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presumed means presumed by theoffender7 in this section social
the case also where anoffenderis convicted of any offence
in which a dangerous sexoffenderwas convicted in england but
which has been in theoffenders custody at any time
dog which was in theoffenders custody when the offence
marked down as a sexoffenderby everyone everywhere he was
offenders in non specific sexoffenderjails s1w 24843 stewart stevenson
the mutual recognition of sexoffenderorders was respected across the
the scottish executive whether sexoffenderprogrammes are operated at hm
peterhead and was a sexoffenderthe prison had been trying
have never been a sexoffenderthose who visited the prison
the sex offenders register anoffenderwho has committed any common
taken for example that theoffenders behaviour posed a high
significant sexual element to theoffenders behaviour to warrant additional
specified person b require theoffenderto pay specified amounts to
the insufficient number of sexualoffendertreatment places indeed it called
skewed in favour of theoffenderthey believe that the government
circumstances for example when theoffenderhas given a false name
border flows and when anoffenderin similar circumstances goes south
placements in open prisons oneoffenderwent to an open prison
be posted to the allegedoffenders address i confirm that
difficulty with establishing the suspectedoffenders full address or identity
address rather than on theoffenderto ensure that they keep
dog not owned by theoffenderthe owner may appeal to
proper identification of the correctoffenderthat is the producer of
police to know that theoffenderis in their area that
police to ensure that theoffenderis still at the registered
what could happen if anoffendergave someone else s name
they until the the youngoffenderbecame the irresponsible adult anarchists
definition of a persistent youngoffenderin national standards for scotland
but not at other youngoffenderinstitutions s1w 33540 michael matheson
is under 18 or theoffenderwas sentenced to at least
b an order disqualifying theoffenderfor such period as it
or after doing so theoffenderevinces towards the victim if
addition to dealing with theoffenderin any other way make
the scottish executive whether anoffenderthat commits a crime whilst
she was a first timeoffenderand seriously ill when committing
3 at end insert theoffenderpatient s carers including the

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