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teaspoon of warm water f1126: oohmm yum yum mm [laugh]
hey f1125: yum yum f1126: oohwhat s that purple f1125:
smell it f1125: smell f1126: oohyum yum hey f1125: yum
m making you soft hmmoohtickle tickle tickle tickle m1106:
cakes f1125: mmhm f1126: cakesoohit s good my cakes
eh f1107: i ll helpoohit s a stiff ain
want f1107: hug to mumoohm1108: and then can i
wee tottie m1108: ah f1107: oohm1108: [inhale] mm mm f1107:
to cheat m1108: [hits balls with snooker cue] f1107: oohm1108: sure it breaks like
it wouldna m1108: mm f1107: oohm1108: thank you mummy f1107:
m1108: and um [inhale] [?]tutullah[/?]oohmi- missed it f1107: fitt
to shine that f1107: welloohokay just for a little
it f1107: no no waitoohthat s aa sticky dicht
[laugh] [inaudible] chase me f1107: oohye re gonna be a
see f1130: [inaudible] smell f1129: ooh[inaudible] smell it f1130: it
that s not very niceoohyou better nae fart m1108:
t it f1130: aye f1129: oohdoes it make you greet
clothes in general clothes f1009: oohclothes i i didn t
that and i was likeoohthat sounds kind of scary
f1024: [laugh] f1025: [laugh] f1026: oohthat sounds so posh f1027:
french brand m942: [laugh] f940: oohm941: almost f940: almost m942:
you re too scared f940: oohm941: when we first started
it s a bird f1126: ooha bird flying about in
they re finished hopefully f1126: ooherm put it in there
put this in here ohoohf1126: is that the sugar
go on mm f1126: mmoohthat one f1125: oh well
oh rain f807: [laugh] f806: oohbut f807: [laugh] f806: it
last week [laugh] [inhale] f806: oohperhaps you should just to
it like round or f807: oohoh god it s really
a bittie more crumbs f1125: oohcould i have the spoon
no i di- [?]where am i putting that[/?] f1127: oohm1128: bu- f1127: we ll
car say m1128: vroom f1127: oohwill we play with the
put [censored: forename] s stool awayoohah f1089: sorry m1090: yeah
farted f1089: no m1090: [pages turning]oohf1089: who s got that
what s it called m1090: oohit s hanging eh f1089:
breakfast f1104: uh huh f1103: oohi m sure that was
sure they re really cleanoohthat s a bit cold
water with my fingers f1121: oohf1122: mum can i go
m gonna sti- mum mumoohhe s a bad mannie
who s that called f1109: oohand i ken fitt that
fitt colour s this vanoohm1110: it s brown f1109:
be having a birthday cakeoohm1094: what one me having
another bit o princess jasmineoohf1103: ooh where s the
o princess jasmine ooh f1103: oohwhere s the pumpkin fa
f1117: eh f1118: look f1117: ooha dolphin aye [inaudible] will
that s [inaudible] [inaudible] f1113: oohf1114: you hold i ll
boat [inaudible] mair paint f1116: oohf1115: cat and the dog
at his granny s f1118: ooh[inaudible] [sucking air through teeth] lick it mummy
the day is it rightooh[inaudible] ye dinna eat margarine
s a clever girl [exhale]ooh[laugh] come on [inaudible] just
[inaudible] f832: a viral infectionoohthat s rather posh f833:
mm there s the ic-oohicing that s ic- yummy
got in this pile hereoohf1122: th- that s another
onions is there another oneoohthere s one left i
put my finger in f1121: oohit s a bit dirty
in there [pouring milkshake] [laugh] m1106 : oohdollops of that come out
and stuff but f833: [laugh]oohf835: on friday i on
s your name again [laugh]oohf963: taking down your details
[laugh] f643: that there wasoohscary lady so i thought
really nauseous we were likeoohan then there was this
mouth with a little moanoohronnie i m sorry teenie
into your bedroom please f1102: oohb- [censored: forename] hid it f1101:
your backpack wi you f1100: oohf1099: wherever you re gaun
for your tea tonight f1112: oohf1111: at the hotel what
a pair right your turnoohlovely bananas where s the
off look there we gooohthey re sticking to mammy
point where it s f965: oohthere s copycat too f963:
look great in it sadieoohswankie need tae try it
oor last one noo actuallyoohf1023: so i had to
m1106: i m tired f1105: oohthat s fine a wee
like and carol s likeoohit s like a child
doesna see it winna fitoohno it s nae that
problem wi my cable thereoohthat s it back again
she takes a tiny sipoohthat s strong that she
s a [?]peerie[/?] special thingoohyes we should do it
holidays you ll start playgroupoohyou looking foward to that
f1131: what what what whatoohm1132: cat f1131: dinna scare
a tricky man m1007: mmhmoohaye tricky never heard of
interior decoration m827: aye f826: oohdear m827: being unhappy when
m608: for how long m194: oohi d say aboot two
fore lesson f1111: okay nowoohf1112: do their back and
her hand in the dooroohthat still gives me goose

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