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peitied ye thorfinn peitied meormay kis the dule that
cannie an gentie she wesormay she peitied ye thorfinn
thorfinn orm is a poetormah dout thorfinn maun hae
ir you a man ormormah hae becum juist a
ay sae ah im thorfinnormah want peace orm the
orm ye ir ma freinormai ay sae ah im
an forget thae sagas ormormbut you force yeir wyfe
gin ye want companie thorfinnormir ye a christian orm
orm orm never lees thorfinnormis a poet orm ah
ye tell a lee ormormnever lees thorfinn orm is
hou ir ye daein ormormno sae bad whan ah
thorfinn ir you a manormorm ah hae becum juist
up an forget thae sagasormorm but you force yeir
thare ye tell a leeormorm never lees thorfinn orm
valgerd hou ir ye daeinormorm no sae bad whan
thorfinn thorfinn sing for meormorm orm the poet sings
thorfinn sing for me ormormorm the poet sings naething
closes window bole valgerd walcumormorm thenkye kyndlie valgerd hou
eftir men an timmer valgerdormorm valgerd valgerd ye haena
thenks for yeir sang fareweillormorm wha wul sing yeir
anaw thorfinn haud yeir tungormorm ye can buller or
sing for me orm ormormthe poet sings naething but
thorfinn orm ah want peaceormthe r twa weys for
window bole valgerd walcum ormormthenkye kyndlie valgerd hou ir
men an timmer valgerd ormormvalgerd valgerd ye haena spoken
for yeir sang fareweill ormormwha wul sing yeir daith
thorfinn haud yeir tung ormormye can buller or the
mair frae me eftir thorfinnormye ir ma frein orm
orm ir ye a christianormye micht weill ask thorfinn
nicht she goes out thorfinnorma thocht haes cum ti
thorfinn man ah helpit masellorman yit ye cryit oot
the voices of thorfinn andormare heard outside thorfinn laughing
caw me a creiminal anawormay ah wul thorfinn wad
ah ettil ti dae nouormay thorfinn is shaken and
in wounded stops at doorormcan ah cum in thorfinn
thorfinn the corbies nae doutormdae ye daur dee thorfinn
goes out followed by valgerdormgoes forward to thorfinn thorfinn
in thorfinn cum awa inbyormhae ye fund saucht nou
we l meet anither dayormleaves thorfinn aw ma lane
haed better haud yeir tungormlisten thorfinn hae ye ever
thorfinn ah wumman canna thinkormna no wi hir heid
lat the past byde beiritormna thorfinn whit ah m
thorfinn whit div ye sayormnever heed ye wul hear
dreid haes cum ower meormpuir thorfinn thorfinn ma bairn
thorfinn ye micht weill spierormthat wes a messenger frae
her hands enter thorfinn andormthorfinn laughing that wes an
lees thorfinn sing lees thanormwes the truith that bitter
puir thorfinn thorfinn ma bairnormwhan she cums in bid
aweill ah l brek itormye canna thorfinn syne ah
he is he aye leevinormah dinna ken valgerd ye
a houss valgerd an syneorman syne ah coud see
valgerd weill mak it shortormaweill as ye ken we
he is saved valgerd savedormay he haes been gien
that wes an unco sichtormay it wes that valgerd
never hae thay helpit meormenters unnoticed valgerd almichtie god
care o yeir ain tungormvalgerd brings drinking horns valgerd
valgerd lat gae ma handsormwumman the yerl is awricht
ma herp nae mair valgerdormye mak a baur whyle
ye hae becum nocht avaormah kent whit ah wantit
weimen fowk soud hae godsormwha dae ye think helpit
an putten til the hornormis silent ye puir wretch
the horn til asa odinormthe tod snowks agin the
it seems ah m hearinormwaving a drinking horn over
o timmer in the northormnou mebbe we micht hae
man whitlyke wes the traivelormaweill that s a gey
hear whit ah m sayinormmercie wumman whit ails ye
aw the wund an stormormtaking her hands wumman wumman
lyke an auld wumman yeirsellormthis new age disna staun
ir ye than a riddilormah wes awthing ah wes
duin things ye regret areddiesormir ye sayin ye ir
ah l finnd it suinormsyne we ir reddie for
ir ye sayin ye madmanormye can shout aw ye
div ye believe in oniethingormah hae cum ti hae
be reddie here thay cumormdinna you be ower sair
thocht haes cum ti meormgin it s a gret
lat s be cheerie lykeorman we l thenk the
legs lat gae o meormwe twa hae sworn the
things haes been ma lyfeormwhit dae ye ettil ti
the grund wi ma nivormgae on fell me dird
ah daur ti be forgottenormay ye war aye strangir
s sake say nae mairormai but ah wul speak
gin ye wul save himormcoughs guid nicht til ye
kick ye oot ma roadormthat wul be the daith
there is a long pauseormdae ye ken wha that
did ye notice ma guidwyfeormah never notice ither men
that god ah aye believeormye dinna ken him you
and gunlöd no juist yitormsits on bench hurry gin
ae wurd aboot the yerlormhae you spoken a wurd
here s his vyce nouormgoes out the voices of
high bench again in silenceormgoes to the women and
did ye lest see himormferr oot in the bey
whaur did ye finnd itormthrou disappointment mishanter an dule
waekness it browdens on sachlessnessormwhan ye cam ti this
it is better ti leeveormcomes in wounded stops at
with repressed anger and painormfor peitie s sake say
agad a m979: cuiridh miormaodach fancy airson an dealbh
morrison chuir e beagan iognadhorma chinn chomhairle nach do
bheurla chuir e caran iognadhormfeumaidh mi a radh nach
thair dochter gunner a crusaderorma minstrel a thirlman a
beagan dhen cheò a tilleadhormblowdown agam f982: [neo shoilleir] m981:
gum biodh cleòc a churormsin math fhèin coltach ri

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