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seetiation an a wheen ooorieantrin thochts kep on fleein
smirr on dings mochy anooriewe thole forbyes drucht hett
dominie wi fearie tales ooorieglens an gaelic bens sae
he wytes in the derkoorienicht littlin fit ails ye
spring each petal gies anoorieskreich a sab that fulls
larry s lichts are yallaoorieswamp flop belly deid small
it derk as the ravenoories a flappin craa like
dusky plaid slidderin its langoorieshaddas ower the dykes faither
till ilkie dreepin mossy meenlichtooriebranch the quines devauled at
gart it glow green anoorielike a fireflaucht neist he
wi fire an caunlelicht theoorieface o the lichtit neep
wye tae dreidfae snell anooriecauld ae wolf wad catch
the twa sisters an theoorietree flyped ower an cam
gowd an back up theoorietree she sclims wi a

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