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auld yin cuid nou daunderoutbyan vizzie the braidin plaunts
whan thae vorax hempies wesoutbythe througal auld faither wes
it apairt an tuik itoutbythrou the trap i creils
disconveniences o the hask warloutbyye hae a sufficiand plece
hed fluidit frae a pypeoutbyi the causie a cuidna
kerr at wes aye staunninoutbyon the causie mirren wes
ti tak revengeance thai runoutbyreddies ti spend inti the
syne she cairrit the barreloutbyfor ti riddil the meal
grenein fur wittins o theoutbywarl an wuidna tak onie
wes juist a burd flichterinoutbywhit ither ye can be
agane the chukkens wes clokkinoutbyon the theik ower heid
gang hame til the warldoutbythe auldest fairie said til
hinner en gin ye beneoutbyi the yaird whan he
ruth a l hae sojersoutbythe pouer staitioun ti protek
lael mirren an ruth runoutbyti the allourin an keikit
lowp he wes throu anoutbyinti the nicht air syne
stane byre intil a houssoutbyhowgate rab broun wes a
inti the fowsie ebenezer laptoutbyti estaiblish the trewth o
haird an unco waesum maenoutbythe houss dure an whan
tammas hiz sister bot raxedoutbythe duir o the machine
james will you no comeoutbyand tell us beaumont tuts

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