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self rotas in which nursesorganisetheir rotas collectively to accommodate
in the hall nr willorganisepublic address system in the
with reunion arrival nr willorganisestewards at the various arrival
the main conference we willorganisean expedition to one of
been most helpful and willorganisegirls at arrival points who
with shetland arts trust toorganisetheir own workshop visit from
a float the secretary willorganisedelivery of the cake duties
still goes on and iorganiseit i was organising secretary
youth club discos which weorganisefor the under fourteens poor
at them can ye noorganisemair o yer club members
which will allow them toorganiseand structure their presentation the
on board and help ianorganisea group to spend what
been established to plan andorganisethe year in the uk
they don t seem toorganisef122: [inaudible] f010: themselves well
process and the issues andorganisean early briefing session bruce
is how do they helporganisethe development of the poem
for you hope you canorganisea move alright employ a
scottish parliamentary corporate body toorganiseand fund with sponsorship if
there are any plans toorganisea television debate featuring politicians
number of people did toorganiseschool visits today eurodesk young
platform mrs [censored: surname] volunteered toorganisethis 8 people might be
deliver decanters to balmoral andorganisetheir return for the following
does best which is toorganiselocally and nationally to meet
burgh that kens how toorganisea muckle scheme like this
her freedom and independence toorganiseher wedding the deputy minister
or maybe jöst emails taorganisehit i hae a freend

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