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the ethos of volunteering charitableorganisationsalso suffer from what i
on that issue although voluntaryorganisationsand charitable groups are speedy
on the regulation of charitableorganisationsat the outset i apologise
and sewerage charges for charitableorganisationslodged on 20 february 2001
and sewerage charges for charitableorganisationslodged on 20 february 2001
exempting charitable institutions and voluntaryorganisationsperhaps we can tidy that
health education guidelines pe427 charitableorganisationsregulation pe428 multiple sclerosis pe431
for attending the meeting charitableorganisationsregulation pe428 the convener the
of water reliefs from charitableorganisationsremain to be addressed 15
and sewerage charges for charitableorganisationsthursday 5 april 2001 9
and sewerage charges for charitableorganisationsthursday 5 april 2001 9
from a range of charitableorganisationswhich was to start this
the effect on local charitableorganisationswho rely on prisoners for
the effect on local charitableorganisationswho rely on prisoners for
authorities and charitable and voluntaryorganisationswork together the plug must
local authorities and national voluntaryorganisations1 they currently have around
the volunteers of the voluntaryorganisations11 43 the deputy minister
direct funding of local voluntaryorganisations12 48 mr tom mccabe
work of the many voluntaryorganisationsacross scotland such as leonard
other 44 000 voluntary sectororganisationsacross scotland the can cycle
in premises maintained by voluntaryorganisationsand 65 general provisions as
is taking to assist voluntaryorganisationsand charities who will lose
care expressed by carers voluntaryorganisationsand elderly people themselves supported
will go into national voluntaryorganisationsand infrastructure and into central
the scottish council for voluntaryorganisationsand key figures such as
in partnership between the voluntaryorganisationsand local government and central
have been involved with voluntaryorganisationsand recognise sustainable funding as
scottish homes educational institutions voluntaryorganisationsand the private sector we
improve their relationships with voluntaryorganisationsand there are one or
causes most irritation to voluntaryorganisationsand was touched on in
voluntary community and social economyorganisationsapplying for or in receipt
notes however that many voluntaryorganisationsare deeply concerned at having
robert brown pointed out voluntaryorganisationsare funded by other sources
gone into ensuring that voluntaryorganisationsare not financially damaged by
national government voluntary and communityorganisationsare the third arm of
the scottish council for voluntaryorganisationsaround half of the social
regard charities and voluntary sectororganisationsas competitors rather than as
it will give to voluntaryorganisationsawaiting registration decisions on childcare
planning many people in voluntaryorganisationsbecome skilled at reinventing their
the scottish council for voluntaryorganisationsbelieves that there is evidence
concern scotland and other voluntaryorganisationsbut at the same time
the views of voluntary sectororganisationsbut the people to whom
a weighty burden upon voluntaryorganisationscalls upon the scottish executive
in which voluntary and communityorganisationscan flourish i commend and
volunteer or to the voluntaryorganisationsconcerned at the same time
no cost to the voluntaryorganisationsconcerned s1w 31120 donald gorrie
s priorities leads to voluntaryorganisationsdistorting their work and organisation
s priorities leads to voluntaryorganisationsdistorting their work and organisation
on the subject if voluntaryorganisationsdo not receive adequate national
in scotland including msps voluntaryorganisationselderly forums the general public
co ordinate funding of voluntaryorganisationsensure that local authorities health
source scottish council for voluntaryorganisationseuropean funding the social economy
registered body scotland charges voluntaryorganisationsfor attending seminars on the
on the charging of voluntaryorganisationsfor criminal record checks on
fiona hyslop s1m 1230 voluntaryorganisationsfor disabled people lodged on
s1m 1230 nora radcliffe voluntaryorganisationsfor disabled people that the
hearing from volunteers and voluntaryorganisationsfor some years as someone
to meet representatives of voluntaryorganisationsfrom the highlands and the
possible avenues for exempting voluntaryorganisationsfrom those charges and asks
to provide relief for voluntaryorganisationsfrom water charges s1o 2755
cent not all voluntary sectororganisationsget their money from the
greater easterhouse council of voluntaryorganisationsgevco calling for the scottish
the best of the voluntaryorganisationsgrow from the ground up
that all charities and voluntaryorganisationshad to have a two
a comprehensive network of voluntaryorganisationshas been set up it
the scottish council for voluntaryorganisationshas identified some of the
the scottish executive which voluntaryorganisationshave been allocated a direct
grass roots level other voluntaryorganisationshave been equally influential in
be business as usual voluntaryorganisationshave experienced yet another delay
noted that many voluntary sectororganisationshave grown out of an
wish a number of voluntaryorganisationshave parliamentary officers but their
social justice agenda indeed voluntaryorganisationshave proved that they have
and recognises that voluntary sectororganisationshave their own agenda priorities
form filling with which voluntaryorganisationshave to deal i support
the community fund many voluntaryorganisationshave told me about the
have been instances of voluntaryorganisationshaving mainstream services dumped on
local authorities provide to voluntaryorganisationsi am glad to see
between local authorities and voluntaryorganisationsi have examples of such
2 million on to voluntaryorganisationsi want to highlight a
on employers including many voluntaryorganisationsi will pass over the
made to me by voluntaryorganisationsi will start with a
with lottery funding for voluntaryorganisationsi would like to draw
communities and with local voluntaryorganisationsiain montgomery local authorities already
and central government and voluntaryorganisationsin a readily comprehensible fashion
taken place with established voluntaryorganisationsin glasgow with regard to
support to volunteers and voluntaryorganisationsin local communities we have
receive regular reports from voluntaryorganisationsin order to account for
are involved in many voluntaryorganisationsin our constituencies like others
2001 who the four voluntaryorganisationsin receipt of funding from
any difficulties experienced by voluntaryorganisationsin relation to matched funding
address that members mentioned voluntaryorganisationsin relation to poverty in
of communication for voluntary sectororganisationsin rural areas and whether
there are 44 000 voluntaryorganisationsin scotland which employ around
support network of local voluntaryorganisationsin their struggle to provide
of funding for 15 voluntaryorganisationsincluding borders womens aid which
visitors and other private voluntaryorganisationsincluding national trust for scotland
work of the many voluntaryorganisationsincluding the british deaf association
the evidence is that voluntaryorganisationsinnovate because they are responsive
achievements of voluntary and statutoryorganisationsinvolved in limiting the impact
achievements of voluntary and statutoryorganisationsinvolved in limiting the impact
problems faced by those voluntaryorganisationsinvolved in offering services and
the tweeddale association of voluntaryorganisationsis operating as part of
the scottish council for voluntaryorganisationsis the most obvious example
by private voluntary or mutualorganisationsit is important that people
barrier to sustaining many voluntaryorganisationsit is important that the
of funding has on voluntaryorganisationsit results in worry for
major problem for most voluntaryorganisationslies with the scottish executive
156 criminal checks for voluntaryorganisationslodged on 15 september 1999
records office checks on voluntaryorganisationslodged on 21 june 2000
to lottery support for voluntaryorganisationsmembers will be aware of
to some groups or voluntaryorganisationsmuch more clarity would be
it is important that voluntaryorganisationsnational government and local government
the last thing that voluntaryorganisationsneed is for gaps in
is difficult for voluntary sectororganisationsnot to feel beholden to
with not for profit voluntaryorganisationsor greater local authority involvement
be able to manipulate voluntaryorganisationsor set up front organisations
at the need for voluntaryorganisationspersistently to reinvent the wheel
mcternan scottish council for voluntaryorganisationspeter bolton and janette wilson
doing something else finally voluntaryorganisationsplay a crucial part in
innocently suggested to the voluntaryorganisationspresent that they might have
around 107 000 social economyorganisationsrange from community voluntary groups
programmes and work by voluntaryorganisationsrather than going for nice
fund available directly to voluntaryorganisationsrather than via local authorities
sector voluntary and independent sectororganisationsreach many parts of society
sector s main strength voluntaryorganisationsrequire independence to achieve their
has had on small voluntaryorganisationss1w 10850 mr kenneth gibson
funding are allocated to voluntaryorganisationss1w 28606 donald gorrie to
and not directly to voluntaryorganisationss1w 31118 donald gorrie to
bill will have on voluntaryorganisationss1w 31845 mr gil paterson
large number of thriving voluntaryorganisationsscotland enjoys the benefits of
the scottish council for voluntaryorganisationsscvo in terms of calculating
to scottish council for voluntaryorganisationsscvo research 3 scottish executive
studies scottish council for voluntaryorganisationsscvo statistics http www scvo
the scottish council for voluntaryorganisationsscvo the convention of scottish
for youth and other voluntaryorganisationsseeking funding from lottery and
positive but not all voluntaryorganisationsshare that experience there needs
echo the point that voluntaryorganisationsshould be seen as partners
the way in which voluntaryorganisationsshould contribute to the agenda
delivering its own agenda voluntaryorganisationsshould have a role in
lugton scottish council of voluntaryorganisationssocial inclusion housing and voluntary
bill i know that voluntaryorganisationssuch as shelter scotland and
information on fees and onorganisationstactics in the voluntary sector
the scottish executive whether voluntaryorganisationsthat are involved in working
has hit charity and voluntaryorganisationsthat has cost 400 million
on the fact that voluntaryorganisationsthat have more limited resources
not be involved in voluntaryorganisationsthat is ludicrous tricia marwick
all the voluntary and communityorganisationsthat participated in our inquiry
if the front line voluntaryorganisationsthat provide them do not
records office checks on voluntaryorganisationsthat the parliament notes the
then find out about voluntaryorganisationsthat they could work for
not fund the voluntary sectororganisationsthat they support on a
of increased regulation on voluntaryorganisationsthe need for longer term
is home to many voluntaryorganisationsthe project aims to provide
party groups particularly from voluntaryorganisationsthroughout scotland which are keen
make it easier for voluntaryorganisationsto apply for funding because
beyond seedcorn funding for voluntaryorganisationsto core funding that provides
liability insurance cover for voluntaryorganisationsto cover them and their
can on occasion cause voluntaryorganisationsto divert considerable staff resources
be allocated to voluntary youthorganisationsto encourage young people to
financial assistance to voluntary youthorganisationsto help cover the costs
it easier for voluntary youthorganisationsto recruit train and retain
funding to help voluntary youthorganisationsto recruit train and retain
given to voluntary and otherorganisationsto support and advise people
is to trust the voluntaryorganisationsto which money has been
looked at funding of voluntaryorganisationsvarious members have spoken about
government local authorities and voluntaryorganisationswe should use this year
wilson criminal checks for voluntaryorganisationswednesday 27 october 1999 2
lobbying the convener some voluntaryorganisationswere worried that they might
to help the existing voluntaryorganisationswhich are operating well they
the scottish council for voluntaryorganisationswho has joined the executive
the executive said that voluntaryorganisationswill be helped by a
fund will provide relevant voluntaryorganisationswith an element of sustainable
000 to voluntary and communityorganisationswithin the scottish objective 3
to continued improvement many voluntaryorganisationswork closely with local authorities
stability of funding for voluntaryorganisationsworking in the field of
website allowing individuals interest grouporganisationsacademia think tanks etc to
tae considerable efforts by sindryorganisationsan individuals tae plan for
wide range of individuals independentorganisationsand associations as well as
a success and encourages individualsorganisationsand businesses to support the
the presiding officer whether individualsorganisationsand companies to be called
ask the scottish executive whichorganisationsand individuals have been sent
serious allegations raised by reputableorganisationsand individuals in relation to
that the parliament congratulates allorganisationsand individuals in scotland who
asked in the census manyorganisationsand individuals made representations such
made by many of thoseorganisationsand individuals our society would
by sincerely thanking all theorganisationsand individuals that allowed us
youth councils national youth involvingorganisationsand individuals the common criteria
to considerable efforts by variousorganisationsand individuals to plan for
clubs and the many otherorganisationsand individuals who are dedicated
is their job and theorganisationsand individuals who lobby us
november 2000 which of theorganisationsand individuals who responded to
are able to engage withorganisationsand individuals with an interest
received 38 written responses fromorganisationsand private individuals and 40
councils 100 from youth involvingorganisationsand the remainder from individuals
to the individuals communities andorganisationsassociated with both petitions and
individuals and 40 non governmentalorganisationsattended the seminars that we
a benefit that individuals andorganisationsenjoy the potential effect of
msps an group individuals anorganisationsfae ootwi the pairlament they
independent msps and individuals andorganisationsfrom outside the parliament they
it has consulted any individualsorganisationsor commercial concerns about any
we must still decide whichorganisationsor individuals should give evidence
for msps individuals an externalorganisationstae forgaither an discuss a
for msps individuals and externalorganisationsto meet and discuss a
names of the individuals ororganisationswhich carried out work and
with individuals instead of withorganisationswhich leads to a disconnection
be made between individuals ororganisationswhich lobby on their own
be made between individuals ororganisationswhich lobby on their own
own behalf and individuals ororganisationswho lobby on a fee
own behalf and individuals ororganisationswho lobby on a fee
apply to all individuals andorganisationswhose decisions impact on the
in wi ye individuals ororganisationswi specialist ken o onie
and meet you individuals ororganisationswith specialist knowledge of any
scotland or other national youthorganisationsabout any financial problems such
youth councils and youth involvingorganisationsand around 50 individual members
where large youth organisations socialorganisationsand the largest radical political
a broad range of youthorganisationsanother uk example is the
adult volunteers working in youthorganisationsbenefit from the 2 million
will ensure that national youthorganisationscan receive an appropriate share
youth councils of national youthorganisationseach organisation can nominate two
some instead to national youthorganisationsfor their national and local
involves 93 representatives of youthorganisationsfrom across british columbia the
three of the main youthorganisationsin scotland eurodesk youngscot and
help young people and youthorganisationsin scotland offer as much
youth parliament were the youthorganisationsinvolved together with the offices
were asked by the youthorganisationsinvolved whether they thought the
basque country where large youthorganisationssocial organisations and the largest
democratic process national youth involvingorganisationsthe youth parliament offers a
membership representatives from all relevantorganisationsand bodies especially those whose
and working with the fishingorganisationsand the representatives of fishing
to meet representatives of differentorganisationsand to report back to
and representatives of the variousorganisationsinvolved in tackling social exclusion
representatives from a range oforganisationsrepresenting different sectors of the
operation with local representatives andorganisationsso that they can spearhead
their areas representatives of gaelicorganisationssuch as cli representing the
on education were parents ororganisationsthat included parent representatives s1w
hear from representatives of twoorganisationsthe association of convenience stores
inviting representatives of those fiveorganisationsto come and deal with
work with representatives of localorganisationsto help to develop those
the 50 000 social economyorganisations2 by field of work
good relationships between social economyorganisationsand the public and private
organisations such as social economyorganisationsdelivering services to target groups
entrepreneurial innovation by social economyorganisationsfigure 1 [note: figure here in original] source scottish
the social economy social economyorganisationshave been successful in attaining
alexander stated that social economyorganisationshave great potential to work
and capability of social economyorganisationsimprove staff training and development
the number of social economyorganisationsin scotland according to scottish
half of the social economyorganisationsin scotland are involved in
the work of social economyorganisationsscvo also manages on behalf
to build the capacity oforganisationssuch as social economy organisations
and development within social economyorganisationssupport entrepreneurial innovation by social
of income to social economyorganisationsthe chart highlights the importance
increasing importance of social economyorganisationsto many economies throughout the
the input of social economyorganisationsto the management of the
and contribution of social economyorganisationswhat the study revealed was
technical assistance to social economyorganisationswith the aim of stimulating
respect a number of otherorganisationsand institutions could undertake some
responses including very few fromorganisationsand institutions were in favour
the virus and encourages scottishorganisationsand institutions working on hiv
the virus and encourages scottishorganisationsand institutions working on hiv
increasing regularity many institutions andorganisationsare reporting or commenting on
public bodies academic institutions culturalorganisationscommunity groups and religious organisations
backgrund 6 mony institutions anorganisationsis reportin or commentin mair
national institutions and non governmentalorganisationslocal authorities and trade unions
the scottish executive how manyorganisationsacross civic society and involved
sector a wide range oforganisationsare involved in the promotion
uk nap and how moreorganisationscan become involved in the
they can engage with nationalorganisationscan they get involved and
and b each of theorganisationsinvolved in delivering this programme
provided by diverse organisations theseorganisationsmay be involved in areas
sga to be involved otherorganisationsshould not be conducting experiments
to encourage the participation oforganisationsthat are heavily involved in
i remain involved in severalorganisationsthat are listed in the
activities being provided by diverseorganisationsthese organisations may be involved
clerk of any particular areasorganisationsthey felt should be involved
of the partners or theorganisationswith which you are involved
of providing funding to localorganisationsand communities to tackle child
a compact between faith basedorganisationsand funding authorities as to
funding are critical if goodorganisationsare to have the assurance
and soul of scotland allorganisationsface the issue of funding
what guidelines exist to encourageorganisationsin receipt of public funding
the funding and supporting oforganisationsin rural areas johann lamont
up of such funding byorganisationsin scotland s1w 34833 richard
funding programmes are available toorganisationsin scotland s1w 34835 richard
from the primary objectives oforganisationsmatched funding can also be
implications it is inappropriate fororganisationsnot to have funding security
inevitably i must talk aboutorganisationssay that funding particularly from
centres and by funding keyorganisationssuch as the scvo and
undertake an audit of theorganisationsthat are receiving funding through
their independence from their fundingorganisationsthat is a very serious
stable funding packages for suchorganisationswe must recognise that we
that are faced by smallorganisationswhen the expected funding does
of all the main partnerorganisationswith significant funding influence and
supporting the development of mutualorganisationsand non profit distributing organisations
local amenity groups relevant businessorganisationsand organisations representing road users
organisations or set up frontorganisationsas covert deliverers of their
organisations the idea that mostorganisationscan become self sufficient at
of performance of direct labourorganisationsdlos and direct service organisations
organisations dlos and direct serviceorganisationsdsos following the finding of
groups relevant business organisations andorganisationsrepresenting road users section 44
the wheel towards sustaining successfulorganisationsthe idea that most organisations
we are calling registered tenantorganisationsthose organisations would have a
organisations and non profit distributingorganisationsto build and maintain public
organisations community groups and religiousorganisationsto promote a national programme
calling registered tenant organisations thoseorganisationswould have a right to
the interests of other relevantorganisationsa statement of intent was
of the fact that theorganisationsare not only relevant to
committee agreed to consult relevantorganisationson the issue of anonymity
and young people and relevantorganisationson work to be undertaken
protection agency and other relevantorganisationsregarding any effect on air
with a number of relevantorganisationssuch as the centre for
with all relevant authorities andorganisationssuch as the low pay
in scotland and other relevantorganisationsto raise awareness of the
from a number of relevantorganisationswhen responding to the last
range of national and localorganisationsacross scotland including enquire the
from a wide range oforganisationsalthough the committee came late
aware that a range oforganisationshas not been included and
a very wide range oforganisationsmuir russell the rules of
in the broad range oforganisationsthat are institutionally separate from
we met a range oforganisationsthroughout scotland by setting up
money advice is open toorganisationsand groups providing money debt
are any plans to consultorganisationsand groups providing money debt
that women s groups andorganisationsare included in consultation exercises
our communities many groups andorganisationscommented on the problems of
groups to ensure that suchorganisationsconcerns are considered in conclusion
difference particularly for your ownorganisationsor groups robert mooney my
the courts for non governmentalorganisationsand others on environmental matters
authorities social partners non governmentalorganisationsas well as those directly
from human rights non governmentalorganisationsgiving evidence to the justice
of europe and non governmentalorganisationshave a vested interest in
non statutory nature of theorganisationsis highly prized by the
social partners and non governmentalorganisationsngos based on national action
social partners business non governmentalorganisationsthink tanks academia etc 7
views from major non governmentalorganisationswe held regional seminars that
was held by the variousorganisationsabout scotland s input into
of the various associations andorganisationser f718: [inaudible] intention was
evidence from the various campaigningorganisationsthat are promoting the bill
the activities of various gaelicorganisationsthe bòrd has a duty
to read what the variousorganisationsthink about stock taking bill
our clerks to approach variousorganisationstrade unions and employer bodies
prepare a letter to variousorganisationswho have or could have
glasgow the various women sorganisationswould have been down on
members have mentioned public sectororganisationsin particular have expressed concerns
the provision allows public sectororganisationsin scotland whether the scottish
remain the lifeline of manyorganisationsin the sector however figure
particular the focus of manyorganisationsin the sector in dealing
even as an enemy byorganisationsin the statutory sector we
concerning the private sector mostorganisationsincluding the institute have said
scrutiny as other public sectororganisationss1o 3281 30 dorothy grace
sector and the executive fromorganisationssuch as the scottish council
versus private or direct labourorganisationsversus the private sector the
need to start again someorganisationswithin the private sector have
sector and sporting and culturalorganisationsworking with young people we
many health and social careorganisationsbut ageism is a serious
lack of consultation of externalorganisationsensures the eu social inclusion
opened during the convention fororganisationsrepresenting civil society the social
i agree with the lobbyingorganisationsthat the health and social
about getting together with differentorganisationsincluding national government local authorities
designation framework a number oforganisationsincluding the convention for scottish
poverty alliance and many otherorganisationsincluding the law society of
that ministers may appoint otherorganisationsincluding those from the private
assessment by others including environmentalorganisationsuntil this process is completed
would have implications for suchorganisationsand that they are not
see the relevance of suchorganisationsbut it is important that
input into the debate suchorganisationscan be heard or consulted
such a scheme would avoidorganisationsconstantly applying for licence renewals
successful designs for other suchorganisationsenvironmental protection services gcc and
about bidding for funds suchorganisationsfeel that whenever they deal
about any financial problems suchorganisationsmight face through decreasing or
grants send feedback to suchorganisationss1w 29299 donald gorrie to
streamlining the process so thatorganisationssuch as abbeyfield societies and
carefully to the views oforganisationssuch as abbeyfield the university
endeavour to work closely withorganisationssuch as abbeyfield to try
is also working with otherorganisationssuch as aberdeen drugs action
to explain the situation toorganisationssuch as age concern scotland
importance of the work oforganisationssuch as alzheimer scotland action
children and young people althoughorganisationssuch as capability scotland and
for 2003 04 consultation paperorganisationssuch as crossroads would fall
with both petitions and otherorganisationssuch as local authorities that
kelso which has 44 dependentorganisationssuch as mother and toddler
there is a responsibility onorganisationssuch as ours to try
no material disruption from scottishorganisationssuch as scottish power muir
results are passed on toorganisationssuch as sepa the codes
faced by parents carers andorganisationssuch as strathclyde autistic society
justice and home affairs committeeorganisationssuch as the association of
into a speech on environmentalorganisationssuch as the british trust
our communities at different levelsorganisationssuch as the community training
s european committee or byorganisationssuch as the confederation of
appropriate advisers for specific mattersorganisationssuch as the faculty of
activity throughout the year throughorganisationssuch as the falkirk volunteer
position my point is thatorganisationssuch as the gnp cannot
reduce the obstacles that preventorganisationssuch as the gnp from
desperate need for that cashorganisationssuch as the gnp must
wealth masks the deprivation thatorganisationssuch as the gnp try
to suck up powers fromorganisationssuch as the health boards
unions housing arts community actionorganisationssuch as those fighting drug
be included in talks withorganisationssuch as those that are
aspects of such partnerships encourageorganisationsto adopt positive policies such
been no response from suchorganisationswe examined the responses that
areas will be covered whichorganisationswill carry out such surveys
police act 1997 that suchorganisationswill comply with the law
women and their families suchorganisationswork with local authorities and
relationships between local and nationalorganisationsand clubs in order to
work carried out by nationalorganisationsand the invaluable dedicated support
about the position of localorganisationsassessed under the uk national
links between local and nationalorganisationsgeorge reid spoke on that
number of sport s nationalorganisationshave still to learn how
total budget for national trainingorganisationsis for the financial year
units in which the nationalorganisationslocal authorities and clubs get
be committed to national trainingorganisationsover the next three years
initial visual impact of nationalorganisationsparticularly the trade union movement
national federation of fishermen sorganisationsproposals for zonal management submitted
national federation of fishermen sorganisationss1w 9873 mr duncan hamilton
with other regional sub nationalorganisationsthe parliament has representation on
of the list of outlawedorganisationsand political groupings in no
next published list of fundedorganisationsincludes other projects with plans
to the list of terroristorganisationsthat was issued in 2000
included on the list oforganisationsthe committee agreed it would
in the list of fiveorganisationsthere are certain other issues
should compile a list oforganisationsto be contacted and that
government will add all thoseorganisationsto the list of terrorist
read out the list oforganisationswe propose to consult on
both public and private outsideorganisations10 30 euan robson roxburgh
signed debates private companies publicorganisationsand the scottish executive also
the chamber and by outsideorganisationsin both the private and
taking to assist companies andorganisationsin the private and public
between faroese fishermen and privateorganisationsled by the north atlantic
private people and eh languageorganisationswho would like to ehm
is extremely specialised and manyorganisationsand companies use it on
of experienced fundraisers many importantorganisationsare still not funded by
us briefing papers as manyorganisationsdo to give us the
he has met many otherorganisationsif he has not will
been told that many existingorganisationsin lanarkshire feel that although
what you will from manyorganisationsin my constituency for example
councils supported by the manyorganisationsof the area on winning
for the purposes of manyorganisationsolder people are classed as
the wheel many projects andorganisationsout there have proved themselves
could immediately think of manyorganisationsthat we could all say
the aged and many otherorganisationsthere are issues to be
the fact that so manyorganisationswere able to participate in
tirelessly visiting other parliaments andorganisationsabroad and welcoming visitors from
want to bring in otherorganisationsas well mr munro our
other or- other scots languageorganisationscan sometimes carp a wee
not know evidence from otherorganisationscould tell you what the
and i imagine that otherorganisationsdid likewise initially there was
ombudsmen could use other publicorganisationsfor example if the complaint
stand alone trusts or otherorganisationshave been put off to
but a number of otherorganisationshave not been included i
agency and b any otherorganisationsin relation to the good
support of businesses and otherorganisationsin scotland last monday night
you take evidence from otherorganisationskaren whitefield despite the repeal
safety executive and any otherorganisationson this issue s1o 4917
able to work with otherorganisationson this matter nora radcliffe
plans there are to inviteorganisationsother than money advice scotland
functions other than with thoseorganisationsrepresented on the steering group
work by nasco and otherorganisationsseeking to explain the black
and five or six otherorganisationsthat would not make sense
been sent to the otherorganisationsthe convener okay we will
community care committee and otherorganisationsthe executive has been proactive
and other public bodies andorganisationsthe work of the scc
all other interested parties andorganisationsto develop a bid for
partners and other civil societyorganisationsuk level preparations in contrast
commissioner for refugees and otherorganisationswe could take some of
code of conduct to otherorganisationswhose main activity is not
[note: table here in original] two other major scottishorganisationswhose remit involves the provision
and to links with otherorganisationswill the european year of
time meeting older people theirorganisationsand those working with them
delighted that gaelic and scotsorganisationsare working with the organisers
scottish homing union and environmentalorganisationsis working on the matter
placed in the way oforganisationsworking with children mean fewer
there are a number oforganisationsand academics lobbying on behalf
1 breakdown of number oforganisationsby field of work for
be beneficial a number oforganisationshave raised concerns about that
to a number of interestedorganisationsit is a pity that
to the large number oforganisationsthat want to interact with
there are a number oforganisationsthat would not be included
of a number of countrysideorganisationsto which that would apply
provide details of all theorganisationsfrom whom the members of
not provide services to scottishorganisationsmy view is that we
could be interpreted to includeorganisationsthat provide an information service
are urgently required by establishedorganisationsthat provide vital services yet
racial equality in scotland culturalorganisationsand local authority language advisers
of local communities to keyorganisationsand to innovative service development
the way in which localorganisationsconstantly innovate that comment was
would give muscle to localorganisationsin encouraging three year partnership
with the help of localorganisationsin the spring depending on
of their local clubs andorganisationsperhaps there was not a
is to encourage existing localorganisationsrather than to set up
if we can help localorganisationsto attract and train volunteers
is almost impossible for someorganisationsto connect to 32 local
and galloway council and partnerorganisationson 18 april 2001 s1o
write to the court usersorganisationsthe scottish consumer council or
of good work that thoseorganisationsdo it is a little
the luvvies in the artsorganisationshis memory and his work
him and all the communityorganisationsin sighthill for the work
work that took in communityorganisationsperhaps more work than the
before i know that theorganisationsthat work on fuel poverty
to the work of theirorganisationsthey have made a contribution
also expect teachers and teachersorganisationsto input into that work
between the police and businessorganisationsto work to prevent crime
would like the commercial lobbyingorganisationsto work with us to
support to be given toorganisationsfor the promotion of gaelic
the support of the gaelicorganisationsin scotland and to advise
that the parliament notes theorganisationsthat support the scottish coalition
that the parliament notes theorganisationsthat support the scottish coalition
the parents carers professionals andorganisationswho support and care for
links with gaelic and scotsorganisationswith the support of the
atlantic salmon trust would thoseorganisationsadequately represent the interested parties
we write to both thoseorganisationschristine grahame yes the convener
us which were about thoseorganisationsconcerns i would have thought
for several years all thoseorganisationshave made representations to the
scotland the income of thoseorganisationsis between 1 6 billion
having a report from thoseorganisationson the steps that they
for some independence for thoseorganisationsthey are quite small in
main issue that faces thoseorganisationstime after time is core
combination of any of thoseorganisationswas able to come up
roll out in particular thoseorganisationswishing to use your guide
roll out in particular thoseorganisationswishing to use your guide
that is a possibility theorganisationscan submit written evidence if
what was said all threeorganisationsevidence identified the same problems
the oral evidence of fiveorganisationsthe convener it was hoped
harper told us that severalorganisationswere unable to give evidence
the scottish executive is sindryorganisationsan has different roles in
the scottish executive are separateorganisationsand have different roles in
the week goin tae differentorganisationsas again we had tae
balance their contacts with differentorganisationsby drafting we could create
will impinge differently on differentorganisationsis there any particular aspect
applying for funds from differentorganisationsjumping through all the hoops
months a series of differentorganisationsrepresenting communities trade unions and
all the different agencies andorganisationsthat can help to change
rather than dissipated under differentorganisationsthat is the larger question
and lobbyists employed by individualorganisationsthere was a different set
they had aw the differentorganisationswi stalls an they had
could set up our ownorganisationsand you got the housewives
in for tae help runorganisationson their own if they
through our own publicly fundedorganisationswe must not underestimate the
parliament are that as bothorganisationsalready have gaelic speaking staff
wider community both with formalorganisationsand informally i am aware
of doubt do both yourorganisationsbelieve that there should be
i ve written to bothorganisationsin the u s i
to develop between the twoorganisationsand the effectiveness of spi
between the committee and theorganisationsthat were briefing us we
consultation with community children sorganisationsand young people on the
responsible for liaison with interestedorganisationsand co ordination of gaelic
our scots and gaelic culturalorganisationscan use it to their
tomorrow the strategy on gaelicorganisationswill be announced i will
exercise that covered all publicorganisationsin scotland however at the
been particularly well publicised amongorganisationsor the general public what
of the public or anyorganisationsthat are present have any
what is appropriate for someorganisationsthat deal with the public
decided to concentrate on theorganisationswith the greatest public impact
report on contacts from outsideorganisations7 scottish executive joint future
on the bill from interestedorganisationsand from the deputy minister
heard from the court usersorganisationsand from the sheriffs we
information received from the policeorganisationsand the faculty of advocates
from my experience with disabilityorganisationsand young people i have
on the budget proposals fromorganisationsbeyond the executive we conducted
time to hear from fiveorganisationscould you give us more
are there increasing calls fromorganisationsfor further resources the scottish
administration supports calls from supportersorganisationsfor morton fans to dig
have said the committee metorganisationsfrom the eight regions of
concern is that all theorganisationsfrom which we will take
are adequately represented by theorganisationsfrom which we will take
from discussions with the fiveorganisationslisted on the provision of
received from businesses and businessorganisationsregarding the upgrading of the
in scotland are drawn fromorganisationsrepresenting the a on trade
programme 6 contacts from outsideorganisationsthe committee will consider a
able to hear from theorganisationstogether and to allow cross
resources were inadequate and thatorganisationswere being dragged away from
behalf of themselves and theirorganisationsa distinction can be made
in developing a bid althoughorganisationsare never sure whether their
s report says that someorganisationsexpressed concern about their ability
the sips and their predecessororganisationsis that they are used
not come at a priceorganisationsmust retain their independence without
members have horror stories oforganisationsthat seek to pay their
places on them and theirorganisationsthe executive would have us
become skilled at reinventing theirorganisationsto meet the latest criteria
but it appears that moreorganisationsare being proposed which will
that are united under umbrellaorganisationsare often asked by the
ask the scottish executive whichorganisationsare represented on the steering
smaller locally funded service providingorganisationsfor all that there are
volunteer for the 44 000organisationsthat are active in the
must avoid paralysis by consultationorganisationsthat are already stretched and
an achilles heel for largeorganisationsthat are otherwise on target
people who are employees oforganisationsthat are paid to lobby
interested to find out whetherorganisationsthat are supported by sportscotland
and we have considered theorganisationsthat are typical or that
i will call consultation fatigueorganisationsthat are united under umbrella
employers employees education and benefitsorganisationsthat disabled people are out
saying that there are powerfulorganisationsthat gain advantage by employing
would tell us are neutralorganisationsthat have appeared before the
time scales are needed fororganisationsto canvass opinions linda fabiani
should be on the lobbyingorganisationsto indicate where they are
who are employed by largeorganisationsto lobby i would not
people who are employed byorganisationsto lobby in the definition
are employed by companies ororganisationsto lobby msps as well
are too short to alloworganisationsto respond in smaller charities
mentioned there are 44 000organisationswith 100 000 paid staff
i am sure that theorganisationsyou have listed are appropriate
forms have been sent toorganisationsacross the country my predecessor
is because traditionally most disabilityorganisationsdo not have a focus
much regulation and bureaucracy andorganisationsfeel that they have to
does not touch all theorganisationshave a general definition in
and sport committee 2002 someorganisationshave already drawn up a
acceptable standards to ensure thatorganisationshave an infrastructure that is
the concerns that faith basedorganisationshave expressed about bidding for
is a pity that theorganisationshave not confined themselves to
contributing to the agenda andorganisationshaving the right to have
increase will have on smallerorganisationshe talked passionately as he
it is nonsense that effectiveorganisationsshould have to recreate and
more time to charities andorganisationsthat have a special place
disappointing that some of theorganisationsthat have come out so
i am always suspicious oforganisationsthat have exactly 10 targets
be addressed the group oforganisationsthat i have just listed
who have worked in genuineorganisationsthat particularly rely on fundraising
have been told by theorganisationsthat they all talk to
covered by some of theorganisationsthat we have mentioned mr
party have been declared terroristorganisationstoday the foreign and commonwealth
some of us for severalorganisationsand i will wager that
open and accessible but whenorganisationspresent petitions to us they
is what older people sorganisationstell us that we must
not normally apply for commercialorganisationstells us considerably more than
which we must address smallerorganisationsmight find it difficult to
pilot project recently established withorganisationsand producers in dumfries and
require a culture change inorganisationsand staff with skills to
situation is becoming bureaucratic withorganisationsfalling over one another and
to develop partnerships with similarorganisationsin southern africa to share
to develop partnerships with similarorganisationsin southern africa to share
of trying to engage withorganisationsin whatever way we can
it has had with financialorganisationsregarding the impact of irresponsible
this week with scottish fishingorganisationstoday we welcome to our
scottish executive view the fisheriesorganisationswere dissatisfied with several aspects
advice that is channelled throughorganisationsbut listen to the people
bureaux and older people sorganisationsit is a product of
confidence in the people andorganisationsof the highlands and islands
000 per year to severalorganisationsthat represent deaf people additionally
forum the paper lists severalorganisationsall of which it would
before the committee the fisheriesorganisationsmade comments which we relayed
were used to decide whichorganisationsshould be represented on the
what prompted the changes whichorganisationssupported them angus mackay the
way in which direct labourorganisationsuse staff across differing contracts
look for addresses of ukorganisationswhich might be interested in
recorded by any organisation ororganisationsit is impossible to reliably
should include all staff oforganisationsand associations who engage in
who be it experts ororganisationsshould be called to give
academic experts and scots languageorganisationswho could advise parliament the
registered by all the followingorganisationsand can guarantee as far
for all but the largestorganisationsand the executive is examining
know we could all nameorganisationsendlessly the day after the
some or all of yourorganisationswhen it was drawing up
approaches to overseas companies andorganisationsand make our scottish goods
some of the key scottishorganisationsin its contribution to the
by some of the keyorganisationsthat we interviewed however there
the question of income byorganisationstoo numerous to mention and
more responsive than remote bureaucraticorganisationsand is an important source
enterprises they supply to largerorganisationsand may be crucial to
only on small and fragileorganisationsbut on larger groupings that
the highlands and islands healthorganisationsi ask the minister to
good established infrastructure and marketingorganisationsi feel that putting them
a prominent opportunity 5 civicorganisationsin scotland and europe civil
and through a plethora oforganisationsin the convention on the
and the views of interestedorganisationsin the provisions of the
indirectly to football bodies andorganisationsis dependent on the report
ownership and management of itsorganisationsits high degree of autonomy
to bite making direct labourorganisationsless competitive and unable to
heads of agriculture and biologicalorganisationsof scotland and the convention
also share a recognition thatorganisationsoutwith and independent of government
is the minister aware thatorganisationsrepresenting black and minority ethnic
the parliament and for theorganisationswe need to pay attention
of issues and identify interestedorganisationswe should divide up responsibilities
emphasis on projects rather thanorganisationscan lead to instability in
always more than eager fororganisationsto answer to the committee
were undoubtedly accruing to certainorganisationsin scotland it would be
the network of international developmentorganisationsin scotland of the agencies
wi office space fir literaryorganisationsvisit scotland the group notit
security is provided to alloworganisationsto plan especially as we
as it would allow participatingorganisationsto speak in a more
set out the context fororganisationsglp enforcement of the bill
ask what involvement the witnessesorganisationshad in the preparation for
an opportunity for three backcourtorganisationsto give a presentation on
the concerns of the deliveryorganisationsif i can call them
go to well trodden establishmentorganisationsthe convener we can also
they said where s theorganisationswhat can i belong to
departments the police or healthorganisationsabolishing sips would take away
of autonomy through ye knoworganisationseh like the scots arts
a generation supports the 34organisationsof the ape alliance in
agreed to write to policeorganisationson the issue of police
act 2001 registration of tenantorganisationsorder 2002 ssi 2002 416
act 2001 registration of tenantorganisationsorder 2002 ssi 2002 416
of a structured network oforganisationsreceiving regular information on the
strengthen the operation of tenantorganisationsrichard grant do you mean
becomes the main focus inorganisationsthat is a diversion of
use of the appropriate specialistorganisationsthe papers that we received
will be needed so trainingorganisationsat least will need to
make judgments whether to meetorganisationsbut others might not take
responses came afterwards because theorganisationsdid not seek to engage
to belong to the neworganisationsgradually they began to blend
they require within the witnessesorganisationsto the representation that they
organisation there were two separateorganisationswe had to create the
degree was that what theorganisationswere considering nick johnston no
is standard in commercial consultancyorganisationsthe consultant has in the
when they came into theorganisationsthey stood out like sair
an hit hes partnerships wiorganisationsfae iceland tae greece an

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