See this word as a collocate cloud

the neck and shoulders cutoffa bottle that was used
as she pretends to cutoffa finger tucking it out
cheers but these were cutoffafter only a few seconds
than having a complete cutoffand going back to 10
the autobahn can be cutoffand used as an airport
mind with her toes cutoffand you re still going
tend to you know cutoffany part of it and
it include a complete cutoffat age 60 some literature
some of the gs cutoffat the end [laugh] so
development she cut two callersoffcompletely i counted ten rings
making this friday the cutoffdate for late submissions kay
anything s withered cut itofff889: cut it off [inaudible]
had their water supply cutofffor non payment of water
let s not cut itofffrom english either scotland s
of the atrocious war cutofffrom miramar and mallorca salvador
marooned from the world cutofffrom the commerce and converse
the north east was cutofffrom the rest of scotland
know why we had cutoffher housing benefit you want
nest i ve cut hisoffhis hair cut his hair
two i ve cut hisoffhis hair f1113: okay there
s it his hair f1113: offhis hair f1114: cut his
off his hair [laugh] cutoffhis hair hey f1114: that
the hair f1113: to cutoffhis hair [laugh] cut off
for you you ve cutoffhis hair [laugh] f1114: i
farmer and the farmer cutoffhis head m804: [laugh] [laugh]
but we somehow got cutoffi phoned your old number
f606: yeah f889: cut itoffif it s withered eh
it off f889: cut itoff[inaudible] f606: yeah f889: cut
killed and the bristles scrapedoffit was cut up and
now i ve cut youoffkaren s invoices are ruined
i ve cut his hatoff[laugh] f1113: [laugh] is that
you go we ll cutoffmore hair f1114: make it
bag for old buttons cutoffold items of clothing kept
gordon somebody s cut themoffone of them she s
to have a final cutoffpoint for the lodging of
the present five year cutoffpoint i have heard people
a there was a cutoffpoint m964: [cough] f963: right
for everyone over a cutoffpoint of 26 that is
difficulty in deciding the cutoffpoint of the overview report
has to be a cutoffpoint seven days before the
do not have that cutoffpoint we could create insoluble
failed to achieve a cutoffscore and the knock on
f1113: you goin to cutoffsome more f1114: yes i
more so you can cutoffsome more hair f1114: i
were cut they were liftedoffthe blade and set up
leather shoes in some cutoffthe line nook and get
down quickly evidently to cutoffthe puddok s head after
again but she cut himoffwith a scream dinna you
m815: yeah they takin moneyoffyou m816: pension cut a
thur ain stories yin startedoffa long long whiles back
started tonight which took meoffa staple diet of hamburgers
got i had i startedoffa- eh about fifteen years
have just started someone elseoffacross the road and the
the time the bandages cameoffan then i just started
sandshoes was that ehm startedoffas lace an then they
check started an inspector fuckoffbellowed mr glasgow don t
and balloons when we startedoffbut by the time we
the nippy air we startedoffby climbing more gently the
returned to work she startedoffby working what is called
based in england he startedoffby writing two books of
same course that i startedoffdoing with f1150: really yeah
oh right m1174: which startedoffer during the month of
m1174: yeah sure erm startedoffer well my sort of
in particular that always startedoffhis conversation with i didnae
his situation he had startedoffhis day with little idea
more of the group startedoffin a chorus which was
discovered but eh it startedoffin a very modest way
glasgow to edinburgh we startedoffin bute and made our
metro i started leading usoffin diametrically the opposite direction
within the asian media startedoffin nineteen ninety seven erm
st- i mean it startedoffit s very interesting you
odd book because it startedoffjust being a book of
then so i just startedofflike that and then f631:
the same people that startedoffno so it s it
national dictionary that started meoffon this ploy the horse
in mind when you startedoffor a se- or a
part than bits started flakingoffsomewhere else whole shoals of
the punctured tyre and startedofftowards home through familiar farming
m1163: aye erm i startedoffwi the being a volunteers
was so successful we startedoffwith a hundred and five
member well knows we startedoffwith a record spending level
or private landlords we startedoffwith hmos because bodies with
yeah absolutely no di- startedoffwith psychology last year which
started to take the contributionsoffyou when you were eighteen
bronchitis bed then take dayoff17 tuesday rain today busy
down a word to startoffa sentence the others take
like to take next yearoffacademic studies and work for
like to take a yearoffacademic studies to live in
r- they had to takeoffagain m608: mmhm m194: they
a star shape to takeoffall the shampoo go on
replacement horse and take yoursoffand it goes and there
take some of that pressureoffand look at what would
hae tae take this backpackoffand my tape f1103: yeah
her head and take itoffand put water in it
i got f1112: take itoffand see f1111: hooray how
and they would turn itoffand try to take the
f1097: i ll take itoffanoo just wait m1098: i
starts to take her coatoffare we bidin oot here
take this take this bitoffas well f1093: right take
john davidson seems to takeoffat the point at which
again m1128: goin to takeoffaye f1127: wait till mammy
told me m1094: take thisoffback f1093: right [inaudible] m1094:
hoped to take this weekendoffbut instead i d a
he tries to take itoffbut she slaps his hand
can i take this oneoffcan i put my top
m1096: but [sob] take itoffcause i dinna like it
still m1096: gonna take itoffcause i dinna like that
i ll take your tyreoffcause it s all got
like take loads to comeoffcause it was one of
we ll take this thingyoffcause that s time up
f1122: aye can we takeoff[?]cause[/?] f1121: noo just leave
m goin to take itoffcome on you ve nae
permits the employee to takeoffduring the employee s working
managed to take a pieceoffeach curtain to make one
not allowed to take itoffeven when you go in
so gordon they take moneyoffeverybody especially me cause i
m1094: can you take thisofff1093: just leave it just
m1098: no please take itofff1097: no just keep it
m1098: i ll take itofff1097: no mam ll dae
again want to take itofff1097: no no keep it
s- no sticker get thatofff1109: let s take him
is it f1112: take itofff1111: okay filling up the
look no dinna take thatofff1112: it s soaking this
you want to take itofff1112: no this bit s
right [censored: forename] f1114: take itofff1113: what are you doin
it on right okay takeofff1122: no i want to
take that bit that bitsofff1135: one more and blow
i ll just take thisofff643: can ye do ye
to sleep then i takeofffiona s sandals loosen her
that nobody would take themofffor for making weapons from
artists models take their clothesofffor heaven s sake answer
you f1140: you take itofffor me mummy f1139: finger
to take a sentence markedofffor phrases written on separate
we ll take the onionsofffor you f1130: why f1129:
control for aircraft that takeofffrom edinburgh glasgow and so
they would just take timeofffrom writing to the papers
too hard take some timeoffgo to dunblane hydro for
f1104: she wants to takeoffher booties if she s
f1112: her her better takeoffher coat at the hotel
out f1112: uh huh takeoffher head and get it
f1111: okay so we takeoffher joggie trousers f1112: they
i ll have to takeoffher necklace a little minute
take a man s girooffhim would you he would
ask the minister to takeoffhis party political hat and
my daddy take his coatoffi shout and shout and
and i ll take itoffin a minute f1100: [child noises]
it i ll take itoffin a second what do
but we ll take itoffin a wee minute before
oh nae- dinna take itoffin there though take it
hotel she can take itoffis it nice and warm
f643: and take the barkoffit and i was on
every time i take itoffit the seam bursts a
can t take my eyesoffits elegant navy blue and
i ll take your bootsoffjust leave it fa put
on f1135: right take itoffjust now hmm will we
till i take my glassesoff[laugh] m944: the reason is
ll just take them alloffm1090: [child noise] no f1089: if
then we ll take itoffm1096: di- dinna dae that
s that f1107: take itoffm1108: fitt s that mum
mummy can you take thisoffme f1103: in a little
them off me take themoffme gordon takes the flowers
oh hen beth take themoffme take them off me
them off me take themoffme take them off me
f1122: mum can you takeoffmy [inaudible] mm f1121: it
stanes [censored: forename] m1096: okay takeoffmy jacket f1095: you ve
f1102: oh can you takeoffmy shoes f1101: aye mm
you can you mummy takeoffmy socks [child noise] mummy f1121:
tea f1122: can i takeoffmy this f1121: you want
s why we can takeoffmy vest f1111: that s
that s right f1112: takeoffmy vest then f1111: oh
mum can i take thisoffnoo [child noises] f1103: we ll
f1104: can we take thisoffnoo f1103: after we mak
f1104: can i take thisoffnoo f1103: er another five
mum can i take thisoffnoo f1103: no nae just
darling ye can take itoffnoo m1108: fitt s that
[inaudible] i ll take themoffnow f1099: where you going
you want to take itoffnow f1122: mmhm f1121: okay
as we did a takeoffo mr pastry s lancers
take f1104: no f1103: oneoffo your ains because [censored: forename]
then we ll take itoffokay m1096: [inaudible] what s
is just take them alloffor go aboot lookin like
either the time of takeoffor landing at the licensed
in there though take itoffower here think we might
try to take the mantleoffpoor souls you know and
got to take the paperoffremember see this paper here
parliament to ensure that 4x4offroad driving does not take
aye f1125: take this paperoffsee sprinkles will still come
over there take your troosersoffstand there wait a minute
take no steps to selloffsuch important parts of the
staff to take a dayoffthat happened because of their
hae to take her shoesoffthat s how things get
m gonna want to takeoffthat sheet f1104: [laugh] f1103:
am though it seems takeoffthat silly business shirt this
see did dad take thatoffthe computer for you f1122:
fitt f1104: will i takeoffthe covers f1103: aye f1104:
the lid have to takeoffthe filter once they re
eh m1132: have to takeoffthe filter once they re
right we ll take thatoffthe heat f1118: o- [exhale]
f1113: right we ll takeoffthe [inaudible] now your elephant
s in [inaudible] f1129: takeoffthe label and we ll
seat ower i ll takeoffthe lid for you [sniff]
should you should really takeoffthe lid m804: [laugh] okay
i m dead take meoffthe list now [laugh] f809:
take some of the workloadoffthe maggie is about ¼
would take her only shawloffthe nail o the door
the draftsmen to take thatoffthe shelf as it were
we have to take thoseoffthe shelf so i can
it fits before i takeoffthe taggie label eh oh
other way no take itoffthe tiles and turn it
f1121: okay right you takeoffthe videos just maybe one
cleaners to take the dirtoffthem i believe so i
is m1098: oh take itoffthen f1097: no m1098: oh
f1102: jacket f1101: take thatoffthen f1102: jacket f1101: right
[inaudible] i ll take thisoffthen f1135: no you can
we ll just take itoffthen look that be better
f1091: go and take themoffthen m1092: you f1091: no
tell you to take itoffthen m1096: no f1095: [inaudible]
it alright if we takeoffthese f1121: hold on just
because f1129: and we takeoffthis bit divn t we
your fingers f1122: mum takeoffthis f1121: okay in a
no i- can i takeoffthis for two minutes i
drinkie f1122: can you takeoffthis we re finished f1121:
i ll just take itoffthrough in the kitchen can
good now don t takeofftoo much just a tidy
f1097: don t take itoffup your chin right leave
here don t take thatoffwait a minute leave it
long and boring the takeoffwas spectacular with ailsa craig
he said take my clothesoffwas this part of the
[inaudible] we ll take itoffwhen we get home and
yourself m1094: is the basinoffwill you take this away
cause ye did dinna takeoffyer [?]backpack[/?] m1108: why but
used to take the sledgeoffyou [laugh] ye know f606:
on and get your clothesoffyou stand over there take
f1121: okay i ll takeoffyour apron okay f1122: okay
you ll have to takeoffyour boots first [laugh] no
stinkin f1141: [censored: forename] dinna takeoffyour cl- your doll s
museum that you must takeoffyour coat in some it
do you want to takeoffyour jumper f1102: aye hot
as well f1093: right takeoffyour jumper m1094: why f1093:
over here till i takeoffyour microphone and put it
[inaudible] f1095: will we takeoffyour pinny noo just take
hiv you bin deein takeoffyour sark you ve got
[inaudible] f1105: very good takeoffyour slippers for me please
m painting you can takeoffyour socks [inaudible] f1123: eh
f1091: right go and takeoffyour socks m1092: no me
you you ve to takeoffyour socks when you re
right up your hands takeoffyour top good girl up
put anyone off anything evenoffa good mother and she
and i remember i wasoffa year off the school
off if i m pissedoffabout something i think i
signed off it was signedoffabout two weeks ago that
m falling off f1093: fallingoffagain eh m1094: because i
your beddie oh it cameoffagain it came off i
doesn t notice and goesoffagain peggy off hello neil
yellow eyes off and onoffand on alongside the pub
blinked its two yellow eyesoffand on off and on
gross enough to put anyoneoffanything even off a good
off m816: the spray comesoffaye comes off the aye
m1012: weel off m1010: weeloffaye m1013: loaded m1010: [laugh]
just i ve got weeloffaye yes aye weel off
ioly flat off ryip aitisoffbarlie peis and quheit there
just off invercar was justoffcastlehill road f643: uh huh
28 day off rain onoffclean car to kdy with
1500 seis thow quod schooffcorne ȝone ioly flat off
that used m1004: to dogoffdog off f1054: yeah you
mm nap [inaudible] f1054: dozeofff1006: doze off i suppose
be pissed off or hackedofff1024: [laugh] f1025: [laugh] f1026:
of that rich f1023: wellofff1025: mmhm well off i
off aye yes aye weelofff1054: now that s interestin
m1004: to dog off dogofff1054: yeah you wouldnae say
m1090: no i ll fallofff1089: you winna fall off
again falling i m fallingofff1093: falling off again eh
[laugh] get off tommy getofff1103: [inaudible] f1104: that s
it off i need itofff1113: push some more up
off there i finish itofff1125: is that penguin one
f1126: mmhm the sprinkles comeofff1125: the sprinkles come off
off i just got itofff1133: dinna look you re
it off i want itofff1135: hold on f1136: it
off my thingies keep cominofff1141: come here then [inaudible]
head on dancing off rangeofffocus out of site of
we set off we setofffrom it was along they
[laugh] m608: [laugh] m642: fuckofffuck off or help me
and goes off again peggyoffhello neil neil off hello
peggy off hello neil neiloffhello peggy enter peggy her
outside neil off yes peggyoffhow is she neil off
angelica shouting off ma murieloffi hear it awa oot
f1134: mum i got itoffi just got it off
came off again it cameoffi ll tell my mam
some quilt off some quiltoffi m washing off my
bit f1114: i need itoffi need it off f1113:
f1054: doze off f1006: dozeoffi suppose people say for
well off f1025: mmhm welloffi ve got f1024: loaded
feet f1136: i want itoffi want it off f1135:
well off yeah f1025: welloffi would say mmhm mmhm
less about what pisses meoffif i m pissed off
to inverness [laugh] f122: offoffin lam- in [?]lamington[/?] terrace
telephones and pagers are turnedoffinterruption i said turned off
which i think it justoffinvercar was just off castlehill
it crash into the shruboffit goes off the rails
the project would be signedoffit was signed off about
off how is she neiloffjust the same not saying
think right rich m1012: weeloffm1010: weel off aye m1013:
off f1089: you winna falloffm1090: i will i f1089:
so the spray comes rightoffm816: the spray comes off
towards the exit angelica shoutingoffma muriel off i hear
off interruption i said turnedoffmichael russell south of scotland
quilt off i m washingoffmy quilt f1111: fitt you
mum my thingie s cameoffmy thingies keep comin off
fit she s like peggyoffneil he goes off then
off f1125: the sprinkles comeoffno you dinna put the
road to inverness [laugh] f122: offoff in lam- in [?]lamington[/?]
nod off you just nodoffor go to your kip
f1026: i d be pissedoffor hacked off f1024: [laugh]
[laugh] m642: fuck off fuckoffor help me m608: [laugh]
anti social behaviour with oneoffor two off situations a
be internal friday 28 dayoffrain on off clean car
meeting him head on dancingoffrange off focus out of
on till i clip thisoffright pull off your jumper
off corne ȝone ioly flatoffryip aitis off barlie peis
with one off or twooffsituations a broad brush licensing
rinsed it f1112: some quiltoffsome quilt off i m
spray comes off aye comesoffthe aye i know gourock
isn t brilliant but ermoffthe off the recorder but
br- brings things not hotoffthe press but wet off
off the press but wetoffthe press [laugh] m608: [laugh]
the shrub off it goesoffthe rails m1110: yes yes
brilliant but erm off theoffthe recorder but erm er
i was off a yearoffthe school a full year
off the- there f1107: felloffthe snowman m1108: aye f1107:
some some black dots felloffthe- there f1107: fell off
peggy off neil he goesoffthen peggy enters she winna
[inaudible] and finish finish itoffthere i finish it off
careful though f1104: [laugh] getofftommy get off f1103: [inaudible]
actually m816: well we setoffwe set off from it
that i would say welloffyeah f1025: well off i
m1015: insane ehm daft loopyoffyer heid off yer trolley
daft loopy off yer heidoffyer trolley any one o
loretta is she outside neiloffyes peggy off how is
you say f1145: just nodoffyou just nod off or
clip this off right pulloffyour jumper then f1102: i
scots got her head choppedoff1987 as with macdiarmid in
m815: i hit my headoffa radiator when i was
you know yellin my headoffand eh i don t
that baby bawling its headoffand so on and on
one of four ships shelteringoffblack head at the mouth
her head and get itofff1111: no that s not
work f890: cryin its headofff889: no she s i
head squares men often tookoffhats before going into a
f1049: well she was goinoffher head and i was
t have it totally goinoffher head m1048: was she
d probably say he soffhis head as kenny says
that some of us headoffinto retirement and will ourselves
his head would keep fallingoffm804: [laugh] and that would
head and shrugs the matteroffmoula here ti yeir new
couldn t lift his headoffthe pillow if he was
a healthy diet to headoffthe potential development of osteoporosis
our young people to headoffthe problem in the future
scots got her head choppedoffthe structure of it is
but i cannot tell youoffthe top of my head
to court rachel newman notoffthe top of my head
that i cannot do sooffthe top of my head
that to the dollies takingofftheir head is it f1112:
been negotiated and we headoffto see [censored: forename] in tampere
you always wanted and headofftouring at weekends she ll
neil had sliced the headoffwith his pen knife and
uh huh m1007: good oneoffyer head it s a
me and i evidently ranoffyou know yellin my head
by has the head comeoffyour b c g medicine
and you took the wheeloffand i fitted the spare
in so took the eveningoffand just went for a
left over sandwiches you tookoffdownhill leaving me to carry
kind of you know tookofferm and and f963: mm
maybe her mummy took themofff1118: maybe not f1117: did
background so i took themofff643: [laugh] m608: you digitised
out long before he tookofffrom ballindean he would act
bad boy i took timeofffrom my desk and peeped
took forever to get timeofffrom the prudential office then
leave the ussr he tookoffhis hat look i am
seen ma the day neiloffi took in her milk
gaelic medium education er tookoffin glasgow in nineteen eighty
still i took some timeoffin the evening to go
took in her milk peggyoffis she a richt neil
she she took the bottomoffit and took the money
practices i took the blanketoffmy face and lay for
open our eyes i tookoffmy hat and sunglasses and
handed you the pack tookoffmy shoes and stockings and
and took me to furtheroffplaces but though i was
s you that took itoffso f1104: can i sit
freeze tae death [?]sort of[/?] tookoffso i sat for about
we just took the labeloffso we needed you to
they too- took the tugsofftae get in they scu-
hat and then i tookoffthat and do that and
down the bus to getoffthat freak took ma mate
if you took your handsoffthe bars a wee bit
opened the door he steppedoffthe bus and took a
f643: two caravans he tookoffthe drawbars and put them
shut as the car tookoffthe driver screaming the engine
m805: um when we tookoffthe label it was just
it clean a book comesoffthe peg i took a
peg i took a bookoffthe peg tried it on
again i took my handoffthe phone and spoke to
but if someone took oneoffthe thread for re use
finished ch 3 took timeoffto swim in the gulf
shouts yur dad left tookoffwent a wall silence jilly
dinna get hame he tookoffwithout another word going at
f638: they took fifteen minutesoffyer pay f637: mm f640:
about the stage he goesoffagain loretta so so gladys
to its depot it goesoffand clears other important roads
burds happy lucky burds goesoffandrey oor houss wul seem
goes with the tracts lizzieoffangelica look at this angelica
if a fire alarm goesoffanywhere on the floor it
goes past the jail leapoffat the right stop and
partnerships in that it goesoffbalance sheet professor midwinter almost
on the floor it goesofffor like the whole floor
goes she sits still peggyoffhello neil been enjoying the
pace in unison he takesoffhis apron and goes out
bj goes toward lee takesoffhis gloves lee your looking
young but listening isabel goesoffin the opposite direction that
and tell betty she goesoffinto the house lilian well
to see betty he goesoffinto the house there is
your trousers it just cameoffit just goes back on
s got a competition cominoffjilly goes to pat holds
wearily on foot and goesoffleft moaning softly curtain scene
did i really he goesoffmuttering z y x w
and very quietly he takesoffon all fours he goes
every so often he goesoffon his rounds checking that
na na ye maunna goesoffquickly then stops in the
on the table and goesoffreturning immediately carrying two envelopes
all my life again andoffshe goes into a dream
up her mind and goesoffthe siren gets louder georgie
over anxious mothers she goesoffto clear the coffee things
this unembarrassed behaviour mum goesoffto fetch the coffee and
quietly you job mother goesofftowards the downstairs loo still
sadie goes back to turnofftv sadie too long just
for heivin s sake goesoffwith the pram ferapont weill
goodby to her she goesoffwith them irena they r
taxi driver s he setoffa ten pound note safe
at el presidente we setoffagain into the night the
bus an appeared tae setoffalong the turriff road the
had learned this set himoffand he sang some of
on the right we setoffand spun gently towards another
behind us again we setoffaround eight the dirt path
s rest day we setoffat 9am in the group
and after breakfast we setoffat around eight the night
was all set to driveoffbut had difficulty with the
like a goth i setoffbut only got half way
dove grey velvet suit setoffby a pearl necklace and
which i think set meofffor a bad uh f718:
task based learning i setofffor belyaevo i thought i
up the street then setofffor brown square there were
my skull so i setofffor home you must regard
9 15 and we setofffor mti lisa is a
at 8 00am to setofffor the temple of the
29 year old maley setofffrom his home in the
small and slow we setofffrom the fann to catch
celebrate after dinner we setoffin high spirits arm in
to the right we setoffin that direction but couldn
him good bye and setoffon my journey never for
cloves and then we setoffon perhaps the hardest part
john mathieson from milltown setoffon the liner volendam to
a cheese sandwich and setoffon the metro for izmailovsky
to escape katie morag setoffshe loved any excuse to
its whiteness and freckles setoffsubtly by the finest of
the boatil an set itofftae sea ah know fine
mauve plumeria which somehow setoffthe gorgeous drift of her
trinidad and tobago that setoffthe procedure for negotiating the
battered kettle then we setoffthe sovincenter is a large
a good breakfast and setoffto catch the moscow train
few seconds set the dogoffto chase the rabbit once
fancied a change i setoffto explore my box guess
into life and they setoffto go round each of
came round and we setoffto meet some students at
blue boat fleet has setofftowards sa calobra laden with
your response was to setoffup the ben as if
hour s rest we setoffuphill again past a small
pancake and strawberry jam andoffwe set we had a
in palma george sand setoffwith her son maurice to
new labour which put themoffa bit sarah boyack says
deterrence in order to putoffa young person from committing
very first milk that cameoffafter calving it was put
the f1109: has that comeoffagain put it back on
s can you turn thatoffan put the telly up
do that and give thatoffand put it on there
please m1110: put this coveroffand put this here f1109:
really m194: and put themoffand then of course they
for your letter i putoffanswering it always hoping to
but lizzie is never putoffby lack of interest in
it kind of put youoffchocolate a bit though she
solutions that attempt to putoffdecisions until another day will
want to put the phoneoffdo you m1090: [flicks switch] already
f1104: no dinna put itofff1103: put it back on
s hot you put itofff1111: is that hot enough
the morning and put themofff631: mmhm f634: there was
jessie so i just putofff889: oh right so aye
f965: [laugh] and put youofff963: was er somebody who
m815: try to put themofffae the shoutin and bawlin
fine georgie not easily putofffit s ailin ye quine
make sure to put itofffour hours before bedtime though
[music] f1095: no put thatoffhere give it to me
yourself you ll put himoffhis feed he s a
f1114: i go [inaudible] phoneoffi ll put it back
been enjoying the sun neiloffi m away to put
we re nae taking itoffi m gonna put it
[inaudible] we ll put itoffin a minute right hang
why she s put themoff[inaudible] f1117: maybe her mummy
do f- f963: put meoffit altogether f965: the unfortunate
neil don t put itoffjust make your mind up
what would always put meofflike kinna going on a
put a lot of peopleoffm055: it would mean it
you ll put the phoneoffm1090: [rustling noise] f1089: you dinna
it to me put itoffm1096: aye [music] f1095: do
s supposed to put youoffm816: that s right yeah
[laugh] said to turn themoffm944: put it on silent
let me see pull thatoffmm put on the top
nae supposed to eat itoffof the spoon just put
loud we ll put thatoffokay we draw the cat-
[exhale] right rinse the soapoffput your sponge in the
f1049: no m1048: easy washoffremember i put in on
but that really put meoffsciences later down [laugh] so
clothes to put on sooffshe went to her grandfather
put the kettle on peggyoffsurprised good loon i m
m1014: i just put showoffthat s what we would
we ll need to putoffthat telly there s nobody
ll go and put thatoffthat tv f1115: why are
threatened to put his horsesoffthe road and himself out
hate anything to put himoffthe skill he loved not
that did not put usoffthe working group discussed whether
our chorister is being putoffthis is a particularly useful
other organisations have been putoffto the side and have
waste of time put himoffwhat s the idea i
think we ll put itoffwhile we re we re
i d be borrowin moneyoffyou just put it that
put the the er gasoffyou see you turned it
people he d captured ranoffagain so it went on
the windae before i wentoffand i never really heard
teacher cause she told meoffand i went [sticks out tongue] and
i had a wee spelloffand then i went out
siesta the alarm clock wentoffat eight o clock surfacing
erm ma alarm clock wentoffat nine so i bounced
when the other two wentoffbut he didn t visit
went on or it wentofff631: mmhm f634: erm [laugh]
and [censored: forename] and i wentofffor a soup and ravioli
with some venom and wentoffhe was back in no
went crazy tore her clothesoffin the livingroom said terrible
and then went to theofflicence got a bottle of
incoming bang went a stoneoffmy cab window as i
factors when jack greig wentoffsick we had no idea
m608: mmhm f638: and thruppenceoffthat went tae yer stamp
that you went to breakoffthe affair with mrs dow
strokes the moment i wentoffthe edge of the world
sited on a small sidingoffthe main line welfare went
m nae surprised i wentoffthe rails as my mither
the bus driver went cleanoffthe rails he jammed the
it s still there wentoffthe road and ended in
tons of snow had fallenoffthe roof and went back
s teeth tits were pushedoffthe tabloids children went like
went like that batted itoffthe wall f963: [laugh] mm
close but when they wentoffthey lit up everything and
an that was them anoffthey went an they were
i agreed and daniel wentoffto explain my decision to
school cause i then wentoffto fee paying school [ooo]
so the lektors all wentoffto have their lunch in
twice again before leslie wentoffto mackie academy for his
group from the maggie wentoffto mactaquac park about 30km
hen archie suggested and wentoffto the pensioners do quite
age group so he wentoffto them and erm he
attractive and some staff wentoffto those apparently greener pastures
handled cane the gentlemen wentoffto town to talk of
found when er i wentoffto university was that a
eh and then they wentoffto war and and we
just a big disaster pisteofftracey s wayne went skiing
i met during some timeoffwork i went on the
move [censored: forename] if you getoffa minute and i ll
it must have been getoffa minute back see go
of us had tae stripoffan get into the bath
mornin tae get the bandagesoffand eh antiseptic eh cleansed
a lot of people getoffand it s just a
prepare for home leave getoffat 3 30 pm good
from rosyth to elie getoffat kilconquhar walk rest kids
trying to drop the kidsoffat school or to get
ll just get my socksoffcause i m better with
you managed to get itoffcause they re like taped
can get aa that chocolateoffdo you think you ll
but before she can getoffdod rushes in dod milking
m734: [laughs] getting get cartedoffdown to the doctor s
m going to get themoffearly this year i don
did you not get themoffebay but they never came
trying to get her marriedofff1038: like people end up
on m1098: i want itofff1097: aye you ll get
okay one two three getofff1107: right okley dokelys m1108:
f1116: i know [?]he's[/?] getofff1115: oh they re stuck
are we gonna get thisofff1122: i don t know
road basically and then getofff745: oh right f746: just
there to get the guyofff963: mm mmhm f965: erm
get this tee shirt rightofffiona says it s in
get aa this dry stuffofffirst haven t i mmhm
till i get this stuffofffirst this might be quicker
nearly half get no timeofffor training the fact of
think you d be betteroffhelping grannie island get alecina
again this time to getoffi could see from his
aye you ll get itoffin a wee bit just
sunday mike wallace frank reillyoffin map journey get chased
you get the light cominoffit it s really sort
told us when to getoffit was pouring with rain
plate mammy ll get themofflook there we go ooh
me ages to get itoffm1048: did it f1049: i
use sellotape to get thatoffm1090: [inaudible] outside what if
the truth lee shouts getoffmah back bj what happened
they tried to get itoffme one night like kinda
line but was rebuffed getoffme was the response to
i ve got to getoffmy butt and start up
note as i m rushedoffmy feet trying to get
managed to get itself leftoffmy finger last night mother
to get aa the milkoffo the bottle look if
to get aa the chocolateoffo there f1122: fill it
to get aa the chocolateoffo ye f1122: chocolate chocolate
[?]sting you[/?] f1095: [inaudible] get downoffof there come on m1096:
[phone rings] [answering machine recorded message] just turn itoffoh we ll get a
the young vegas crowd getoffon pretending they re a
will get the letter signedoffon thursday stewart stevenson the
face get the face acheoffor there s nae horses
more action to get freightoffour roads slow moving transport
water transport to get freightoffroads and onto railways coastal
all over the place handsoffshe says get all those
down the stairs to getoffslut she said as i
that f1124: i got themoffso i don t get
can get you six monthsoffso i m thinking of
f1122: i cannae get thisoff[squeal] oh can you do
i ll get this bitoffta dah f1089: thank you
telt um where ti getofftelt um yi wanted nuthin
going to get the chocolateoffthat bowl f1122: [inaudible] i
me someone to get meoffthat damned feedback loop even
past mr frizz to getoffthe bus did that guy
would have liked to getoffthe bus here but our
need some assistance to getoffthe bus on its return
i can hardly get upoffthe chair never mind run
dae the impossible jilly getoffthe gear that s what
ground [inhale] it does getoffthe ground eventually because of
get a victim support schemeoffthe ground in the near
takes a while to getoffthe ground [inhale] it does
get a new one fromoffthe murmer of voices the
we just ask for itoffthe record and we get
ladder you get the scrapinsoffthe soles of their shoes
that they couldnae get burntoffthe sun or anythin like
f1107: did you get itoffthe table m1108: aye f1107:
cyclists would have to getofftheir bikes to do so
crying helps others get thingsofftheir chest next day my
excuses for parents to getofftheir vast a and do
have make it stop getoffthen i go on that
then we had to getoffthere walk along by the
education we will get pupilsoffto a better start building
f1103: aye well get herofftommy though he doesnae like
you know get ten poundsoffwhen you spend fifty and
perceived to be relatively welloffwill be failed i get
f965: you didn t getoffwith it f963: yeah f965:
bag aff wi somyin getoffwith someone bairn child bidded
order to get this guyoffyou f963: mm mmhm yeah
born a boy get themoffyou should have a skirt
down the bus to getoffyou ve got a bus
right now get moving getoffyour ass and other even
go and get your backpackoffyour bed and carry it
you both where you getoffyour coach bobby and the
meet you when you getoffyour coach i ll meet
yeah okay just to finishoffa very brief questionnaire ehmwith
six times just to fuckoffand he s got a
you know it just woreoffand it was just your
be able to just switchoffand just read books for
then i ll finish itoffand stop there m1042: just
then th- they would comeoffand the tugs would just
did they no just liveoffapple pie m941: yeah exactly
no i ve got welloffas well ye just we
wall radio doesn t switchoffat all you just turn
well yes i m justoffback to my five million
just want ye to buggeroffbaith o ye in fact
perhaps they d taken themoffbecause they were just going
you re just a showoffbecause you re wearin gear
just unwell it s justoffcolour a bit f1053: when
children a wee bit ehmoffcolour just listless f1009: mmhm
t have tae rip itoffdarlin just move the pages
because they were just goingoffduty there was no telling
just bought all this stuffoffe bay like m811: [cough]
can we just to finishoffehm do a last questionnaire
more it s all closedofferm no i was just
look and see it sofff1089: just a minute m1090:
talked about doing a oneoffgig just the two of
still just because some hackedoffhack gets the chance to
then just finish those twooffhere look [scraping] here we
m805: [inaudible] they just bounceoffhim m804: ah m805: cause
just m804: right m805: bounceoffhim m804: okay i ve
just as he is finishingoffhis apple with a dark
just same thing he soffhis heid m1014: have you
chorister produces just a littleoffi e either 1 semitone
she became a bit pissedoffi just realised i pulled
just ready for something neiloffi m making coffee for
m1012: oh right we reoffit s just quite short
her lap and wheels heroffjust before he disappears he
when the search was calledoffjust before six o clock
tae mam it s switchedoffjust noo chum it s
the grey ones m818: justofflike where like bridge street
you re just a showoffm1017: [laugh] m1015: i have
then i just switch itoffm865: mm mm mm mm
mam can you wipe itoffmy airm just now f1141:
f1104: mum i want thisoffnoo mum f1103: just leave
re just turning their lightoffnow an watchin us m942:
s it wipe that bittiesoffokay just go like this
carter who was just settingoffon his rounds wid ye
she left or just goneoffon holiday or just moved
okay ehm just to finishoffone brief questionnaire about your
i mean i suppose pissedoffreally just covers everything [laugh]
i m just coming gladysoffshouting no no it s
music as well we startoffslow an we re just
kept permanently full and justoffthe boil sat on the
tae a dorm just washoffthe dust and lie right
me to an office justoffthe foyer it would be
with aplomb having just switchedoffthe radio when the bell
see sometimes you just gooffthe road a wee bit
think she s ploughed justoffthe road f1154: have they
certain times o day f829: offthe sea just rolls in
i literally just pulled booksoffthe shelf at home and
fae memory blanks erm turnoffthere and just follow the
all necessary steps to writeoffthis debt just as it
a- can we just finishoffthis diagram i m kind
my god i just wantoffthis thing f812: how to
yet i m just goingoffto church now hope to
dad and i are justoffto flat sit for k
just a sort of oneoffto to demonstrate f965: mmhm
just words ignore them switchoffwalk away aunt pol had
forestry so we just sayoffwe go to rural affairs
we re not slaggin themoffwe re just f835: we
but can we just finishoffwith a brief questionnaire concerning
is just going to comeoffworse to some e- i
got loony just ye reoffyer heid no thinkin o
f1113: just wiping that chocolateoffyour face that s you
f1113: oh your microphone felloffagain f1114: yes f1113: there
because your thing ll falloffagain m1108: chase me mum
awa james maclaurin said steppingoffbriskly dinna let your bed
f1136: [child noise] i want itofff1135: mmhm watch your feet
mac your favourite ewe goneoffher feed is not an
but only with your clothesoffi don t know why
answer even when we droveoffin your ancient morris you
please switch your mobile phonesoffkate maclean sorry about that
not i have a weekoff[laugh] in your face i
half of my toe felloffm804: [tut] was that your
wind would freeze your earsoffmonday 5 december i ve
fitt you doin f1112: washingoffmy quilt f1111: your quilt
burnt and your tattie felloff[note: photo: 'the crowd with the horse, drumyocher.'] [note: photo: 'pair of horses with harrows.] when the tatties
your work load should easeoffnow i hope it does
f1122: [laugh] f1121: is thatoffof your dirty hands f1122:
f1121: i think that soffof your dirty hands is
s all your food markiesoffonywey okay [washing sounds] f1100: i
but your manner s reallyoffputting f1151: mmhm f1150: and
why are you taking thatoffready for your bath f1112:
your eyes that s itoffright now will i roll
f1127: your thing s felloffright turn roon go an
your emblem is rue wardoffrock rock shut up shop
wrong way clapping her handsoffthe beat your family is
your energy cleaning the dustoffthe blinds every day my
you could eat your dinneroffthe floor clean as a
had to lift your feetoffthe pedals and keep them
ll knock ten thousand poundsoffthe value of your house
spines and overborne your brainsoffwith it all of it
danny don t be disappearingoffwith your pals tonight she
in your face and makeoffwith your wallet cell phone
very interesting you re startingoffwith your your weekly radio
you will if you falloffyour bike here s another
f1121: whoa you nearly felloffyour chair f1122: this one
tissue and wipe that muckoffyour cheek you don t
with the [censored: surname] i sentoffyour christmas presents air mail
okay then you start takingoffyour clothes for me i
nearly well if you finishoffyour crispies and then you
scottish isn t it m1019: offyour heid m1022: barmpot m1019:
your heid m1022: barmpot m1019: offyour heid would be m1020:
jeans [running water] no start takingoffyour jeans for me please
to sleep apart i gotoffyour knee and you stood
even better you ve knockedoffyour mic now dinna pull
for about a hundred poundoffyour next bill and [censored: forename]
gaun to nae horses dryoffyour other hand please and
you ve swept the shitoffyour own doorstep before you
still hear us right slipoffyour slippers m1106 : [noise from toy] f1105:
f1105: okay you start takingoffyour t shirt and your
darlin oh it s comeoffyour trousers f1126: where oh
okay you do that oneoffyour trousers m1092: [child noises] [child noises]
see sprinkles will still comeoffbut it s okay see
to clean the chewing gumofff1037: [laugh] yes okay [laugh]
f1135: hold on f1136: itofff1135: no it s okay
okay i ll let youofff1142: can i f1141: aye
[inaudible] f1142: mum wipe itoffmy airm f1141: okay f1142:
okay you be careful m1110: offmy pile of books please
[noise from toy] f1105: okay switch thatoffnow m1106 : [noise from toy] [exhale] f1105:
right we ll switch thisoffokay and we ll go
stops you have to comeoffokay right come on then
and ye can rub itoffsit doon now m1090: okay
[inaudible] that f1113: you takingoffthat okay you ve been
[vibrates lips] f1121: okay you startoffthen f1122: [inaudible] woo one
yes m1106 : [laugh] we reoffto work f1105: okay give
okay i ll let youoffwi that now that s
s okay [?]do you agree[/?] let meoffwith my- thank you very
s dark in f1125: okayoffyou go f1126: i m
to brush the loose mealoffa baking board before the
myself sleepier and finally dozedoffa couple of hours before
aest n east aff advoffafore adv before agin prep
ae one aerlie early afoffafore before agin against ahint
couple of people would startoffand before you knew where
cyclists who had to comeoffanyway before tackling the steep
end up only 60p betteroffbefore income tax is taken
beach the sort you showeroffbefore the buffet before the
the proceedings he hurriedly droveoffbefore the elephant re emerged
com website which i printedoffbefore this debate it has
before we had our coatsoffbut monboddo did not rise
before we sign the petitionoffdo members agree members indicated
response before we send itoffdr simpson yes i would
waiting rail wagons before settingofffor cairnryan junction and destination
in the buffet before settingofffor the sovincenter have i
recovers some equilibrium as takingoffher glasses before going into
before the daily tourist invasionoffloads hundreds from bus and
right come on then doonoffo there before you fall
week before so i gotoffquite lightly f010: you didn
place in practice he fliesoffright curtain scene 2 before
reaches for another pill fromoffsadie speaks before we see
snarled at them before staggeringoffthe bus dangerously into oncoming
his lips and carefully lickedoffthe surplus before laying it
in the view before settingoffthis time in groups of
carole then before she jetsoffto cairo on sept 7
and i dozed before zoomingoffto see the others however
cod pieces before i shuffleoffwhere is the pattern that
no no f1113: it cameoffagain come on you f1114:
hope he s noh runoffagain della awa krista an
did you say m1094: falledoffagain falling i m falling
m1090: oops it s falledoffagain [inhale] [exhale] it s
no f1095: and was [censored: forename]offagain m1096: no n- f1095:
so that it doesnae falloffagain now don t touch
muriel georgie no he racesoffagain she speaks to empty
a further soaping and cleaningoffand again he rose only
leaves hurriedly she follows himoffas the lights change again
wee girl then she soffduty again and the wraiths
against her will and setsofffor alex ewan s again
you she takes the bowlofffor washing but again she
mean hibs make a mintofffunctions right the reason again
[inaudible] m642: bike came downoffit and got vertical again
time again local authorities selloffland and then give planning
day emma had to calloffour lesson again and so
for a second sing everybodyoffstage again he starts to
her again with her hangingoffthe bed practically uncomfortable as
again stotting it s stottingoffthe kerb and the pavement
again and of course fendingoffthe mendicant vendors of shawls
book that bit s felloffye again m1128: goin to
gaun to drop yer packoffyer bum again m1108: why
ll be incomers that cairryoffall the profit beaumont but
they ll they ll wanderoffand leave them f1150: and
i ll soon see himoffbeaumont it s nae use
nae m1090: maybe it isofff1089: look we ll see
me m1092: i want itofff1091: i ll help ye
f1112: [inaudible] going to rollofff1111: it ll roll right
you ll maybe pull itofff1112: i want testing testing
f1111: it ll roll rightofff1112: will it roll right
mmhm and you ll fallofff1116: that s basket f1115:
sorry i ll turn thatofff947: [laugh] f1159: [laugh] f1160:
gie i ll finish itofffor you there you go
not saying a word peggyoffi ll go oot have
got it and tae finishoffi ll jist mention that
handle when my party comesoffi think i ll invite
s wrong m1128: it rippedoff[inaudible] f1127: oh mammy ll
ll grow her voice tailsoffinto silence and i can
for it i ll shoveoffnow so give my regards
and i ll tak themoffo this tray cause this
ll m608: aye m642: gooffof that right we ll
have a seat yes rightoffof there you ll walk
ll have to let meoffon dates richard canny even
you know i ll startoffpedalling for 4 seconds build
supports beth and they walkoffsadie by god we ll
still talking while she isoffstage i ll jist rinse
lights fade lights up dolloffstage you ll be soooory
that what what cammy layoffsteve or ah ll lay
the goulash ll burn turnoffthe gas i hesitate hey
through gently you can turnoffthe heat there ll be
that right we ll gooffthe joab right i was
envelope and you ll beoffthe rack they comprenned fine
so i haven t writtenoffyet to them i ll
ll see to that butoffyou go now jack yes
noo chum it s switchedoffyou ll break it m1092:
think so he ll falloffyou was on [censored: forename] yesterday
for rain an he finishedoffand said a right good
see you tomorrow sadie fromoffaye right maggie aye right
button f1103: that s theoffbutton aye right anither ain
f1112: will it roll rightofff1111: it will cause it
nobody watching it switch itofff1112: ah f1111: right f1112:
four three two one blastofff1121: right number four f1122:
my sh- mum it fellofff1121: right you choose one
2001 the right to timeofffor study or training scotland
development the right to timeofffor study or training scotland
development the right to timeofffor study or training scotland
development the right to timeofffor study or training scotland
of there right you comingoffi don t know right
close but she elbowed himoffi m right sorry lass
good right let s startoffin the top left hand
right now it s goneoff[inaudible] f1105: pop it through
pat ah kin shut rightoffjilly kin stare right inti
were pluggin it or bunkinoff[laugh] f1143: that s right
ask a lot of adviceofflinguists you know m741: right
we d we d leftoffm762: yeah that s right
wid huv broke it rightoffmind it del krista berna
on the plate it cameoffright away f1049: the plate
the toll road and fliesoffright curtain scene 3 the
resumes his progress and trampsoffright grumbling a haill groat
fuckin away from me fuckoffright noo the revenue inspectors
no don t tear itoffright that s all right
me an excuse to breakoffright there with the fault
right m1048: to switch itoffso that you didn t
mr scott i stripped everythingoffstill damp right down to
so hibs are makin rentoffthat right m818: from aye
right you wantin the paperoffthat sweetie f1136: nope f1135:
arran right and you lookedoffthe stern o this boat
spray f1121: mickey and minnieoffthe top shelf right can
said oh where are youoffto right now when i
exist now f1077: it wasoffto the right and there
all my dusters f1109: rightoffwe go m1110: that s
chipped in er to startoffwith m608: right m1174: erm
had that right to startoffwith that s it push
and then they were takenoffafter that tae wherever they
indignity of having to toweloffand dress then clamber into
and then had a weekoffand i then i was
confront rizziio then drag rizziooffand stab him several times
two or three rounds goingoffand that was it then
kindness yes then he wasoffback to the city to
then tries to scare himoffboo no effect scoot no
my polite refusal he wanderedoff[censored: forename] then discovered where we
then the cream was skimmedoffeither by hand or by
see i thought i wasoffevery friday then it turns
f1023: oh aye f1025: neverofff1027: but then my sister
busy for a moment gladysofffar s abody then are
there is then a fallingoffin the middle of the
sympathetically then the two roaredoffin their open sports car
my smile then she movesofflike a gazelle to sit
steps back and then scuttlesofflizzie enters in some excitement
apprenticeship then they paid yeoffm608: mmhm m194: because they
be a tiepin then flewoffmetta caunles kinnle kin rikk
in man then the fallingoffof that drive could tend
lunch and then waved themoffon their big mercedes coach
this had now been sentoffpresident [censored: forename] [censored: surname] then introduced
drop it and then finishoffsort of level one and
up then he said whippingoffthe blanket and yanking me
who is equipped to liftoffthe ground now and then
then of course was gettingoffthe island so many people
as she lands then rideoffthe men row back mary
[audience laugh] yeah m954: stuck himoffthe reichenbach falls and then
flu and then i wasoffthe second week cause i
quietly to mrs beaumont runoffthen she was entirely unworthy
admire the garden and thenoffto the airport to catch
then to be a oneoffwe have been fortunate in
great big one then startoffwi that ains in the
well come on then startoffwith some walls m1092: mmhm
then you could lift itoffwithout stretching over the bleezin
inefficient advises her to jumpoffa building as the only
willie peacemaker willie wheedled heroffa few painted old harridans
can see her now bitingoffa thread and choosing another
down her face like rainoffa window and shadows looked
she had taken her bonnetoffand he noticed the barrette
and i m draggin heroffand she s sc- she
meenutes but her voice tailsoffas she sees the flowers
to neil who takes heroffbackwards followed by a twittering
her not to switch itoffbut she leaves it on
are shapely ears worth showingoffbut vulnerable i hand her
out lady maisry is carriedoffby her new husband to
her kind f943: yeah slagginoff[censored: forename] talkin random crap and
it s no like heroffchewin the fat m942: an
ogre ignores her and trampsoffcurtain scene 4 the common
him but he heads heroffevery time the first time
agony and makes her wayoffgeorgie follows her stops shakes
sweat bubblin naw ken drippinoffher chin efter pause naw
the doorway shaking the dustoffher dress jack i m
and flowery cotton one slipperoffher eyes sealed tight together
nude the model had slippedoffher green silk robe and
that s uissless masha takesoffher hat ah l be
the garden deana has takenoffher hat and is standing
heed she pushes ringan roughlyoffher knees awricht son gang
semester after cairo to finishoffher m litt although this
sometimes i eat mummy soffher m1070: you eat mummy
she hunches herself peggy takesoffher own cardigan and puts
sickert a bride stepping downoffher pedestal into the straight
ay jilly bends down takesoffher trainer stane in mah
huge effort she flung himoffher yanked the door ajar
as objet d art shrugsoffhis or her shackles and
follow her advice he shruggedoffinsults sticks and stones and
more children but eventually swamoffinto her own pools of
last she got her plasterofflast week and it is
besotted titania sends her minionsoffon guerilla raids for bats
where she always kicked themoffpicking up her bag from
her no- she was alwaysoffprimary three and she was
beth is taking her shoesoffsadie whit ae ye daen
into her hands and rushesoffshe unties the string and
pass her on their wayoffstage georgie sae the auld
tess stands she s pullsoffthe bandages she holds her
to her tummy slides downoffthe chair and runs across
be square mags dooley switchedoffthe computer gathered up her
a few of the thingsoffthe table on to her
years or so she carriesoffthe tray we hear her
tell her she d gotoffthis time that she hadn
treatment venus sends the dreameroffto consult with her sister
night and he blew heroffto go and have sex
her glass and takes itoffwe hear her still talking

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