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pit aff the ingine steppitootothe car an telt the
if iver the deil steppitootothe pages o the haly
aura comin on sae steppitootothe ward an intae the
faither he hid steppit neatlyootothem an vanished she kent
fae ma fowk s spikkootothe dubs an glaur the
sookers that trawled the glaurootothe founs o the quarry
fur sikkin tae rug herselootothe glaur she d seen
matty fas neb wis niverootoa buik lost nae time
it an matty wis skirlinootohim like a stuck pig
erse minnie s da camootothe stable haulin matty bi
an lat the rikk streamootohis neb slaw an cannie
made ready tae step doonootothe car an takk the
did siller takk the stingootothe shame ye d nae
mither wad takk her glaissesoototheir case dicht them wi
an takk a stiff dramootoyer faither s bottle o
ile get yer girnin faceootoma sicht go on shift
the toun termite mounds whaurootosicht an soun mongoose an
inbye a lochan s potootosicht bit nae forgot in
o beechnuts an leaves anootosicht o aabody drew up
the wame o the lanootosicht o mortal een the
thrived better there fur weelootosicht o the ferm toon
stern wid ye pit meootoyer blameless sicht fit wid
mcphail hid taen his pipeootohis mou an dichtit his
bluid frothin in wee bubblesootoits mou weel feenish it
greedy wummin an her gourdootoits tapmaist boos richt inno
time that his ship sailedootothe herbor o aiberdeen inno
ootlinned the ferfochan patients hickledootothe psychiatric units inno care
plunkit the caunle inno tootothe wheech an sough o
ribbons an caimb the toozlesootoher hudderie heid minnie s
makk mair o a leddyootoher they hid gaen minnie
cheerio minnie hid swickit herootothat the last ane tae
minnie s mither tae beootothe hoose at dennertime dandy
halflin liftit the sleepy futteratootothe pyoke fur minnie tae
hauf the time she wisootoher heid on smack skoukin
wi the fool bree sprewinootoher moo efter hauf the
the fower o them waukedootothe hauf licht o the
clachan o newbiggin three milesootothe toun aboot hauf a
poems pages whyles hale buiksootoroch wirds howked fae ma
disraeli naebody wad miss himootothe pages o history the
a fireflaucht neist he drewootothe pyoke the stump o
security guaird at a warehooseootothe toun he d dane
sae much as a helloootoher nurse mackenzie hidnae heard
the ae door in anootothe room itsel the nurse
costa tan the meikleburgh wyeootoa fake tan bottle skytin
isie hid bin packed affootoherm s wye tae bide
gran wye o winklin scotsootothe tichtest buckie an fit
ring me like a girdootothe wye o the aidder
a neuk fa managed anootothe wye plantation nearhaun tae
didna tempt him they camootoa tin fur they warna
wee treelip o bluid camootoma lug far his neive
o the oaths that camootoma moo for they war
oor fowk cam frae timeootomynd an mair the auld
this morning fin i camootothe gym snatching up the
happened fin the music camootothe lang steel pipes abeen
the ithers he cam richtootothe same kinno craftie as
here mebbe da hid camootothe same kinno craftie as
gun the rypit pearl rowedootoa deid man s haun
a deid bird winna drapootoits nest bit i ll
daunce wis cancelled yon wikkootorespeck fur the deid quine
deid an the obituary clippitootothe p j an laid
ma hid wuvven fur herootoa hank o grey oo
hid heard jock dow roarinootohim fin he d pitten
months ago an hid flittedootohis hoose in dessloch place
bin makkin ready tae roupoototullynorth they hid selt their
igitur the kilt s taenootomothbaas fur pride maun hae
said the wave raise upootonaewye made straucht fur them
keep teetle him an sairootopech fur he didna shorten
the leddrach dam this yearootorespeckt fur the troot wallie
younger he helpit ma grannieootothe car fur she wis
rin fur hame keepin weelootothe road o isie an
as eve afore her steenhillockootothocht fur her faither dod
pye fur the spunk scaledootowedlock this hairst anely dod
ye can tak a stepootoyer ain dour granite grey
the kings cowped sweet jesusootohis staa connor mcgraw fa
fa d clean the puddensootojock or jean wi potted
syne she kickit the lassieootothe hut an telt her
aleen dumfounert the lassie hyteredootothe room leavin her mither
time she nivver argyed backootofaither s siller i bespakk
that threatened tae breenge richtootothe car an droon the
aa notions like thon cleanootoher heid miss vining tho
wisna richt till dublin disappearedootothe wing mirror an the
shot up their veins sookitootothem aa sense o richt
sweir i d pit himootohis misery as a kindness
weel draas capstan full strengthootohis dungarees taps oot a
rock as iver wis chippitootothe side o yon steeny
shooglie aa the bairns wisootokilter tae some fowk blamed
gin ye likit yer luiksootoa peint box wi blonde
or iron flimsy threids madeootospit an i wad hae
thirty year the music comesootoaa thon pipes tae the
en aa wars gaed mairchinootomine wi nae hugger muggery
room a prince steps forritootothe gloom aa nicht throw
ledge that wis sypin watterootoa lang crack wi a
a bigsie cock pheasant struttitootothe whins trailin his lang
s feet howkin the intimmersootoher halloween neep wi a
as if something wis leakinootoher please god let it
her bed ruggin the clootsootoher ringlets listenin tae the
young quine ruggit her dallieootoher skirt band an pattet
side tae heist the tyresoototheir hidiehole lets bigg a
auld man tae rise upootohis clorty hame bit he
its wee wise face powkinootothe tweed claith fringe as
an fire will poor hyneootoma bihoochie vrocht in taiwan
a flicht o cockatoos explodinootoa pink flamingo loch the
baith o them war turntootoeden like ill daein cottars
frae their hames an creepitootothe clachan o ledrach like
she d winted a whylieootothe steer o fitiver pairty
playthin o the sea coostootothis melee o froth an
easy bringin up faimly bideootohis road till the morn
an gaed upstairs tae cheengeootohis sabbath claes the horse
lugs an muckle lizards slidderinootoneuks tae gie ye flegs
park tae brash brass bandootothe blue the truth s
yae twa species tae crawlootothe dubs an plyter throwe
ye nae takkin the sheltootothe barn his father asked
nae it washes the strengthootoye forbye it s affa
on crest an flag steppingoototheir civic frame city unicorn
an army thrives makkin widdasootowives loadin cannon grindin knives
the chink cowpit conkers rowedoototheir green mace armour and

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