See this word as a collocate cloud

erm treasure island and anotheroneabout something else and it
another on the hill aboveoneacross the valley and the
age yeah there was anotheroneafter that can you remember
now we ll get anotheroneafter we re finished okay
shall not vire amounts betweenoneallowance and another allowance rule
f1093: oh have you choosedonealready okay i choose another
he- f1093: there s anotheronean orange one m1094: but
look f1114: here s anotheroneand another one and bigger
there m1092: there s aoneand another one f1091: mmhm
there okay f1114: and anotheroneand another one f1113: okay
s another one and anotheroneand bigger and bigger f1113:
have another one have anotheroneand the guy was bringin
ways that people communicate withoneanother 7 burns s first
same boat f1040: all helpedoneanother an f1041: mmhm aye
how they interrelate and supportoneanother and again the primary
girls got married shortly afteroneanother and got gloriously saved
that we have learned aboutoneanother and the things that
linked and they should supportoneanother and very much i
grouped in close proximity tooneanother and what conclusions have
bureaucratic with organisations falling overoneanother and without any clear
but gay couples often describeoneanother as partner as well
had made perfunctory introductions tooneanother before the senior lecturer
that they all talk tooneanother but the situation is
groups disbanded they would contactoneanother by phone or e
speak over the top ofoneanother cause i m no
spikkin ower the top ofoneanother cause it makes it
long and then they doneanother doon below that aboot
f1113: motorbike there s anotheroneanother egg f1114: [inaudible] f1113:
an it was everybody helpedoneanother f1043: everybody was in
can at least help outoneanother f1054: mmhm f1023: but
they didn t communicate withoneanother f606: mmhm f1067: we
ordinary people you know killoneanother f963: mm m762: if
that they could scarcely seeoneanother from morning to night
god about years afteroneanother he became a mine
protective of and helpful tooneanother if a fire broke
also know and interact withoneanother if they do not
and can help to supportoneanother in rural areas there
underway actually writing letters tooneanother in scots f606: mmhm
departments do not talk tooneanother in some areas there
fellowship of the worshippers withoneanother in their fellowship with
rectangled triangle in reference tooneanother is both base and
rectangle triangle in reference tooneanother is both base and
s how you all knowoneanother is frae writing circles
relationships f606: yeah m1036: tooneanother it s been great
groups occur in relation tooneanother it should be emphasised
you have to go tooneanother of the argyllshire islands
s it m1094: get anotheroneanother one f1093: that s
foot up another foot anotheroneanother one f1114: m- f1113:
five let s make anotheroneanother one f1121: okay and
turn and neighbouring farmers helpedoneanother or sent one of
would always be close tooneanother pensioners on low incomes
boswell said strong opinions respectoneanother physically they could not
nasty academics can be tooneanother read the linguistics wars
that diverge not only fromoneanother s but perhaps from
hope we manage to seeoneanother soon tell chrissie we
the commonwealth in relation tooneanother that any alteration in
twins they are so likeoneanother that we do not
of cage we smiled atoneanother the bird sings he
better working and understanding ofoneanother the convener we spoke
and explain numerical relationships tooneanother they also describe how
within half a mile ofoneanother those who signed the
of conservation and working withoneanother to minimise wildlife crime
iggit on incited een anidderoneanother to ripe to harvest
yards or so ahead ofoneanother traffic was not a
s a it s anotheroneanother way to put it
are always at war withoneanother which is a f963:
said they used tae caoneanother ye know by these
do you guys aa knowoneanother ye obviously you re
money should be taken fromonearea and delivered to another
up the kite s anotheroneas well [laugh] up the
the one there was anotheroneat [?]kilkirn[/?] that s two
through no there s anotheroneat the door f1118: okay
yes i m making anotheronebaby baby baby baby baby
teddy that s nae aonebig teddy that s another
another bittie then m1096: andonebit on there [child noise] f1095:
f1122: can we draw anotheronecan we draw another one
we need one more bigonecan you see another one
do you like tom jonesonecharacter asks another as we
difficulties with teachers shifting fromoneclass to another there was
and when you move fromoneclass to another you usually
m1019: closet closet was anotheronecloset m1022: oh aye water
out it was to replaceonecocoon by another the family
drivers who are banned inonecountry can drive in another
spend my life shifting fromonecrisis to another margaret jamieson
for both areas that sonecrucial area for us another
they drank a whole weekoneday after another and if
all looked at each anotheroneday and it was like
another shelter and there wasoneday that olive and i
ironically it is spoken inonedialect or another by the
second dialect after relocating fromonedialectal area to another for
turned out was nothing butonedisaster after another it s
f1125: oh that s anotheronedone well done put it
then we had another bigonedown at wigtown m608: mmhm
think an there s anotheronedue in six weeks f606:
about pleased [?]a wee one,[/?] and anotheroneduncan for that is that
mmhm f1026: dog is anotheroneeh sometimes it can be
m about tae have anotheroneeh well another baby in
s going to be anotheroneehm do you have any
to that and eh anotheroneehm every year the burn-
another three girls one fifteenoneeight an one six i
f1122: can we do ermoneer f1121: dae another one
that and there was anotheroneerm if you give me
be seen to swing fromoneextreme of faith to another
f1054: that s unanimous thatonef1025: pretty was another one
one f1025: pretty was anotheronef1026: mmhm when i f1025:
[laugh] f1026: bowfin was anotheronef1027: [laugh] f1023: aye mmhm
mm f1024: mucker s anotheronef1054: i think you ve
that s not an edinburghonef1054: that s got another
there is another greeny blueonef1071: mrs puff m1070: who
s a one and anotheronef1091: mmhm okay mam put
a m1092: here s anotheronef1091: oh oh but it
m1094: but i want anotheronef1093: are you not going
put another purple one orangeonef1093: now along that way
m1094: get another one anotheronef1093: that s it it
[child noise] let s do anotheronef1093: well done woo woo
we gaun to make anotheronef1103: aye and we ll
mum will we make anotheronef1103: aye are we gaun
mum will we make anotheronef1103: aye you can make
but i ve got anotheronef1103: have you what have
f1114: oh yeah yeah anotheronef1113: a bigger nest again
f1113: another one f1114: anotheronef1113: and f1114: another one
one f1114: there s theonef1113: and here s another
three let s do anotheronef1113: another bairnie er there
one f1113: and f1114: anotheronef1113: another one there you
thank you f1114: eh anotheronef1113: mmhm another one thank
f1114: oh right get anotheronef1113: oh your mobile your
and another one and anotheronef1113: okay [inaudible] do you
one f1114: yes another babyonef1113: pardon pardon f1114: ah
are they f1114: oops anotheronef1113: right f1114: oops another
it f1114: i do anotheronef1113: right there you go
ain and that ain anotheronef1113: there we go then
pick another shape f1114: thisonef1113: this you ve got
f1114: five six make anotheronef1113: what s that you
a big egg f1113: anotheronef1114: another one f1113: and
there f1113: thank you anotheronef1114: er the piecie f1113:
i ll find you anotheronef1114: i just lie down
good right get you anotheronef1114: [inaudible] f1113: your boiled
down down f1113: right anotheronef1114: [inhale] down down down
another foot another one anotheronef1114: m- f1113: good girl
sit bonny there s anotheronef1114: mm mm mm you
look do you want anotheronef1114: oh yeah yeah another
f1113: there you go anotheronef1114: [shriek] the egg s
there f1113: thank you anotheronef1114: that that ain s
another bairnie er there sonef1114: there s the one
here s another one thatonef1114: where s the [inaudible]
do another one in thisonef1114: yes a s- f1113:
in there f1113: another babyonef1114: yes another baby one
cat and that s anotheronef1115: one very good eh
course look there s anotheronef1121: mmhm f1122: look that
think i ve [?]clean[/?] anotheronef1121: oh that s good
s make another one anotheronef1121: okay and who s
f1122: can we do anotheronef1121: right let s see
f1122: we could do anotheronef1121: we could f1122: i
done that looks a goodonef1122: can we do another
[laugh] f1121: i like thatonef1122: is there another for
that s really nice thatonef1122: we could do another
f1126: let me this thisonef1125: oh that s another
s another one right thisonef1126: this one right what
f1125: i ll have anotheronef1126: you have you have
was f1136: [laugh] f1135: anotheronef1136: [laugh] f1135: is that
uh huh that s anotheronef1160: [laugh] that s what
huh f638: was that anotheronef637: in and out goes
f1159: that s another goodonef746: [laugh] f947: yeah very
farm workers regularly moving fromonefarm to another flitting took
farm workers regularly moved fromonefarm to another if you
make a complete transference fromonefield to another i e
s got another three girlsonefifteen one eight an one
and try another one pinguonefit put that one in
s one is that anotheronefitt s that f1118: i
mmhm is flaky not anotheroneflaky s one that i
foot up f1113: good girlonefoot up another foot another
ve just thought of anotheronefor eh partner yeah the
s gonna hatch f1113: anotheronefor in there look that
i cannae think of anotheronefor that f1005: sleep i
f1113: okay there s anotheronefor you f1114: a big
i ll bring you anotheronefrom the village tomorrow he
non fiction writing 2 convertingonegenre into another some teachers
to convert short texts fromonegenre to another using largely
see if you see anotheronegoing over no f1136: none
as well is is anotheronegone off at the deep
mm maybe it s anotheronegot ye ehm where did
know what its called anotheronehad small red berries on
another one m816: have anotheronehave another one and the
that has meant that ifoneheading is increased another has
you f1114: here s anotheronehere down here f1113: i
you what here s anotheronehere [inaudible] f1124: see f1123:
another dram when the fourthonehit the spot he realised
cost effectiveness or efficiency ofonehospital with those of another
retrospect the things that attractonehuman being to another paddy
with them f1122: where anotheronei don t know f1121:
mmhm m1007: that s anotheronei had m1008: i haven
off as well and anotheronei hadn t heard ehm
right enough plus another glaswegianonei think is not the
f1054: that s another goodonei think m1019: is it
one er f1121: dae anotheronei thought we was tidying
another description that s theonei ve got here m1055:
as in the countryside anotheronei ve seen was shaped
out next there s anotheronei wonder f1093: i wonder
t think there s anotheronei would use just don
is just as unhelpful replacingoneimperialist boast with another the
s hoping to get anotheronein fact but there s
we went to like anotheronein like fifth sixth year
having f632: mmhm f646: anotheronein our house oh i
one that one put thatonein there and get another
are f1114: i need anotheronein there f1113: another baby
you want to do anotheronein this one f1114: yes
kip forty winks m1004: anotherone[inaudible] f1005: mm nap [inaudible]
is there not another greenone[inaudible] there is another greeny
genres to have them convertoneinto another they may for
interestin enough i think weeoneis another good example of
f1117: is there here soneis that another one fitt
crucial area for us anotheroneis when they move into
helth leaping gout runneth fromonejoint to another arthritis gen
cases of people moving fromonejurisdiction to another if we
i ll look for anotheronejust now f1112: s-s- [laugh]
see if there s anotheronejust splashing over the pier
of speculation and comment ofonekind or another about who
see how the structure ofonelanguage makes contact with another
same process of assertion ofonelanguage over another which we
as hard the transition fromonelanguage to another who knows
m1004: comatose there s anotherone[laugh] f1054: drunk s a
another for [censored: forename] f1121: justoneleft f1122: one for [censored: forename]
another one ooh there soneleft i ll hae to
f1114: let s make anotheronelet s make ano- f1113:
implemented properly that is atonelevel at another level we
those subtle soundshifts that distinguishonelinguistic group from another some
move a salmon farm fromonelocation to another what if
a procession of strangers thenonelonely stranger after another at
wait till we see anotheronelook f1122: there s one
noo right here s anotheronelook now who s this
bitties f1093: there s anotheronelook pop that one on
distressed probably would be anotheronem1008: mmhm probably aye m1007:
perishin perishin perishin s anotheronem1021: no cold m1022: i
m1007: have ye got anotheronem1055: th-th- there s m1007:
s another one an orangeonem1094: but i needs purple
one can you see anotheronem1094: there s ain [?]there's got[/?]
[laugh] have you got anotheronem805: so why did the
the night m815: have anotheronem816: have another one have
or not his subjects favouredonemethod of pronunciation over another
put species together so thatonemitigates the impact of another
i m gonna do anotheronemm this ain f1121: that
huh and there was anotheronemuirhead s or something further
we gaun to do anotheronemum f1103: aye f1104: i
one can we draw anotheronemum f1121: what else you
five that s another redonemust be one o that
m1094: let s do anotheronenext f1093: right we need
done are you trying anotheronenow f1112: no just wait
heavy m1094: here s anotheronenow give me some water
should do another one whatonenow is that a smiley
another red one must beoneo that names really we
going to give me anotheroneof his jokes what about
in moscow and milan anotheroneof the artists in the
week but worth another mentiononeof the pioneers in this
another one yeah and anotheroneof their favourite ones is
helped one another or sentoneof their men the pay
poetry collections since 1991 isoneof these another is kathleen
deck and then into anotheroneof these boats to sit-
another one what about thisoneoh no that s teddy
and then there was anotheroneoh yeah yeah yeah f718:
it i ll find anotheroneokay i ll find another
m642: aw here s anotheroneon the bonneville f643: this
another one look pop thatoneon what colour s that
mair onions is there anotheroneooh there s one left
na na f1114: look anotheroneoops f1113: now look at
is it right f1114: anotheroneoops f1113: right right you
songs how many live perhapsoneor another of them may
can you put another purpleoneorange one f1093: now along
it back he pulled anotheroneout and i don t
does m1070: well move anotheroneout darling just don t
there was no difference betweenonepart of canada and another
now we ve done thatonepick another shape f1114: this
then f1126: and try anotheronepingu one fit put that
the level of poverty inoneplace in comparison with another
was bombed on another occasiononeplane had to make a
another meditation sequence which atonepoint had us lying chanting
sat near a hut atonepoint playing cards at another
switch their consumption demand fromoneproduct to another we need
aye f826: claim to likeonerather than another as well
gadgie gadgie gadgie was anotheronere- referring to just a
which have been historic foronereason or another however this
paying turns them down foronereason or another if the
well done that s anotheroneright this one f1126: this
natasha pokes her head intooneroom then into another but
the replacement by parliament ofoneroyal line for another made
yeah [laugh] f1150: and anotherones dropped out and gone
keeping children who move fromoneschool to another involved in
partnership this is not aboutonesector threatening another it is
settee settee that s anotheronesettee i ve heard o
two she s got anotheroneshe s she s got
f1136: yep here s anotheroneshould go and get that
and the other one wasoneskittery coo likes another m1022:
before biting into her firstoneso that was another late
of an area will wantonesolution and people in another
people are constantly switching fromonesort of style to another
round of erm courses ofonesort or another so i
of auto immune diseases ofonesort or another which affect
another one f1113: mmhm anotheronethank you and another one
you thank you and anotheronethank you f1114: here you
one thank you and anotheronethank you thank you and
intill e fryin pan anotheronethat i could never explain
and then there s anotheronethat i ve decided not
not another one flaky sonethat i would hear used
f1113: and here s anotheronethat one f1114: where s
i think dùrachd is anotheronethat s eh that s
f1054: yeah baltic s anotheronethat s got popular recently
street and there is anotheronethat they call the interchange
yes aye there s anotheronethat they often use in
s m1008: mmhm m1007: anotheronethat used to be the
is another question altogether andonethat we shall answer when
f606: cause that was anotheronethat went then an f823:
f1113: right f1114: oops anotheronethe egg s gonna hatch
you f1093: there s anotheronethe same that s another
already okay i choose anotheronethen i ll choose this
two again f1113: you pullonethen you pull out another
aye m1020: [inaudible] f1054: anotheronethere erm toilet m1020: poorin
f1114: that ains the piecesonethere f1113: thank you another
[laugh] m642: that s theonethere was another one at
f1114: another one f1113: anotheronethere you go oh look
another presumably that was theonethese people saw i think
pot ugly that s anotheronethey re pot ugly [laugh]
i had scarlet fever andonething and another and eh
is a strong link betweenonething and another it might
to kind to us withonething and another many friends
doing building control are sayingonething fire are saying another
spirals down f963: mm m762: onething leading to another you
f963: mm mmhm m762: becauseonething leads to another i
another grammatical theory which atonetime looked like being a
erwin humbert were all atonetime or another members of
to ride a bicycle atonetime or another most people
top huge boulders snugly fittedoneto another show faint traces
maybe gowpin that s anotheronetoo ye know if your
f1093: and there s anotheronetwo feet m1094: [laugh] what
well done another tweenies f1122: onetwo three four five six
another they also describe howonetype of unit is defined
their own pockets send outoneunseaworthy ship after another beaumont
that s another one f1115: onevery good eh fitt s
the knock on effect ofonewar leading to another war
f1054: mm m1021: and anotheronewas er she would say
can t be persuaded ermoneway or another but that
were all varieties of englishoneway or another erm c-
all communicatin in scottish inoneway or another fae all
women to become trapped inoneway or another i thought
both have been deprived inoneway or another of the
m741: yeah [sniff] m605: inoneway or another talkin about
dragged out of the ukoneway or another that would
thought [inaudible] he s goneoneway or another we like
okay i ll find anotheronewhat about this one oh
think we should do anotheronewhat one now is that
[exhale] let s do anotheronewhat one will we do
around here there is anotheronewhich has just come out
s do another one whatonewill we do next this
get it sorted get anotheronewill we f1114: yes [panting]
huge sculpted boulders fitted neatlyonewith another the walls incline
its beautiful there is anotheronewith dark green leaves and
f1122: can we do anotheronewith these please f1121: yes
would say f943: a-a-a- anotheroneyeah and another one of
[inaudible] an keks is anotheroneyeah f1145: i would say
m1014: yes that s anotheroneyeah [inaudible] f1054: yeah i
a settle wooden a woodenoneyes m1007: yep another word
i want to do anotheroneyou break up my other
like ehm there s anotheroneyou can get tudor rose
that s another ind- indianoneyou know f1018: that s
baby f1113: use that anotheroneyou make some f1114: bitty
f1093: right you pick anotheroneyou pick another picture m1094:
what i ll find anotheroneyou sit there f1114: that
it s strides is anotheroneyour glad rags ehm clothes
another big surprise a financialoneyup there are discounts for
get going how about thisonea cat f1125: a cat
f1125: and then [tut] thisonea hen f1126: here that
s it good girl f1126: oneall together f1125: are you
huh f1125: right and whichoneare you going to do
f1125: mm f1126: this isonecar ah yeah f1125: watch
[inaudible] [?]colour blue[/?] [tut] and thisone[child noises] [child noises] f1125: oh you
f1125: we ve done thatonecould do that one again
[exhale] that ones f1125: whichonedarling where you going f1126:
one first f1125: nae thatonedo that one last f1126:
not yet f1125: no whichonedo you wanna do now
okay f1125: this one thisonedrop them on that s
one neither oh nae thatoneeither f1125: no f1126: and
that ones f1125: nae thatoneeither f1126: nae that one
one f1126: i want thisonef1125: a bird yay well
good f1126: mm you haveonef1125: am i to have
there right f1126: there sonef1125: are you oh emptying
need i need [inaudible] thisonef1125: aye well swap them
jigsaw right no nae thatonef1125: aye you ve got
[censored: familiar form of forename] f1126: i put thatonef1125: because f1126: take me
that s nae a teddyonef1125: do you think this
this one f1126: [exhale] thisonef1125: handful of sprinkles that
this time right f1126: thatonef1125: haud on i need
that one first [inaudible] thatonef1125: mmhm f1126: after that
it goes f1126: mm thisonef1125: no but look see
ah f1126: i need thatonef1125: no that s too
birdie f1125: yay f1126: thisonef1125: now what s that
mm f1126: mm ooh thatonef1125: oh well done f1126:
mm f1126: i have thisonef1125: okay f1126: [inaudible] f1125:
f1125: mmhm oops f1126: thatonef1125: ostrich f1126: no that
you re clever f1126: thatonef1125: puttin the bits all
f1126: ehm i have thisonef1125: right you got to
[sneeze] excuse me f1126: rightonef1125: [sneeze] excuse me f1126:
you have you have thatonef1125: [sneeze] this one f1126:
nope this one there thatonef1125: that one mummy s
sprinkles on here and thisonef1125: that one s got
next f1126: this this thisonef1125: that one we ll
[child noises] mm how about thisonef1125: that s a peacock
now f1126: [tut] hmm thatonef1125: the little one right
your fingers f1126: aye [inaudible]onef1125: this one it s
or this one f1126: thisonef1125: this one on your
now f1126: [tut] erm thisonef1125: this one right there
s the matter f1126: thisonef1125: this one right this
here f1126: i have thisonef1125: this one that one
i want to do thatonef1125: we ve just done
well done f1126: you missedonef1125: well we do aye
f1126: mmhm you want thatonef1125: will i try one
clever f1126: [?]pass it over[/?] this isonef1125: will that go on
f1126: yes i do thatonef1125: you keep going f1126:
nae a lot on thatonef1126: [?]and this one last.[/?] f1125: mm f1126:
put some more on thatonef1126: aye f1125: that s
think i ll have thisonef1126: aye f1125: they good
that one f1125: [sneeze] thisonef1126: aye there you go
o jigsaw to finish thatonef1126: [child noises] f1125: so what
fingers noo eh right thisonef1126: [exhale] this one f1125:
can do it right thisonef1126: i can f1125: up
doing the winnie the poohonef1126: i have f1125: there
a bittie more in thatonef1126: [laugh] f1125: shaky shaky
mum ready and in thisonef1126: [laugh] [laugh] [sniff] f1125:
f1125: now is it thisonef1126: let me this this
f1125: am i to haveonef1126: mmhm you want that
it f1126: yes f1125: thisonef1126: nope this one there
watch it gie me thisonef1126: right f1125: put it
do this one or thisonef1126: this one f1125: this
in there yay f1125: thisonef1126: this one [tut] this
car driving f1125: mmhm thisonef1126: [tut] this one this
s a big bird thatonef1126: uh huh f1125: uh
f1125: a cat is thatonefinished give it to mummy
first f1125: nae do thatonefirst do that one last
i want to do thatonefirst f1125: go on then
i want to do thatonefirst f1125: look i ve
yeah f1126: nae doing thatonefirst f1125: nae do that
um up the nae thatonefirst f1125: nae that one
i need to do thatonefirst f1125: okay you pick
first will we do thisonefirst f1126: yes f1125: right
i m nae daein thatonefirst [inaudible] that one f1125:
f1125: just this one thisonefirst this one first will
it f1126: yes and thisonefitted better in there f1125:
fimbles f1125: ye gonna leaveonefor dad f1126: no f1125:
f1125: ah but gotta leaveonefor daddy f1126: no leave
granny f1125: we ll leaveonefor granny but you have
for daddy f1126: no leaveonefor granny f1125: we ll
nice f1126: aye is thereonefor me f1125: one for
s one for granny andonefor me f1125: right f1126:
were see f1126: this isonefor me f1125: see that
f1125: one for you f1126: onefor me is there one
one for me is thereonefor me yet f1125: right
there one for me f1125: onefor you f1126: one for
f1126: [tut] this one thisonego fly f1125: and we
this one this one thisonego there birdie f1125: yay
that one go there thatonego there f1125: pull it
f1125: this one right thisonegoes well it s nae
it f1126: i m missingonehere f1125: aye we ll
one there mm f1125: thatonei thought you were just
what else f1126: got thatonein there f1125: mmhm oops
pingu one fit put thatonein there f1125: that s
the other one try thatoneinstead f1126: hmm f1125: that
eeyore s head and thisoneis f1125: i think you
aye [inaudible] one f1125: thisoneit s okay darling i
put it there f1126: thisone[laugh] f1125: [exhale] f1126: mm
f1126: that oh f1125: thatonell do right fitt have
f1125: and we ve gotonemissing in that one haven
there that one f1125: thatonemummy s gaun to have
no f1126: and nae thatoneneither f1125: are you turning
off f1125: is that penguinonenot going in do you
mou f1125: hmm right whichonenow f1126: [inaudible] f1125: aye
[tut] [inhale] [exhale] f1125: whichonenow f1126: [tut] erm this
one f1125: will i tryoneoh f1126: you wan- f1125:
how about oh f1125: thatoneoh no you ve got
f1126: this one f1125: thisoneon your knee there you
f1126: [tut] erm get thatoneover here stop it f1125:
f1125: right you leave thatoneover there right f1126: there
f1126: eh eh f1125: thisoneready shake shake shake shake
the pooh f1126: ah thatoneright f1125: so winnie the
got more yes f1125: tryoneright f1126: eat f1125: right
that one f1125: the littleoneright take it ower here
erm this one f1125: thisoneright there you go f1126:
f1126: this one f1125: thisoneright this one goes well
f1125: put it under thisoneright watch this f1126: right
and this one f1125: thatones got a lot of
then f1125: right oh thatones got too much on
on the cake f1126: thatones my f1125: drop them
one f1125: this one thatones nae got a lot
finished f1125: all finished thatoneso will we move that
you like f1126: [tut] thatonethank you f1125: nae the
have this one f1125: thisonethat one s nae got
going f1126: want no thatonethat one [tut] f1125: well
f1125: mmhm f1126: after thatonethe car after that one
f1125: we ll get tweeniesonethe next time cakes f1126:
jigsaw f1125: why you doonethen f1126: i want to
i m coming to playonethere f1125: dearie me f1126:
f1126: no i put thatonethere f1125: mm right wahey
yes there s no thatonethere fit better f1125: will
you daein first f1126: thatonethere mm f1125: that one
nicely f1126: [child noises] put thatonethere mm f1125: you re
this one f1126: nope thisonethere that one f1125: that
to mummy f1126: no thisonethere you go f1125: there
right f1126: okay f1125: thisonethis one drop them on
and tha- f1125: just thisonethis one first this one
this one f1126: [tut] thisonethis one go fly f1125:
my ain you can haveonetoo f1125: i ll have
want no that one thatone[tut] f1125: well you ve
f1125: this one f1126: thisone[tut] this one this one
one up here f1126: thisone[tut] up here [inaudible] f1125:
in f1126: [laugh] [laugh] f1125: onetwo three and shaky shaky
f1126: how about f1125: thisoneup here f1126: this one
f1125: and you want thisoneup the stairs wi you
aye f1125: you can takeoneup the stairs with you
this this one f1125: thatonewe ll put it on
that one yes f1125: thisonewill we put the top
okay f1125: do you wantonewith lots of sprinkles on
do now f1126: mmhm thatoneyes f1125: this one will
f1125: okay you pick whichoneyou re wanting to do
that one could do thatoneagain f1126: oh nae yet
all together are you whichoneare you doing first f1126:
this one mummy do thisoneaye f1126: aye aye then
won t we f1126: thatoneball ball all falling about
that one in already thisonebird f1126: no a bird
i think we ve gotonebit missing darling look f1126:
mmhm f1126: put that ic-onebittie there crumbs in there
f1126: [dog barks] is that myone[dog barks] oh is it [dog barks]
one you gaun to haveonef1126: ehm i have this
doing the winnie the poohonef1126: i m i m
aye but leave it thisonef1126: i want this one
be good you can haveonef1126: [inhale] oh i can
it go in the otheronef1126: no this bit there
we need is it thisonef1126: yes it s this
do the winnie the poohonef1126: yes the winnie the
one last f1126: doing thatonefirst erm nae doing that
but you have to leaveonefor daddy as well f1126:
them you ve gotta leaveonefor daddy f1126: i don
f1126: it s it sonefor granny and one for
f1126: thi- this is theonefor there i can bubbles
wher- which board does thatonego on mm f1126: mm
you think f1126: no thatonego there that one go
got one missing in thatonehaven t we f1126: doggy
again right we need thisonehere look f1126: eh eh
f1126: yes it s thisonehow about push that in
ostrich f1126: [laugh] look thatonein there well help me
that one first do thatonelast f1126: doing that one
nae that one do thatonelast f1126: no just doing
uh huh well done andonemore piece f1126: and erm
on it f1126: aye thisonenae gaun to have sprinkles
one either f1126: nae thatoneneither nae that one either
the pooh ouch now dooneo these f1126: [inaudible] right
f1126: no just doing thatoneoh that s got a
we go yay f1126: thisoneoh these are in the
you want to do thisoneor this one f1126: this
so will we move thatoneover here aside mam f1126:
wahey f1126: [tut] and thisoneover here that go over
right this one f1126: thisoneright what colour i need
icing right let me seeoneteaspoon of warm water f1126:
f1126: this one [tut] thisonethis one this one go
no well try the otheronetry that one instead f1126:
nae yet f1126: it sonetwo three four five and
tablespoons of milk okely dokelyonetwo three four three f1126:
put them in there whichonewould you like f1126: [tut]
wi you f1126: [tut] thatoneyou need to take apple
and some of her friendsonea businessman who works two
has spawned two more poemsonea crude allegory on totalitarian
had prepared two role playsonea dialogue between an intourist
guide and two british touristsonea sloane ranger and the
if appropriate end of actoneact two as the house
very slowly end of actoneact two the stage looks
what s that f1113: aoneand a two f1114: that
right you can take aoneand a two there you
she was a nubile twentyoneand he was fifty two
two small ones one bigoneand they could bring the
snakes f1091: snakes m1092: thereoneand two f1091: two snakes
but time marches on chaptersoneand two have been approved
at higher and at intermediateoneand two levels and most
finish off sort of leveloneand two m815: yeah m816:
into those areas particularly intermediateoneand two partly to get
seemingly indiscriminate scattering of narrowoneand two roomed houses among
good f1118: you can seeoneand two [?]too much[/?] and mum
we give exams like intermediateoneand two which were devised
right scots an english alloneas anglo saxon the two
between two men and obviouslyoneasked do you know how
private rented properties see onlyoneaspect but there are two
employ this person for aoneb two c three d
two nana f1115: instead oonebanana two bananas say one
one s- two small onesonebig one and they could
five five four three twooneblast off f1121: right number
was only two o usoneboy that end and i
well it s usually primaryoneby primary two they see
two down the garden andoneby the roadside here a
are two ways in whichonecan collect metaphors the first
on two rapid reading coursesonecan read four times as
oh fitt s this f1116: onechicken two chicken two chicken
everyone has to make theoneclause sentence into a two
however when two further figuresonecone shaped and the other
now we were down toonecosmetic bag two paper tissues
has two sites at innerleithenonecovering washing knitting and first
sat two major examinations inoneday and three examinations in
two can check in andonedeal with labels at three
re stuck get away fromonedimensional people and two dimensional
that two brothers adopted aliasesonedisappeared completely while the other
08 07 two birds withonedoor while trying to leave
two diggers you see theonedown the harbour f1136: no
business managers two committee convenorsoneeach from an executive and
away gladys two candles neiloneeach gladys with a great
tape f1122: there s ermoneedge two edge three ends
would support only two postsoneeditor and one editorial assistant
two posts one editor andoneeditorial assistant by november 1981
in two gnarled hands itsoneeye fixed on the moon
that m1096: it s cauldonef1095: no one two aye
many s that one m1096: onef1095: two how many s
two blankies f1103: no onlyonef1104: i wa- i need
and the two is theonef1109: that s awfie clever
take that one and thatonef1113: take two o them
one two f1113: o- f1114: onef1113: uh huh f1114: two
here you go there sonef1114: there s two i
one two three that sonef1115: [inhale] fitt s happened
on her oh my goodnessonef1118: two f1117: and two
kipper the dog [?]we've got five[/?] gotonef1121: [inaudible] f1122: two three
three two f1121: two andonef1122: hey f1121: okay then
ll put them that sonef1122: one one two three
the the mallows there sonef1122: one two three fo-
how many have we gotonef1122: two three four five
one f1127: eh m1128: oneonef1127: aye one two three
phase two however before phaseonefinishes we ve also been
mmhm m1096: two [exhale] andonefire engine bit f1095: mmhm
put my top on f1093: onefoot out and two m1094:
we match up hold ononefor m1092: two two monkeys
two two monkeys f1091: youonefor me [inaudible] m1092: me
steppe and two art calendarsonefor mum [censored: forename] has been
have two sets of cardsonefor one clause sentences and
two or three ski jumpsonefull scale anyone who attempts
three full time editors andonefull time and two part
two candles cupped in brassoneglass buddha three brown incense
documents i understand that ifonegoes on two rapid reading
two how many has thatonegot f1104: bones in that
in two ways on theonehand tobacco is a low
two here and the oneonehere and the one two
to unite two ideas inonehere are some examples the
m still weightlifting with julianonehup two hup and the
two bits right that sonei think i ll stick
school two for me andonein a push chair when
we have two advice centresonein bute and one in
report recorded two such instancesonein glasgow and one in
two sets of criminal proceedingsonein the icc and the
i have accepted two amendmentsonein your name mr sheridan
sitting against access three intermediateoneintermediate two and quite a
grade interme- access three intermediateoneintermediate two now we re
there are two separate issuesoneis bill aitken s concern
are two main narrative modesoneis focalised through janie and
there are two issues hereoneis the committee s work
goddesses not counting laura ridingoneis very old two have
up in two ballads inonejock o the side child
one f1115: mmhm f1116: thisoneletter two letter two letter
returning immediately carrying two envelopesonelooks as if it may
and count your blocks thenonem1092: one two three f1091:
number two that s numberonem1096: number two f1095: right
it how many s thatonem1096: one f1095: two how
count again m1110: si- f1109: onem1110: one two three f-
two teaspoons so that sonem1128: i better clean myself
but and a ben m642: onem608: uh huh m642: two
go m815: two thousand andonem816: when we go to
m1092: now one more noonemore oops two more f1091:
come f1118: two f1117: throughonemore still to come take
was alone in the houseonemorning when two authentic looking
number four f1116: number fouronenana two nanas two nana
mm [inaudible] f1115: mm f1116: onenana two nanas two nanas
you two full days andonenight or else two nights
or two to accompany theonenote celestial choir but stayed
it you ve to countoneo clock two o clock
new one in penicuik [?]grave, grafe[/?]oneo the two an then
over the brush it wasoneo the two f1040: [inaudible]
just two days later andoneobvious point the novella makes
old lady who was 90oneof her two equally elderly
genre at this stage losesoneof its two lives and
village plus two small museumsoneof local culture and the
in halls for two yearsoneof my flatmates was sort
would appear to have provokedoneof only two acrimonious exchanges
syrup one glass of milkoneof orange and two cups
two amendments to the motiononeof the amendments appears in
two militiamen who were escortingoneof the combatants to the
current two year probationary periodoneof the great tragedies in
and its two universities hasoneof the largest concentrations of
two or three years agooneof the other points that
syntactic complexity in these twooneof the things that i
is mary kate or ashleyoneof the two and she
now you re the creativeoneof the two f940: aye
shade of puce i sawoneof the two greek girls
iain gray we are implementingoneof the two main recommendations
ewing there are two ministersoneof them could come we
the two ground floor flatsoneof these is inhabited by
show strug hard work ranksmanoneof two boats which fished
a range of examples asoneof two extreme cases just
general credit and then tooneof two grades within each
shoulders she was sitting inoneof two old chairs drawn
the one m608: yeah m642: oneof two or three things
begins with dramatic immediacy asoneof two remaining sisters out
chair i was praying foroneof two things either they
are replaced by two companiesoneof which has little or
showed me two threeple thraahyeuksoneof which he had made
with two self service countersoneof which is usually closed
15 based on two questionnairesoneof which was sent to
two brothers in great dangeroneof whom was missing for
and two f1089: it soneof your favourite colours is
ve talked about doing aoneoff gig just the two
of anti social behaviour withoneoff or two off situations
we go spin the wheeloneoh you spin again two
have two questions starting withoneon resources i am wondering
irena there are two bedsoneon the right the other
do one f1127: eh m1128: oneone f1127: aye one two
there two here and theoneone here and the one
f1104: look two two threeoneone two f1103: beautiful castle
them that s one f1122: oneone two three four five
number s that f1122: umoneone two three four five
is unusual in that onlyoneor at most two spellings
remember from was either primaryoneor primary two because er
accident in about nineteen thirtyoneor thirty two and he
she would be about twentyoneor twenty two when she
[cough] m194: and there wasoneor two accidents that way
section of the tale withoneor two additions are retained
there will generally be onlyoneor two administrative staff in
was ye know and ehoneor two an i thought
quite a grand scale yeahoneor two are [inaudible] yeah
i have described there areoneor two areas at the
tenants except by chance althoughoneor two authorities were the
two wee articles there wereoneor two black and white
in full i would enteroneor two caveats about the
normal being slightly short ofoneor two cells [inhale] f1009:
paragraph so there might beoneor two changes we will
of this usage in dostoneor two citations might suggest
town m608: mmhm f643: maybeoneor two days a week
minister members will have onlyoneor two days in which
in an organisation with onlyoneor two employees we need
i was able to findoneor two examples fin i
working people and there wereoneor two examples of male
i couldn t help remindingoneor two folk we met
six holes bored in itoneor two folk were still
to whether there should beoneor two frameworks there will
no th- they ve gotoneor two friends who had
voluntary organisations and there areoneor two good initiatives however
the whole ceiling except whereoneor two have fallen off
scots spoken in that areaoneor two here and there
end charlie there have beenoneor two interesting misuses of
matheson and christine grahame raisedoneor two issues there the
i ve been to tooneor two m1161: yeah i
s one or two scaresoneor two maybe caught fire
hope that she will takeoneor two members of the
euan robson i understand thatoneor two members votes were
i should like to correctoneor two misleading impressions misleading
an i ll tell youoneor two more stories aboot
of course cause there wereoneor two morningsiders there it
leslie mitchell met again ononeor two occasions about 1930
couple of spotlights placed atoneor two of my chakra
shame but f1037: no certainlyoneor two of my er
how the area favours writingoneor two of my pieces
i would take issue withoneor two of the details
he observed the appreciation inoneor two of the old
not now anyway geordie andoneor two of the other
macmillan phil gallie has coveredoneor two of the points
is a good way forwardoneor two of the smaller
voluntary sector in countries overseasoneor two of the steps
are politicians hopefully there areoneor two of us in
up early enough there wasoneor two okay sunrises m608:
plus eh they had maybeoneor two old eh liners
i want to touch ononeor two other issues although
of contingency planning and foroneor two other little checks
bad there s there soneor two outrageous things apparently
and so it was eroneor two painters didnae make
has been a problem inoneor two parts of glasgow
coldstone speak scots there soneor two people that disna
we have spoken informally tooneor two people who have
that we have picked uponeor two phrases eh f606:
names like aiberdeen itsel anoneor two place names wi
26 august there will beoneor two plenary papers each
i will briefly pick uponeor two points as has
expressive arts and environmental studiesoneor two points however in
i must pick up ononeor two points that he
four or five lawyers andoneor two precognition officers smaller
fund a good party oroneor two projects i am
properties although some owned onlyoneor two properties as a
i will start by askingoneor two questions on the
businesses are really being consultedoneor two run enormous businesses
m194: i mean there soneor two scares one or
born in kyle learning singingoneor two songs e g
shoes smartly buffed and waxedoneor two sported white bow
wait until they had hadoneor two strong cups of
are attuned either to leveloneor two there s not
could be turned around quicklyoneor two things could be
and [tut] th- there wasoneor two things like i
in scots but there soneor two things m017: well
would like to clear uponeor two untidy wee odds
mmhm f643: [tut] i haveoneor two vague recollections of
in scots as well asoneor two videos ballater the
out [inhale] and there wereoneor two wee articles there
since then i ve doneoneor two wee workshops and
they go to university foroneor two years under accelerated
fitt s that f1116: parceloneparcels f1115: ah f1116: two
complement from two to sixoneper local office by redeploying
pieces you have ingredients foroneperson two flour tortillas half
f1116: s- seven potato [exhale]onepotato f1115: two f1116: two
that s basket f1115: [inaudible]onepotato f1116: two potato three
two quid m642: what sonepound i got thirty eh
two major principles at stakeoneprinciple is that the nhs
states that there is onlyonerepresentative but we have two
two three f1113: which whichones different [censored: forename] which one
f1103: do you think thatones got two spots f1104:
on your bed f1104: butones most and two s
three they made three jettiesones- two small ones one
necessary bits and pieces ifonesaw two men walking in
commit an offence however ifonesaw two men walking in
heavily joined suspicious character numberonesaying nothing the two ambled
hulk hands m1128: five twoonesee i m going spiderman
worst readers have to readonesentence the middle ones two
told them aboot this weeoneshe s only two bein
many sheep is there f1116: onesheep two sheep two sheep
two shrieking she neds andoneshrieking fat man well the
military two they built ononeside of the the loch
garden like a teddy bearonestep two step and tickle
f1116: it s teddy bearonestep two step and tickle
garden like a teddy bearonestep two step and tickle
garden like a teddy bearonestep two step and tickle
garden like a teddy bearonestep two step [laugh] [laugh]
garden like a teddy bearonestep two step [squeal] [laugh]
to kill two birds withonestone m608: mm m1174: erm
out between the two teamsonestrip to each team member
least two huge rooms asoneswedish boy said he had
gathering two weeks last thursdayonetall red haired man at
ye had two teams andoneteam the other team went
two three f1114: what sonethat s green that s
prize m078: [laugh] aye theonethat won two prizes [inaudible]
[inaudible] me count them theonethere two here and the
well there s two thingsonethi- there s three things
need two no only needinonething don t want this
constitution is two thirds sulphuronethird gas and treacle they
two thirds non natives andonethird natives meaning children of
m1110: two oh it sonethis one are the same
five two five seven doubleonethree did you get that
how many one two f1104: onethree [?]four, five[/?] f1103: three four
s got three f1104: mmonethree [inaudible] f1103: one two
twartree two or three eenonetidder the other belly gutsie
f1091: two snakes m1092: thereonetiger f1091: a tiger aye
1987 to introduce two powersoneto modify section 33 of
out two glasses and handedoneto ralph cheers min thanks
what looked like branches aboutoneto two inches in diameter
are with us now withoneto two or two to
less than one year oroneto two years there is
been when i was twentyonetwenty two erm f631: mmhm
twae three now it sonetwo an three but we
huh and there s theonetwo and three f1091: three
classes where you could primariesonetwo and three got allowed
coming up f1121: wow justonetwo and what colour s
s cauld one f1095: noonetwo aye but you can
track much less a doubleonetwo choices faced the engineers
three and choo choo ch-onetwo choo choo choo and
oot it s getting lateonetwo come on [censored: forename] please
my shoes f1101: aye mmonetwo f1102: jacket f1101: take
look two two three oneonetwo f1103: beautiful castle isn
s got two spots f1104: onetwo f1103: that s it
m1108: one two three [?]five two one[/?]onetwo f1107: [?]five to two like crispy rice[/?] five four
f1109: count the ducks m1110: onetwo f1109: oh that s
to count the numbers f1114: onetwo f1113: o- f1114: one
else thr- count the numbersonetwo f1114: three f1113: fo-
f1113: how much is thereonetwo f1114: two f1113: three
i ll count to threeonetwo f1116: [exhale] f1115: three
here okay will you manageonetwo f1122: mm f1121: three
bits o onion [laugh] f1130: onetwo f1129: did you see
ll jump onto that noonetwo i m going to
six spots count them f1104: onetwo [inaudible] f1103: three four
i think that s numberonetwo is it three four
only got two bits leftonetwo mmhm m1096: oh f1095:
are they there s ainonetwo now m1110: i ve
the next two bits rightonetwo one two three four
are the same as thisonetwo the same as this
1 2 3 a leerieonetwo three a leerie i
you re playing ball f637: onetwo three a leery f638:
[inaudible] i ve got yeonetwo three an off an
and then the squares wereonetwo three and then there
all the pages like soonetwo three and when they
a two qu- we donetwo three eh camps for
m1110: si- f1109: one m1110: onetwo three f- f1109: that
the chalk on the groundonetwo three f1027: mmhm mmhm
your blocks then one m1092: onetwo three f1091: what comes
i ve nae s- f1101: onetwo three f1102: i ve
you get me oot f1101: onetwo three f1102: mum [inaudible]
f1103: one two three f1104: onetwo three f1103: that s
see m1110: i count themonetwo three f1109: ye re
s see one two threeonetwo three f1113: which which
f1113: no three ducks lookonetwo three f1114: what s
is my messages f1122: ermonetwo three f1121: a pound
thirty cause you ve gotonetwo three f1121: okay how
re haein a barbecue f1116: onetwo three fi- one two
four three two one m1108: onetwo three [?]five two one[/?] one two
mallows there s one f1122: onetwo three fo- f1121: four
boats and then there sonetwo three four eh cargo
is in a box m1096: onetwo three four f1095: four
bum f1102: no come ononetwo three four f1101: four
cou- count the spots f1104: onetwo three four f1103: that
nothing for me [inaudible] f1104: onetwo three four f1103: well
lights wi shades lamps m1110: onetwo three four f1109: no
quite a few [censored: forename] m1110: onetwo three four f1109: one
me hear you counting f1112: onetwo three four f1111: four
in like this look seeonetwo three four f1114: five
s six smelly socks lookonetwo three four f1114: let
them aa in there f1118: onetwo three four f1117: what
left m1128: tw- two le-onetwo three four f1127: that
know they number them sayonetwo three four f963: och
how much are in f1114: onetwo three four fi- [child noises]
on in this way f1114: onetwo three four fi- [exhale]
sticks have we got f1114: onetwo three four fi- five
m1128: one one f1127: ayeonetwo three four fi- right
how many is there f1122: onetwo three four fiv- three
birdies m1092: me count themonetwo three four five eight
on it m1094: it saysonetwo three four five f1093:
of bikers coming you knowonetwo three four five f643:
station m1110: and it sonetwo three four five it
two three four five f1122: onetwo three four five let
m1110: i counts the shapesonetwo three four five o-
caught a fish alive f1116: onetwo three four five once
it s six f1109: mmonetwo three four five six
to twenty f1109: okay m1110: onetwo three four five six
must be number eleven f1122: onetwo three four five six
f1122: and now we haveonetwo three four five six
f1095: there s eight lookonetwo three four five six
to count aa the bonesonetwo three four five six
we count them m1096: ayeonetwo three four five six
m showing [censored: forename] [child noises] waitonetwo three four five six
cards have you got lookonetwo three four five six
how many have you gotonetwo three four five six
you missed oot barney f1122: onetwo three four five six
f1122: barney is a dinosauronetwo three four five six
f1122: [?]stick[/?] now we haveonetwo three four five six
the numbers that s f1116: onetwo three four five six
that s one f1122: oneonetwo three four five six
[?]mam, i hit it[/?] f1127: we ve gotonetwo three four five six
six one with six spotsonetwo three four five six
s that f1122: um oneonetwo three four five six
right come on we needonetwo three four five six
of boats f1109: aye m1110: onetwo three four five six
how many clocks there sonetwo three four five six
five six seven eight m1096: onetwo three four five six
beauty and the beast f1122: onetwo three four five six
aathegither then m1110: it sonetwo three four five six
nine videos right next f1122: onetwo three four five six
two chicken f1115: coont themonetwo three four five six
a look at them m1128: onetwo three four five six
that ones see there sonetwo three four five six
ve made noo then f1122: onetwo three four five six
three four five f1109: fiveonetwo three four five that
rabbits how many rabbits f1114: onetwo three four five that
for the rocket there sonetwo three four five there
[?]i heard that[/?] f643: was sitting goingonetwo three four [laugh] m608:
four f1095: four right soonetwo three four m1096: [inhale]
right jump on the rugonetwo three four m1106: [inaudible]
one two three four f1109: onetwo three four m1110: five
gonna count the numbers f1114: onetwo three four [mumble] ten
now f1109: twenty well doneonetwo three four oh you
two bits right one twoonetwo three four right m1096:
up the stair mum [inaudible]onetwo three [inaudible] erm [tut]
sixteen seventeen and eighteen f1104: onetwo three [inaudible] -teen f1103:
jump f1122: uh huh f1121: onetwo three jump f1122: jump
nae f1093: right stand uponetwo three m1094: can you
m1096: put its f1095: rightonetwo three m1096: oh f1095:
four f1114: let s seeonetwo three one two three
no you re splashing rightonetwo three oot you come
job losses the loss ofonetwo three or four jobs
for her she has loversonetwo three pray tell me
golden city she has loversonetwo three pray tell me
okay f1101: lift you uponetwo three right gotta whee
eat they re haein aonetwo three sandwiches and a
s got some books f1116: onetwo three that s one
bones in that three f1103: onetwo three that s right
s how many wheels f1116: onetwo three there s only
there two je- they madeonetwo three they made three
re gonna throw them oweronetwo three throw oh that
m1106 : it s a testeronetwo three when i was
the last i think andonetwo two girls and thentwin
with two problems rather thanoneunder resourcing in scottish theatre
touristy and expensive i hadonevodka two orange juices and
i think the f- firstonewas a- two novels ago
street and two girls ehonewas called ruth gold and
there were two consultation processesonewas held before the scottish
every child had two partsonewas held in march 1918
them to do two testsonewas just sort of ehm
two places in the worldonewas richmond virginia and the
had two very different experiencesonewas with the parliament when
have been receiving respite careoneweek every two months at
when we ve complete phaseonewhether we go with two
these are the two modelsonewhich is native goes back
with two separate frameworks oronewhich tries to integrate the
is dedicated to two womenonewhom i never met the
two of them doors eachonewith a nightmare behind it
spin the wheel again sixonewith six spots one two
was just a big openonewith two brickies at the
he didn t comprehend onlyoneword in every two of
erm primary one f963: primaryoneyeah mmhm m964: or two
experience is either less thanoneyear or one to two
m636: miss a for maybeoneyear two year even three
f1109: okay m1110: i getoneyou get two and three

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