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groat for the needle brounogrea groat did ah hear
wutch ye did that brounogrea haill groat ah coud
micht even gie the brounogrea jag in the hurdies
clasps his hands together brounogreah can haurlie wait or
ye canna behave yeirsell brounogreah gaun aboot brekkin oniething
no dae a cup brounogreah hae nae siller for
tryin ti byde wauken brounogreah haena tried that wutch
as guid as new brounogreah howp sae ai ah
is yeir favorite dream brounogreah howp ye l no
doun in the ledger brounogreah l hae ti hunt
fingers his nose speculatively brounogreah l tell ye this
r short o siller brounogreah m short o siller
vext ti hear that brounogreah ve tried coontin yowes
the wutch s needle brounogreah wantit it for ti
a wee laddie shuirlie brounogreah wes aye big an
ye hame ti the brounogrean he wul clour ye
a needle belangin the brounogrean no the wutch that
there is no answer brounogreangrily whaur ir ye ye
looking for his needle brounogreanguished crying in distance whaur
witch s house the brounogrearrives in a rage about
tell us broun ogre brounogreawricht ah l tell ye
pompitie sae wad ah brounogreay it s the graundest
for ti thenk me brounogreay it wes rael guid
pompitie please tell us brounogrebroun ogre awricht ah l
whyles grumfie pompitie b brounogrebroun ogre but eftir ma
r no that ugsum brounogrebroun ogre div ye think
he s no here brounogrebroun ogre ir you pompitie
vext ti hear that brounogrebroun ogre sobbing she wes
pompitie b broun ogre brounogrebut eftir ma favorite dream
ma name s pepper brounogrebut ye ir a g
that mends rainbows the brounogrebuys a needle from the
a spaniel dug pompitie pullsogreby the sleeve broun ogre
wyfe s house the brounogrecalls to report he has
and in bursts the brounogrecarrying his club he rests
s biggin afore the brounogredid an thare wes the
that ugsum broun ogre brounogrediv ye think sae it
is heard offstage the brounogreenters carrying his club and
nae eyl pentin yeirsell theogrefingers his nose speculatively broun
wes feart for the brounogrefor he coud be rael
ah selt til the brounogrefor ti mend his verra
the witch s house brounogrefrom offstage ochone ochone ah
been bought by the brounogrefrom the wutch that mends
lest he saw the brounogregae lampin awa owre the
ah daursay ah im brounogregin ye r no him
hangs his head the brounogregoes and picks up his
mebbe duin a bunk brounogrehaes he nou ah never
ye war manly lyke brounogreholding his head to the
tea for naething the brounogreignores her and tramps off
club against the wall brounogrein a deep stern voice
in the curly bush brounogreir ye richt shuir it
no here broun ogre brounogreir you pompitie the g
old woman and the brounogreis a threatening male figure
his favorite dream the brounogreis furious at having lost
heavy tramping of the brounogreis heard offstage the broun
large toadstool right the brounogreis in conversation with the
it s no the brounogreis it pepper goes to
this is for naething brounogreit s no for naething
wutch pepper did the brounogrejag ye wi the needle
kent that wes the brounogrelampin owre thegreen common syne
from offstage enter the brounogrelooking distressed tea wyfe coud
heavy tramping of the brounogrelooking for his needle broun
oot the houss the brounogrelooks around and spots pompitie
lang storie short the brounogrelost the needle he left
the needle wi ye brounogrena it s safe hame
pey me anither day brounogrena na ah haena tyme
tea wyfe yeir dream brounogrena the needle ah need
on the fluir whyles brounogreoh ay a daursay ah
ay mebbe no the brounogrepepper na mebbe no him
generously it wes naething brounogrepepper whit is yeir favorite
wutch then mends the brounogres favorite dream pompitie is
ye a wee bit brounogresae ah need ti hae
thare pepper she didna brounogreshe did she did she
struck dumb with concern brounogreshe wes aye hittin me
yeirsell an awbodie else brounogresobbing it s lyke ah
hear that broun ogre brounogresobbing she wes aye roosed
ah see but the brounogrestaunin crackin ti the wutch
common he saw the brounogrestaunin crackin wi the wutch
he see but the brounogrestaunin crackin wi the wutch
here eftir yeir tea brounogretea me no me no
flew laich an the brounogrethat cam strampin alang on
mukkil ah aye say brounogrethat s aw the siller
it here ti me brounogrethe lord be praisit ah
kis ye fancie me brounogrethis mornin ah peyed the
ah selt til the brounogrethis mornin for ti mend
no mynd me speirin brounogreti me it s the
ken tea wyfe the brounogrewes here an he wes
he tea wyfe the brounogrewes in an awfu lyke
ay ah think the brounogrewes the thickest o the
pompitie below the table brounogrewha s that pepper is
ye hame til the brounogrewha wul clour ye owre
tak ye ti the brounogrewha wul clour ye owre
ye hame ti the brounogrewha wul clour ye wi
ye hame til the brounogrewha wul clour ye wi
fair in the warld brounogrewhan ah canna sleep ah
too pleased wutch mercie brounogrewhit ails ye whit s
ogre by the sleeve brounogrewhit is t pompitie pompitie
a say pepper nods brounogrewhit the leevin hairrie ir
few seconds pompitie freezes brounogrewhit wes that ah wunner
unexpected visit from the brounogrewho has had his favorite
aw this for ye brounogrewhyles ah try sayin ti
aw hae oor problems brounogrewhyles the dream is that
is terrified that the brounogrewill discover that he had
rainbows first afore the brounogrewins thare pompitie ah canna
ah daursay no the brounogrewul be richt gled ti
mair snash frae you brounogrewutch ah didna mean ti
playwrights workshop characters narrator brounogrewutch that mends rainbow pompitie
ah ken aboot it brounogreye haena seen oniebodie gaun
whaur the needle is brounogreye ken whaur the needle
a ah think sae brounogreye l be a frein
maskit dae ye think brounogreye wad lyke ti byde
ye hame ti the brouinogrean he wul clour ye
door the tramping of theogreis heard again and becomes
exhausted in a heap theogreis heard tramping past offstage
the needle to mend theogres favorite dream and returns
needin the needle again theogres face is wreathed in
in simulation of flight theogrecarries a large club in
the tramp tramp of theogreis heard in the distance
heard sumthing rustle rustlin theogreshakes his head resumes his
happen til ye gin theogrecatches ye wi me stickin
he is astonished when theogrecalls to thank him for
the same direction as theogrehe soon notices theneedle sticking
from the bush but theogrehears the sound of rustling

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