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institutions were in favour ofoptiona a small percentage favoured
a a small percentage favouredoptionb or options a and
scotland act 1982 the favouredoptionfor regulation of the private
half the responses favoured neitheroptionit was clear that respondents
report on the 15 dayoptionalong the sensible lines that
ban is not a sensibleoptionat this time it could
density makes them a sensibleoptionross finnie yes the survey
the feeling that members favouroptionc which is that we
local circumstances snh favour theoptionof an independent authority which
to determine the best environmentaloptionfor the katrine water project
a second but less favourableoptionthe convener we could determine
such issues we should chooseoptionc that said given that
it s called conviviality anoptionshould i ever choose to
i would not choose thatoptionthe convener mr eaglesham in
in a level three honoursoptionin literary and linguistic computing
this stage students have theoptionof reading a literary text
in that qualification is anoptionwhereas the literary study module
monitoring bank accounts the thirdoptionis to require automatic implementation
will require separate legislation theoptionof a national agency is
would probably be the bestoptionthis would require to be
we must avoid the easyoptionof only tackling poverty in
wallace we resisted the easyoptionof running away from responsibility
mmhm aye m1163: the easyoptionor the easy thing to
questions i suggest that theoptionof being able to lodge
venture to suggest that anotheroptionought to be considered namely
to members to suggest anoptionthat is not in the
for banks than the thirdoptionas fewer warrants would be
be going for the thirdoptionthat would allow automatic implementation
suggests choosing the second discretionaryoptionbecause it would have lower
help the uk the secondoptionis to legislate in accordance
be granted unlike the firstoptionthe second option would allow
the first option the secondoptionwould allow the protocol to
would not be your bestoptiongiven the circumstances had she
early sexual activity and nooptionis given for not indulging
harm as you say nooptionis given for saying no
courses and been given theoptionof 2 organisation is very
scotland will be given theoptionof being treated elsewhere in
east should be given theoptionof talking directly to a
you state the only formaloptionavailable to a member seeking
schools have means that thatoptionis available to them a
on learning sign language theoptionis not available to them
scottish executive to publish byoptionthe latest available destination statistics
to use etc a vegetarianoptionwill be available and it
appropriate way forward mr ingramoptionb mentions the need to
for those who wanted itoptionb removed the end of
can make that amendment tooptionb that would be reasonable
would you prefer maureen macmillanoptionb would be the appropriate
the views in the petitionsoptionb would be to take
others would be the bestoptioncertainly many nonstandard english speaking
order to find the bestoptionnora radcliffe i picked up
learning was not a cheapoptionat least not in the
learning is not a cheapoptionit costs a lot of
least you ve got theoptionwhereas if you re qualified
oral evidence from the petitionersoptionc would be to consider
omelette that was always anoptionf718: mm m1078: and a
we will always have theoptionof withdrawing that stake my
whether prison should be anoptionprison is not always in
the clyde stand would thatoptionbe part of a single
hugh flinn we considered thatoptionbut it would have complicated
necessarily with voting rights oneoptionis that it would be
be implemented it chose anoptionthat would according to the
would like to propose thatoptionthe convener to be honest
remedial plans would be anotheroptionto date we have not
the other languages my firstoptionwould be for the full
great extent donald gorrie theoptionof having remote witnesses is
am content with the otheroptionof having the legislation in
the 1982 act is anotheroptioni do not know whether
executive consider that as anoptionin this process mr mcconnell
us we should consider thatoptionwhen we have presentations during
set out in the paperoptiona is to note the
consultation paper but a fourthoptionnamely the rolling on of
find therefore i have nooptionbut to dismiss the charges
its 0845 number as anoptionfor phoning its exchange should
have been declined however theoptionto make the offer should
seven languages as its firstoptionan opportunity exists although there
be pursued as a firstoptionif the spcb refuses that
implementing the protocol the firstoptionis to rely on existing
a number of ways oneoptionmight be to have a
may be staff s onlyoptionand that for a theatre
will only be one spellingoptionfor each each scots words
child work is not anoptionin many families how do
young people and include theoptionnot to take drugs smoking
i did not take theoptionof using the casting vote
that s not a goodoptionreally because there s too
it was just not anoptionto ask the government to
are not company employees thatoptionwas quite attractive for some
to be the preferred linguisticoptionof the playground may also
appeared to be an easieroptionso they agreed however the
des mcnulty that is anoptionwe want expertise to be
if the spcb refuses thatoptionwe will need to be
any decision to pursue thatoptionwill be preceded by a
project aitken s assessment ofoption3 which had now undergone
view that it had nooptionbut to approve the licences
renewed the farmer had nooptionbut to look for a
children many then had nooptionbut to move in with
have decided he had nooptionbut to resume his original
start and then had theoptionf1148: mm f1149: to take
er somebody who had theoptionin his school of doing
editing was a distinctly inferioroptionthe proposal had also been
you could you had theoptionto stay just a four
as being the most expensiveoptionf606: yeah [laugh] m845: so
by drug courts have theoptionof immediate and instant treatment
schools have taken up theoptionover a period of time
that that is a realisticoptionwe have tried to argue
we want to have theoptionwhich we will propose that
minister see that as anoptiondes mcnulty that is an
impact that is a goodoptionfor the 80 per cent
area is an accepted sentencingoptionfor the courts s1o 4921
alex easton that is oneoptionin the debate about the
judgment in that respect thisoptionis better than the alternatives
appear in the curriculum oneoptionis to shove it into
oas support toward the easiestoptionthat is precisely the situation
which has chosen the lesseroptionthat is why we oppose
with neighbouring authorities is anoptionthat is worthy of consideration
the merits of a scottishoptionwhich is why we are
1999 we took the difficultoptionof choosing to work within
of a language in workoptionwith an emphasis on formal
lyon we will explore everyoptionto deliver that service before
or culling raptors was anoptionwe thought that any derogation
deserves its own place anoptionat once more radical and
on the petition the suggestedoptionfor action as set out
as soon as possible theoptionof abolishing the council tax
as soon as possible theoptionof abolishing the council tax
more attractive as a careeroptionthe package includes increases in
use congestion charging as anoptionto pay for improved public
some consideration to this fourthoptionof deferring any final decision
comfortable with the executive soptionof 2002 i think that
boyack said that 3 whateveroptionthe key stakeholders in the
bbc got hold of theoptionfor a while and took
hopes pinned on the psooptionfor flights public sports opportunities
those fines are a usefuloptionfor prosecutors mrs mcintosh still
go for the low costoptionfor reciprocal investigation by other
anyone who chose the burnsoptionfor the higher grade examination
for a mental disorder theoptionof care and treatment on
the resources ignore the realoptionof saying no to illegal
joined the new deal employeroptions1w 1036 alex neil to
how popular with students thisoptionhas been but i believe
main options in simple termsoptiona suggested removing the compulsory
sack tagging s the cheapestoptionit s judicial holyrood roof
including the boats if theoptionof a ship holding company
months trial rental with theoptionof buying the animal thereafter
and then you get theoptionof doing like spanish f1149:
by allowing older people theoptionof signing away their rights
actually give the children theoptionof staying in at playtime

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