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p oi p oi poichirrup chirrup chirrup peereep peereep
pireep pireep p oi poip oi chirrup chirrup chirrup
tongues pireep pireep pireep poip oi p oi chirrup
peereep peereep p poi poino passport needed skyscrapers breed
chapter 1 fat boy fatoiboobsy move your fat butt
the glaiss joogs wi bitsoiflooers tho there wis little
in luif ei in deipoiin moir and quh etc
i see your bum oioif1116: i [inaudible] you bumped
[censored: forename] i see your bumoioi f1116: i [inaudible] you
behave m1098: [splashing noises] look [splashing noises]oithat s my water f1097:
more ish squares to shoutoii made all this i
m1090: [laugh] farted [laugh] f1089: oihey you wee rascal and
[?]afore[/?] you cheeky rascal f1097: oikeep the water in the
your handie f1141: [laugh] f1142: oistop that noise [laugh] f1141:
you re dandy f1089: [laugh]oim1090: [laugh] heh f1089: no
jammies on f1093: [inaudible] [inaudible]oim1094: come on is this
vyce intae the pay phoneoim at ayr station pick
[censored: forename] and neither does [censored: forename]oi[inaudible] lady f1118: it s
nae really m1108: [splashes water] f1107: oinow that s just quite

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