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grace elder cancellation of postoperativecare appointments at the glasgow
s1m 951 cancellation of postoperativecare appointments at the glasgow
out of hours gp cooperativeg docs expresses concern over
out of hours gp cooperativethat the parliament recognises the
who have been friendly cooperativeand civilised over the past
imaginations and they were cooperativeand forthcoming one group defined
the role of the cooperativeand mutual sector although that
lamont pointed out the cooperativeand mutual sector is important
voluntary sector and the cooperativeand mutual sector meet in
always went tae the cooperativeand ye couldnae go tae
f637: was in the cooperativeand ye had dividend f638:
public sector and through cooperativearrangements encourage local enterprise and
see the freelance and cooperativeartists and then hurried back
were you thinking of cooperativeawards with industry nick johnston
properly son is most cooperativedreamy would be a better
me standin in the cooperativef637: aye f638: aye f640:
d tae go tae cooperativefor yer school shoes ye
landlord which is a cooperativehousing association 2 a qualified
for membership of the cooperativehousing association 3 where a
landlord which is a cooperativehousing association any consent under
landlord which is a cooperativehousing association any consent under
35 at end insert cooperativehousing association has the meaning
sub paragraph but the cooperativehousing association refuses the application
social landlord is a cooperativehousing association schedule 9 jackie
landlord which is a cooperativehousing association the tenant is
end insert qualified persons cooperativehousing associations 12 1 this
he has been very cooperativein dealing with our concerns
the local health care cooperativesaid that there was not
pedestrians and cyclists promote cooperativesales outlets for fuel in
i went tae the cooperativetae get shoes john they
increased teacher contact including cooperativeteaching by learning support staff
the local health care cooperativethis person or that person
it is mainly a cooperativeventure policemen and women are
institute run by a cooperativewhich supplies good sweet coffee
representatives from city design cooperativewho have already carried out
the parliament congratulates the cooperativewholesale society cws in surveying
scottish executive how many postoperativepatient appointments at the scottish
investigate any cancellations of postoperativepatient appointments at the scottish
where one in ten postoperativecancer and chronic disease patients
being taken to improve postoperativecare s1f 1679 3 30
patient support group that postoperativepatients have discovered on arrival
urgent investigation concerning how postoperativepatients with heart transplants are
standard grade for example anoperativein the morning might input
marketing perspicacity today check outoperativetomorrow head of publicity design
solved it meant that theoperativein the school had to
to make the particular policyoperativemay have meant that some
time musician and call centreoperativeralph william jamieson s strange
rapid transit scheme must beoperativeas a condition of the

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