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oor lyves macbeth within theoora l tell ye whaur
but faith we maun defendoorain an keep oor bargain
haud dear tae oor hairtsoorain culture ower the eers
o oor lyfe an inoorain day that is the
o oor puzzint chalice tiloorain lips he s doubil
in airmy surplus tents whileoorairmy surplus blankets warmed oor
launds my scotland my americaooralba oor appalachia o anna
men oor wives can brewoorale an bake bere breid
scotland my america oor albaoorappalachia o anna think o
a sair trauchle oor efteroorback brakkin darg wi the
defend oor ain an keepoorbargain wi the deil tae
an heavy as weel noooorbe oor mair wabbit i
lesser birth oor empire andoorbellies ken nae limit ti
newtoon the weet seeped throwoorbonnets an lashed oor smartin
a fun the seemilaritie atweenoorborder lallans pronunciation o oor
the ploys o yesteryear doonoorclose an up oor stair
wrote a poem caed doonoorclose an up oor stair
sister played the piano furoordancing it oor xmas concerts
with the pram thare andreyoordear brither aw oor howps
staunin crap a sair trauchleoorefter oor back brakkin darg
baur folk o lesser birthoorempire and oor bellies ken
ane in christ jesus incawinoorfaither lippen tae oor incawin
here for in this steidoorfate is dernit frae oor
oor smartin cheeks it drenchedoorflappin jaickets an draigled sair
fit we haud dear taeoorhairts oor ain culture ower
gie the hee haw taeoorhame spun worsit oor skins
the storms o life whilesoorharns are belbevart and oor
the window oor heidmistress koolyghinoorheidmistress haes arrived lat s
natasha speaking through the windowoorheidmistress koolyghin oor heidmistress haes
oor harns are belbevart andoorherts brak gie us virr
awready della tradition dictates kristaoorherts in the land oor
andrey oor dear brither awoorhowps for him haes gaen
gie oor speerit lippen taeoorincawin throwe jesus christ oor
incawin oor faither lippen taeoorincawin whiles een the yett
keels rowe oor keels roweoorkeels rowe forrit will oor
the prow chorus forrit willoorkeels rowe oor keels rowe
forrit will oor keels roweoorkeels rowe oor keels rowe
oor keels rowe forrit willoorkeels rowe the vikings fae
nipper or kid f1025: ooroorkids f1027: aye mm f1025:
foraye forever we r leftoorlane ti stert oor lyfes
but spreid oor naipkins inoorlaps whene er we eat
humanity of oor religion andoorlaws hae preserved tae us
thum in oor souls stopsoorloneliness silence krista yi want
oor incawin throwe jesus christoorlord saebeit the lord s
is the gret goal ooorlyfe an in oor ain
left oor lane ti stertoorlyfes aw ower again we
til 1st murderer even ginoorlyves macbeth within the oor
as weel noo oor beoormair wabbit i div feel
frae oor mous or fraeoormaisters macbeth caw thaim lat
deid oor puir auld mappieoormappie aye wis clean an
ye raither hear it fraeoormous or frae oor maisters
o this oor weird whanoormutual luve cuid aiblins aa
tae lady luck but spreidoornaipkins in oor laps whene
oor border lallans pronunciation ooornumerals an that o the
area nipper or kid f1025: ooroor kids f1027: aye mm
chorkin platchin drookit they reooroor words words for bein
weet oor thrapples an weshoorpiece doon wi a suppone
but noo he s deidoorpuir auld mappie oor mappie
fesh back the waucht ooorpuzzint chalice til oor ain
the justice and humanity ofoorreligion and oor laws hae
oor fate is dernit fraeoorsicht an micht breinge oot
tae oor hame spun worsitoorskins o wolf an deer
throw oor bonnets an lashedoorsmartin cheeks it drenched oor
a likely puil pou affoorsocks an shune oor troosers
oor herts in the landoorsouls close by it wae
shadeies blinded keeps thum inoorsouls stops oor loneliness silence
intae yer hands we gieoorspeerit lippen tae oor incawin
doon oor close an upoorstair a verse of which
doon oor close an upoorstair so ca- [?]capagush[/?] f1011:
oor airmy surplus blankets warmedoortaes wi airmy surplus trenchin
o fresh milk tae weetoorthrapples an wesh oor piece
aff oor socks an shuneoortroosers sarks an semmits tae
made a wickitness o thisoorweird whan oor mutual luve
skivvy fur their weddit menoorwives can brew oor ale
platchin drookit they re ooroorwords words for bein wet
piano fur oor dancing itoorxmas concerts an weel a
be back in hauf anoorah m juist gaun for
fur their feed hauf anoorat maist quo the maid
tae embro in hauf anoorbi elephant or bullock cairt
quate fur the neist haufoorfaither son an dother as
royal fir aboot hauf anoorlike an expectint faither waitin
hauf gale an rain onoormidsummer veesit tae islay an
the wireless fur hauf anooro heich drama ae wikk
yin but efter hauf anooro these an ither revelations
guid kens fa a haufoors steady tramp an they
steen the ither hauf ooorsteen o destiny an noo
spy the ither hauf ooorsteen o destiny that we
left here aboot hauf anoorsyne an they war expekkin
juist come aff hauf anoorsyne guid said the heid
doun mair n hauf anoorwhan we heard thir twa
this a quarter o anoorat a tyme l macbeth
and attendants macbeth sae hereoorchief guest himsell l macbeth
o men duncan at thisoorchiefs macbeth an banquo maun
forby macbeth dinna you missoorfeast nou banquo yeir hieness
l macbeth ye are awoorfreins an walcum here wi
macbeth a l mell wioorguests a wee an play
an binnd ye nearer tiloorhert macbeth what isna duin
ti hyde what s inoorherts l macbeth ye maun
l macbeth duncan see hereoorhonored hostess aw this luve
pyot craws an corbies whatooris it nou l macbeth
third witch fair faw macbethoorkeing in days ti cum
ti the keing an takoorleave afore we mairch macbeth
verra near lat slip theoormacbeth a l tak ye
dae that macbeth a hearoormurderous cuisins haes settilt in
sits down but macbeth lordsoorthenks til yeir grace macbeth
s cum again koolyghin haesoorheidmistress no arrived yit irena
puir traivlars that haes spentoorlest pennie on meat ti
an fifteeen an ever sensyneoorluiv haes never been taigilt
tak hert we re onoorroad gentie keing edward haes
ah finnd masell staunin thinkinoorsancts an statesmen haes duin
haes feinisht thair studies atoorskuil ower the lest fiftie
haes averaged aboot five thousandoortap sellin shop thae last
haes never set een onoorwee dochter an sae the
wumman the speirits that kensoorweirds haes said ye needna
o tyme itsell an awooryestreins haes lichtit gomerils alang
aw naebody s problem butoorain agnes no in here
bit ae source o learninoorain aiberdeen university an its
tak a stick tae brackoorain backs if we dinnae
at the same time asoorain boat no an hour
we micht stert tae celebrateoorain culture insteid o rinnin
that bidit wi it tiloorain day nou its hecht
it is sae hecht inoorain day whatna gait the
the ehm we just madeoorain fun ye know f606:
oorsels alane gif we gangoorain gait thinkin anerlie o
ti be onie happiness foroorain generation the canna be
in ae tung fremit tiloorain haimelt ain whilk it
the veggies building this wioorain hands then meetin every
you an me s oanoorain here the noo others
the canteen as clean asoorain hooses aye cleaner fir
we thocht we d haeoorain i m sure the
a ewe legs the kiltoorain identity jist gets mair
luikit jist the spit ooorain kinsmen fa cam inbye
warld its true als ooorain lives tae tak and
wis sabotage or yin ooorain lumpen lassies trying tae
o them war scots fraeoorain nor east my uncle
o 1320 we lear thatoorain scots fowk cam frae
eet bei grand n gifoorain scottis borders noos papers
is not like one ofoorain she s whiles ill
hev naitralie cairriet on isoorain state leid an the
an sappie malcolm ir theyoorain tatties there is a
in lallans in prent inoorain time as faur as
o men they d makoorain twice ower again palfrey
nou wi skunner an scornoorain tymes micht seem coorse
ain gait thinkin anerlie ooorain wants wi nae thocht
special is oo speak inoorain way an now that
special is oo speak inoorain way just listen for
we d gang an makoorain we d lippen on
society like yon but inoorain wee community where corruption
o of coorse we hadoorain wordies for t ana
and we like to getoorain wye i can see
peth heid shei cuid seioorfore door frae hir ain
blissins moula we maun coontoorblissins here we ir sittin
foraye eilidh we maun coontoorblissins moula we maun coont
ah maun leive ye anoordear gowd tree foraye but
we maun fleitch an makoorfaces masks ti hyde what
himsel or whiles in pairsoorfishers maun be couthie but
dern yeirsells an the bestoorfor it it maun be
but that s no inoorhauns i mean we maun
gairden fedotik we maun takoorleave o hir rodé guidby
magic spell we maun castoorminds back five an seiventy
dae we maun cry hameoormonie exiled freins that fled
dis at raelie necessitat atoormuther tung maun bei sacrifeesed
sae maun it be wioorwarld gif we ettle tae
s maturitie hou dowf theoorwhan aw rype things maun
l be back in anoorah l be back wi
wi malcolm we l latoorbluid wi him for he
never heed we l keepoorend up gin they turn
r the stuipitest bodie inoorfaimilie ye l forgie me
abuin we l aiblins enterteinoorguests again sleep weill at
it up we l speakoorherts thegither banquo a l
nou we l gang thegitheroorhowps o victorie wul match
we l be left awoorlane then olia olga weill
ma wutness we l stertoorlyfe ower again in the
enter banquo ai banquo banquooorryal maister s murdert l
seik beiss lat us endoorsiccar bergain ye l no
but whan a hae anoorti spare we l hae
local quarries efter aboot anooralexander an towser were ready
tae appear again aboot anoorefter oot came auld glory
the cless at aw efteroorexams but wis in fack
gemm in fact it wisoorfurst nicht oot efter the
spotless white withoot a markoormeat s aye ready efter
the party bessie weel efteroormither died folk ca ed
fur furthsettin this document inoornain scots tung kis efter
the lion s pairt roonoornoble country efter he d
electronic taggin efter the specifeedooro the nicht they sud
plenty an efter aboot anoorwe hud five bunnies in
at nicht efter having saidoorwee prayer and slept till
ower clespit haunds frae aferroorcannie horses nicher til ither
lat us gang swythe tiloorchaumer a wee drap wattir
table heid an here tiloordear frein banquo he s
ilk til ilkane lords tiloorduties an ti this toast
thay wur weil kent tiloorfaimlie kis o ma muther
ir spent yung things drawsoorfeelins til thaim an auld
us wul ye yield tiloorgreter strenth thorfinn is silent
weil s addin wurthilie tiloorleiterarie an linguistic heritage an
blizzard on thair galluss chairgeoormen fecht til thair knees
awfu worrie til us awoormither juist seems to be
the sovereign pouer til awoornichts an days ti cum
s pairt is ti receiveoorservice til the croun nae
s tyme ti gang tiloorsleepin beds andrey the r
necessar fur uz tae turnoorthochts back til whan the
donalbain whatfor dae we haudoortongues we war sib til
we can sit doun tiloorwark an a rowth the
had tae release twa ooorbest comrades tae wheech the
s loon twa bairns doonoorbit there s mair graffiti
beluvit tristan we twa tuikoorblytheheid in that clintie bield
gaed doun an lichtit upoordeeps we twa hae spaed
twa dugs started sniffin abootoorerses said franco i had
a meenit or twa straininoorlugs agin the silence o
me twa makars snippit fraeoormids there s nane can
hou ah wad enjoy anooror twa at tyestov s
whit he thocht wes anooror twa but in fairielaund
temp 5 6 for aooror twa ere s a
weill hae ti ryde anooror twa i the derk
rale hard crust for anooror twa ll likely use
3 rare day wi aooror twa o sin an
an e motion aifter anooror twa s traivel i
hotel hid a maist affableooror twa thanks tae the
luve fir him had skailtoorpeetie tristan we twa cuid
the denholm big puil onoorroad hame there s twa
we twa hae ventered faeoorsaicret heiven an socht an
twa and fowerteen he isoorsaught wha gart baith ane
raggie maggie raggie maggie doonoorstreet s got twa gley
twa ay nou s theoorti dae it she shudders
again we claucht ither wioortwa begrutten faces sae fare
here we ir thegither juistoortwa sells juist gie me
here we ir sittin hereoortwa sells warm an bien
troosers rabbit grey but brawoortwa three cats he didnae
can see it chyngin aforeoorverra een in twa thrie
twa gif its true ooorwarld its true als o
o gie ti me anoorat ein ma airms aboot
s deen abeen gie usoorbreid this day forgie the
they lowse a quarter aoorearly tae gie them time
ane in jesus christ gieoorhairts the saucht whilk liggs
o feelin aye they exploitooridentifications aa richt they gie
it is certain that neitheroorlaw or custom presently gie
gie us virr tae mindoorlord wha on his rude
divert ye an ti hansiloormairriage sings o gie ti
sent ti gie ye fraeoorryal maister thenks an syne
an gie mair awareness taeoortraditions i wis doon at
gie them a fricht wioorwalkie talkies we cuid cover
in the dubs the nichtoorboat is moored on the
hogmanay the nicht s cauldoorclaes are thin gies a
gaed doun an lichtit upoordeeps the nicht gaed doun
doun the nicht wis ayeoorfere i kent a door
play rise up an giesoorhogmanay the nicht s cauld
the stair endit up inoorhoose fur that ae nicht
ilka nicht hei cad itoorhoose tae colleck his milk
up in the tree bioorhouss end the nicht a
supplied george wi milk fraeoorkye an ilka nicht hei
the ruits we howked onoorluves an sleeps the nicht
war awa we ve haedoormairchin orders guid nicht irena
see nor hear ocht asoornicht sicht cam back the
mantelpiece tae greet on onyooro the nicht or day
1980 this nicht tae seeoorongauns through we ve gane
sclim anither day tae usoortottie flichter tint nicht s
kneel an lay tae restoortousy tyke guid nicht auld
the lord advocate speak onoorbehalf before maclaurin could continue
that s aw meg didnaoorblissit lord himsell no allou
stephen wis lord provost ooorcity back in the 1950s
treat baith loon an lordoorcity s motto bon accord
and strang forbye the lordoorgod is guid his guidwill
monreith we thenk thee foroorgreens dear lord we thenk
the breithir the grace ooorlord jesus christ bide wi
and corpus withooten faut whanoorlord jesus christ comes he
a nice little time amongoorsisters in the lord and
lord we thenk thee foroortees an the fare that
heather i d lay forenentoorauld hoose at knowetap wi
like tae gang back taeoorauld hoose ronald tried sair
to the ootside lavvy inoorfirst hoose he used to
field it the back ooorhoose atween the haugh burn
the police over tae searchoorhoose for that barrae m642:
whan mr wud sat ioorhoose it the haugh yonner
ere wisnae a tv inoorhoose nivver mind een in
yet mony dimensions awa januaryoorhoose on shore road wis
came doon the stair taeoorhoose queer that maist o
hale day tae settle intaeoornew hoose noo be ere
throu the hoose that soorskip we ll tak oot
big hoose watter for anoortae check the gairden puil
ve kept this hoose spotlessoorwhale merrit life ye ve
fast an loose it blewoorwheelie ben the hoose it
it whan naebodie daur quaistenoorauthoritie physician did ye merk
maks us traitors even whanoorconduct disna ross it micht
whan we skirl an rairoordule aboot the place at
in the auld days whanoorfaither wes alive we uised
us whan thay pit upoorhair we war juist twantie
nudgin nou an then commandsoorhale attention impident yalps whan
wul ever cum chappin atoorhouss dure whan thay ken
think we d better makoorjudgments whan the fecht is
whan we met up anoorlater a quick heid coont
owre pernickitie whan we takoorleave but sant awa quaetlyke
reversin lichts we cuidnae believeoorluck whan it drew up
tyme whan wei wur haeinoorpiece it the faimlie meltith
thole the sherp knyfe atoorthrappils whan the tyme cums
gutter press oilmen alliance whanoorwey o life is threatened
an awthing s tint whanoorwush cums true but we
buit ense the hail ooorauld border landscape wull ithoot
it wis nane ither thanoorauld freen puggie he didnae
the hainin an promoval ooorauld hamlet tung gin it
alang wi ye as isoorauld wey she opens a
absence o the yaise ooorauld yae tyme state langage
us auld anes awa taeoorbeds here s luckie comin
auld jey in ither althooorbliss ah dout wul nou
thocht of the wants ooorbrithers ye mind the auld
auld jean sleep weel jeannieoorcairn terrier wee hill dug
auld lyfe we fairlie keepoorend up dae we no
auld halloween games ah kenoorfaimlie will hae a birlin
me please thrie cheers foroorgret auld lyfe we fairlie
whit we huv tae keepoorhand in agnes auld jumpers
bible s king solomon robbyoorking solomon the auld man
a wur 5 ear auldoortwae families wur close i
ye said the nou thatoorage wul be cawed gret
an speired wha bydes inoorhouss nou says he look
misdout ye awthegither nae doutoorkintrie is dounhauden nou ilka
dreich grey morn nou atoorleisure we thenk ye kindly
rises to get torch valgerdoorpairtin is nou foraye it
oorsels an for the scoutsoortents were nou j black
save its fowk an nouoorwark is dune tho yit
for solitude whereas nature asoorbest philosophers and thinkers hae
ah wis mortally minded ayoorchild hae ah lost on
a kittlit viper we haeoorcoracles bobbin burn tae burn
ma lassie we aw haeoorcrosses ti beir whyles ah
the lift hae ye seenoorda she speired thankfu fin
for we hae spent awoordays thegither in mukkil content
haena been help t bioordeserters we micht hae loundert
to the garnock to haeoordook i would like to
amang us and hae receivedoordue consideration it is therefore
naething ava we aw haeoorduty ti dae mercie gin
has nae money left inoorfightin fund ye ll hae
kye would ony ony ooorfolk hae said kye m1000:
hae primroses that grows inoorgairden primroses and rhubarb and
future we dinna ay haeoorhealth as we ve larned
we ll hae tae steeloorherts agin the loss the
noo hae ye seen taeoorholiday bookin ye ken ye
that we hae presented inoorinformations which i will not
folk like us no haeoorkirks upon a haly crag
here an thay soud haeoorluiv quuttin the ceitie yett
inconsistent wi the state ofoornation as i hae jist
an them we aa haeoorpairt in the web o
wutch aweill we aw haeoorproblems broun ogre whyles the
hae the answer tae aaoorproblems whit dae ye mean
aiblins guid reason eneuch foroorscots forefowk tae hae a
camps ye hae been notedoorsummer schules hae aft been
clock is fan we haeoorsupper nae half past nae
r no gaun ti haeoortruibils ti seek wi this
the sappy pause yur faithirooruncle wid hae ti huv
an his coups can filloorwame forbye we hae his
hae gethert oorsells and cuivertoorweaknesses lat us meet ti
yon place we wha haudoorwheesht ken thorns hae roses
is why the arguments inoorwritten pleadings hae been so
is the onlie yin fraeoorbattery that s gaun doun
doun herts lowpin an haudinoorbraiths there wis a sudden
steel slid up an dounoorbunks by g forces on
at a hunner mile anoordoun shap mair stops an
did aye luik lichtly dounoorgairden nane daurd cross at
the main points contained inoorinformations and syne sit doun
upstream doun we went takinoortime an daunert up tae
neil cam ahint we shoneoortorches doun an up the
as weel hale day langoorbeens div cheel friday 4th
cam as settler weel mayoorboaties rowe we will kill
greece his banes will sainoorbrugh weel the banes o
the hale stramash is ayeoorfaut an weel deserved whit
aiblins juist as weel foroorfirst shot as it gied
an left fur us bioorlandlady weel i kent weel
hadnae dune that weel considerinoornumerical superiority the driver had
an doon pittin confooters thatoorparliament daes richt weel remindin
an weel a mynd itoorpractices hou shei yaised tae
the big bedroom press weeloorpress wis backin on tae
an sae weel documentit bioorskeely wordsmiths showin the cheenges
wannert awa da it wisnaeoorwyte father weel look for
bloodhounds at his back furoorbonnie toun tae sack in
outside it wis brose furoorbrakkfast it wis breid fur
i wis raged fur beinoorclivver an aff takkin the
us oan this land landoorfamely s hud fur nigh
fyles he telt stories ooorforebears an the like fur
ti deal wi way ootoorleague stew yince and fur
tae qualifee fur sic employmentoorleevin in o ae maist
naethin bit the best furoorlittlin private skweel designer claes
anenst his divine wull furoorlives an the byous glorie
wicked words like that furoorlori ti hear aw aw
treat fur us tho wioorma bein sib tae the
lift abeen them fur anooror matt the quine sat
the bloodline fur the landoorsecond cousins robby an me
heir fur drivin us fraeoorseely hame tae leddrach s
brakkfast it wis breid furoortea son it s wirth
a boatie fur the neistoorthe five bairns gaithered trock
huz bairns kam oot furoortwaloors brek thay happint tae
ye turn awa fur fearoorwarlds or wir een should
o the stable fur anitherooryet tibby an prince an
taks fully mair n anoorbit in braid dayiicht jist
fowk hidna bin sae greedyoorclimate micht be mair sattled
be muckle mair anerlie throuoordaith cuid we win throu
yer pots are perfect forooreggs we re mair nor
in yeir chair for anoori the eftirnuins nae mair
preen three quarters o anoormair an the boatie wis
lift that the maws madeoormaisic mair unco nor even
i cwidna agree mair wioormanager walter smith that the
s smirtils mair sae amangoornearest freins malcolm a m
nae mair than half anoornoo fit can i dee
message fer a jined taeoorpraise an poored gin mair
heids an ding us fraeoorsaets this is mair fey
nearly fyled thirsels wi flegoorsavage celts cud skail mair
noo be mair eco freenlyoorsins if ony please forgive
tae us but puggie taeoorsurprise an mebbe wi mair
d spin mair in anoorthan ony ither wife could
aye that would be mairoorunderstandin some narrow kinda thing
we re mair nor happyoorwee grubs will thrive an
ae mair fareweill back inooryung days whanever we haed
ah ever expekkit mistress latoormairriage tak place as suin
whistle della reward krista takoormind back awhiles ti him
primary tae tak pairt inoorsaicont scots language writin competeetion
wid tak jonsar eck aoortae pit the sticks intae
the saucht whilk liggs ayontoorthochts tak awa the uncos
the lang rigg for anooran whyle ah m awa
in tarnation is real pauseooraw oot here awa oot
o dreid that suits thisoorbut whyle a blaw awa
lanesum neuk ti greit awaoordowieness macduff shuirlie ferr better
to be dwynin awa aforeooreen an for masell ah
ti byde here for anooreftir that waddin awa wi
but what is no banquooorfrein s awa in a
gan awa an see ifoorjennie s no fa en
o somethin lowpin awa taeoorleft whit the hell wis
awa frae the lowe ooorlichts tae no be recognised
when the shadeies got intioorsouls we wur krista awa
lat us awa frae hereoortears is yit ti shed
awa onywey we switched onoortorches tae try an at
forty yairds awa an heidinoorwey stoppt deid tae for
noo robert it s naeoorwyte mother awa the lot
frae there wis still anoorafore dinner time they powkit
dinna anerlie mind it fraeoorbairntime but als for the
natural law frae which stemoorfirst principles o morality and
telt me they war faroorfowk cam frae time ooto
crack n camera da hudoorhaversack aw ready frae the
faur bank straucht across fraeoorhidey hole ian wha wis
apairt frae the rest ooorpeople but in nae ither
piggy bank o tears fraeoorpuir bairntime wee body ye
free frae petals ti youoorpuir yett opens the first
jaloused they had crossed fraeoorside in the furst place
anen some bigot balloon fraeoorstreet cawed scobie interruptit an
rendevoused tae gang back taeoorcaurs parked aff the drivewey
them baith stertin aff wioorfaither an syne gaun ontae
said they re strecht affoorgranda s boat in fisherraw
temple nearby luxor i thinkoorguides kent straicht aff there
torches an ran forrit bawlinoorheids aff as if there
cannae last aye we laughoorheids aff at the rubbish
aff drookit leaves haar hapsoorkennin o the fowk aroon
weariet an winkin an theoorpurrs on tailin aff its
aff an that wis aftenoorsupper when the smith family
got it aff us roonoorwey which is quite middle
us nutters huv ti unscrambleoorbrains wi therapy double speak
hardly necessary tae tell usoorbusiness the nasal voice of
us in the snell wundoorchieftain scorns the fae an
or michtna lead us taeoordoom wer re aa o
o us here but awoordule an pyne micht lead
leaving harrow och jimmy daeoorears deceive us can it
hudnae pit us oot onoorerses is australia really the
away the table and usooreyes are weet wi sorra
us flees his gless isoorforemost tormentor tae tantalise torture
earth left us ti faceoorfreedom an you spoutin keech
very personal lament for ellenoorgentle ellen s left us
tries ti separate us fioorlifes blood what then krista
hur addiction fed us freezingoorlittle balls off us scrapin
seem tae guide us throughoorlives self interest on the
wither what s tae beoorlove ll bring us plenty
byde wi us for anooror sae askit a littil
della the past geid usoorshadeies an when the shadeies
the work bits us toastinoortaes bi the fire come
through oo ve to bideoortime this yin tells us
mistak that skufft us faeoorumwhile eminence ti the untentit
cause see when yi leftoorworld lee looked it us
foo o win chill noooorbeens wi cauld win dis
mantelpiece an noo wi awoorcentral heatin hardly onybodie has
concludes our debate that feenishesoordebate ah noo close this
loon blaik heidit like aaoorfowk bit noo he sat
i think we re onoorlast one noo actually ooh
made her orisons an weoorluves whaur noo it s
wi an he adds ayontooroonerstannin noo the wye i
years thon bells rang oweroortoun foo mony citizens noo
ti flush thir inglish ootoorbowels for guid skour thaim
hou luckie we ir wioorcosie beds an a guid
awricht but ye ken thooordirector is a guid man
chouk couk the r naethingoorguid baron lykes as mukkil
lyke onie precentor littil kensoorguid dame at hame that
an a guid ruif oweroorheids ti keep oot the
guid naituredly ye ve tholedoorweans wi dignity an grace
widda deen t in anoora wee bittie nearer tae
inflictin nearhaun fatal damage onoorability tae express oorselves in
wi his faither for anoorand vanse cam tae jean
there is nae logic inoorattempting tae justify the oppression
gaun tae try an sinkoorboat sae get back tae
be free i winner fitoorbombers dae tae bairns in
goat tae see sumthin oafoorbootiful scenery hen it s
pronoonce thum an tae yaiseoorborder lallans pronoonciation o the
kiss o saucht tae aaoorbreithir certes i speir at
own fault an we beatoorbriests an we try tae
a wad like tae confirmoorbuikin o comatee room c
we dinna tell we keepoorbusiness tae oorsel if yer
easin o sic a wantoorcairds is selt tae or
but it is relevant taeoorcause insofar as mr wedderburn
wisps o rattlesnake san drawsoorchild tae chase the air
gilbert they willnae come taeoorchurch they ll be settin
o nations does this makoorclient a chattel tae be
imprisonment whit s happening taeoorcountry divine rights of kings
tae graze their shelts onoorcraft grun at the time
onie games tae dae wioorcustoms dae bairns roon aboot
allowed tae bide thegether inoorday bessie he widna ve
lucky man tae write ereoordecline began he kent when
it s tyme we haedoordenner tae ai mercie me
o atlanta georgia tae buyoorfactory lulu lingerie wis bad
winds start tae blaw anoorfeet they get fair platchin
meeve the digital clock thatoorforrit damnt modern accootriments tae
tae eat but gin anitheroorhad passed my grief i
pairlement tae mak shair baithoorhame leids are gien a
the richt hicht for theoorhaund tae come roond an
hotel dear tae say whenoorholiday s due whit wey
tei an gat back taeoorjob o wurk a mynd
fore ye gang tae seeoorleader an them that thinks
late wi sic a giftoorleid tae celebrate back cam
fuck graham whit happened taeoorlives flushed doon the bog
gaelic the weys we liveoorlives has chynged tae the
jist doon the road taeoorlocal gairden centre an the
s an end tae awoorlovin here s an end
gaun tae say tae themoormachines aye the yins we
spot no able tae helpoormates an them up tae
the rack they comprenned fineoormessage fer a jined tae
we d brocht tae haudoorminnons fair prood o oorsels
the cairds gauns tae subsidiseoormonthly newsletter scots tung wittins
sup and aye tae liftoornaipkins up tae glory when
ongaun uiss an attitudes taeoornational heritage leids that it
we ll need tae changeoornight for the arts an
yaised tae be yin aeoorpals he wis ay borryin
sypin fin i ran upoorpathie jist eneuch time tae
back tae jinty here soorpeter cum wi his motor
o a reid face taeoorproducer at rehearsal in the
intae step aside biff oanoorroad tae the school you
tae promote the yaise ooorscots langage fair raxes ma
glass chapping the lacquered tabletopoorside aye looks forrard tae
neck o the puil taeoorside wi anither man gruppin
said we wir wealthy bitoorsiller wis tied tae the
o this country and ooorsister kingdom england tae which
situation tae try tae brakoorsolidarity an feenish the sit
es eers the accompanist taeoorspecial irish guests wis patsy
vu naw somethin tae luftoorspirits oh here ah ken
we propone tae pit ootoorstandart invite athin the neist
it tuik gey near anoortae full it in again
mae wis sayed oo feenishtoortei an gat back tae
say ony o that taeoorthat s one thing aboot
is tae picture ah mindoortrip fae inversnoddy tae glesga
jobbie i dee an foroortrip tae ireland as wis
in heiven an tae keepoortryst dae ye no mind
tae gang cannily alang feelinoorwey fuit by fuit for
story we re juist onoorwey tae a rammy in
wi e ploo aboot anoorafore an ere wis ae
wearin airmy surplus kilts wioorairmy surplus kitbags fou o
up when wi wurnae breakinoorbacks in they fields an
seein his chaunce set onoorbacks wi plenisht thrangs o
bit fair win wi cauldoorbeens dis fill tv mannie
to drive the english offoorborder up wi hawick its
flesh an spirit will graceoorchair wi meat an merit
ging oot wi chrissie gladysoorchrissie bessie aye she didna
pause work fi wi openedooreen ti wi shut thum
lee wi wur up tiooreyes in debt slave labour
flyte the lift an fanoorfowk wi nitherin northern cauld
an it maistly just washtoorhis heid wi the way
wi oot jobs sit inoorhooses an smoke oorsels stupit
wi him an spent aoorin the wid he then
sign ootside says wigan anoorlate then wi haet a
straucht and richt gait ginoorlealty be coft wi somethin
that latrine wi the sheughoorlegs atween an grunt an
right m1010: oo played wioorlittle dinkys doon doon the
the scurries rings lood wioorloss he will niver lie
the scurries rings lood wioorloss interlopers two tables along
sell the houss feinish wioorlyfe here an gae back
d an affa row wioorma aboot it because you
say wha daur meddle wioormajestie s secretary o defence
t bother their heids wioormembers ah ve tried pittin
wi thae hard hertless menoormessage dad they niver heed
throu the fancy gairdens wioormiddle aged sels pechin ahint
wi frost pits winter inoormind uppermost day is cauld
wi frost pits winter inoorminds uppermost fae the sooth
soldiers enter malcolm a wushoormissin freins war sauf wi
silence cammy if wi hudoormobbies could ve phoned this
some mealie fae keith anoormuggie jean comparit wi you
wi bein ower saft taewardsooropponents suddenly the game on
we went deid weirit wioorplay ye can keep new
foo wi thir carbon dioxideoorplunts canna cope maybe iss
him wis maist impressed wioorradio communications an that the
bide wi false hopes ayoorsurvival ah huv bin watchin
a cuppie o tea wioorsyd as if the baith
wee caribbean leddie hauns inoortea an biscuits wi perfect
wi that we switched onoortorches an ran forrit bawlin
guide them on the foweroortraik till the tap wi
healthy in they days wioorvegetables [laugh] f1023: [laugh] f1026:
this time it wisnae juistoorvyces that wis trimmlin wi
toon it the market sellinoorwares an tess wi hur
mysel flaired wi the leafsoorwine wis the spring heid
nae sic bother wi readinoorwullie or the broons e
waukened ti new life wiooryoung kisses ablow the faas
birds as ah gaed doonooravenue ae mornin in the
channels on the screen doonoorbit we dinna tell we
his english one sit doonoordoactor said ye d be
doon in the foon ooorfite bath dowpit on echt
doon at the foon ooorfite bath dowpit on echt
an the lurpak drippin doonoorjammies pause you sayin mind
an jam raggie maggie doonoorstreet s got lugs as
under the blankets and haulinoorwye doon to her ye
needed me cammy stew soorbrother we re aw brothers
shin they ur pause awoorcalloused feet free fi the
made weaker an weaker awoorjobs the jobs we kent
the tither sal share awoorleevin days an sae it
the boc cammy bit awoorlugs huv ti be pinned
mither foraye we aw lossoormithers it s the wey
be baet macduff soond awoortrumpets blaw thaim aw lat
ll aw dance an jigoorwae ti the wee wid
fae aiberdeen eence in anooran five meenits the shalt
him for everything fae daoorat he left ida moarnin
i hinna noticed onybody faeoorclass playing golf on the
zealand an beef fae argentineoorfaithers took great pleasure in
fae his work that wasoorjob the kids and i
sib fae the airliest ooorkin coorse chiels wha skartit
mean again probably comin faeoorroots back up north was
for neest mornin we gotoorsupper fae the fermers wife
is aye wantin for fearoorbluidie example ti the warld
they war sayin yestrein thatoorbrigade wes lyke ti be
masha is ma man hereoorcook ay uised ti caw
ti sing kens naething ooordisgrace that the kintrie is
in the womb hearin whitoorduty is ti cairri the
time they ll loss itoorfaes held ti the hunt
off never gittin in touchoorfaithir jilly ah d ti
gled for ye ti beoorguest banquo whatever yeir hieness
is the first day ooorlives wur here ti share
leeve throu the rest ooorlyfes whit s ti becum
we canna afford ti myndoormainners here they leave curtain
forgot ti tell ye vershininoornew battery commander is cummin
watch the r barely anoorti gang soliony is the
free ti gee this landoorvery souls bit hus it
s domain spreid braidlie tioorview ocean o green billowin
here ti see it anoorvoices wul be forgotten an
bi him as hosts butoorwull ti serr wes hinnert
warst o em for loonsoorage bein e sheer torture
kept a quarter o anoorahead o the richt time
chynged ower for the nextooran the lave o the
nip in o the airoorbeens div jeel thursday 27th
its nae richt ava fanoorbeliefs mak wars insted o
o whyte s one ooorbest customers spittin mad he
oot sooner an hur mornaoorbitch o a mithir geein
got tickets we baith flashtoorbits o paper an eck
serious this is yin ooorbrother survivors bein threatened steve
comin here scarin yin ooorbrother survivors ih dimps fuckin
howps o victorie wul matchoorcause what ails ye ye
for the scout hut ooordreams for this we thenkit
he can never ken ooordule from the chinese of
the mou o the caifoordwallin tristan that we had
faimily o ian mcconachie anoorearly meetins were at the
aboot endemic in pairts oooreducational system hodgart 1998 77
blues o heiven drooned bluesooreen are a thochtie raivelled
was equivalent o swearin inoorfamily that but m1042: i
she miss t oot onoorfirst ivver sicht o a
fisher side o it wasoorgrandfathers were cried diddies i
the short poem arraheids whereoorgret museums o antiquities awful
watter an scaur in thisoorhinmaist chaumer o luve an
veisitor north an south ooorhut ligg the spring wattirs
stickit the best pairt ooorjob 1st murderer weill lat
splore at the fuit ooorkitchen gairden in the beild
they ve amassed oot ooorlabour the labour theory of
weirin a pilgrim s badgeoorlady o peety fa didnae
the life givin power ooorlady the earth godess tess
desolate dreidin the days ooorlang twynin ma sair hert
fuckin complicated cammy oot ooorleague ed see how simple
states the ongaun virr ooorlesser uised heritage an community
o the snaw whyte heidsoorluiv wes saikless as the
aa made hale o thatoorluve fir him had skailt
tryst o watter an scauroorluve wis swaw on swaw
for a quarter o anoorlyke ah m shuir it
o a few warm inoormetal boxes lickin wet tarmac
o frost pits winter inoorminds uppermost monday 29th temp
true men in defense ooormither land ilk day that
we ll sleep an getoormoney s worth o warm
fleshlie syde o mairriage nanseoormorag disna ken mukkil aboot
n fragment o prep ofoorn hour oorsells pron ourselves
adv now o prep ofoorn hour oorsells pron ourselves
fa took the rise ooornaitural tongue up here in
o this it s inoorname the shootin bombin burnin
or up m842: mmhm f831: oorneck o the woods it
man smiles cranreuch the lestooro sin windaes smouderin hoar
mind the thrie lochs ooorparable the caller lochs took
oan motor bikes that wisoorpat missed a bit o
cums true but we tyneoorpeace o mynd a bodie
on life an in parteeclaroorperception o strangers that we
pit laughin an singin inoorpert o the story robby
the complexities an wancertainities ooorpraisent day woarld circumstances a
o wir beds to getoorpulse ta en nae wonder
s fir ivery penny ooorrights an i ll bet
maks a deid sea ooorsauls quo jesus ye are
in the name o jesusoorsaviour dinna let ony hairm
the fairm an maist ooorseed war beeriet nearhaun bi
by the heich bank onoorside o the watter while
yairds o the chiel onoorside richt lads get the
it s the historie ooorskuil ower the haill fiftie
tomb o nefertiti multistoreys areoorstreets windaes fu o dryin
or ronnie because he brochtoorteenie a cup o tea
eyed ower the heids ooorteenie practically coortin a lassie
praisent tyme duncan but whauroorthane o cawdor we follaed
a line o lichts throwoorthrawn lan a bleeze o
rousin chorus o danny boyoortrip ower the north channel
sowp thairsells it is juistoorwey o daein here ye
a man o war jellyfishoorwillie best b q plastic
river loch an burn butoorwull s made o sterner
that on the pairt ooorwulliam for was he no
hainin an promoval o baithooryae tyme state leid and
will do fine aboot anooran a half aa tagiddir
words such as oot abootoorand soond to avoid confusion
be here in aboot anoorat the maist ay said
ponsin aboot in here screaminoorballs off stew an the
aboot in my sark sleeveoorday oot it wis a
hei wur back hammerin onoorfore door compleinin aboot the
an booncin an cawin himselloorfrein aboot the coort you
f606: mm m822: roond abootoorplace f606: mmhm m822: i
cam aboot i breenged innooorroom an a wee plastic
geed ower jist aboot anoorseen ye couldna bit a
cairry on aboot yon inoortowristie buiks gaun throwe coleraine
flappin jaickets an draigled sairoorbreeks but ower the brace
rabbit the rabbit lopin oweroorgreen he wis the finest
here they kent that throuoordaith they d haud their
in the land gin banquooorfrein war onlie here a
on div ah look lykeoorgerman teacher laughs here ah
huh m1012: here in hawickoorhame oo ve lots to
m1012: aye here in hawickoorhame oo ve lots to
here cammy digital imagin inoorheids here in the allotment
ithers in retour thon isoormission here at the faur
cummin in here at thisoormorag rises and goes to
pittin the shit s upoorpal stew here doll hellllllo
that s okay here soorpennies mm f1111: that must
did a get bit hereoorpeter s lukin awfy sick
here the onlie problem isoorpuir masha olga howt masha
the back end it soorhame toun we war born
kazzy sae lat s declareoorholy war and spare nae
tyme we war bairns anoormither wes ay leevin an
till it stuck the quarterooran a wee bit tune
wee stutterin toots afore theoorhaund makit richt contack an
a wee whyle both murderersoormynd s made up ma
wee wee yin wean m1013: oorwean s the most wonderful
mother heavenly father please preserveoorwee bairn tamas edward and
the derk swaws at lestoorwee boat finnds a beild
me it s better thanoorwee ferm in inversnoddy yesterday
ca 600 a sair fikkiloorwee sister is sair vext
nitro glycerine crazy ed mickyoorwee six an half yur
lang ilk day wad finoorwee troot thrang nabbin nymphs
in the car an onoorwye fin the wee wifie
drappin thir leaves an berriesooraathin flooers sud be free
a haed dee d anoorafore this happent a d
an folk that shud beoorallies are sittin on their
finished my roon anither gweedooran i ll be throu
was a hundred mile anooran it was f831: aye
less ah wauken the midnichtooran sit up strecht in
could always say it soorba an we re goin
like it the fella onoorbank drappt his rope an
cubicle thing an they scannedoorbody an then it got
that cambridge university wis coortinoorbrainy young loons an quines
robby an lori up asoorbrother an sister krista me
lie an gaird an soopoorbrushes bald nae sinew jynt
he didnae heed nor yetoorcairnies wild an yappy aye
widna go an sae commencedoorcairtin days amangst the frost
sit an talk an warmoorcauldrife banes abune the waa
an english laddie cam intaeoorcless his faither wis in
the social starts in anoorcrossfade to muriel s angelica
you d said babe inoorday an age ye would
an clean up there althoughoordays on burnie s hill
no f1040: no f1043: justoordiddy an an as i
ye hear whit happened upooren said wull dougie an
deid quines faimlies an sayoorfaither in heiven wad luik
is traitors athoot kennin itoorfear breeds rumors an what
sacrit crag upon whase brouoorforefowk biggit the dun an
gan in fear an trepidationoorfreedom s gone taxes fines
speaks thae leids it maksoorhaill society richer an maks
diane as an aathority onoorheritage a meticulous researcher inta
near ah coud see thatoorhouss wes awricht an oot
ahin e hen half anoorlater e fairmer cam oot
man an we kin stretchoorlegs in the front seat
luik eftir an care foroorlittil dochter for she loues
anerlie throu this daith isoorluve eternal an fowk sall
fan there was trouble likeoormither afore her an the
lyke this an the queenoormither lyin thare no weill
like lassie smiles an tendsoorneeds there s aye a
could pit oot in anoorof course families went through
weans while ian lectures onoorpains diseases strokes an ilka
an dry bare north winoorpatience dis try tuesday 15th
jist opent ra door anoorpeter goat me in is
an fourteen dizzen loaves anoorphoto in the bulletin as
fi the land an pitoorpiss shit blood an tears
naebody kens nor yet theoorsave you an the faither
aa grew quate an chawedoorsherbert dabs while pirates puffed
club an a regular inoorshop whit the hell are
specially when it s reportingoorsit in an laughin keeps
wrang an aa that soorskip hurry hurry soop he
a long long whiles backoorstory pause an wull be
that wes less nor anoorsyne an it wes littil
the nettin gangs havin cutoorteeth on the licht an
but fire wis flung intaeoorthatch an aye retumin in
strategy appropriate an workable inoortimes pit thegither 27 90
rothney anither fine aathority onoortongue an on fairmin in
that strunts an rants hisoorupon the stage an syne
be forgotten foraye that isoorweird an the r naething
yin tells tread carefu hawdoorwheesht pause an this yin
stertit countin heids an lickinoorwounds we hadnae dune that
know an i i knowoorwullie it was like the
safe whaurever he is inoorhame whit ill coud the
we should it isnae inoorlisted food whit think ye
myndin ma frein whit isoorlyfe in this warld a
thertie or fortie officers atoorpairties whit cheerie pairties we
and said please sir doesoorreal teacher ken whit you
to him please sir doesoorreal teacher ken whit you
wad howp sae ye meanoorbairn shuirlie ah m gaun
the skuil sae god wullinoornew lyfe wul begin ye
workin the morn sae anitherooroot his bed ll no
bit ye ve rypit aaoorsiller sae it s time
sae we can brawly bideoortime while man gangs on
to a soldier hing ootoorbanners on the ooter waws
ye r tired ma dearoorheidmistress is fair worn oot
fin it chingged oot theoorisie wis by aa mindin
were absolutely pished oot ofoorm815: [laugh] m816: heads we
wis nae pynt in blawinoorcover as they say juist
turn up yer nibs atoordance music nae only wis
wine wis the spring heidoorfarin the ruits we howked
wis no the furst timeoorfreen had been there juist
wis deid it began finoorhistory teacher miss moss wis
that gars it lowp againoorluve wis a wildrife walterin
tree pause crab apeuls wisoorreward silence tess naw a
cam roon at yon timeoorschule wis spleet richt in
my mither tongue david grantoortongue my mither tongue wis
muckle beast we aa heldoorbraiths the daft bugger i
it we aa learn byoormistakes nane the less sanny
listen mr robb nearly aaoorsmokers ha gien it up
dae bi aa that hearoortale nae yuise remains fir
on his fiddle he soorbrither ye ken irena we
pouer we ken that throuoordaith in time they ll
keepit fyne ye ken thatoormither is weill again she
cry we dinna ken whauroorpapa is they say mebbe
havenae got the expertise onoorside oh i ken thae
ah ken a wumman inoorstreet whose mongrel bitch is
we d know better atoorage as well but no
whas chairm we wad makoorawn chance heard it kyths
tam we are deein upoorbathroom hanna his bocht some
biggit ane ugsome waa agayneoorbrithers we speir wha will
biggit ane ugsome waa agayneoorbrithers wha we speir sall
inclosit inower we aye offeroorcairds on a sale or
as bairns rypin eggs foroorcollection we were warn t
they cry the coronach abeenoordeid mithras we wish him
hospital now stands we reachedoordestination lamonts row and the
daith cuid we win throuoorfaes wad thole nae consummation
we ran waves lickin atoorfeet if neptune threw a
yit for we wul seekoorfortuin in the warld thegither
up y all and jyneoorgreat crusade itherwise we ll
second best we ll stanoorgrund whate er betide stan
anither feelin the bastards exploitoorguilt aye we re the
the privilege we re offoorheads prefer to go to
gait the banes cam intiloorkintra wha brocht them we
watter throu the dam dirlinoorlugs we cuid see nor
wul think that we leevedoorlyves on a hie plane
that we re pitting alloormen on to the palm
mither so we talk aboutoormithers too as if they
breath we may all offerooropinions later please let mr
fu of spare we hudoorpick i never guessed carolanne
hunder year fowk micht seeoorpresent lyfe juist as we
solidarity mind you we hadoorsecret weapon like golda meir
day on tysday we soweoorseed on thursday we tam
anither on the road inoorsleep gin we dinna the
fremit kintras are andros kirksoorsocieties are andros societies we
we wur cannae comprehend maliceoortaught it yi see that
so of course we getoortickets m815: [cough] m816: for
nae high tech industries inoortoon we re no posh
dee fit we tell yeoorwird s law newt is
nae carin onywye muttered tibbyooreen bides in e midden
and at times wholly absurdoorenglish teacher tuik nae delicht
gin nae gill bell dirlsoormeridian near three hunner year
rotary een nae roon likeoors hid been bit squaarish
still be payin back oorsoorgrandchildren ll [laugh] still be
twinty meenits afore cannily makinoorwey back up the waiter
ye james even at thisoorand in your state ye
tell ye she s murdertoorbairn see thare a gullie
s roosed it s niveroorloon ay hers ye ve
can grant a place foroormaist humble ancient race ye
ye know m1015: mmhm f1054: oortootsie s millie s bessie
this leaflet ye can visitoorwabsite at www scottish parliament
ye can mind bert m1013: oorwean is the most wonderful
that instantly sealed again likoorname cawin the stanes wid
again it was used byoorparents because again they come
can you imagine it inoorday bessie bessie fit gladys
m815: [laugh] rubella m816: inoorday it was called german
up afore the mid dayoori doot a fyte christmas
8 dry day spring inoorminds uppermost strong win later
if it onlie seems lousumoorlyfes ah mean the lyfes
ah dooned the last ayoorstale watter as a mournin
aye f1107: didna snow atoorchristmas did it m1108: hey
aye it aye was inoorf1041: it s a word
aye m1000: aye well inoorfamily this is pop aye
pale the battlefield was ayeoorfrien whaur craws could pick
fashion s styles that turnoorheids but aye the wyce
it has aye been androoorkirks in fremit kintras are
right aye m1012: which isoorname for it or cop-
you min getting een inoorstockin s georgie aye richt
bit frost pits winter inoorminds uppermost sunday 14th temp
in it jean faley upoorclose memories of domestic life
gey close in bluid inoorfaimly afore he drave up
yon nathan watt bides upoorstair his body s like
the wast this is theoorthe hinnert traivlars spur up
hank t his heid uponoorbattilments duncan weill duin ma
s gittin waur bi theoorit stertit near ma big
ma naggie gin a fleeoormen ll think the waur
heid dipped spirit stoned unneroorwirds scuil ma scuil a
ll sweir at that soorskip he ll staun ahint
in d c thomson eroorwullie and the broons f1018:
this great doctor s diagnosisooremmick grat it isnae fair
a hame jilly this isoorhame lee this is where
nor hairb fir this disaysoorlang won lear had faan
wha that is at thisoorpompitie terrified it it s
the sowl this lyfe soorpunishment for wickedness a weirie
[censored: surname] monie thanks for haundlinoorscots language christmas cairds this
he sang oh sorry foroorsinnin that s brocht this
they were ours they wereoortrawlermen they they made this
he s fawn in luivoorandriusha s in luiv irena
urnae ayewis wrong it soorbodies right be kindae cosy
belter so it says onoorbus shelter when rab s
he is himsell a seeoorchappin s waukent him i
are you comin to jineoorcrew ronnie it s naething
s muggers on the looseoorda terry s got tattoes
plunkin pyokes in hungeret haunsoordug tiger s got a
tattie stew hen run seeoorella she s some mover
then irena approaches them olgaoorgairden s fair lyke a
them yon s agin aoorkirk rules mais non amis
growe withoot their ever ettlinoorlairnin s a forgettin by
went i was a ehoormargaret s bridesmaid right f637:
pity no me it soormargaret s the only yin
in the face it soorpeter s shurt says she
jessie soaks says a theroorpeter s soaks says jinty
byous glorie at kan beioors on the tither side
any longer the news ayoorship s dooning must huv
draw his pension that soorskip ___ gomeril stupid person
caa it human that soorskip there s some that
candlepower ellen bogle lives oanoorstair she s seiven bairns
warld s bree sweels roonoorsturdy herbour quey doos strut
of coorse and eats atoortable she s enough as
disorder silence bj wur wastingoortime jilly he s lost
you know f1043: [inaudible] m1042: oortootsie s meenie s jock
they would say that soortootsie s meenie s jock
from the sunday post soorwullie page it was a
butler linda fabiani s1m 2864oorwullie s 66 years in
their bluid but it sooryle negro spiritual 2 adapted
re a going to pitoorenergies intae that would be
8 aabodie has his approvenoorand thar is a time
waukenin radiant at the dawinoorby gloamin they sall pitifullie
praise they dinnae exist inoorlanguage mmhm m1010: uh huh
upset they all laugh dellaoorready lori ready when you
night they cried that isoorwish but she seen put
event at the least ohooraberdeen weet may be dreich
barman at the howf inoorclachan the blaik bull afore
young heidbangers mumbled something aboutoorfaithers burned at the stake
auchenlea high she wasnae atoorschool heidin fitbas must have
naewhere better in actual factooralec awready drapped some weddings
dimps fuckin pissin yursell inoorallotment shed steve water magic
so the negro slaves inoorcolonies are made and kept
braw trees in a widdoorfruit the handsome berry for
awright deid deid deid inoorheid cammy stew git the
ai mercie na no inoorhouss banquo it wad be
was never derogatory but inoorlanguage it was f1040: [laugh]
hedge nearhaun the drive entranceoorminder in due coorse got
end but in the endoorrewaird wul shuirlie cum in
micht be considered serfdom inoorsociety by act of parliament
townsfowk cry dinna staun inoorstreet beggin on the sly
slave that was included inoorsubmissions he remembers perfectly being
bi the christ men butoornamelieheid is nane the waur
the saumon were rinnin onoorriver or elsewhere but he
or unable to sleep vigilantooris hour blae is blue
raised or hoisted the waukrifeoorwaukrife is disinclined or unable
the children to locate whereoorwullie was set or the
on his heid pushed alangoorroad painted green yon ancient
farrant watch it chaps theoorwinds his watch which then
f1025: didn t go bitinoorankles [laugh] f1026: [laugh] no
baith for endless meenits haudoorbraith me fearfu lest he
sadie naw naw just gettinoorcocoa agnes indicating the knife
ae hand and benevolence towardsoorfellows on the tither true
age reversal serum watchin theoorglaiss that bare ran ava
yi say dimps dimps upsettinoorgroup makes to punch ed
claik can mend the eviloorhope smashed inbye a single
lesbia nostra lesbia illa kyleoorlizzie yon lizzie ane and
of defence so teribus isoormain common ridin song the
naebiddy dis the king likeoormurray it isnae fuckin earth
n anything onlie a onlyoorn hour oorsells pron ourselves
for fit cuthbert did foroornorth east culture a great
wha wisna near successful asoornyaff tho rare wad be
and fower teen he isoorsaught wha gart baith ane
big folk revival and ehmoorschool had a folk club
dauchter krista what say yisoorsister tess tells the bestest
morals does it grannie lizzieoorskirts covered wir ankles fan
worse things get the solideroorsolidarity is oh mr robb
6 6 echty mile theoorsooth win dis blaw maist
soud hap the yird theoorthe sun soud kiss it
coe en keep faun onoortour throo bleak on desolate
and the other point aboutoorwullie and the broons bein
that there were no kiltsoorwullie wears dungarees black dungarees

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