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punctuation and pictures lexis lexisoperatesin terms of broad patterns
should examine how the lotteryoperatesthe lottery was introduced as
way in which our systemoperatesis somewhat different which is
market segments in which itoperatesfurthermore a market facing structure
structure of the new languageoperatesand how grammatical awareness can
of how the language structureoperatesprevents pupils from creating their
funding of area tourist boardsoperateson a sustainable basis for
funding of area tourist boardsoperateson a sustainable basis for
theory that the creative processoperatesby the balance or reconcilement
in that and indemnity insuranceoperatesagainst that background i endorse
phonetic system this system presentlyoperateswith some success in america
including regional offices the departmentoperatesa system of regional management
of how the language systemoperatesand will be better able
in the system as itoperatesat the moment mr mcmahon
aware of how the systemoperatesin england and there is
outset how the crown officeoperatesand the variety of grades
impact assessment is voluntary andoperateson a precautionary basis i
a nursing home although itoperatesin england and will not
home company albeit one thatoperatesonly in england i welcome
work exist a different processoperatesi agree that there are
tell me about how policingoperatesin other areas of animal
end insert 3a subsection 1operatesso as to prohibit transfer
in terms of how languageoperatesin the world at large
how justice in humanitarian termsoperateswill the icc s decisions
23 british hare coursing clubsoperatesin scotland this club meets
how this aspect of languageoperatesby making it specific and
for reconsidering how the boardoperateswith the executive of sqa
framework within which the fundoperatesespecially in the light of
of language being used actuallyoperatesmoreover in the case of
way in which the euoperatesand the fact that citizens
the way in which itoperatesi hope that the committee
way in which the tribunaloperatesor that it would hamper
way in which the spsoperatesthe convener we are trying
way in which local governmentoperateswe would like to have
such as rolls royce whichoperatesin the high quality end
f606: mmhm m954: he almostoperatesas a private eye he
two or three staff thatoperateson a local authority grant
to the lord advocate andoperatesunder our authority it can
private prison estate that itoperatesunder section 6 of the
protect adequately women and childrenoperatesin such cases supported by
which strathclyde passenger transport executiveoperatesin paisley i had the
of osteoporosis the nos whichoperatesthroughout scotland and the uk
inappropriate for an organisation thatoperateson a national level to
the mounted fox hunting seasonoperatesfrom the first saturday in
education minister the scheme thatoperatesin denmark whereby any group
law unto himself and heoperatesat one remove from the
itself more consciously feminist andoperatesthrough the refashioning of fairy
a regime for public safetyoperatesat westminster so frankly we

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