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ance they d convoyit theofficiarsawa the abbeymaister an the
tink wadna be gainstaunin theofficiarso state an thinkin ti
he tuik avisement o hisofficiarsfrae the raw steppit forrit
purpour palace an whan theofficiarshed gien in the mornin
officiars o policy an theofficiarso weir tuik avisement an
meiklemuir gies general chairge toofficiarsan agents for allouance ti
by ti faithlands toun whaurofficiarso hie an laich degree
ti answer back at onieofficiarshe wis that snell gabbit
pest gaed spreidin on theofficiarso policy an o weir
nae royal bairn sae theofficiarso policy an the officiars
the dictamen neist day theofficiarsaa convoyed the marischal ti
the day for aa thaeofficiarssakes but a ll fettle
an commands gien ti theofficiarso the inbye wards an
faither the elder warden sofficiarshe wis disponit here ti
tak them in ti theofficiarsan seek a rewaird ilka
we d distrouble ye maisterofficiarsa beg ye ti let
they gaed alang wi theofficiarsti the chaumers the marischal
onie thing at aa maisterofficiarsaa ye ve ti dae

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