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it widna be the sameonywyethey widna let you near
at widna let me beonywyeye dinna forget it an
be a tractors and enginesonywyeye widna smell the hay
oot an a weak chestonywyei d a brither fa
wrang wi wor chest eronywyeye ken this toots fan
ve nae taste these daysonywyegladys beaten i ve got
regaining control of her storyonywyegladys subsides under her gaze
he doesna seem tae careonywyegladys they just seem to
easier than wi ither folkonywyeit was aye her dream
oot at es dream timeonywyeit wisna a gentle wakenin
yarn an ey were roononywyean if ye wisna far
mn be a lot abootonywyeey re amon e girse
ony hairm ye can tellonywyefae eir bizz if ey
niver fanciet e stuff muchonywyefin ye pat milk ontill
it wis niver lockit anonywyei d fun oot i
an wis aften enyeuch chokitonywyei niver min naebody thinkin
ere s something in tonywyeye niver forget if ye
fen em aff yer faceonywyeere wis dizzens hunners o
less chance o seein onybodyonywyeere wis eence though fin
s nae a gweed placeonywyefor ere s nae a
wull be lookin doon ereonywyethe rose bush it wis
feert somebody wid catch yeonywyefit s hygiene it s
naethin wirth watchin on tvonywyethe nicht ye can catch
like this fa wis tonywyefa made you dee this
daith certificate tho aabody kentonywyefur fit ither thing wid
wid gie her short shiftonywyeit wis aa her ain
da wid be bleezin drunkonywyelike eneuch he d jalouse
a föl widn du anonywyewhy wid you need ta
fowk tae dee e sameonywyeeven aifter gettin in e
ve naething else tae deeonywyeye canna help bit notice
a point no you didnaonywyeher man s a warder
jock d e same ideasonywyei didna ken for withoot
didna wint tae ait anonywyenaebody fed it bit a
e skweel for e dayonywyean it wore aff till
be set tae mend itonywyefit fur little eese till
s tae come stracht ononywyei got close till t
e bank tae be upsetonywyei up till e gig
bein spoken till like yononywyenae bi the mealie moud
saxteen nae mair nor seeventeenonywyeher face wis hairt shaped
face wee jimmy ken himonywyejug lugs pug snoot a
rock bit i did itonywyelike washin yer face in
drily the flu aye pauseonywyefit are you gan to
tae get on wi thingsonywyefit s deen s nae
was sittin on the chuntyonywyeshe sees fit s happened
even ken they took requestsonywyei turned back to see
dinna ken far it isonywyelizzie it s in my
ken but i dinna sleeponywyeso it doesna mak ony
in the tellin ye kenonywyethere wis aince a young
far i m nae wantedonywyetoots i dinna ken if
an fuel wis ower dearonywyean if this wis gaun
as gin ye wis floatinonywyeat the flooer show there
re a gey carnaptious deevilonywyeauld peter middleton wis wrang
force is a gran teacheronywyeeence made e edderins wis
i wis better at forkinonywyeforkin wis ma job an
hae teen ma fancy anonywyei wis aye interestit in
doon in embro in 1658onywyei wis that taen wi
year at we see butonywyeit wis da year i
eez briks wis gey sypitonywyesic a day aye i
examples we could hardly finonywyeta park dey wir such
sty i m nae carinonywyemuttered tibby oor een bides
nae needin disna mak tryonywyenuh coordie e loon made
have gone tae him efterwardsonywyeshe ll nae find onything
nae for anither twenty minutesonywyeshe yawns hugely oh me
twa deliberately an she hidnaonywyetwins is nae on her
ll be ower fu anonywyewe re nae gaun tae
tae pit onybody aff bitonywyeit s aa she could
haad awa fae e caalonywyei haivt up e garage
o e maid s roomonywyeso be makin ae room
gled nava cud divert herselonywyea neebor body jude anderson
her life peer aul bodyonywyeis nicht there was a
yer hans an yer wristsonywyean ye mn jist thole
be here ma couldna gingonywyeelse loretta i ll dae
tactlessness foo are ye feelinonywyeare you gettin ower it
couldna bide langer wi grandaonywyecause i d tae be
d been sair connacht aforeonywyedoon aboot turra i haard
d be makin hen brothonywyesae ye d tae gang
never dae onythin for yeonywyeye just hae tae pit
bit files something got inonywyean hid tae be redd
cuttit in grannie frae ahinonywyesaid faither warmin tae his
tae tell the truth butonywyethis a happened during the
s aa the stramash abootonywyethe beadle gordon watson hid
i would have looket foronywyei says to her it
o laughs wi this mannieonywyethe weemen a looket gye
s an awkward like ageonywyethey re starting to discover
m awa to my meetinonywyeangelica you ll be able
loured ootbye the schuleroom windaesonywyei traipsed back an fore
feel a holy inside pauseonywyethat was addy back in
the spitfires were chasin himonywyethey drapped a aroon here
see my prospects were fadinonywyeas the bbc is cutting
down to between the warsonywyeit was said that the
or sooth o the mounthonywyesae the rinnin o the
authority of a fashion guruonywyegraham needs a hard bed

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