See this word as a collocate cloud

that we are pushing forwardouractive communities initiative last year
and kicking in our communitiesourbairns are growing up speaking
europe can affect our communitiesourbusiness and our people and
interest and self esteem inourcommunities and bringing music and
local authorities enforce legislation inourcommunities and it behoves us
in police officers visible inourcommunities and recognises that while
role of older people inourcommunities and society people of
one stop shop approaches inourcommunities and such an approach
asylum seekers and refugees intoourcommunities and to have the
recently recruited to work inourcommunities and to make things
tackling problems or issues inourcommunities as if no one
dealers who so ruthlessly exploitourcommunities as is graphically demonstrated
to the older people inourcommunities as pharmacies provide a
can engage as many ofourcommunities as possible the issue
action and all aspects ofourcommunities at different levels organisations
work that is happening inourcommunities because communities cannot find
in primary care and inourcommunities brian fitzpatrick recognised the
in tackling drug dealing withinourcommunities but will the minister
public health and care inourcommunities getting the right number
supporting the older people inourcommunities i also give recognition
older people s experiences inourcommunities i put on record
people who are activists inourcommunities in elderly forums there
serious impact it has onourcommunities is to cut demand
the voluntary sector contributes toourcommunities many groups and organisations
mean for ordinary people inourcommunities many of which are
together for the benefit ofourcommunities mr raffan on a
seeking solutions to problems inourcommunities much of our current
having a huge impact inourcommunities on the number of
to make a difference inourcommunities organised crime continues to
is alive and kicking inourcommunities our bairns are growing
the new europe can affectourcommunities our business and our
demand measures that will sustainourcommunities rather than simply manage
agenda that will benefit allourcommunities rural and urban and
prevent crime and to makeourcommunities safer at the other
and life opportunities everyone inourcommunities should have access to
full lives as possible inourcommunities supported by susan deacon
tradition and literature and inourcommunities the length and breadth
plays an important role inourcommunities the sector has evolved
other difficult issues faced byourcommunities the sector is a
of the voluntary sector inourcommunities they support the development
day to day lives ofourcommunities to business to the
importance of its work inourcommunities we should not patronise
of the problems that faceourcommunities we wish to celebrate
also a key partner inourcommunities whether they are geographical
a huge amount back intoourconstituencies and communities as a
disadvantaged communities and people inourcountry in backing the social
in our communities much ofourcurrent social justice agenda takes
however matters are different inourethnic minority communities and we
and secure a future forourfisheries communities and further calls
secure a sustainable basis forourfisheries dependent communities s1m 3511
secure a sustainable basis forourfisheries dependent communities supported by
term is national control ofourfisheries our fishing communities managed
a measure would have onourfishing communities and associated sectors
secured for the benefit ofourfishing communities and that vessels
sea and that we sustainourfishing communities as i have
for the well being ofourfishing communities but rejects any
the north sea so thatourfishing communities have an industry
that such additional support forourfishing communities in their hour
national control of our fisheriesourfishing communities managed to sustain
local communities we have increasedourfunding to the sector we
the quality of life inourlocal communities of course fundamentally
local communities especially those inourmarginalised areas if one looks
coastal communities have made toourmerchant navy over many years
into a new confidence amongourminority communities in their treatment
it cuts across some ofourmost disadvantaged communities and ensures
by improving the health ofourmost disadvantaged communities because we
and pulling together some ofourmost disadvantaged communities in scotland
our communities our business andourpeople and how we can
communities enhancing the viability ofourrural and remote communities by
bairns are speaking scots inourschools and communities words are
macdonald on behalf of saveourscottish fishing communities calling for
industry mr james cardno saveourscottish fishing communities will make
is at the heart ofouragenda and must not be
policy that is not onouragenda and our agenda is
are running considerably late withouragenda and yes i am
should not only carry outouragenda but develop and shape
deputy convener item 1 onouragenda concerns a declaration of
committee the first item onouragenda concerns licensing of houses
deputy convener item 2 onouragenda concerns the election of
mcallion a core part ofouragenda for the modernisation of
put each ssi on toouragenda formally consider it and
us to the end ofouragenda interruption it has been
convener the final item onouragenda interruption there are two
convener the first item onouragenda is a discussion on
convener the last item onouragenda is a report from
convener the first item onouragenda is amnesic shellfish poisoning
new role item 3 onouragenda is consideration of lines
not on our agenda andouragenda is pretty full at
work the first item onouragenda is the marriage scotland
confusion the next item onouragenda is the proposed agriculture
convener the next item onouragenda is the scrutiny of
the convener item 1 onouragenda is the third day
welcomed the bill shows thatouragenda is to encourage enterprise
opportunity it was put onouragenda just after the end
discussed the other items onouragenda members indicated agreement transport
petition has been added toouragenda petition pe434 from mrs
committee it happened to suitouragenda to consider the instrument
concludes the formal business onouragenda today i want to
that the key issues onouragenda today relate to transparency
item on the agenda isourconsideration of a paper on
of them i think onourcurrent agenda and the consideration
are the only things onourexciting agenda people have looked
and from hospital to homeourmodernisation agenda for the nhs
allan wilson 15 march 2002ourmodernising agenda is about improving
competitiveness at the top ofournational agenda supports initiatives such
competitiveness at the top ofournational agenda supports initiatives such
competitiveness at the top ofournational agenda supports initiatives such
future group report the convenerournext agenda item is on
agenda item 6 is onourrecent visit to peterhead prison
that is the centre ofourreform agenda mr keith raffan
is an important element ofourregeneration agenda older people must
the sector is vital toourshared social justice agenda it
religious groups as part ofourwider social inclusion agenda in
those are important for recognisingourchanging society and the move
the most dynamic part ofourcivic society is helped and
the backbone of much ofourcommunity and society in debates
we will take account ofourconsultation with scottish civic society
settlement have no place inourcontemporary society the committee s
when they get it rightoureconomy and society will be
british sign language language enrichesourentire society and allows citizens
these languages it also enrichesourentire society and makes it
service planning and delivery inourevolving society enhanced categorisation as
our society and this isourfourth debate on it as
settlement has no place inourmodern society expresses its wish
settlement has no place inourmodern society expresses its wish
settlement has no place inourmodern society expresses its wish
ourselves the opportunity to understandourmulti ethnic and multicultural society
which is now established inourmultilingual society is that speakers
and socially excluded people inoursociety a proper voice and
brainwashing and torture prevalent inoursociety almost fifty percent of
f963: mm mmhm f965: inoursociety and again i m
europe which is essential foroursociety and for future generations
is still an indictment ofoursociety and illustrates the work
of the great advantages ofoursociety and is in the
to understand the threats tooursociety and the extent of
is an integral part ofoursociety and this is our
make to helping others inoursociety and to support measures
is a vibrant part ofoursociety and we will do
purposes of functional writing inoursociety are now frequently seen
violence in role playing inoursociety as in so many
james beaumont the pillar ofoursociety beaumont take thae lichts
it were you have basedoursociety but on this occasion
that age discrimination exists throughoutoursociety carers have been mentioned
how much they do inoursociety community implies the coming
cheers for the pillars ofoursociety crowd long live mr
said before the fabric ofoursociety depends on the voluntary
those issues affect minorities inoursociety disproportionately especially older people
do so much to enrichoursociety during the inquiry the
long live the pillars ofoursociety hurrah hurrah hurrah lilian
the most well off inoursociety if it is assumed
and most vulnerable people inoursociety if the parliament is
a social dimension to europeoursociety is at an historic
show that every part ofoursociety is involved even the
various degrees o folk inoursociety laying wecht on how
you plan to do foroursociety lilian let in some
access opportunities and choices thatoursociety offers to everyone we
the facts of osteoporosis inoursociety one in three women
of discussing the topic inoursociety provide pupils with opportunities
from the general health ofoursociety quite possibly they make
the next major enterprise foroursociety said jack mcconnell last
welcome to the benefit ofoursociety scotland has through the
most of the opportunities thatoursociety should present to them
is a sad indictment ofoursociety that we still have
debate on improving standards inoursociety the executive is committed
that contribute so much tooursociety they plug gaps in
that older people make tooursociety throughout scotland many members
and an innate wish inoursociety to help and to
held by some people inoursociety towards older people must
the most vulnerable people inoursociety was not only a
which do much to enrichoursociety we are now full
and the other blights onoursociety we have to tackle
want for older people inoursociety we want to see
importance of older people inoursociety welcomes their concentration on
importance of older people inoursociety welcomes their concentration on
less an important component ofoursociety were i had hoped
of those organisations and individualsoursociety would be much poorer
to give a picture ofourwhole society should expose the
society fifty per cent ofouryoung people now enter further
that it is well withinourability to do that our
our like dutch influence onouraccent and the scandinavian and
fergusson deid and waesucks inourain disjaskit warld mairattowre our
our ain disjaskit warld mairattowreourain kintra fowk dee o
weill tho we baith medourain wey in our deifferand
to our scottish fame fareweelourancient glory fareweel even to
us to the breaking pitchouranodynes undo our hardihood when
will bear with us whenourapproach based on our committee
that is the logic ofourargument our only remaining concern
the service len higson sometimesouraspirations namely our conclusions in
tae mattha we maun tholeourassize for aa our ill
finished our coffee and turnedourattention again to the mysterious
next stage is to turnourattention to considering our indirect
is our chance to assertourauthority as the elected representatives
is a key date forourback court we want our
jerry built town registered dumpedourbags and grabbed our bathing
at our heyzar we hoistedourbags bowed our heads to
political affiliation those principles areourbasic belief in democracy our
dumped our bags and grabbedourbathing suits and towels we
we can only humbly thankourbenefactors for safe guarding our
friday programme haywire we tryourbest but i feel our
boys we tryed to doourbest taking them for our
our dog chews a boneourbig dog is chewing a
and mayonnaise and they lovedourbread wondered at our butter
at our normal time haveourbreakfast and then go through
can only be beneficial forourbudget our services and our
our our whole front ofourbuilding looks an absolute mess
our roof lass it isourbusiness and we ll dae
loved our bread wondered atourbutter made wow sounds over
minister endorsed our strategy andourcampaign we also said that
a full breakdown of whereourcandidates or our teaching went
sign of the confidence ofourcapital city in our highland
got up our things forourcards yet m1096: i m
how difficult it is forourcertainty of our childhood experience
and henry mcleish today isourchance to assert our authority
watch river city f833: ourourchemistry teacher her voice annoys
is for our certainty ofourchildhood experience to be reconciled
the ambivalent father complexes ofourchildren and of our neurotic
and influencing the future ofourchildren and our children s
can leave to our peopleourchildren and our grandchildren an
family but whether they wereourchildren or our grandchildren or
future of our children andourchildren s children in europe
ensure that our waters andourcoast are as protected as
is relatively easy we finishedourcoffee and turned our attention
that has been our promiseourcommitment is clear for all
our basic belief in democracyourcommitment to equality our desire
that our strategic plan statesourcommitment to prioritising the investigation
when our approach based onourcommittee report diverges from that
wishes our nation to shareourcommon european heritage we do
apparent that certain forces outsideourcommunity have anticipated our own
higson sometimes our aspirations namelyourconclusions in relation to resources
our cultural heritage but toourcontemporary economy so watch this
of thanking our regal patronessourcoprodders contributers and subscribers for
enormous as the expenditure isourcountry and our empire are
european countries sending presents fromourcountry to our european friends
precious thing we have watchedourcountry treating our two languages
man s frailty we recogniseourcountryside our experiences and our
unique contribution not only toourcultural heritage but to our
parliament would enrich and underpinourcultural roots and our linguistic
in improving our knowledge ofourculture and in ensuring that
be at the heart ofourculture his place as our
wash our face okay makeourcup that s it no
our motto is to giveourcustomers the lowest prices and
god for our needful fendinourdaily breid is himsel the
attained our standards and inourdaily lives we experienced or
med our ain wey inourdeifferand profeshiouns eftirwarts whanivver we
democracy our commitment to equalityourdesire for better government and
control in briefing our officersourdifficulty would be in saying
a slight interruption to ourourdiscussion yeah you were telling
who cannot see that allourdiscussions on our vital access
our teachers and lawyers forourdoctors and nurses for our
the phrases in a sentenceourdog chews a bone our
night after we d doneourdone our exams in fourth
learn our language before dreamingourdreams and his hand unclasps
house of commons we shapeourdwellings and afterwards our dwellings
shape our dwellings and afterwardsourdwellings shape us 5 selection
our freezing hands together rubbedourears gazed up at the
first was broght to lightourearthlie june and our gratious
our shores and so boostoureconomy throughout that meal i
and cannot be tolerated inoureducation system or in our
areas but we will concentrateourefforts our powers and our
them they say that ourourehm speech is much slower
split backed bugs to beouremissaries the founder of our
expenditure is our country andourempire are rallying splendidly in
parliament is a consensus parliamentourenemies being our governments on
is our erm that sourenglish literature essay is due
yeah f807: hey when isourerm that s our english
presents from our country tooureuropean friends and free flights
our best taking them forourexample we played out at
we d done our doneourexams in fourth year [laugh]
need the margins are closingourexpenditure is dwarfed by our
job of it because ofourexperience and our management information
frailty we recognise our countrysideourexperiences and our frailty all
raising our horizons and broadeningourexperiences for it is upon
cup f1111: we ll washourface okay make our cup
our emissaries the founder ofourfaith was a visionary monsieur
in our old country inourfaith white flags are for
sang whilk nae dout satisfiedourfaithers and our forefowk but
wilsons of wood wynd wereourfavourite for geting our girrs
thoughts and our prayers andourfeelings were god s mitchel
the efficacy of advertising bansourfinal point and our major
for breath which our sonourfirst born takes between insane
language but in several perhapsourfootball as well as our
dout satisfied our faithers andourforefowk but says gey little
seems appropriate to add toourformer greetings and wish our
our countryside our experiences andourfrailty all politicians like to
while we waited we pattedourfreezing hands together rubbed our
out of the uk threateningourfuture in europe and our
1 scottish executive 2000 creatingourfuture minding our past 2
actions referred to in creatingourfuture minding our past relate
press scots executive 2000 creatingourfuture minding our past the
press scottish executive 2000 creatingourfuture minding our past the
were our favourite for getingourgirrs walded together and boggys
told to love the lordourgod with all our heart
daisies are our silver buttercupsourgold this is all the
even this far surely ifourgovernments cared for our health
happening on our shores surelyourgovernments have some sort of
consensus parliament our enemies beingourgovernments on the one hand
our people our children andourgrandchildren an inheritance of peace
they were our children orourgrandchildren or even ourselves in
light our earthlie june andourgratious queene three goddesses how
words for things like ourourgroups an the children they
mosque we do not expectourguests to adopt our ways
til the een in glaurourguid thochts our guid wark
til the een in glaurourguid thochts our guid wark
in glaur our guid thochtsourguid wark our heigh ambitions
in glaur our guid thochtsourguid wark our heigh ambitions
with you while we gotourhands greasy and our whole
breaking pitch our anodynes undoourhardihood when appeals to reason
review of our national facilitiesourhead office location and major
we hoisted our bags bowedourheads to the old to
our benefactors for safe guardingourhealth and providing us with
if our governments cared forourhealth and well being they
that our nurses make toourhealth care system is phenomenal
lord our god with allourheart soul mind and strength
our mouth and believe inourheart that he died for
support to our successor goourhearty commiserations to the editor
guid thochts our guid warkourheigh ambitions aa cuisten doon
guid thochts our guid warkourheigh ambitions aa cuisten doon
west a last look atourheyzar we hoisted our bags
of our capital city inourhighland heritage 16 27 mr
to appreciating other cultures raisingourhorizons and broadening our experiences
people in our town findourhouse strange though young couples
an get herried out oourhouses an hames for our
thole our assize for aaourill daens als we maun
is not our immediate focusourimmediate focus is to protect
specific programmes that is notourimmediate focus our immediate focus
all going i think inourin our job f606: that
that are goin on inourin our lives there are
turn our attention to consideringourindirect funding of the sector
setting out the terms ofourinquiry at our next meeting
to discuss the terms ofourinquiry it is our normal
i think in our inourjob f606: that s right
our jobs as i saidourjobs are what are exported
by uk workers we loseourjobs as i said our
structurs o soshietie ti wunourjuist rewaird frae our warsillins
bible was not given forourknowledge but to change our
for us all in improvingourknowledge of our culture and
national life an culturally reclaiminourland through seein our place
your own he warns learnourlanguage before dreaming our dreams
rhetorician in what he callsourlanguage our tongue and later
our football as well asourlanguage prospects will be enhanced
our culture his place asourleading literary figure should not
think that that deals withourlegacy paper our words of
will introduce our team leadingourlegal team is mike jones
i mean we ve gotourlike dutch influence on our
of a recess that isourline in our opinion it
underpin our cultural roots andourlinguistic heritage a question on
goin on in our inourlives there are certain things
our knowledge but to changeourlives you know there s
secretarial course locally in ourourlocal technical college in kent
hitler for a lot ofourm608: [laugh] m635: of our
bans our final point andourmajor concern is about the
because of our experience andourmanagement information ms macdonald that
subject that is important toourmembers our organisation the association
flashed our passports to proveourmembership of the foreign community
members of this parliament forourministers and priests for our
are tills the hagglers smellourmoney we count our notes
more important we have putourmoney where our mouth is
should be chained up securelyourmotto is to give our
declares if we confess withourmouth and believe in our
have put our money whereourmouth is mr jamie mcgrigor
places fascinatingly they link withourmusic and art our political
that our new parliament wishesournation to share our common
participated in a review ofournational facilities our head office
us speir at god forourneedful fendin our daily breid
of our children and ofourneurotic patients they hated their
are sending a message thatournew parliament wishes our nation
terms of our inquiry atournext meeting on the question
our ability to do thatournext meetings will be on
of our inquiry it isournormal practice to have that
we would get up atournormal time have our breakfast
smell our money we countournotes penned in the rank
islands con the contribution thatournurses make to our health
in earth itself our wombournurture and our sepulchre expell
on pest control in briefingourofficers our difficulty would be
sicht o the flags inourold country in our faith
the logic of our argumentouronly remaining concern is that
that is our line inouropinion it would be beneficial
is important to our membersourorganisation the association of convenience
you watch river city f833: ourour chemistry teacher her voice
was a slight interruption toourour discussion yeah you were
to them they say thatourour ehm speech is much
scots words for things likeourour groups an the children
a secretarial course locally inourour local technical college in
mean eh durin the warourour sweets and chocolates were
time f810: supposedly ehm ehourour third flatmate who will
but erm f1154: probably f1155: ourour whole front of our
outside our community have anticipatedourown hard working citizens and
our houses an hames forourpaiks us at s drawn
length we found it flashedourpassports to prove our membership
2000 creating our future mindingourpast 2 table 3 13
our praisent a dedicatioun taeourpast an a declaratioun o
fragile our personal memories ofourpast are how difficult it
in creating our future mindingourpast relate to cultural projects
2000 creating our future mindingourpast the national cultural strategy
2000 creating our future mindingourpast the national cultural strategy
wish to promote opportunity forourpeople and our yearning for
century we can leave toourpeople our children and our
she also shows how fragileourpersonal memories of our past
reclaimin our land through seeinourplace names whaur they belang
will adjust our spending andourplans to fit the strategy
our time considering them fromourpoint of view the issue
with our music and artourpolitical social and economic history
we will concentrate our effortsourpowers and our resources on
then is a challenge taeourpraisent a dedicatioun tae our
we felt our thoughts andourprayers and our feelings were
we ask you to hearourprayers we end our reflection
our m608: [laugh] m635: ofourproblems but erm because eh
throughout scotland that has beenourpromise our commitment is clear
s quite relevant to whatourproposals are our vision is
fish the convener that concludesourquestions i thank our witnesses
hear our prayers we endourreflection today by asking for
take the opportunity of thankingourregal patroness our coprodders contributers
our budget our services andourrelationship with our uk parliament
our efforts our powers andourresources on striking an appropriate
our work but what willourresponsibility be are we to
that is not our roleourrole is to amend procedures
industrial tribunals that is notourrole our role is to
lang as you re underourroof lass it is our
our education system or inourschools and that we continue
i will sing fareweel toourscottish fame fareweel our ancient
our womb our nurture andoursepulchre expell the sweet imaginings
be beneficial for our budgetourservices and our relationship with
our future in europe andourshare of the rebate that
relatives and their friends toourshores and so boost our
they are not happening onourshores surely our governments have
from morning memory daisies areoursilver buttercups our gold this
our doctors and nurses foroursocial workers and housing officers
the pauses for breath whichourson our first born takes
see how we will adjustourspending and our plans to
the changes that they faceourspending plans reflect our use
writing we argued scarcely attainedourstandards and in our daily
committee will be aware thatourstrategic plan states our commitment
yesterday the prime minister endorsedourstrategy and our campaign we
subscribers for their support tooursuccessor go our hearty commiserations
eh durin the war ouroursweets and chocolates were rationed
our expenditure is dwarfed byourtax contribution which amounts to
our ministers and priests forourteachers and lawyers for our
of where our candidates orourteaching went wrong it gives
that end i will introduceourteam leading our legal team
we havenae even got upourthings for our cards yet
f810: supposedly ehm eh ourourthird flatmate who will remain
we prayed when we feltourthoughts and our prayers and
committee we would spend allourtime considering them from our
f1112: in our toesies inourtoesies f1111: where else do
got to dry f1112: inourtoesies in our toesies f1111:
our yesterdays and some ofourtomorrows children are shown how
what he calls our languageourtongue and later david lyndsay
she said many people inourtown find our house strange
have watched our country treatingourtwo languages with utter contumely
services and our relationship withouruk parliament colleagues i hope
face our spending plans reflectouruse of both those new
to what our proposals areourvision is for the woodside
our back court we wantourvisitors to see us at
that all our discussions onourvital access to europe would
wun our juist rewaird fraeourwarsillins a l gie ye
we need to ensure thatourwaters and our coast are
expect our guests to adoptourways respect that they are
our best but i feelourwelcome is inadequate probably imagination
erm f1154: probably f1155: ourourwhole front of our building
got our hands greasy andourwhole selves wet when we
concludes our questions i thankourwitnesses for their evidence which
serene abode in earth itselfourwomb our nurture and our
deals with our legacy paperourwords of wisdom for future
of things that relate toourwork but what will our
involving our young people inourwork the scottish parliament can
opportunity for our people andouryearning for peaceful co existence
of verb phrase patterning allouryesterdays and some of our
minister agree that by involvingouryoung people in our work
started up this group onourown and that s what
thought that we should surveyourown area and both n
are having this discussion inourown areas whereas perhaps we
we have enough problems regulatingourown authorities use of surveillance
about why we ourselves seducedourown betrayers every one of
us the right to decideourown budget official report 20
to conventions so different fromourown comparison with written literature
a good start by holdingourown convention the conference that
as the family came fromourown country in a red
ireland or hollywood but inourown country perhaps even with
scythed fields of corn onourown croft we took ower
there of being aware ofourown culture in gaelic and
if they were extensions ofourown danny and richard richard
in the oed scheme providingourown definitions only for those
direction we were left toourown devices in their separate
crawl up the stairs toourown door i was going
m1007: mmhm yes yes m1008: ourown environment who f1009: mmhm
that to happen overnight indeedourown federal pre general election
arrive at the day whenourown first minister of scotland
relationships with cultures other thanourown for me the main
decide for ourselves and formourown future as a full
we- we re happiest insideourown heads f606: yeah m954:
child labour differ markedly fromourown in advance of a
are not much different fromourown in some ways robin
speak other languages but alterourown language according to the
in theory we could introduceourown legislation by appending it
we could decide to introduceourown legislation in the next
mrs beaumont aye all onourown lilian we met a
lilian now we re onourown martha you ve lost
of mass destruction owned byourown military it is hard
beaumont and we re onourown my name s no
yeah an we ve gotourown national anthem an so
rejected the idea of havingourown national production facility except
to the idea of havingourown national production facility which
two nations carry formidable entriesourown native one says he
life but it also replacesourown negative thinking let s
from europe we would growourown organic potatoes kale beef
us we could set upourown organisations and you got
we splinter into looking atourown particular interests and very
we must encourage more ofourown people into the nursing
or impromptu written material ofourown period while a modern
at intervals some nearly runningourown porters would stay behind
has the cost of establishingourown production source been calculated
trying to too busy doingourown projects so erm that
in north america than throughourown publicly funded organisations we
professional judgment not only ofourown registrar general but of
that initially we would useourown registration staff and perhaps
students association we ve gotourown rooms m815: aye on
non smoking house so betweenourown self enforced non smoking
s really just u- updatingourown skills with regard to
to kind of ehm improveourown skills with regard to
not be experiencing war onourown soil but we export
we came from we dourown special language then we
other bill or by creatingourown specific legislation but there
parliament we should not forgetourown staff and the teachers
and looks forward to lodgingourown stage 2 amendments 09
correcting it in accordance withourown standards 27 moreover there
pleased that we now hadourown system independent of that
us we will legislate inourown terms as appropriate the
committee cannot address that onourown that is why we
the national life and inourown time come under the
interact with female experience inourown time to produce a
the incredible technological discoveries ofourown times if we re
economical box style apartments ofourown times salvador s favourite
adoption of the proposal toourown timetable irene oldfather it
doin we need to makeourown traditions for sam you
much pleasure now in addingourown tribute by presenting him
shakespeare s contemporaries differ fromourown trudgill 1980 152 3
be agreed elsewhere we haveourown views and have insisted
m762: and then we pitchourown voice towards that level
closed so we were onourown we loved each other
branched out in in havingourown website presenters details and
you know two areas likeourown when really there is
sittin in a room onourown with a a computer
is coming in and onourown work mr jamie stone
edge of unconsciousness we transcendourown world and time when
making progress cleansing we areourown worst enemies a good
very own elinor [censored: surname] gracedourtelevision screen talking about and
hits the screen during januaryourvery own elinor [censored: surname] graced
in this project by offeringourvery own newsletter on a
most tasteful pets cemetery andourvery own pastor provides a
feel would be useful forourarchive or future publications the
feel would be useful forourarchive or future publications the
section 4 of connecting scotlandourbroadband future making it happen
quoted respectively in connecting scotlandourbroadband future making it happen
section 4 of connecting scotlandourbroadband future making it happen
section 4 of connecting scotlandourbroadband future making it happen
8 4 of connecting scotlandourbroadband future making it happen
future the if applied toourchildren who are an if
in the future of dostourcommitment to drive the project
have had the debate aboutourconstitutional future the challenge is
we will continue to fightourcorner in the future using
are vital drivers both ofoureconomic future and of the
will be telling you aboutourexciting plans for the future
vital that we invest inourexisting and future nurses as
past an a declaratioun oourfaith in the future o
and learn about europe andourfellow europeans in a future
europe is not only aboutourfuture but much more important
back and watch westminster shapeourfuture in europe i do
address the following issues identifyingourfuture markets both domestic and
links with the eu inourfuture of europe debate we
results of that review inourfuture programme of works brian
that is the key toourfuture prosperity indeed public services
printing publishing and distributing buildingourfuture scotland s school estate
of the main thrust ofourfuture work i note his
be possible to consider inourfuture work programme some wording
about the future of europeourinquiry led to the publication
us skis and so onourjoint future is still fairly
dual responsibility i m liningourlittle nest for the future
happen in future alan fraserourmain communication is with the
future i have ensured thatourofficials are in regular contact
important that we are playingourpart and influencing the future
distinctive past and may influenceourpresent and future they help
private session to pull togetherourreport joint future group report
to the publication yesterday ofourreport on the future of
a lot of discussions withouruk colleagues about the future
to consider a paper onourwork programme at a future
we re all gonna changeoura- eh accents suddenly and
important that we build onourachievements not only by maintaining
scotland we can also recordourachievements with initiatives that not
registers which we use toouradvantage a scot working in
and they had two boysourage so we like just
if it was such atourage we were only to
see whether we can achieveouraims by the end of
we suld caa it inourain day racism aabody didna
we should have brought overouramstrad wpc we had a
we must reflect that inouranalysis the snp supports a
like a gatling gun withouranswers but we were aware
discuss when we can showourappreciation to them over a
we could license places inourarea however we would not
rats to add radar toourarmoury of skills if we
we were told to getourarms up forward stretch face
such activity we must focusourattention on the organised networks
mentioned that we must turnourattention to providing proper respite
matter was not brought toourattention tricia marwick we have
anyone we ve both lostourbairns we two foster mothers
more continuity than disjunction inourbasic conceptual system if we
we the excuse of loosingourbearings to extricate us from
what we used to callourbed piece they all prepared
we will rest easy inourbeds mary scanlon we all
right we were mistaken inourbelief i was explaining the
muir russell we will doourbest the convener members of
in scotland we will doourbest to answer the committee
introduced laughter we are doingourbest to move as quickly
wheat alas but we doourbest to weed them out
when we go oot onourbike the sheep and their
we dinna eat turkey forourbreakfast f1104: no we i
and we carried on withourbrother and sister outing if
don t we just cleanourbrushes on her he suggested
is important that we allocateourbudgets and make decisions daily
to motions when we receiveourbusiness bulletins as soon as
point about how we manageourbusiness to allow objections to
states themselves we will repeatourcalls for greater use of
we could get film forourcamera in a beriozka shop
freir an we ll getourcapital indrawn an get herried
me from day one ofourcapture we ll get to
over before we part withourcash anyone can see that
progress to date however asourchairman clearly stated we need
we could carry on withourchat no but you have
we thought would cut acrossourchild poverty measures but we
we live and in whichourchildren s children s children
also have measures to improveourchildren s diet we are
sources of green energy inourcities we will define a
already we will burn downourcity centres rather than let
who have so resolutely supportedourcivic leader we beg you
do so we have askedourclerks to approach various organisations
always manages to walk byourclose but we figured out
a fight before we hadourcoats off but monboddo did
issues we also talk toourcolleagues in the european parliament
have the opportunity to makeourcomment we believe that we
and we will then addourcomments before it goes further
why we need to makeourcomments now it is also
milestone in the fulfilment ofourcommitment in addition yesterday we
and confidentiality we will introduceourcommittee bill on a standards
them out we must keepourcommunity pure ladies we must
interests that affect everyone inourcommunity secondly we are uncertain
demonstration of the strength ofourcommunity spirit that we have
productivity levels than those ofourcompetitors to achieve this we
is concern that compared withourcompetitors we are taking too
as sacrosanct can we noteourconcern about that to the
the convener we will noteourconcern in those terms we
with ministers we were presentingourconcerns certainly my organisation did
committees we should make knownourconcerns so that the management
dennis canavan can we reportourconcerns to the public petitions
about the contracts because ofourconcerns we have agreed and
things that we said inourconclusion a phrase such as
union can bring we startedourconference on 16 september by
think we were daein raisinourconsciousness jist tae pander tae
as the minister knows fromourconsideration of other legislation we
crossword and a half inourconstituencies we are all surrounded
and in seeking to representourconstituents we have made contact
some way if we includeourconstituents who lobby us when
that we will advance throughourcontacts in the parliament we
are to be proud ofourcountry as we travel throughout
we are the voice ofourcountry if this is the
in relation to poverty inourcountry we know about urban
want to see happen forourcountry we must send a
amis each week we sendourcoupon on its way and
and we couldn t getourcows home for milking i
dicht ti the bak aourcraigs gin we hedna waashed
we hippie minded citizens usedourcreativity as an antidote to
is the brightest star inourcultural firmament when we are
breaths until he passed fromourdappled sanctuary we watched him
we had prayed about havingourdaughter and her husband join
this stage we have hadourdebate and i am grateful
and we should not limitourdefinition in the manner suggested
evidence and who generally informedourdeliberations we were of course
the past we have shownourdetermination to close the opportunity
we have made clear consistentlyourdetermination to ensure that the
and important documents that isourdilemma either we go for
people who were not underourdirect control we had to
eye that peggy turned inourdirection we were left to
we shouldn t dwell onourdisappointments okay now time has
local flexibility we know fromourdiscussions and in other ways
to revise the text followingourdiscussions we will have a
lot of break ins inourdistrict one would think we
exactly beat a path toourdoor we need a mechanism
10pm and we returned toourdorm they to their tents
of effort we will considerourdraft report on the bill
ferguson that goes back toourearlier discussion about whether we
alas may we recline atourease in the hallow of
however we must step upourefforts and ensure that we
we are not putting alloureggs in this basket we
parliament we should not allowourelderly people to be confined
we would try to influenceouremployers to ensure that they
because i do not wantouremployers to think that we
day but we politicians getourenjoyment in the strangest of
flat and we did haveourer windows panned in [laugh]
on which we can baseourestimates of quantifiable costs we
as we try to developoureuropean work we look forward
we waited and made thatourevening meal we drank turkish
authorities and others will emulateourexample we need to take
we felt more tired thanourexcursion deserved and reckoned that
williamson we must rely onourexecutive colleagues to answer the
quickly and we can adaptourexisting procedures to fit in
we must also capitalise onourexperience in the public administration
and we should not closeoureyes to that the icc
which spun snow stinging intooureyes we took the metro
however we did not becauseoureyes were focused on the
to link hands and closeoureyes which we did they
life aiblins we hae tintourfaith and life maun be
life aiblins we hae tintourfaith and life maun be
translated perhaps that could beourfall back position when we
needing my bed we saidourfarewells and headed into the
fault and it is notourfault but we are simply
but because it wasn tourfault we got new seats
to repentance is to recogniseourfaults only then can we
panel has come down inourfavour we feel that we
garden where we can spreadourfeast and talk he won
showered and got ready forourfinal evening meal we joined
recall that as part ofourfinancial scrutiny arrangements we agreed
seven because we got gotourfirst contact with computers then
at around 2pm we ateourfirst meal since the airline
and soft instead we hadourfirst taste of russian tea
come on we ll getourfly cuppie right i ll
we were sitting there eatingourfood with the majority of
and numeracy are part ofourfour key educational priorities we
based on stretching current measurementsourgeneral position is that we
years we worked together courtedourgirls got married shortly after
we will continue working towardsourgoal strategic planning [censored: permission not able to be obtained for article] the
everybody coming to us orourgoing to everybody if we
we must remain suspicious ofourgovernments we will not be
the prefab for us eatinourgrub in so we made
brithers awa you an bidourguests sit doun an we
fei or liu bei inourhairts we re the same
the next two days intoourhand luggage we got to
the outcome we must putourhands and hearts to it
we will try to getourhands on the figures i
we made plans to takeourhangovers for an early climb
we face we cannot buryourheads in the sand we
i we d better putourheads together where s the
that reform we recognise thatourhealth service is delivered by
have a special place inourhearts we have all had
perhaps the older model ofourhelping young people perhaps we
we expected in the endourheroines had seemed as lusciously
it we went there forourholiday it was the cheapest
concerned we d obviously doneourhomework and er research beforehand
better equipment and facilities inourhospitals we have brought down
interesting cause we re sellingourhouse at the moment erm
we actually need to acceptourhumanity for the for the
means that we should acceptourhumanity which is maybe a
fendin and forgie us aaourill deeds as we forgie
the convener we must keepourinput to manageable proportions and
hugh henry is useful forourinquiry and we must decide
process by which we undertookourinquiry we did not seek
community organisations that participated inourinquiry we heard the views
those ministers we cannot completeourinquiry without them mr davidson
to use the powers howeverourintention is clear we wish
we have examined that andourinternal estimates and later assumptions
you think we should subsidiseourinternal sources of production at
why we are strongly recommendingourinvolvement in puk rather than
until we have cleaned upourjails and had them properly
f1095: mm m1096: where forourjigsaws f1095: right we ve
principles as that is notourjob we do not have
we ll go and doourjobbies first and then we
any of us to doourjobs if we are constantly
we have used to makeourjudgment which we stand by
if we women asked forourjust deserts andy comes in
a tut a boiler inourkitchen where we boiled the
of the present state ofourknowledge of the bible we
by immigration if we respectourlanguages we respect the diverse
to vyborg where we spentourlast roubles and changed them
that we should rest onourlaurels or that they should
however in general terms inourlaw we associate the term
the convener item 3 isourlegacy paper we have to
time scale will feed intoourlegislative programme we want to
in which to while awayourleisure we have watched the
amplify what was said inourletter to the committee we
his magnanimitie at saved aaourlifes we ll no wearie
pointed out we have hadourlighter moments i was amused
ways in which we liveourlives have changed to the
should we have safeguards inourlives so to become christ
fulfilling god s will forourlives so we re not
doing and its relevance toourlives we provide public information
we would encourage all ofourlocal residents to come along
that we had to collectourluggage at the macchu picchu
aa we got for forourlunch or denner as we
warrington sadly we have lostourmajor factories in scotland over
of development when we conductourmajor review of lifelong learning
we were all elected onourmanifestos and there is a
newspapers but we re forgettingourmanners mr rowland we must
so how can we useourmedallists more effectively as positive
suffering from sleep apnoea atourmeeting in may we agreed
we must do so byourmeeting of 11 march we
we can discuss that atourmeeting on 16 november do
was published last year atourmeeting on 4 september we
the executive we agreed atourmeeting on 6 november that
week we will have hadourmeeting with officials in the
of guidance we have consultedourmembers and they are all
work undertaken by one ofourmembers maureen macmillan we might
have difficulties been raised throughourmembers we could think about
french from the coffins ofourmemories on sunday we drove
it have we not appliedourminds to it in enough
a touch of distinction toourmodest dwelling we can even
units we will get forourmoney 12 45 the convener
like hm we ve gotourmoney but they re still
what do we get forourmoney lodged on 26 june
anyway we just done asourmoney was goin john m642:
we did it f643: asourmoney went m642: and then
why are we all sharingourmost intimate thoughts with any
winnie ewing we are losingourmother and that is awful
we ask members to supportourmotion not only because their
your guidance when we lodgedourmotion we did not know
down from leningrad and ritaournanny lektor at mgu we
told that we were puttingournarrow interests ahead of the
as a constitutional region inournation s history we can
the words muttered and indistinctournation was chosen we were
duty to vivify and transmitournational literary heritage then we
say that we should supplyournationals or rather the people
we need honest advice fromournearest and dearest as to
now now we ll doournecks are you ready one
to gather that information forournext meeting but we will
we will proceed straight toournext set of witnesses i
behind time we are overournormal time and we still
it ended with us wrinklingournoses we had to giggle
of pay that we giveournurses and to attract more
way in which we trainournurses and to consider offering
about how much we valueournurses we will have to
we are near to achievingourobjectives the practice note will
marriages that take place inouroffices at present and we
we are sincere about valuingourolder people we must provide
we treat and look afterourolder people who are in
argument is war we attackouropponents cross swords with them
the executive we have consideredouroptions over the past five
am keen that that complementsouroriginal discussions we can bring
to get to one ofourother offices we would play
asked whether we were meetingouroutcomes and targets we are
when we were children butourparents you know because it
organisations today we welcome toourparliament campaigners from the fishing
looked to europe in establishingourparliament we are elected proportionally
mercy we in scotland playourpart in the parliament we
exercise in good faith onourpart we came to the
the monitoring group we andourpartners will ensure that those
we look forward to extendingourpartnerships with you in the
always an expectation on bothourparts that we would debate
is why we all joinedourparty and that is why
implications but we are improvingourperformance in coping with questions
must also review and improveourperformance targets and reporting we
were filthy used as toiletsourphone number is [censored: phonenumber] we
if we found out thatourphone was not tapped because
sex obviously we could takeourpick which we wanted to
t we yesterday we gotourpieces of pink paper erm
mak shair we keep inourplaces an dinnae face up
is also important that inourplanning policies we design homes
problem hereabout we never seeourplans miscarry with borders like
doing so we are honouringourpledge to the people of
we had the drugs inourpocket er we all had
that we need to underpinourpolicies i can tell mr
answers we want to baseourpolicy and investment decisions on
until independence day we conductourpolitical lives tolerantly and with
that we are taking doubleourpopulation share and given what
not seen let me makeourposition abundantly clear we have
backing today we have statedourposition on many of the
and finding let us bringourprayers to god we pray
we ask you to hearourprayers we pray too for
arranging visits we decided atourprevious meeting that we would
and wales which might negateourprinciple we would prefer to
would allow us to decideourpriorities collectively once we have
we spent some time consideringourpriorities in a sense the
said at the beginning ofourproceedings we shall take on
questions but important dimensions ofourprofessional awareness about what we
executive s commitment to translatingourpromises into results we are
cull what we want forourpupils burns for bairns unfortunately
no longer must we trailourpyes and omegas up flight
members that we should concentrateourquestions on the content of
quite enough we ve hadourration of the stuff it
of s3 and obviously inourrationale we will be looking
we can now all startourre cycling it has taken
we took the word ofourregistrar that something is not
that we didn t loveourregular child minder school cleaner
reserved we must ensure thatourremit allows us to proceed
legal argument that is beyondourremit if we were to
what we have said inourreport about those two areas
the government before we completeourreport could you give us
your points when we writeourreport if we need to
which we will examine forourreport on the budget process
that will be contained inourreport some of which we
things that can go inourreport we can draw to
so i will quote fromourreport we said the committee
should be we said inourreport what is needed now
director edward kirton 53 toldourreporter we have made every
yes we have done thatourresources have increased considerably over
council as well as representingourrespective councils we are representing
funding today we are publishingourresponse to the consultation on
committee can see that inourresponse to the consultation we
on 5 october we announcedourresponse to the report and
ehm cause when we checkedourresults on the thing she
no menace as we makeourreturn not even when we
this week forgot to postourrighteous bets so we were
expansion of the school o-ourroll will increase when we
only difference was we gotourrural depression from hardy and
relations in the sps onourschedule we would have to
is that we will deliverourscheme christine grahame the minister
we must ensure that throughourschool curriculum young people throughout
previous to 1918 we hadourschool picnic in the milltown
topic we went back toourschooldays when the blackbirds started
we lost a lot ofourschooling because eh all the
with your good works inourschools and homes we the
changing neither of us mentionedourschools when we met up
we realised just how wellourseparate styles would blend into
staff whom we employ inourseven buildings both those whom
because of the size ofourshellfish fishery we must have
know we d be wearingourshoes and we always used
used to speak about ehmourshoes you know we d
had youth and vigour onourside and we had the
we do not completely exhaustoursigners i will say that
husband and i were inoursitting room when we heard
a lazy day which suitedourslightly hungover mood we wandered
we ll have to getourspecial scissors won t we
placed we try to varyourspeech according to what we
before we agreed to letourstaff go to those locations
we have sought to strengthenourstaff resources to deal with
in psychometric testing we expectourstaff to be as good
with this bill perhaps inourstage 2 consideration we will
decision on the amount ofourstake until we have the
solitary jive instead of retracingoursteps towards park kultury we
sac and have to retraceoursteps we feel that the
seeds that we may swellourstomachs further in thy service
committee a better understanding ofourstructure we will be happy
because we used to sendourstudents to other universities throughout
we had little trouble gettingourstuff through i was dropped
executive with a copy ofoursubmission we will now take
the issues before we discussoursubstantive decisions we have highlighted
we ll have to getoursupper an eh get your
inert gases we found tooursurprise that no compounds are
nane o them s inourtale onie mair we ll
drinkin we winna tell forourtale turns nou ti the
seas we re brithers aaourtale winna wearie ye frae
saying that we will meetourtarget if the level of
are we gonna hae wiourtea do you think you
re going to steal allourteachers but we re not
as we used to inourteens you said you d
re going awa to getourteeth brushed and then we
ehm i ended up takingourtent right we re we
we are terribly happy withourterms and conditions the convener
when the sweet aroma ofourthanksgiving reaches him we are
throughout the text we usourthe turkey it its the
world away we peer fromourthin walls out from the
we ll have to getourthing so we can stick
then we planned to celebrateourthirty fifth wedding anniversary with
committee and we have givenourthoughts to the drafters of
the numbers that were onourtickets now we wait for
sir david steel to leadourtime for reflection today we
be opened friends we beginourtime for reflection today with
living language there and duringourtime in aberdeen we lived
we all sort of donatedourtime m608: mmhm m1174: so
as we must stick toourtimetable this morning rhona brankin
done was we d putourtops out and it was
we take the care ofourtourists very seriously you will
aitken we can also highlightourunanimous view that it would
we have to join upourunderstandings of gender discrimination and
democrats will continue to backouruniversities and colleges we will
the studio and switch offourvarious spotlights etc we both
of importance before we crystalliseourview the convener indeed that
read on that we reiterateourview we need some impact
managers but we could makeourviews known we do not
general in which we outlineourviews on the white paper
else s view however whateverourviews we do not think
successful scotland remains central toourvision for scotland we will
i am losing track ofourvisits do not we have
matters we are grateful toourvlth year representatives susan [censored: surname]
be i am afraid onourway here we were discussing
antibodies [censored: forename] observed we madeourway through the bustle of
the metro stations we madeourway to red square the
and then we d makeourway to spain in an
the final day we madeourway to the inverness area
the third world we foundourway to the macchu picchu
quite right we best makeourway to the pond pause
process that we have graspedourway towards in terms of
if we did not getourway we raised the matter
report which we put onourwebsite those reports contain information
into the garden to doourweeding won t we m1110:
daens als we maun dreeourweird for aa the guid
we used to be spendourwhen we were younger spend
haddock fishery as well asourwhiting and cod fisheries we
we are keen to showourwillingness to support that this
should we agree to haveourwindow sills decked all year
aye but that s forourwindow there we re not
view we would get fromourwindows of kylies pert little
like to see more ofourwork meanwhile a we have
let s go back toourwork mrs beaumont should we
voluntary sector has brought toourwork we thank the sector
the letter stated for allourworking lives we have looked
we make a suggestion inourwritten evidence if the committee
conclusion that we reach inourwritten evidence we must investigate
is a positive measure inourwritten evidence we say that
to which we refer inourwritten submission to the committee
we wouldnae wear jeans inouryoung days though cause that
start ups and we wantouryoung people and other people
scotland we not only teachouryoung people their scottish history
that language being understood byouryoung people we have already
nation of failing to respectouryoung people we take evidence

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