branched out in in
month m608: mmhm m1174: soobviouslywe had to take that
m1174: erm so that sobviouslywhat the pakistanis indians are
used to read you knowobviouslyalice in wonderland alice through
read me a short statementobviouslybased on what the others
complex sentence structures it sobviouslydesigned to be read rather
to look ashamed but areobviouslygiggling group 1 read fan
of these people you knowobviouslyi ve read er books
m762: you know i iobviouslykind of read you know
facts the minister has nowobviouslyread the returns but he
and i ve read widelyobviouslysince then but perhaps f963:
different surnames cause it wasobviouslyall sisters that the they
about it m827: yeah andobviouslycause you guys want to
been a mix up causeobviouslyflo had went to the
the backstory of this causeobviouslyi i know what you
which is quite good causeobviouslyi knew them [laugh] so
kind of a shame causeobviouslyi quite like languages and
kinda people cause it sobviouslylike f814: no it s
over time as well causeobviouslylike f978: yeah f746: i
campus because it s likeobviouslyright near f1155: cause what
came back to uni causeobviouslysince i ve been funded
cause that s that sobviouslythe shetland use m865: uh
ehm f1150: mmhm f1151: causeobviouslythere s a row of
we m942: cause you reobviouslytoo thick to realise you
dad came with me causeobviouslywe drove down together to
home although the climate isobviouslydifferent here is there a
an unusual problem that althoughobviouslynot unusual in some parts
fields although that matter isobviouslynot within our remit we
like that are hard althoughobviouslynothing like as hard as
although the 1997 act wouldobviouslyremain as it is i
quite right although i- althoughobviouslythey are bilingual but gaelic
too you know i meanobviouslyf963: right yeah yeah [laugh]
amount of people i meanobviouslyi i come from a
have downsides i mean iobviouslyi m older than you
was just like i meanobviouslyit was like five to
an impact er i meanobviouslykind of the classical stuff
mmhm yeah and i meanobviouslylike the landscape so many
mean talking about the windobviouslythe storms in january did
mean our boys i meanobviouslythey were brou- brought up
it down i mean sheobviouslytook great relish and great
m830: but it i meanobviouslywords like peedie that f606:
erm you know i meanobviouslywriters don t really retire
who could speak english erobviouslyand a presenter who was
i think it just dependsobviouslybecause er different subjects but
well before i started universityobviouslybut er very difficult but
we were concerned we dobviouslydone our homework and er
and ehm màthair in gaelicobviouslyer but that would be
so that erm we couldobviouslyer reach out to a
sir john maxwell erm erobviouslyfor their secondary education they
of er f718: mmhm m734: obviouslyif you crash there s
er we we achieved ermobviouslyit was er we thank
interesting [censored: italian surname] and er youobviouslym1163: yeah m608: come from
an affinity between well erobviouslynot a small language but
service for them er whereasobviouslyradio ramadhan was com- was
er learners and classics butobviouslythis can be extended at
right m1163: and er soobviouslywe go over to italy
many and er you knowobviouslywe kept the community in
f66: erm so there sobviouslya sort of f- freedom
erm so we tried toobviouslychange the the timetable so
would have said the moreobviouslydoric speaking erm th- the
in my mind you knowobviouslyerm you know does that
well erm timetabling issues areobviouslygoing to be key for
erm verses from the koranobviouslyin arabic m608: mmhm mmhm
f1151: i ve had likeobviouslyin the years erm over
thing we noticed was ermobviouslyislam is not such a
things like that erm iobviouslynever really fitted the mould
in it erm that areobviouslyold the y that you
the word round erm andobviouslythere was a lot of
mm mmhm m762: you knowobviouslyand in a way you
s introduction there it sobviouslyas i know from jim
your mouth now we knowobviouslyat the time they didn
did know earlier that wouldobviouslybe dealt with accordingly however
don t know that oneobviouslybut eh m1007: mmhm f1009:
a bad side you knowobviouslychallenging authority has a very
know m741: mmhm m605: whichobviouslyhas got implications for the
would be there as wellobviouslyi didn t know who
mm right yeah m762: andobviouslyi grew up you know
you know and and andobviouslyi internalised all that stuff
scottish accent though f1037: earsobviouslyi know i agree with
wait wait f810: you knowobviouslyi m gonna have f809:
don t know m1048: butobviouslyit s not [laugh] f1049:
an awful lot involved andobviouslyjohn s written you know
that so that we reobviouslykeeping the the you know
know i wanna get richobviously[laugh] f835: [laugh] f833: [laugh]
full of students you knowobviouslymedical students when when he
it s not it sobviouslynot permanent either you know
conversation between two men andobviouslyone asked do you know
generations zaf is is veryobviouslyscottish you know and f963:
lost f1148: and you knowobviouslyshe could only speak luxembourgish
herself up you know anobviouslyshe wouldnae have the money
know where i will beobviouslyso i think i ll
snowing you had you knowobviouslythat was seasonal f963: mmhm
of led by you knowobviouslythe con- consumerist plugging of
and you know it itobviouslythe enlightened english teacher that
saying that nice- you knowobviouslythere s some fun in
i know up here likeobviouslythey had the [?]bards[/?] an
contact by telephone the chairmanobviouslywanted to know what the
we tried to you knowobviouslywe we learnt our mistakes
i m out you knowobviouslyworking but eh in other
you kind of have toobviouslyyou know f963: yeah m762:
tulloch that was he sobviouslyyou know telling the carryin
aa know one another yeobviouslyyou re next door colin
their different styles of teachingobviouslyalmost m741: yeah yeah yeah
there s like different likeobviouslydifferent pressures and stuff like
and the devolved administrations weobviouslyhave different powers in relation
an so on so itobviouslyis in the different areas
a different course structure becauseobviouslyit s english language for
notes from different packets thisobviouslyled to confusion and difficulty
it s o- it sobviouslya f963: uh huh i
would be better than othersobviouslyand but f963: yes yeah
w- there was a horseshoeobviouslyf963: right luck luck things
day job as a doctorobviouslyi i f963: mm mmhm
and f963: mm mm m762: obviouslymy knowledge of scots is
f963: mm mmhm yeah f965: obviouslywasn t a bad boy
t remember who i wasobviouslywith my face f963: mm
manley hopkins because there sobviouslyan- another kind of line
in the detail we areobviouslyconcerned because of the possible
a saturday morning so youobviouslygot a concession because you
s going of course becauseobviouslyhe s getting baksheesh f643:
the language was diminished becauseobviouslyhuge timetable maybe four periods
oh [laugh] slightly frightening becauseobviouslyi m not really used
is very short lived andobviouslynot too enjoyable either because
so everyone did it becauseobviouslyshe maybe gets commission or
to both the frameworks becauseobviouslyth- we will want them
the ple- penguin classics becauseobviouslythe modern translator the twentieth
so hard to find becauseobviouslythe people that write about
the sponsor s beer becauseobviouslythese brewers distillers are all
are always in english becauseobviouslywe re trying to target
of view it s likeobviouslykind of reinvigoratin glaswegian i
ehm m605: yeah m741: butobviouslythat s kind of all
that s that s andobviouslywith the kind of the
do it m741: yeah m605: obviouslyi d love to be
everything everything yeah we coverobviouslyif pakistan are playing you
name as me except familyobviously[inaudible] f746: yeah f745: my
yeah again i d sayobviouslyit does depend where you
limit to be a nedobviouslym811: yeah f814: i went
day yeah m816: yeah m815: obviouslym816: that he s the-
of the dif- difference isobviouslypoetry and prose m741: yeah
through the medium of gaelicobviouslyexpands the language part of
number of children it sobviouslygoing to be part time
units and local authorities whichobviouslyhave a part to play
also plays a key partobviouslylevels and stability of funding
is part of his propagandaobviouslythis is part of his
deliberately raises the style andobviouslythis is part of his
language listening speaking reading writingobviouslyat the early stage in
in his own language andobviouslybilingual teachers or classroom assistants
developing those four capacities nowobviouslylanguage [doorbell rings] is a crucial
o language at yooniversitee isobviouslymair subtle but hit is
development phase we need toobviouslywiden out the current language
language and imaginative language butobviouslyyou- you ll be consulted
the liberal democrats i haveobviouslymentioned them once too often
a high style one lessobviouslyscottish note too the more
per head with food wasobviouslytoo much for most muscovites
into an envelope which isobviouslytoo small until it rips
place where the narrator veryobviouslyintrudes is in the supremely
t object to plan egyptobviouslyit s all very much
me write left handed andobviouslyit wasnae very decipherable eh
threatened or questioned which isobviouslyvery important the treaty has
fascinating evening given by anobviouslyvery keen expert this was
a fascinating evening by anobviouslyvery keen expert this was
[laugh] f1054: [inhale] pam sobviouslyvery organised ehm let me
every day f814: [laugh] youobviouslywere not a very good
or not so there sobviouslya tension there but they
so katie s coo isobviously[audience laughs, and someone answers 'on the loo'] on th- aye you
so many books and youobviouslycan t look through them
the trends of the timeobviouslyclothing wise so we created
nae attention so he sobviouslydetermined to ging ahead wi
so the next morning sheobviouslydidn t come home when
that was classical greek soobviouslyf746: mmhm f745: no one
do his national service soobviouslyhe had toilet facilities you
to dae it so wellobviouslyi don t pressurise her
all so we tried toobviouslyit s difficult to explain
i got so used toobviouslyliving in ayr and getting
right so m818: it sobviouslynot gonna work aye m819:
tuesday or something so theyobviouslyput in the thing that
so f806: mm well f807: obviouslyshe asked me for my
douglas hamilton i hope soobviouslythe parliament does not have
posher houses an that soobviouslythey had more money the
an older generation but itobviouslywasn t to me so
do they don t doobviouslyanywhere near anything like enough
said undetermined f807: oh f806: obviouslyf807: oh mm i don
ehm and they have itobviouslyin scots f950: i don
concept but i don tobviouslywasn t paying for things
an air raid shelter butobviouslyyou don t build an
it what s the andobviouslyyou don t have an
with was ehm the endobviouslyended up on the shoreline
think it ehm would thisobviouslythis would be in primary
lot o trees an wellobviouslya ken a woodcutter like
are like at the momentobviouslyas we are now in
he was brought up likeobviouslyat home with his mum
dances f1159: mmhm f746: likeobviouslyat home you d get
t see it f1117: [censored: forename]obviouslydoesnae like daein their their
like i got extra wagesobviouslyfor workin extra hours and
m741: brilliant excellent m605: likeobviouslyi didn t hear before
depends if you like wellobviouslyit s desert it s
like egypt then you likeobviouslylike egypt then f1026: sorry
i like in [?]tigh a' gearraidh[/?] likeobviouslylike ellen was m959: mmhm
golden ornamentation some people wereobviouslylike us curious others were
a sex fiend the fiendobviouslymothering i need like a
i never knew like youobviouslynever knew the background to
reception f631: mmhm f689: iobviouslydidnae see her the whole
m1008: pregnant well pregnant itselfobviouslyexpecting m1055: mmhm m1008: that
of words for this [laugh]obviously[laugh] f1054: [laugh] mmhm f1143:
m078: to be documented historicallyobviouslym608: mmhm m078: but just
had my ear pierced butobviouslymy lip f1155: mmhm oh
of the bag s ownerobviouslyand unsurprisingly a student but
on holiday but he wasobviouslyaway gettin a wee bit
way o life as wellobviouslybut i took my wife
deputes frank crowe we areobviouslybut not exclusively looking for
of the the ginger wineobviouslybut of the cooking and
f835: but it must beobviouslycan t be as popular
she holds the white envelopeobviouslycontaining a card but makes
basic than el presidente butobviouslyhad ambitions inside was a
in the oven but iobviouslyi wouldnae really say that
the streets people that areobviouslyin their fifties but look
houses on the rock butobviouslyit s spread pretty far
career on getting married butobviouslykept in touch with the
you work monday to fridayobviouslynine to five but you
amount f940: but it wisobviouslyno masel it was the
no detail but he hadobviouslynot seen the budget document
has raised two separate butobviouslyrelated issues the first concerns
her views were interesting intelligentobviouslysincere but at times they
for long but it wasobviouslysomebody had seen it and
pumpkin for example right butobviouslythere s a bit goin
what [?]havenae heard[/?] f1160: but noobviouslythey hadn t seen me
same type of thing butobviouslythis is a wee institution
it s fantastic but theyobviouslythought it was going to
the open debate we areobviouslytight for time but i
but in addition to thatobviouslywe re not solely concentrating
signatories but whose contributions areobviouslyworthy of consideration and report
t well he he reallyobviouslywouldn t recognise me but
not affect the volume marketobviouslyyou cannot argue that but
and squashes one this isobviouslya large and well upholstered
well he wasn t weeobviouslyi was pretty wee at
think it still is wellobviouslyit can t be well
call from [censored: forename] who sobviouslywell [censored: forename] phoned to tell
the response that work willobviouslybe on going the letter
why i m going homeobviouslyget my eyebrows waxed [laugh]
the fact that they reobviouslygoing to pick this up
in my youth going roundobviouslythe charity shops which at
m608: du- during the warobviouslymy my grandfather corbett would
was a happy school youobviouslyha- didn t have as
quarter of the century heobviouslyhasn t seen last year
filthy fingernails across his mouthobviouslyhe hadn t shaved for
f1148: [laugh] uh huh f1149: obviouslyi can t remember it
have a a a s-obviouslyyou can t have a
t remember and when youobviouslyyou start thinking about it
points english and gaelic mediumobviouslytracks attainment and learning experiences
here they clearly are youobviouslyaccept the link between tobacco
you both born in auchinleckobviouslyand you were twins in
committee s attention you areobviouslyaware of the recommendation that
agree to that you wouldobviouslybe under a tight time
the hysterical george w bushobviouslyif you re lucky the
f1149: and then you canobviouslyobviously you have to pick
situation about which you areobviouslyseeking further information it is
after the game was finishedobviouslythe priests walk you back
could see richt through youobviouslythey charged you for 60
dialect i went every summerobviouslyto visit my f1025: you
you find it easier thenobviouslyto write from a woman
that you re tryin taeobviouslytryin to get yourself understood
and then you can obviouslyobviouslyyou have to pick your
as bringing in the puntersobviouslyf643: uh huh of course
up and began walking againobviouslya remedy she had witnessed
a voluntary interpreter and hadobviouslybeen pretty shaken by the
continually ring fenced he hasobviouslyhad a chance to look
the first we ve h-obviouslyhad a few meetings in
three times our population andobviouslyhad more community resources pairs
we did- also had wasobviouslyin nineteen ninety seven not
that we we had toobviouslykeep- pure urdu is actually
i regret the fact thatobviouslynot enough work had been
writers and they they hadobviouslyprepared stuff for it they
would follow it willie wasobviouslya good hand with a
corn miller michael wallace wouldobviouslybe a key member of
christine grahame suggested i wouldobviouslybe concerned however i am
to be significant it wouldobviouslybe desirable to extend the
should move on mr ingramobviouslyi would lose a vote
it would provide loan financeobviouslyit cannot with its relatively
will do its own thingobviouslyit would be good if
would be looking for thereobviouslythe opportunity to study new
discuss their concerns i wouldobviouslywant to make our colleagues
be catastrophic and we wouldobviouslywant to study the literature
we could send a letterobviouslywe would be giving him
is proposed for 4 octoberobviouslywe would have to discuss
3 anti americanism there areobviouslyanti american factions in egypt
passage a and b areobviouslygeneral orientation questions leading to
s version and we areobviouslylooking around for anyone else
was no surprise to themobviouslymaybe they are used to
the big builders who areobviouslymore aware and more conscious
done two resources which areobviouslynecessary are an up to
pick up letters which areobviouslypersonal or a birthday card
m642: and their kids areobviouslyplaying about in the burn
the order came into forceobviouslyscottish ministers are bound to
press on with such mattersobviouslythe answers are already in
that i ve met andobviouslythe voices that are in
hmos should be the priorityobviouslythere are good hmo landlords
not be able to expandobviouslythings are changing within the
from three to eighteen andobviouslythose are the principles that
at risk can be identifiedobviouslythose who are most at
there are [click] direct referencesobviouslyto god and and and
are someone not a californianobviouslywhispers in my ear disturbingly
what sort of i veobviouslyheard stories about the tapes
a lot friends from thereobviouslyi ve got shona s
dropped o- dropped out andobviouslyi ve i ve ended
news to me i veobviouslystopped reading local press people
d be better off deadobviouslythey ve taken andy away
the end of s3 andobviouslyin our rationale we will
pontificate on burns burns isobviouslynot our national poet in
down by age and sexobviouslywe could take our pick
we re trying to doobviouslyas we have met and
pu- bread sauce and thenobviouslychristmas pudding did we have
the united kingdom we willobviouslyengage with him in that
reassure marilyn livingstone about portabilityobviouslyit is important that we
of a chocolate guzzling dogobviouslyobviously we d even put
we tend to s- concentrateobviouslyon listening and speaking with
the social inclusion partnership areasobviouslywe communicate information to the
a chocolate guzzling dog obviouslyobviouslywe d even put him
not represented in the negotiationsobviouslywe have an interest in
testing system can be approvedobviouslywe will need to deal
the light box people wereobviouslyfeeling the lack of light
people have been integrated andobviouslypickin up the west coast
people than sadat mubarak isobviouslyset on renewing ties with
climate in which people operateobviouslythe oil and gas industry
leer at the bus queueobviouslytrying to freak people out
poetry and eh that sobviouslywhere people start with orkney
f958: granny s alistair sobviouslya lot slimmer than granny
and the following one bothobviouslyintended for older pupils than
the 12 week consultation periodobviouslyis better than six weeks
flyting such a poem isobviouslymore circumspect than the scatological
sponsorship from non tobacco sourcesobviouslyi could not guarantee that
hitting your knee it sobviouslynot having an effect f943:
his head i am uglyobviouslynot talkin about peter at
with the questions this isobviouslynot the end of the
his concept of originality isobviouslypre romantic he is not
production to accommodate its moreobviouslycomposed nature henry mackenzie editor
of words more phonemic wasobviouslymissed and the methods used
meaning a coward and moreobviouslyretrospicien which is a synonym
go back to the surgeryobviouslythat could change the way
a right stupid cow whichobviouslyi am when it comes
week it s sociolinguistics whichobviouslyi m gonna do in
leven which includes loch lomondobviouslyi might be seen as
implement the guideline which isobviouslythe guideline to which clinicians
with that is they reobviouslywrong which is a real
treaty of amsterdam employment isobviouslya central issue in anyone
interesting things about john knoxobviouslya key protestant figure is
committee in december there isobviouslya need for a post
localised variety his limousin isobviouslyaberdonian cohen opts for a
partnership approach the debate isobviouslyabout whether the apocalyptic picture
work is on glaswegian ehobviouslyall of [censored: forename] s and
position and mr galbraith isobviouslyamong them given the evidence
frontispiece for the book isobviouslyanother attempt to dignify this
inferior it is wrong thisobviouslycan create a tension for
for social justice she isobviouslydemob happy and i do
forward those issues it isobviouslyfor the new administration following
teaching in the ussr isobviouslyhighly disciplined and when it
become backed up alex eastonobviouslyif a strategic decision is
access access to buildings isobviouslyimportant as is access to
design is to be welcomedobviouslyin new build that is
profits from tobacco manufacture goobviouslyinformation of that sort is
sentence is that leslie wasobviouslyof the queen s party
she is at risk mostobviouslyof unwanted pregnancy this is
no real harm headshot isobviouslyoot as is the chest
there is only one answerobviouslypatently demonstrably and incontrovertibly yes
fishing industry that crisis isobviouslystill facing the industry with
is a couple an sheobviouslythat was denotin she was
in the far north thenobviouslythe far south is just
charity law reform funding isobviouslythe key most of us
the trunk roads contracting programmeobviouslythe procurement process is governed
is nine years christine grahameobviouslythere will be regulations in
commitment to the games isobviouslywithout question there were also
mr mcconnell the answer isobviouslyyes mr swinney if that
i m drawn to itobviouslyfrom my design background and
been sanguine about my storyobviouslyjust a hiker who left
to try any funny stuffobviouslymy options were conform and
with the convener s remarksobviouslymy report has been overshadowed
on her head she dobviouslybeen in a road accident
of a few solas sheobviouslydoes this for the busloads
at the register she wasobviouslyexpecting me looked at the
of garlic and sweaty socksobviouslyhe thought that she was
on the ballads and sheobviouslysees me as a guinea
in france and she sobviouslyshe s working there and
by a helpless grin sheobviouslytook this as a challenge
book she s writing sheobviouslyvisited england in the 1960
m939: right m941: right andobviouslyit s smoothed up round
right f1155: [laugh] [censored: forename] sobviouslyscared at this fact f1154:
he was a pleasant chapobviouslyaffluent in his furlined denim
was a shambles there wasobviouslyalso a desire to achieve
the court circle he wasobviouslyappalled at this and in
interviewee i was expecting hasobviouslybeen left in bed i
it s just a surveyobviouslyhe was strongly motivated to
local authority was against itobviouslythe site operator has a
have an adverse economic impactobviouslythere will be further discussion
them your work phone numberobviouslyit will be better to
and moral values that haveobviouslyappealed to the spoken medium
their buttons kay ullrich iobviouslyhave great faith in human
already heavily in debt orobviouslyhave no means of repaying
discussion today however members willobviouslyhave questions and comments to
to her leg both haveobviouslyseen at least some of
purpose of the trip thisobviouslyexcludes day trips for leisure
to cut this bit outobviouslyin case in case he
later this month that willobviouslyinclude an executive statement on
s a resort this guyobviouslyknows what he s doin
the day none of themobviouslylive in this area 4
s question members go onobviouslyi resist at the risk
again to the mysterious bagobviouslyi said the owner s
cannot agree the idea hasobviouslybeen borrowed and has stuck
to live the hero hasobviouslyexperienced a resurgence of the
harding has said that heobviouslyhas no experience of operating
round and toothy chap whoobviouslyput heart and soul into
acknowledges that the costs willobviouslybe lower if a public
that the fire master willobviouslybe seeking the most stringent
the national insurance increase willobviouslyaffect their budgets perhaps the
of that bit it sobviouslyhollowed out and filled with
some of buchanan s learningobviouslyrubbed off on his wilful
july 1914 [note: newspaper article] they wereobviouslya great success that year
end four ghostly mysterious horsemenobviouslyconspirators ride up nobody knows
up such a committee willobviouslykeep the situation under constant
never came across them andobviouslywithout anything on the television
pathetic neglected ones including oneobviouslylived in with television aerials
or indisposed and depressed heobviouslymade no connection with hellery
play it by ear andobviouslythe editor sits down with
beyond the grave however heobviouslydecided to take his chances
and into the sitting roomobviouslysearching for something he looks
nations during his illness heobviouslysuffered a great deal yet
on his own patrollin anobviouslygrabbed by the the barbed
pp 14 15 the childobviouslyneeds to develop his competence
economies really assist the communityobviouslyconflicts can arise from the
introductions by barking out someobviouslyprepared questions to the post
between lengths of syllables asobviouslyas did the greek and
a big black official taxiobviouslytook pity on us and
craigie housing stock transfer willobviouslylead to major investment in
from over fifty yards awayobviouslythrown by the practiced hand
corps excellent lots of childrenobviouslybeing taken as a special
text on ohp or chalkboardobviouslyleads to a focus on
of a sentence for subjectobviouslysuch decisions should depend upon
to fluency assessing bilingual pupilsobviouslymost of these practical points
home town küttemberg the archdukeobviouslyaffected by the disgrace of

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